What former PM Lee said in radio talks

"Merger is... as inevitable as the rising and setting of the sun. The two territories are so intertwined and interwoven in their political and military complex that no man can keep up the artificial barrier at the Causeway for long."

- Sept 13, 1961, on the merger

"Whether you wanted a democratic Malaya or a communist Malaya, you had first to get rid of the British."

- Oct 2, 1961, on the common objective between PAP and the communists

"Had we agreed to the communist demand, then the course of history would have been completely different. There would have been no open conflict between the PAP and the communists. But we would have agreed to a united front on communist terms, and for the advancement of the interests of the communists and not for the advancement of the interests of the people."

- Sept 27, 1961, on the consequences of working with the communists

"When you meet a union leader, you will quickly have to decide which side he is on, and whether or not he is a communist. You can find out by the language he uses, his behaviour, whether or not he is in the inner circle which makes the decisions."

- Sept 18, 1961, on identifying communists