In 2012, a writer claiming to be a party insider sent a Workers' Party document to the media, detailing minutes of a meeting of the party's central executive council (CEC) held on May 12, 2011.

It was to decide on the two Non-Constituency Member of Parliament (NCMP) seats offered to the party after the General Election on May 7.

The older members felt then that Mr Eric Tan should get the seat for his years of contribution.

The seat eventually went to Mr Gerald Giam who, like Mr Tan, was from the losing East Coast GRC team.

The election was decided after a secret ballot by the 14 CEC members who were present. Mr Giam received seven votes, Mr Tan received five and one vote went to Mr Png Eng Huat.

Workers' Party secretary-general Low Thia Khiang later confirmed that the minutes were authentic.

Mr Tan quit in May 2011 after he was overlooked as a nominee for an NCMP seat.