Will name affect business?

So who is in the right here?

It depends on who owns the intellectual property rights to the name, said commercial crimes and regulatory offences lawyer Terence Seah.

"Sometimes, such deals involve only the sale of the restaurant operations but not the name of the restaurant," he said.

Mr Seah, who is with Shook Lin & Bok law firm, said that if the sale included the name, then it would not be right for the seller to continue using the name.

If both restaurants retain the same name, their business may be affected.

"There will be loss of profits due to confusion among the customers," said Mr Seah

Makansutra founder K.F. Seetoh felt that customers do not care much about the names of eateries.

Mr Seetoh told The New Paper: "In the end, customers want food that is convenient, good and cheap, and with good service, especially for such family-style food."

He once commemorated the creator of Hong Kong Street Zhen Ji, the late Mr Loh Mun Hon, in a video, in which he said: "A lot of his disciples and associates who used to work with him, with his blessings, went out to set up all these Hong Kong Street eateries.

"Ah Hon had no qualms about it... he told them to just make sure their food was consistently good for all the customers, all the time."