You can try for Mensa only twice

MEETING OF MINDS: An Asian Mensa gathering in Singapore last year. PHOTO: MENSA SINGAPORE

How does one become a Mensa member here?

Every two months, Mensa Singapore holds its admission test for $60.

A person can try out for Mensa only twice and should a second attempt be needed, it has to be done a year after the first.

In the 40-minute standardised, culture-free, intelligence test, only symbols or pictorial representations are used in the 36 questions.

To avoid confusion due to different numerical scores from different tests, Mensa uses a percentile as a cut-off for membership.

To qualify for Mensa Singapore, one must score within the top 2 per cent of the general population.


Mensa Singapore's normal membership fee is $60 a year and its youngest member is around three years old while the oldest member is above 50.

Last September, Mensa members from South Korea, Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Australia, Hong Kong and China attended the annual Asian Mensa gathering in Singapore, with about 60 of the 150 attendees being Singaporean.

Apart from these large gatherings, the society organises four regular social events each month, ranging from networking lunches to seminars to happy-hour sessions and board-game events.

Its president, Mr Patrick Khoo, said with a laugh: "There are couples where one is a member and the other isn't, so the partner also takes the test and joins us.

"Some other halves are hesitant to take the test (in case they don't qualify)."