Delivery driver stole more than $200,000 worth of food products

He used company lorry to cart off stolen goods worth more than $200,000

They collected $200,000 worth of chicken-flavoured seasoning, ikan bilis, Thousand Island dressing, mayonnaise and tom yum paste.

Mohaya Arwee and his three friends were not preparing a huge dinner. He had stolen these food items to sell.They were eventually caught and Mohaya, 51, a delivery driver, was jailed for 10 months yesterday.

His alleged accomplices, Mohammed Fazli Mohammed Shafiee, 34, Muhammad Abdul Hafiz Abd Matin, 31, and Ahmad Samat, 57, have their cases pending.

According to court papers, Mohaya and Ahmad were employed by Tan Brothers Logistics, which was contracted to provide delivery services for grocery supplier Lim Siang Huat - the company that Mohammed Fazli and Muhammad Abdul Hafiz were working for.

The four men got to know each other while working as delivery staff at a Lim Siang Huat warehouse in Jurong.

Last year, Mohammed Fazli and Muhammad Abdul Hafiz allegedly devised a plan to steal cartons of food products from the warehouse to sell for profit.

Mohaya knew of the shops they could sell the stolen goods to for a lower price.

Ahmad was allegedly roped in later.

Between September last year and July this year, the men allegedly carried out multiple heists at the warehouse and made off with more than 4,000 cartons of food products.

On each occasion, they would first discuss and agree on what items to take.

Mohaya would drive his company lorry to the warehouse at 7.50am - early enough to avoid detection by other workers - and meet his alleged accomplices there.

Mohammed Fazli would allegedly enter the warehouse with a trolley and load up cartons of food products.

Muhammad Abdul Hafiz is said to have acted as a lookout and used hand signals to Mohammed Fazli when the coast was clear.

According to court papers, Mohaya and Ahmad would load the food products onto the lorry, drive off and sell the items to various shops in Joo Chiat.


Mohaya collected the money earned and split the cash with his three alleged accomplices.

Their offences came to light on July 13 after Lim Siang Huat's chief operations officer reported to the police that a large quantity of food products from the warehouse was missing.

The company was able to track down and recover only $9,350 worth of stolen goods from the various shops.

No restitution was made by Mohaya or the other three.

Yesterday, Mohaya appeared in court and pleaded guilty to one charge of misappropriating $212,120.57 worth of food products.

In mitigation, Mohaya, who was unrepresented, said he had not seen his foreign wife, who is overseas, since he was arrested and he asked for a lenient sentence.

He could have been jailed for up to two years and fined.



cartons of Knorr chicken-flavoured seasoning worth $52,698.82


cartons of Knorr ikan bilis worth $29,606.52


cartons of Knorr chicken powder worth $31,336.53


cartons of Knorr tom yam paste worth $42,880.30


cartons of Best Food real mayonnaise worth $37,324.80


cartons of Best Food Thousand Island dressing worth $18,273.60

Lawyer cleared of molesting woman

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Russia to take measures against Turkey

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Witness in Geylang attack trial: Accused taunted victim after beating him with pole

Onlookers at the crime scene on 5 August 2011. Mr Yang Xian Mu, 51-year-old driver, was killed in a fight in Geylang.
WITNESS: Madam Yu said she saw Melvin Chan Guo Bao using a wooden pole to hit Mr Yong Sian Moo at least three times before he kicked him hard.
BIG LOSS: Mr Calvin Yong, now 51, lost his brother in the fight that broke out on Aug 5, 2011.

She saw two brothers lying on the ground when the brawl ended.

Yong Sian Moo, then 51, a chauffeur, and his younger brother Calvin Yong Sian Teck, then 47, a hairstylist, had been left behind when their friends ran away from the scene.

Madam Yu Ying Ying, a sales executive, said in a statement that she saw alleged killer Melvin Chan Guo Bao, now 33, standing next to the older Mr Yong while holding a 1m-long wooden pole.

The attack took place in 2011.

 Onlookers at the crime scene on Aug 5 2011. Mr Yang Xian Mu, 51-year-old driver, was killed in a fight in Geylang WANBAO FILE PHOTO

Mr Yong Sian Moo died the day after the attack.

Chan, who is on trial, was charged with one count each of culpable homicide not amounting to murder and voluntarily causing hurt with a dangerous weapon.

On the third day of Chan's trial, the court heard that Chan, who was her boyfriend's friend, used the pole to hit the upper part of Mr Yong Sian Moo's body at least three times.

Madam Yu said: "Immediately after those strikes, I saw blood gushing out from (his head).

"Then Melvin kicked (him) hard about five times and shouted at him in Mandarin 'Is it enough?'."


Chan allegedly committed these offences at a back alley between Lorong 11 and Lorong 13 Geylang at around 11.30pm on Aug 5, 2011.

Madam Yu said that before the fight, she had been sitting at a table at the back alley with her boyfriend, Mr Peter Poh Hong Leong, and his two friends. One was Chan and the other was Mr Ang Soo Kwai.

Chan and Mr Ang had been illegally selling cough syrup and sleeping pills there.

About two minutes later, she saw the roller shutter to the rear door of the nearby Authentic Teochew Seafood Claypot Porridge Shop being raised.

Madam Yu, who married Mr Peter Poh in 2013, said that about six men in their 50s stepped out of the eatery.

She said that one of them pointed his finger at her group and shouted in Hokkien: "Who was the one who closed the roller shutters?"

When Mr Ang replied that it was him, the court heard that the man immediately punched him in the face.

A fight broke out and Madam Yu said the situation became "chaotic".

Worried for Mr Peter Poh's safety, she ran to the nearby Shi Gong Tang Temple to alert his father, Mr Poh Chuan Seng. He rushed to the scene with two other men, Mr Wang Siew Loong and Mr Lim Kok Tiong.

The men joined in the fight.

Madam Yu said the brawl lasted about five minutes and she did not take part in it. She said she saw Chan's assault on Mr Yong Sian Moo.

She said: "At the same time, (Mr Ang) was kicking (Mr Calvin Yong) who was still lying on the ground."

She said that Mr Wang also grabbed a wooden pole and hit the hairstylist's head about two times "in a golf-like motion".

Madam Yu said: "At this point, Peter and his father walked over to Melvin and (Mr Wang). They stopped the duo from further assaulting the two subjects. (Mr Wang) threw the stick on the ground."

After that, she left the back alley with the Pohs and their friends.

The trial resumes today.

If found guilty of culpable homicide, Chan can be jailed for life or up to 20 years, fined and/or caned.
For voluntarily causing hurt with a dangerous weapon, he can be jailed up to seven years, fined and/or caned.

LionsXII still disappointing fans

The New Paper, Nov 25.
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Hospital staff jailed for embezzling 23 cents

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Bali bomber: ISIS violence wrong

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Farmer: Blaze was like Armageddon

Raging fire in South Australia burns through 90,000 hectares of land

SAFETY MEASURE: Farmers move fodder away from a burning godown following bushfires in Freeling, north of Adelaide.
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S Korean professor jailed for 'atrocities'

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After quarrel, man stabs wife

Hubby attacks hairdresser wife at workplace in Sabah, after suspecting her of infidelity

HELP: The victim being treated by medical personnel.

A husband stabbed his hairdresser wife at her workplace at a shopping complex in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, on Wednesday.

The 39-year-old woman is now being treated at the hospital for stab wounds on her body and left arm.

She is said to have argued with the 50-year-old suspect in the morning before the incident.

It is believed that the man suspected his wife of cheating on him and had gone to confront her.

Kota Kinabalu acting police chief Deputy Superintendent Yong Thien Foh said that according to witnesses, the victim ran into the shop, screaming for help. She was being chased by the suspect, who was holding a red plastic bag.

He told The Star: "A scuffle broke out and the suspect stabbed the woman using a knife that was in the red plastic bag he was holding."

The man fled the scene, but was arrested soon after a police report was filed.

DSP Yong said the man confessed to stabbing his wife and is now under police detention.

The weapon believed to have been used has been recovered.

Investigations revealed that the victim, who is a Filipino refugee card holder, had left her house on Tuesday due to relationship issues with her husband.