She knew about the illicit activities taking place in her husband's pubs.

And her role in this vice syndicate was to recruit women to provide sexual services for pub patrons.

Ylarde Anne Asuncion (below), a Singapore permanent resident from the Philippines, is awaiting sentence for seven charges based on her involvement with her husband, Ang Boon Seng.

Court documents revealed that the two first met in 2003 through a friend. Their relationship blossomed and they tied the knot in August 2009, a few months after Ang opened his first pub, Tokyo Drift, at Orchard Plaza.

Asuncion worked as a manager in the pub until 2011. She helped her husband to bring in "performing artists" from the Philippines when she returned home. There, she was occasionally approached by her friends who asked if she could help their friends find work in Singapore.

After getting the women to agree to working as performing artists in her husband's pubs, namely Tokyo Drift and Poker Face, she briefed them about the job's requirements and the provision of sexual services.

If the women were interested, Asuncion arranged for them to fly to Singapore, sometimes accompanying them into Singapore and posing as a sister of one of the women on one occasion.