Ronaldo denies calling Messi 'm***********r'

Real Madrid's Cristiano Ronaldo has denied allegations that he has an expletive nickname for Barcelona rival Lionel Messi.
Real Madrid's Cristiano Ronaldo has denied allegations that he has an expletive nickname for Barcelona rival Lionel Messi.

They might be the world's best footballers, but it's no big secret that Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi aren't the best of friends.

But the players' relationship hasn't descended to the point of obscene nicknames - at least according to Ronaldo.

An excerpt from Spanish football pundit Guillem Balague's book Messi which appeared in the Daily Telegraph claimed that the Portuguese star's name for his Barcelona rival in the Real Madrid dressing room was "motherf****r".

The allegation has prompted Ronaldo to launch a staunch denial on Facebook as well as threaten legal action.




Ronaldo has previously described his relationship with perennial Ballon d'Or rival Messi as that of "colleagues" and "work friends" who do not have a friendship to speak of when they're off the pitch, although he has expressed his hope that the pair could look back after their careers and laugh about their rivalry after retirement.

In his book - which is being serialised by the Daily Telegraph, Balague wrote: "Ronaldo, perhaps as a symptom of the immaturity that marks so many footballers, thinks it necessary to put on a brave face in front of his team-mates, not be scared of Messi and to rise to the challenge. All very macho; all very false.

"And that is why, according to some Real Madrid players, CR7 has a nickname for him: ‘motherf****r’; and if he sees someone from the club speaking to Leo, he also ends up being baptised ‘motherf****r’."

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Jennifer Lawrence says she will 'never get Twitter'

Are you following Jennifer Lawrence on Instagram or Twitter?

Well if you are, it's not her.

The 24-year-old actress said in an interview with BBC 1's radio program on Tuesday that she will never be a part of social media. 

"I will never get Twitter. I'm not very good on phone or technology. I cannot really keep up with e-mails so the idea of Twitter is so unthinkable to me. I don't really understand what it is. It's like this weird enigma that people talk about. It's fine. I respect that."

"But no, I'll never get a Twitter," she said. "If you ever see a Facebook, Instagram or Twitter that says it's me, it most certainly is not."

Photo: Reuters

When asked why was she so serious about it, she answered, "It’s because the Internet has scorned me so much that I feel like it’s like, that girl in high school, that I’m like, ‘Oh you want to talk about her? Yeah I’ll do that. I’m going to take my hoops off, I’m ready to go’.”

She does have a Facebook page but it's run by her team and not her.

If you do wish to see the real Jennifer Lawrence, you can catch the Oscar winner in The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part I, which will be released soon. 

Sources: CBS News, BBC 1, The Guardian

Sim Lim saga: Case to start injunction proceedings against Mobile Air

The Consumer Association of Singapore (Case) will be starting injunction proceedings against Sim Lim Square retailer Mobile Air, which is owned by Mr Jover Chew.

The Consumer Association of Singapore (Case) will be starting injunction proceedings against Sim Lim Square retailer Mobile Air.

The organisation said in a press release on Wednesday that Mobile Air "declined to sign our Voluntary Compliance Agreement and pledge to stop their unfair practices". 

"As such, we have decided to take out an injunction against this company," it said.

But it may be several months before the injection will possibly come into play.

Case said it would need to seek approval from its relevant committees and the Injunction Proposals Review Panel at the Ministry of Trade and Industry, before applying to court for an injunction.

"This entire process may take several months," it said.

If the injunction is granted by the court, Mobile Air will be "restricted from engaging in unfair practices as stated in the Consumer Protection (Fair Trading) Act".

Mobile Air, which is owned by Mr Jover Chew, has been in the spotlight in the past week following a barrage of bad press over unfair and bullying sales tactics.

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Businessman conned of $155,000 in deal with devil

There's US$5 million (S$6.5m) in the netherworld just for you. And all you need to get the money is a special key. 

But to get the key, you need to offer money to a genie.

Sound like pure bull, guff and hogwash? Not to a businessman in Malaysia who was conned of almost RM400,000 (S$155,000).

The 40-year-old man was first lured by a conman into buying a ring for RM2,000 in September.

But in the weeks after, the victim forked up RM393,500 to perform a series of rituals in rented houses or hotels.

'Part of the ritual'

Ampang Jaya Assistant Commissioner Khairuldin Saad said the victim was required to offer prayers and money to a genie during the rituals.

"He purchased three suitcases to put in 519 bundles of paper resembling dollar bills.

"He then added real money into the mix as part of the ritual," he said.

The businessman lodged a police report early this month after not getting the millions he was promised.


Acting on a tip-off, police arrested a Georgian national in a recreational park in PandanIndah, Selangor​ at about 9pm last Friday.

Mr Khairuldin said the suspect admitted to scamming the businessman and led the police to a place in Taman Cahaya Indah where the three suitcases and ritual paraphernalia were found.

Police also seized the man’s mobile phone.

The case has been classified as cheating.

Source: The Star

Mum and daughter to mystery cabby with a kind heart: Thank you!

3 times a week, Miss Mandy Tan (right) would lead her blind diabetic mother to the dialysis centre. It was on of those trips where they a kind hearted taxi driver touched their hearts.

The ride may have lasted no more than five minutes, and the fare not more than $6 but the kind gesture shown by a taxi driver was enough to leave a lasting impression on mother and daughter.

Three afternoons a week, Miss Mandy Tan and her mother, Mdm Koh Siew Hoon, who is blind and a diabetic, will take a taxi from their flat in Bedok South to a National Kidney Foundation (NKF) dialysis centre along New Upper Changi Road.

Mdm Koh, 41, has been suffering from kidney failure since 2007 and has to go for regular dialysis. .

“The ride is not more than five minutes but because of my mother's condition we would get a taxi to go to the centre,” said Miss Tan, 20 in an interview at their flat on Wednesday afternoon (Nov 12).

Cabby refused payment

It was on one of those taxi rides that she noticed the taxi driver did not turn on his meter and did not ask where she was going.

“When we reached the destination, I tried to pass him some money but he refused,” she said.

“He told us that this was already the fifth or sixth time that he picked us up. He did not accept payment from us then and he did not want to accept payment from us this time either,” said Mdm Koh.

“I was quite surprised and a bit paiseh (ashamed).

"I just said 'Thank you' and left the cab,” she added.

“I was also quite shocked. To have a total stranger help you out of the blue is quite amazing," said Miss Tan, 20, who is a student at ITE College East.

Later, Miss Tan posted a please on Facebook, asking for help in finding the kind-hearted taxi driver. 

"The only reason why I posted it was that we wanted to express our gratitude towards him," said Miss Tan.

Along with her plea, she posted a picture of the back of the taxi driver, as well as his number plate, SHB 2963C.

A screengrab of the post asking for help to find the taxi driver. Photo: Facebook screengrab/Dee Lovesyouzx

The post received over 500 shares, and was also picked up by a local news site, but still Miss Tan could not find the the taxi driver.

The New Paper reached out to ComfortDelGro in an effort to connect mother and daughter with the taxi driver.

We understand that the driver, who wishes to be known only as Mr Leow, would rather his good deed be left unreported.

“To Mr Leow, we just want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts,” said Mdm Koh.

Have you met any other kind cabbies?

Reach out to us and tell us your story!

WATCH: 'Worst tackle in football history' leaves player's leg in tatters

FC Zurich have issued criminal proceedings after their former Ivory Coast international Gilles Yapi-Yapo suffered serious injury in a horrific tackle in a Swiss Super League game on Sunday (Nov 9).

The 32-year-old midfielder faces a lengthy spell on the sidelines as a result of damage caused when Aarau’s Sandro Wieser appeared to slam his foot down on his knee.

Yapi-Yapo was carried off the pitch on a stretcher after the 19th minute tackle by Liechtenstein midfielder Wieser.

The horrific tackle has left the player with torn anterior and interior cruciate ligaments, serious cartilage damage, meniscus tear, a torn kneecap and deep bruising in his thigh.

Out of action

Various news outlets are already naming the challenge as "the worst of all time".   

Doctors treating Yapi-Yapo at Zurich’s Hirslanden clinic forecast he would be out of action for a long period.

The player however, may be forced to retire due to the extent of his injuries.  

FC Zurich’s president Ancillo Canepa lodged legal proceedings for intentional injury against Wieser, who apologised for his actions after the game.

“I totally regret what happened,” Wieser, 21, posted on his Facebook page.

“There was absolutely no intent on my part,” he added.

“I’ve had a lot of experience with injury and I don’t wish that on anyone.”

He said that Yapi-Yapo was a former teammate of his (at FC Basel) and described him as “a great guy”.

Yapi-Yapo won the Swiss league title and domestic Cup with Basel, and was part of the Ivory Coast squad at the 2006 World Cup in Germany.

Source: AFP, Metro

7 interesting facts about the hottie in Taylor Swift's Blank Space video

"What is his name?!"

If that's the first thought you had while watching Taylor Swift's new video Blank Space, you're not alone.

Yes, the song is super addictive and Taylor looks simply divine (even in her crazy moments).

Hands up, those who desperately wished they were Swift, just to have a chance to meet this mysterious hottie in the video.

Here's a little bit about Sean O'Pry, the 25-year-old American model:

  1. Sean told E! News that he was discovered by his manager on MySpace. "My manager saw my prom photos on MySpace, and two weeks later I flew to New York."
  2. According to the 2013 Forbes list, Sean was last year's top earning male model, bringing home US$1.5 (S$1.94) million.

    A photo posted by Sean O'Pry (@seanopry55) on


  3. He told E! News that if he wasn't a model, he'd be doing something with biology. "I've always really loved it. I went to Sea Camps when I was a kid."
  4. As for his relationship status, he's leaving that a mystery. "The less people know the better." Well that unfortunately isn't good news. We all know what that means.
  5. The man KNOWS HOW TO COOK. He says his favourite restaurant is his own kitchen. "I'm learning to cook, so my kitchen," he said .
  6. In an interview with Access Hollywood, Sean mentioned that he didn't have to audition for the part in Taylor's video. He received a call from his manager informing him he was an option for the part. One hour later he got the part.

    #victordemarchelier @massimodutti

    Une photo publiée par Sean O'Pry (@seanopry55) on


  7. He doesn't want to be known only for his looks - he's going to school and wants to be taken seriously.

"I want to be well-accepted as an actor, not just a prop. I'm studying to actually have a career and longevity and not just be 'that guy'," he told Vanity Fair.

"I think that's very needed to be taken seriously. The music video is definitely not a step in the wrong direction. Doing this video really motivated me further."

Sources: E! News, People Magazine, Access Hollywood, Instagram

Dislike: Mr Khaw Boon Wan's Facebook post draws flak for use of Indian foreign workers in mock riot exercise

A Facebook post uploaded by Minister Khaw Boon Wan that showed South Asian foreign workers being used in a mock riot simulation exercise has drawn the ire from the online community.

Several members of the online community are seeing red over a Facebook post that Minister Khaw Boon Wan uploaded on Tuesday.

It showed South Asian foreign workers in a mock riot simulation exercise.

The album was titled 'Joint exercise with Police, SCDF & foreign worker ambassadors'.




The presence of just South Asian foreign workers led to critics calling the exercise "distasteful".

Facebook user Feng Yi commented on Mr Khaw's post:

"Sir, I understand the purpose of such an exercise but I cannot help but feel disturbed by the racial undertones. Riots can be started by anyone regardless of their ethnicity.

Positing Indian foreign workers as the next group of rioters or troublemakers does not paint racial minority groups in a positive light but only perpetuates existing stereotypes which are inimical to the development of a harmonious society.

My suggestion is that "rioters" in future such exercises (if any) must also consist of people of other ethnic groups. I hope the organisers can take this into consideration. Thank you."









Sources: Facebook, Twitter

Man killed at Pasir Ris construction site

A man was killed at a construction site in Pasir Ris today (Nov 12).

A man was killed at a construction site in Pasir Ris opposite White Sands Shopping Centre today (Nov 12).

The New Paper understands the 60-year-old was trapped under stacks of metal parts during an accident involving a lifting boom.

He had been pinned in the crane operator seat while transporting the materials.

Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) paramedics pronounced him dead at the scene.

The SCDF said they got a call for help at 11.45am and sent two fire engines, a Red Rhino, an ambulance and two other vehicles.

Read the full report in our print edition on Nov 13.

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Lee Chong Wei fears Olympic, World champ hopes are gone after failing drug test

Malaysia's Lee Chong Wei reacts after a point against China's Lin Dan in their men's singles semi-final badminton match at Gyeyang gymnasium during the 2014 Asian Games in Incheon.

Malaysian badminton ace Lee Chong Wei fears he will never realise his dream of becoming world and Olympic champion after he was suspended for failing a drugs test, a report said on Wednesday (Nov 12).

The world number one is temporarily barred from competition after testing positive to the banned anti-inflammatory dexamethasone, and could face an eventual suspension of up to two years.

“If I am suspended for a long time, it will affect my chances of becoming a world champion next year and also win the Olympic gold medal in 2016,” Lee, 36, told Malaysia's New Straits Times. 

“It has always been my dream to win both titles. It is also the reason why I took up the sport.”

Despite topping the badminton rankings for years and reaching five world and Olympic finals, the popular Lee has never been able to win either of the sport’s two major prizes.

The Badminton World Federation (BWF) said on Tuesday (Nov 11) that Lee was suspended “due to an apparent anti-doping regulation violation” while a panel considers whether he has committed an offence.

Lee tested positive after giving urine samples at the BWF World Championships in August in Copenhagen, where he lost to China’s Chen Long in the final.

Bad dream

Lee said the turn of events felt like a “bad dream", adding there was “no way” he could have taken the drug outside of the auspices of Malaysia’s National Sports Institute.

“I’ve been a national player under the BA of Malaysia (BAM) for 15 years and I am very particular about injuries,” he told the daily.

“I always consult the National Sports Institute for advice.

“There is no way I could have administered dexamethasone into my body by myself. I have lost big matches before but I always bounce back without fail,” said Lee.

“Frankly, I still can’t believe what has happened to me.”

Badminton’s world body has not announced a date for its hearing into Lee’s case.

Source: AFP

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