Damian Lewis is new favourite to play Bond. Who else could be 007?

Daniel Craig as James Bond in Skyfall.

Betting appears to be a popular pastime among the British and not just on sporting fixtures.

A perennial favourite to have a flutter on is the identity of the next James Bond.

The role is currently occupied by Daniel Craig.

It has been speculated that a large bet on actor Damien Lewis taking on the 007 role has led to a rush of people putting money on the possibility of a ginger Bond.

Bookmakers have slashed the odds on Lewis though he should still be seen as an outsider, along with the other much-touted Bond replacement Idris Elba.

But these bets for Lewis are either incredibly astute or incredibly ill-thought-out.

Lewis rose to prominence when he portrayed the war hero turned terrorist Nicholas Brody on Showtime's Homeland.

Yes, he has a positive going for him in that he can carry off that look. Essentially, look mean in a suit.

He proved as much in last year's feature-length Jaguar commercial.




But there are more minuses. Namely his age. Lewis is 44.

With one installment due out in November with Spectre, Daniel Craig is contracted for one more Bond film – his fifth.

The earliest that could possibly arrive is two years  – 2017. And going off the track record, just two years would be a miracle.

So even if the role became free in 2018, that would put Lewis at 47, the age Craig is now. Not the best age to hopefully get at least three or four more films into the franchise. 



Maybe we will never know why Lewis' name came up. 

But if Lewis isn't quite the right fit then who is? Here are some actors who we think would make good Bonds.


Henry Cavill


He's certainly got the looks and more importantly knows what it's like to step into the shoes of an iconic character.

Back when Zack Snyder's Man of Steel was still in its casting stages, Cavill found himself in the running to play America's most famous superhero. He eventually landed the role to become the first British actor to play Superman.

This isn't the first time he's up for the role of Bond as well. The 32-year-old lost out to Craig in 2005 as he was deemed too young to play the spy.

Ten years on, Cavill is at the peak of his career and will reprise his role as Superman in the upcoming Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League movies.

He's also the star of film remake of the 1964 TV series The Man From U.N.C.L.E. in which he plays US agent Napolean Solo.

Of course, U.N.C.L.E.was inspired by Bond's first flush of success. 

Imagine having "Played Superman and James Bond" on your resume. But the Superman gig would have to crash spectacularly in order for Cavill to be free enough for the Bond franchise.


Kit Harington


Harington may seem an odd choice. He's still going to be known as Jon Snow in Game of Thrones for some time to come.

He has spent his time on the show in furs hanging around in mud and snow and kicking it with wolves - not very Bond.

No cars, no guns and very little glamour.

But Jon Snow isn't the only character Harington has played.  He flexes his espionage muscles rather effectively in this year's Spooks: The Greater Good. 

He has charmed thousands of girls worldwide every time he appears on screen. 

At 28, he could play Bond for at least 15 years. 

A young and proven actor who already has a massive following, maybe he deserves a shot.

Just one issue, KIt. Are you married to the beard? Can his face still look good scruff free?


Tom Hardy


Whether he's playing the villainous Bane or smooth-talking Eames in Inception, Hardy always gives his absolute best.

He gives every character he plays that special touch so, even when he's breaking someon'es back (or face), part of you will still want to root for him.

To play Bond, you've got to have style and Hardy isn't lacking in this department. He was named one of GQ's 50 Best Dressed Men of 2015 in January. 

Even fashion designer Donatella Versace is a fan, saying: "Tom Hardy is everything I love in a man - handsome, charismatic, dangerous. He wears suits in a way that makes you want to see what's underneath, which is how tailoring should be, right?"

But can Hardy be tied to a franchise? And isn't he too big for Bond by now?

Part Connery, part Craig. and with a touch of Roger Moore.

Sources: The Independent, GQ

Sabahan trainer: Survivors, stay strong

Sabahan guide Hilary Augustinus

A group of Sabahan trainers who led the Tanjong Katong Primary School (TKPS) group on the Via Ferrata trail on Mount Kinabalu are here in Singapore. 

Speaking to the media this morning, guide Hilary Augustinus said he wanted to meet with the families of the victims to offer them his condolences. 

"I also want to see if the survivors are okay, and tell them to be strong. Be even stronger than they were on the mountain," he said.

Despite being injured by falling rocks, Mr Augustinus tried to help as many students as he could to get to the safe area, a nearby helipad. 

Two of his colleagues, Mr Valerian Joannes and Mr Ricky Masirin, died from the rockfall after the June 5 earthquake. 

Calling them "two of my best friends", he said that had they been the ones who were injured, they would want to help as many students as possible too. 

Mr Augustinus also spoke of how the TKPS group was one that Mountain Torq, the company that manages the Via Ferrata route, looked forward to hosting every year because of the sheer enthusiasm of the children. 

Read the full report in our print edition on June 18. 
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Man dies after bar botches his wine order and serves him detergent

File photo.

A Spanish man died after drinking undiluted detergent served to him in a wine glass at a bar.

He suffered internal burns to his windpipe, throat and stomach.

Mr Andres Lorente, 49, had visited the bar Raconet in the Spanish city of Benicarlo on Sunday (June 14).

While there, the divorced father-of-two ordered a glass of white wine.

He was served a colourless and odourless liquid from a wine bottle stored in the fridge.

The liquid, however, was not wine but cleaning fluid.

Burning sensation

Mr Lorente felt a burning sensation after sipping the liquid, local media reported.

Witnesses say he then drank water in an attempt to get rid of the sensation.

He was taken to hospital in an ambulance, but died later.

The Local reported that an empty wine bottle had been used to store industrial cleaner and that the bottle had mistakenly been put in the fridge by an employee.

The bar's owner was arrested on suspicion of manslaughter and later released on bail.

'He only took a small sip'

Mirror reported a source close to the investigation as saying: "Everything at the moment is pointing towards a tragedy caused by negligence rather than ill-intent.

Said the source: "In its appearance, texture and colour, it was identical to the glass of white wine the victim had ordered.

"Our understanding is he only took a small sip of the liquid."

The director of the department of Gastroenterology at Castellon General Hospital, Jose Antonio Martin, said even a tiny amount of the concentrated liquid can have devastating consequences when ingested.

"It starts burning immediately," he reportedly told El Periodico Mediterraneo. "If it is potent, it can burn and puncture the oesophagus and stomach."

Sources: The Local, Mirror, Mail Online

Movie Review: Bad Johnson (M18)

Call us old-fashioned, but we're rather sold on the idea of a man losing his family jewels as penance for cheating.

Personal trainer Rich Johnson (Cam Gigandet) blames his penis for making him cheat in relationships, with his latest victim being Jamie (Jamie Chung). When he wishes his member would leave him, it disappears from his body and becomes a sex-crazed ladies' man (Nick Thune).

What comes next is straight out of a frat boy movie: Porn, weed and trips to strip clubs.

Of course this comedy has some cringe-inducing scenes, like Rich's pants being pulled down in public, revealing that his bird has truly flown the nest.

There's some kind of lesson about learning to grow up and stop being a jerk - if you can look past the "Johnson" humour.

Rating: 3/5


I was a baby when the original 1982 horror hit Poltergeist was released. I didn't catch it then, which is just as well - I could watch this remake with an objective eye.

Poltergeist revolves around the Bowen couple (Sam Rockwell and Rosemarie DeWitt) and their three kids, whose suburban home is haunted by evil forces. When the terrifying apparitions escalate their attacks and hold youngest daughter Madison (Kennedi Clements) captive inside a TV, her family members band together to rescue her.

While the movie ranks low on shock factor - there are hardly any spine-tingling moments - the cast deserves a thumbs-up for making their characters relatable.

Rockwell is fantastic as the cash-strapped dad and so is DeWitt as the frustrated stay-at-home mum, but child star Clements steals the show with her big, innocuous-looking eyes.

Rating: 3/5

Ed Helms goes from comedy to country music

We're familiar with Ed Helms (above, left) the comedian. But as a musician?

The 41-year-old US actor has released a self-titled bluegrass-folk-country album with his The Lonesome Trio bandmates Ian Riggs (right) and Jacob Tilove (middle).

The group's members met while in college and bonded over their love for old-time music and instruments - Helms on guitar and banjo, Tilove on mandolin and Riggs on the double bass.

"We recorded (the album) in two weeks, but you can say we've been writing the music for 20 years," Helms, whose new comedy Vacation opens on Aug 6, told USA Today.

"If I were just a random Ed Helms fan, I'd probably expect something funny. But I don't think we've concerned ourselves too much with that. The music is what it is... I just hope they like it."


Ed Sheeran surprises fan with live duet

Ed Sheeran made a teenager's day when he joined her on stage for an impromptu duet of his song Thinking Out Loud.

He was recently at a Canadian mall where 13-year-old Sydney Bourbeau was performing for a Edmonton Humane Society fundraiser.

Midway through, the 24-year-old British singer, who is on a tour of Canada and the United States, hopped on stage and joined in.

The stunned girl kept it together and carried on singing.

According to MTV, Sheeran's manager later contacted her and offered her two tickets to Sheeran's concert.




Toddler's hand severed in escalator mishap

The boy was on the escalator when his hand got caught and was severed at the wrist. Rescuers recovered the severed hand two hours later.

What happened that fateful morning? Toddler Mohd Afkar Daniel Freedy's parents are not sure.

One moment, they were shopping at the KL Sentral development in Brickfields, Kuala Lumpur, on Monday (June 15). The next moment, their child had disappeared.

Malaysian police believe the 15-month-old boy had wandered towards the escalator.

Kuala Lumpur CID chief Datuk Zainuddin Ahmad said:

"(The boy) is believed to have taken the escalator from the second floor to the first floor when his hand got caught.

"His hand was severed at the wrist and the severed part fell into the gaps between the escalator."

Harian Metro quoted him saying that a member of the auxiliary police who was nearby rushed to the toddler's aid before he was taken to Kuala Lumpur Hospital.

The severed hand was only recovered two hours later.

Sources: The Malaysian Insider, Star Online

Local directors do their bit for charity

Seven of Singapore's best directors: (L-R) Kelvin Tong, Eric Khoo, K Rajagopal, Royston Tan, Tan Pin Pin, Boo Junfeng and Jack Neo

7 Letters, a collection of seven short films by seven local film-makers, will be more than just a love letter to Singapore.

All proceeds from 7 Letters, which features the directors' interpretation of Singapore and its people, will go towards charity.

Directors Boo Junfeng, Eric Khoo, K. Rajagopal, Jack Neo, Tan Pin Pin, Royston Tan and Kelvin Tong have chosen seven local charities as beneficiaries.

All tickets for 7 Letters will not be priced. Instead, each moviegoer can make a donation at the screenings.

7 Letters will premiere at Capitol Theatre on July 24.

Ticketing will begin on July 1 via www.7letters.sg.

Burglar stays in house for days, puts photos of his 'good life' online

He told friends he had made a killing on the stock market and that he was living a comfortable and luxurious life.

And to bolster that claim, he posted photos of himself in a villa in China's Nanjing city.

The only problem? The photos were taken in houses he had burgled.

Police said the man would break into a house and steal items.

If he thought the owner would not be returning soon, the burglar would treat the place as his home and even use the kitchen to whip up meals, reported Jiangsu City Channel.

It was while he was cooking that the owner of the first villa returned.

The man, whose surname is Wang, jumped out from the second storey and fled the place. In the process, he injured his hand.

But the burglar was undeterred.

Days later, he broke into another villa. This time, he even posted a photo of his injured hand next to a piano with the caption: "Broke my hand. Can't practise playing the piano."

The burglar did not even bother to clean up after himself, leaving rice in the rice cooker.

Police said he stole cash, mobile phones, two bottles of wine and a book.

He was arrested last month and is being detained on suspicion of burglary.

Police found the photos, which he shared with friends on messaging apps WeChat and QQ, on his mobile phone.

Source: Jiangsu City Channel