Footage from Mr Chiang Pak Chien's in-car camera was shown during the hearing at the State Courts yesterday. This is what it revealed:

1 At 9.46am on Nov 16 last year, James George Palin overtakes Mr Chiang Pak Chien's car from the right while both are travelling along Tanjong Katong Road. Palin then stops his motorcycle in the middle of the road and gets off.

Mr Chiang's then fiancee, Ms Tan Hsu Phen, who is in the passenger's seat, tells Mr Chiang to "lock the doors" and not retaliate.

2 Palin walks over to Mr Chiang's side window and shouts, "What the **** are you doing?" At this point, Ms Tan screams. Palin's unidentified female pillion looks on as the 33-year-old Briton smashes Mr Chiang's window. Witnesses say he used his right hand to hit the window.

3 At this point, Ms Tan calls the police: "A motorbike rider FBB77 (sic) hitting my window!" Meanwhile, Palin returns to his motorcycle.

4 At 9.47am, Palin and his unidentified companion ride away from the scene. A witness sees Palin shatter the glass. Another witness, who is in his office in a nearby building, also calls the police.