9.17pm: Mr Sakthivel Kumaraveluboards a bus "drunk, having jumped the queue". He is asked to alight.

9.20pm: Bus moves off and Mr Sakthivel chases after it. He falls and is run over.

9.31pm: SCDF ambulance arrives.

9.40pm: Assistant Superintendent of Police arrives. Crowd swells to about 400 people.

9.54pm: Mr Sakthivel's body is extricated from under the bus.

10.04pm: First SOC troop is activated. SCDF rescuers locate bus driver and bus timekeeper.

10.15pm: Second SOC troop is activated.

10.24pm: Commander of Tanglin Police Division orders all available resources to scene. Rioters start flipping police vehicles and setting them on fire.

10.42pm: First SOC troop forms cordon across Race Course Road. Second troop arrives minutes after.

11.25pm: Last group of rioters dispersed.


Dec 13, 2013: Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Home Affairs Teo Chee Hean orders a Committee of Inquiry (COI) be formed.

Dec 14: An alcohol ban takes place. The Little India bus service, run by private operators, is also stopped for the weekend.

Dec 18: Alcohol ban is relaxed but customers can consume alcohol only within the premises of businesses like coffee shops, bars and restaurants.

Convenience stores and liquor shops can sell liquor between 6am and 8pm.

Feb 18: The Public Order (Additional Temporary Measures) Bill is passed in Parliament. The new bill gives police powers to interview and search people in the area for alcohol and prohibited items.

Feb 18: The COI hearings start, with 93 witnesses taking the stand over 24 days. June 27: The COI submits its report to DPM Teo. Three days later, the report is released to the public.