In situations like this, never give chase.

This is the advice from security consultancy Soverus' chief executive Paul Lim, 43.

"A significant percentage of those who rob are on drugs. This means they are not in their sound mind," said Mr Lim.

He added that to keep safe while overseas, keep a low profile.

"Don't be flashy and show off your wealth - this tells would-be robbers to come and get it," he said.

When on long-haul trips, he advised travellers to be mindful of the surroundings.

"Never stop at dark places. Crime lurks there," he said.

"Always trust your instincts. If you think there is something wrong, move off.

"If you need to stop, go to a brightly-lit place that has a lot of people. There are several of these along the North-South Expressway."

Mr Lim said that many people tend to leave their cars unlocked at the pit-stops.

He said: "One big mistake is to leave the engine running. Robbers are constantly on the lookout.

"If they made off with your car with your family member inside, the situation would be 100 times worse."

Should there be a robbery, Mr Lim advised victims to record it on video.

"Keep calm and record everything on your mobile phone," he said.

"Turn 360 degrees around. That way, you will record everything, including the people who have gathered.

"More often than not, the robber's accomplice would still be there, among the bystanders, and would be recorded in your video.

This would help facilitate police investigations."