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One child policy, many problems

Man in China executed for murdering two officials who denied his children benefits

POLICY CHANGE: Late last month, Beijing announced it would allow all couples to have two children.
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Indonesia anti-drug chief: Tigers and piranhas too, please

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School of frock

Selena Gomez turns a corner in her personal style and manages to escape the smorgasbord of sartorial nuttiness this week

Selena Gomez.


Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 
in New York City

Gown: Louis Vuitton

Shoes: Jimmy Choo

Someone's showing Justin Bieber just what he's missing.

When everyone around you is a head taller and walking around in their underwear, you've got to let the vixen out or risk being trampled on.

Cleavage? Check. Legs? Check. Studded black leather? Check.

After a few failed try-hard attempts at forcing her sex appeal down our throats, with the right outfit like this, I'm finally conceding to her hotness.


Victoria's Secret Fashion Show in New York City

Gown: Mugler

What?! Just ONE slit?! I'm so used to seeing her half-naked at every event, it's a shock to my system that only a single body part is being bared here.

Kudos to the classy, pared-down Ambrosio for exercising restraint for once.


The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2 premiere in Paris

Gown: Christian Dior

This is probably the first and last time JLaw tries a totally new silhouette - the wedding sack gown for knocked-up brides who want to go to bed right after.


LACMA Art + Film Gala 
in Los Angeles

Top and pants: Monique Lhuillier

Style superhero Kruger is fighting a losing battle against the nefarious powers of a repurposed bridesmaid's taffeta dress, a boot cut and the cheapest-looking shades of blue.


Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 
in New York City

Gown: Versus Versace

Trust a lingerie show to unleash the bombshell in poorly-styled Goulding, who ends up being just a bomb.

Such deep-V plunges are practically sabotaging her boobs and the tacky dark pink leopard print is driving me wild all right - with derision.



Jumpsuit and coat: Givenchy

From now on, Givenchy needs to get a restraining order to keep this crazy pregnant lady far, far away from its boudoir-wear because this surely is a crime against fashion. And why does she look like she's inappropriately touching herself?

Hey, she's the one who's supposed to be nauseated, not us!





Glamour Women of the Year Awards in New York City, Nov 9

Black Swan or White Swan?

You'd think nobody wears stylist-designer Brandon Maxwell like Lady Gaga can, only because she's his muse and No. 1 client and she practically made him. As fashion director at her Haus of Gaga, it would be career suicide if anyone else rocked his creations better.

So perhaps he needs to look for another job, because Iman's darker strapless jumpsuit comes across as more refined.

I prefer how she hitched up those poofy floaties to her shoulders instead of letting them dangle lifelessly around her arms.



amfAR Inspiration Gala in Los Angeles, Oct 29

Dress, clutch and shoes: Gucci

LACMA Art + Film Gala in Los Angeles, Nov 7

Clutch and gown: Gucci

It's almost become Sevigny's life mission to troll us with the most insane Gucci pieces available. The pink-and-black polka-dotted maxi is straight-up terrible. The kitschy yellow lace frock, on the other hand, is hilariously bad, and the wacky actress is somewhat pulling it off beyond all human comprehension. Keep the laughs coming, girl.


By The Sea premiere 
in Los Angeles

Suit: Lanvin

Where has this suave, non-scruffy version of Brad Pitt been hiding all this while?

He got rid of the beard, pornstache, shades and funny hats, combed his hair, put on a tux and voila - Ken Doll realness.

Johnny Depp, please take notes.

Bodies of babies left in German apartment

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She wore a fake penis during sex

Woman gets eight years for tricking victim by posing as a man

DECEITFUL: Gayle Newland was jailed after tricking a friend into having sex by disguising herself as a man.
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Scout for more players, upgrade turf

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Space under viaduct is to promote street art


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Hariss wants to turn tables on Syria

After deserved Japan defeat, Hariss is out to avenge undeserved loss to Syria

UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL: Lions midfielder Hariss Harun (left) tussles with Japan's Yosuke Kashiwagi.

Against Japan on Thursday, the Lions were the hunted as the Samurai Blue successfully set the record straight with a 3-0 win over a Singapore side who had the temerity to steal a goalless draw at Saitama in June.

The roles will be reversed on Tuesday as Bernd Stange's men eye revenge against Syria, who were lucky to beat Singapore 1-0 in September, after the Lions created the better chances but failed to convert them in the World Cup/Asian Cup qualifier in Oman.

"That was a bitter pill to swallow because we more than matched them and we really should have beaten them," said Hariss Harun, who wore the captain's armband against Japan and was one of the few in a red shirt to emerge from the defeat with credit.

"Against Syria, we hit the post and were unlucky not to score after creating so many chances. And then we lost due to a lapse in concentration, and that was hard to take."

Even as he admits to feeling "heavy" after chasing Japanese shadows, the 24-year-old refuses to cite fatigue as an excuse.

He said: "We just have to rest and recover properly. It never feels easy to be playing two high-intensity international matches in six days at the end of a long season.

"Against Japan, it was really tough and we had to run a lot, and I'm not even talking about with the ball.

"But no excuses, we had been in this position before.

"We started this campaign with two away games in six days and still managed to beat Cambodia 4-0 and hold Japan to a draw. Even in our last match against Syria, we also played Qatar a week before.

"We know what is at stake and we have to put what's past behind us and try to achieve something against Syria."

While Singapore are more or less assured of finishing third in Group E and securing a place in the third round of the Asian Cup qualifiers - Afghanistan have to beat Japan and Singapore to overhaul the Lions - they can mathematically confirm their progress with a win on Tuesday.

Stange said: "I'm convinced we will make it to the next round of the Asian Cup qualifiers.

"We have to focus to make sure of that as soon as possible.

"I don't expect Afghanistan to get anything in Japan, which means we should stay in third position in Group E. But to be absolutely sure as soon as possible, we have to beat Syria.

"If we do that, we could even finish second if we beat Afghanistan in our last game next March and Syria also lose to Japan.


"Considering the other groups, it will be tough to be one of the top four runners-up, but it is still a possibility."

While it remains a long shot, Singapore are still in with a shout for direct qualification to the 2019 Asian Cup if they can finish as one of the four best runners-up from the eight groups.

And that should be motivation enough, declared Hariss.

He added: "We are in a good position to make it to the next round, and if we can finish second, why not?

"We have learnt many lessons playing against top teams like Japan and Syria. If we can improve by 10 to 20 per cent, in areas such as concentration and finishing, we can get there."

"That was a bitter pill to swallow because we more than matched them and we really should have beaten them."

— Lions star Hariss Harun on the 1-0 loss to Syria