The woman behind the shoes

She clicked on the link for the Pass-It-On website on her Facebook newsfeed last November.

But Mrs Grace Leng did not stop there.

The 37-year-old mother of two responded to a request by a single mum who needed clothes for her baby.

"I like that there are specific requests. You can give directly to the needy and it is more practical," she says.

It was Jozie's request that touched her in particular. "I thought of my young kids and I know it is not easy to feed a family," she says.

"His shoe size is quite large, so it is hard to find footwear. I want to bless him with a pair of shoes so he can move around and be comfortable."

Other than passing on the $60 voucher to Jozie, Mrs Leng is open to meeting him and purchasing the shoes with him.

She feels that way she will be able to top up the difference if his choice costs more than $60.

In addition to responding to Jozie's request, Mrs Leng had come across another request by the Care Corner Family Service Centre in Tampines a month ago. She shared the notice on the Facebook group for her estate and was pleasantly surprised by the response.

She says: "The response was quite huge. I did not expect more than $200 or $300 in total, but we raised $1,500."


She recalls that a neighbour even bought an electric oven for a family who requested it so they could bake new year goodies.

Mrs Leng is modest about her role.

"It is a matter of perspective, it is not a big deal. I am blessed with a stable job and pay, I can afford some luxuries. Even then, it is not easy sometimes.

"I cannot imagine how those with lower income get by. They live in Singapore, they pay the same prices as we do for everything in life."