Robin Williams committed suicide, no drugs found: Coroner's report

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Obama approves sending 1,500 more troops to Iraq to fight ISIS

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Asia-Pacific ministers pledge to step up fight against corruption

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Bodies of last nine MH17 victims may never be recovered

A picture taken on November 7, 2014, shows a part of the Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 at the crash site in the village of Hrabove (Grabovo), some 80km east of Donetsk.

The remains of the last victims of flight MH17 may never be recovered from the Ukrainian battlefield where their plane was shot down four months ago, the Dutch foreign minister said yesterday (Nov 8).

Mr Bert Koenders made the grim assessment in the city of Kharkiv, where he attended a memorial service for five more sets of human remains collected from the site of the disaster and flown to The Netherlands.

"We cannot say at this moment in any certain way... at what moment and even if we can recover the last nine" victims, he said.

The Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 was shot down on July 17, killing all 298 aboard.


$1.5b for sustainable development over next five years

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Police investigating graffiti found on train

Second security breach at Bishan MRT depot this year

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'Everyone's problems are my problem'

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She can barely make ends meet but she opens her home to stranger

They live in rental flats, yet they let strangers stay with them in their cramped homes. 
speaks to these Good Samaritans who 
open up their homes to help others

DOING GOOD: (Above) Mr Paul Thanabal and Madam Lily Teo allowed needy strangers in need of a roof over their heads to stay with them.
HELP: Mr Tan See Bah speaking to Mr Thanabal.
Mr Paul Thanabal.

They are old and have financial woes, but these Good Samaritans are willing to allow the troubled elderly into their homes.

They do this entirely out of goodwill and house them in their rental flats for free until they solve their problems.

Family disputes, financial problems or housing issues are some of the reasons why these troubled folk are hung out to dry.

Says 74-year-old retiree Madam Lily Teo who let a homeless man live in her rental flat: "I told myself, this is a human being. A human being cannot live like this."

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Headless bodies discovery raises fears of serial killer in Penang

GRISLY: Penang Hospital forensic personnel taking the bag with the body part to the hospital for post-mortem. The bag was found on Thursday.
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Returned militants pose threat to M'sia

Expert says radicalised jihadists could become suicide bombers or recruiters for terror group ISIS

THREAT: An Islamic State group fighter firing a machine gun on the Syria-Turkey border.
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