What Chng allegedly said

What National Serviceman Pierre Chng Yuheng, 19, allegedly said to his landlady, Madam Khoo Kim Cheng, on May 2, last year:

"I'll look for you six feet underground even if I have to...I'll exhume you. Don't worry. And your grandchildren and children, I'm gonna look for them. Do not ever give me the authority to do anything, they are doomed.

"You better bless your grandchildren...You better bless them. Your grandchildren. Cos I'm gonna deal with them.

"I have done to Sheena Poh Xue Li (Madam Khoo's second daughter). I have done it to her.

"I will do it to every one of them. That daughter that you came with the other day. The grandchildren. I shall come. One by one. I'm gonna deal with all of them.

"Sheena Poh Xue Li is already ruined by me. I'll ruin all of them one by one."