Surge in minority voters


Voter turnout among African-American and Hispanic voters in the US is surging, and this swell of minority participation could spell trouble for Mr Donald Trump's White House hopes.

On Sunday - the last day of early voting before Election Day today - hundreds of people attended "Souls to the Polls" events, aimed at encouraging churchgoers to vote across Florida.

Hispanics make up a powerful voting bloc in the battleground state of Florida, and are widely expected to lean towards Mrs Hillary Clinton, particularly since Mr Trump has described Mexicans as rapists, repeatedly vowed to build a border wall and promised to deport masses of illegal immigrants.

As of Saturday, 565,000 Hispanics had voted in person in Florida, a 100 per cent increase over the close of early voting in 2012, according to Mr Daniel Smith, a University of Florida professor who tracks voter turnout. - AFP.

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