Around the world, social media users have been putting up heart-rending posts with the hashtag #WhyIStayed. Here are some of them:

  • Beverly Gooden @bevtgooden

He said he would change. He promised it was the last time. I believed him. He lied.

  • Rachel Miller @ReIgniteRomance

I was determined to make it work, I wanted the kids to have their dad, I convinced myself that what he did to me wasn't affecting them.

  • Kimberly Trost @Minxysshoes 

Because I believed him when he said I deserved it. My mother said the same thing when I was little.

  • @hi_im_shan

Because I lost the friends I had when I didn't listen to them telling me to get help. So I thought I was alone.

  • Tara Matarese @tara_matarese

Because when it's all you've known your whole life, you believe it's the norm and you're just meant to be unhappy.

  • Jennifer Williams @boudoir_studio

Because I thought that this was 'as good as I could get'.

  • Dee Anne Atkins @deeders54321

He said he loved me and would never hit me again.

  • Really Thinking @youarericher

I was in a foreign country with no support network.

  • Shaunte Cline @MomsJemms

Because he said no one would ever want me or love me.