Tourists stuck in Alps cable car rescued

MID-AIR DRAMA: A total of 110 tourists were stranded when the cable cars stopped on Thursday.
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They're ready to sacrifice everything

Terrorism expert says brainwashed suicide bombers have no qualms hurting their loved ones

NABBED: Police detained 11 men at the foothills of Hutan Lipur Gunung Nuang in April last year.
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Busker makes stage debut at Our Blocks Rock party at Yew Tee

This weekend's Our Blocks Rock parties is near Yew Tee MRT station

Music will be provided by busker Goh Yu Fan Evan
ENTERTAINMENT: Music will be provided by Mr D at the DJ booth.
ENTERTAINMENT: Music will be provided by busker Goh Yu Fan Evan (left) and Mr D (above) at the DJ booth. MOUTH-WATERING: Sotong Brothers (right), Yummy Takoyaki (below) and The Ugly Duckling (far right) will provide the food.
ENTERTAINMENT: Music will be provided by busker Goh Yu Fan Evan (left) and Mr D (above) at the DJ booth. MOUTH-WATERING: Sotong Brothers (right), Yummy Takoyaki (below) and The Ugly Duckling (far right) will provide the food.
ENTERTAINMENT: Music will be provided by busker Goh Yu Fan Evan (left) and Mr D (above) at the DJ booth. MOUTH-WATERING: Sotong Brothers (right), Yummy Takoyaki (below) and The Ugly Duckling (far right) will provide the food.

The Our Blocks Rock parties is back for its third round - bigger and better.

It will be held at the hardcourt next to Yew Tee MRT Station from 4pm to 10pm today and tomorrow.

This time, new vendors and entertainers have been roped in.

For instance, busker Goh Yu Fan Evan, 28, will be using his voice and guitar on stage to entertain residents.

He was spotted by organisers and invited to perform pop tunes today.

He told The New Paper: "Most of the time, I'm performing on streets. So I'm excited because this will be the first time I'm performing on such a big stage."

Residents also can groove to hip-hop and electronic dance music from the booth manned by DJs from Tech'1 Music.


But what is a party without food?

New vendor Sotong Brothers will be making an appearance.

Squid, fried chicken, calamari and shrimp will be sold in three flavours, curry, onion garlic, and hot and spicy. They range in price from $3.50 to $7.

Yummy Takoyaki will be presenting halal takoyaki in many flavours - chicken ham, hotdog, octopus, crabstick, and even prawn.

A box of five is priced at $4 while a box of 10 will be $8.

Visitors can also quench their thirst with drinks from TOGOKBYZB, with flavoured sodas going for $5 a litre.

Owner Nurulain Ishak, 28, said: "It's a neighbourhood area, so we're looking forward to the families enjoying our drinks."

Food vendor The Ugly Duckling, which was a huge draw at previous block parties, is back.

They will be selling their latest creation, buttermilk fried chicken burger, which was launched last month.

Residents can also expect an illusionist performance each night, where a water fountain will appear to materialise out of thin air.

Interest groups from Yew Tee CC Senior Citizens Executive Committee, and Zone 9 and 10 Residents' Committee will also be conducting a yoga demonstration and several workshops.

A balloon sculpting workshop will be conducted today from 4pm to 7pm. A craft beads workshop will be held tomorrow from 4pm to 7pm.

Man nabbed over fake 
Jay Chou concert tickets

Jay Chou.
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High-speed chase on Sims Ave ends with crash

Motorcyclist collides with car at Sims Avenue while trying to escape police

DAMAGE: (Above) The damaged silver car after it was hit by the motorcycle.
HURT: (Above) The pillion rider was trapped under the front of an SUV.
Police officers tending to the injured motorcyclist.

A police officer hot on the heels of a motorcyclist and his pillion rider, going against the flow of traffic - it could have been a scene out of an action movie.

Except it was for real. And it happened on Thursday around 8am along a stretch of Sims Avenue.

The high-speed chase ended as dramatically as the chase itself, when the motorcycle collided with a car at the junction of Sims Avenue and Sims Way.

Video footage posted on the Facebook page of road safety community site Beh Chia Lor showed the pillion rider being thrown under the carriage of a white sport utility vehicle (SUV).

The video also showed the police officer getting off his bike and checking on the two men.

Chinese daily Lianhe Wanbao reported that the chase started at Geylang Lorong 27 after the motorcyclist failed to heed the officer's request to stop.

A police spokesman told The New Paper that the officer had spotted one of the men wearing a helmet with a tinted visor.

The duo in their early 20s fled on their bike to Geylang Lorong 33, before realising that the officer was still hot on their heels.


The chase ended when the motorcycle hit the front of a silver car as it was going through the junction, and the rider and his pillion were thrown off.

The pillion rider, who was trapped under the bonnet of the white SUV, was manually released by the police.

The Singapore Civil Defence Force told TNP they received a call about the accident at 8.20am.

They sent one fire engine, one Red Rhino, two fire bikes, two ambulances and one support vehicle

The rider and his pillion were both drowsy but conscious when they were taken to Tan Tock Seng Hospital.

The police told TNP that investigations had revealed that the rider of the motorcycle did not possess a valid driving licence at the time of the accident. TNP understands that both men are still in hospital.

Hairline cracks found on 
11 LRT trains

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N. Korea says it can arm nuclear missile

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LRT leaves them high and wet in KL

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Darker side to hit app: Strangers tell teens to show off their bodies

S'pore kids stream live via new app that allows users to interact with them

SHOW MORE: Teenagers are encouraged to show their bodies or change their clothes on Bigo Live.

Move over, Snapchat.

Singapore kids are spending hours on a new app - one that is from a local company, no less.

Meet Bigo Live, a live video streaming app that has been in the top five of Apple's app store here from July till last month.

Its appeal seems to lie in the fact that it is a combination of Periscope (Twitter's video live-stream app), Snapchat (a multimedia messaging app), and Mukbang (an online broadcast where the host eats large quantities of food while interacting with the audience in exchange for money).

Power up Bigo Live on your smartphone, and you are invited into any number of bedrooms, classrooms, workspaces, or any place for that matter, where young people are streaming whatever they are doing at the time.

Other users of the app can watch them and interact with them, by commenting on what they are doing, asking them to do certain things, or even asking for their contact details.

In other words, it is voyeurism made easy - and legal - with the consent of the streamers.

But allowing strangers into their lives in this manner does have pitfalls. Several young streamers, especially teenage girls, have had unsavoury experiences.

Some of them, who look to be in their early teens, are brazenly asked by strangers to dance and show off their bodies.

When The New Paper used the Bigo Live app over the past few days, a number of streams by teenage girls invited comments by users asking them to "perform".

For example, a young woman who was streaming with a close-up of her face willingly moved her smartphone to show her body in a camisole dress after a viewer asked to see it.

Other girls have borne the brunt of nasty comments, including racist jibes, about their bodies and abilities.

Bigo Live users whom TNP spoke to said they had seen such comments. Some of them have been targeted.

But derogatory comments are not the only kind of negative attention experienced by users.

Miss Joanna Chia, 17, who mostly sings or responds to comments by users when she streams, said the worst comment she received was: "You're a slut, and you shouldn't be on Bigo."

She told TNP: "I don't let myself get affected by it. I feel that no one has the right to judge a person, just like how you can't judge a book by its cover."

Last week, a primary school pupil streaming on Bigo Live danced in her school uniform. Viewers commented on her skin colour and cast racist slurs at the child.

A few days later, an Indian foreign worker, who used the app to live-stream, also received abusive comments.


Dr Lim Boon Leng, a psychiatrist at Gleneagles Hospital, said that the app could end up as a platform for the sexual grooming of minors - befriending and establishing an emotional connection with a child to lower the child's inhibitions with the aim of sexually abusing the child.

He said: "When users ask streamers to pose and praise them for it, they may be led on to show more and more, which can become dangerous, especially if the users ask to meet them in real life."

Dr Lim said that teenagers are likely to be susceptible to such requests as they tend to be more impulsive.

"Teenagers are at that point in their life where they consider consequences much less than adults, and they think that they no longer need to seek permission from parents as they are no longer children."

Dr Lim also suggested that the app could encourage narcissism.

He said young streamers could try to get likes, to see if people like them enough to get them gifts, and that the monetary rewards may entice young streamers.

"(In this app), you can get real-life gains. Though the amount may seem little for some, children may think it is a great sum," he said.

Mr Daniel Koh, a psychologist at Insights Mind Centre, described such derogatory comments and racist remarks as "something that can be quite explosive".

Because the app is live, a negative remark could trigger another negative remark.

"And this can get the passion rolling very fast, whereas on an app such as Facebook, it can take a while for people to comment," he said.

Perhaps wary of the app being misused, Bigo Live flashes an advisory on every live-stream to warn users that they will be banned or have their accounts suspended if their stream "contains smoking, overtly sexual acts or illegal content".

The advisory also says the app is reviewed 24 hours a day "to keep the community safe and open".

Lawyer Ravinderpal Singh said the creators of the app may not be liable if its users break the law. The lawyer from Kalco Law compared it to a telephone line.

He said: "It is only a medium that is used for harassment. A phone line cannot be at fault when users harass on the line. So far, none of the social media platforms have been held liable for harassment that happened on the app."

The app also has a mute function, which allows people to completely block specific users from sending them messages.

However, Mr Singh says that under the Protection from Harassment Act, users could be liable for harassing others on the app.

Offenders can be fined up to $5,000 and/or jailed up to six months.

"When users ask streamers to pose and praise them for it, they may be led on to show more and more, which can become dangerous, especially if the users ask to meet them in real life."

- Dr Lim Boon Leng, a psychiatrist at Gleneagles Hospital

"And this can get the passion rolling very fast, whereas on an app such as Facebook, it can take a while for people to comment."

- Mr Daniel Koh, a psychologist at Insights Mind Centre, on the effects of the live app on the streamer

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EPL Spotlight: It's all about Manchester...

The English Premier League is back after the international break. And unsurprisingly, the spotlight is shining brightest on Manchester...

MATCH TO WATCH: Manchester United v Manchester City (Saturday, 7.30pm)

Fans might have lamented when a dodgy pitch denied Jose Mourinho and Pep Guardiola from crossing swords for the first time as bosses of Manchester's two biggest clubs.

But a Manchester derby in Beijing probably wouldn't have felt quite as right as this weekend's clash between the two juggernauts.

Nothing else really matters.

With countless sub-plots going on (Jose versus Pep, Zlatan versus Pep, Zlatan versus Stones and Sterling versus Bailly just to name a few...), it is perhaps much more fitting that the first act of Mourinho's United versus Guardiola's s City will unfold at the Theatre of Dreams in Manchester instead of a shoddy pitch in China.

The players are already buzzing.

United hotshot Zlatan Ibrahimovic aimed a cheeky salvo at new City goalkeeper Claudio Bravo over social media while City's contingent of Spanish footballers needled away at Juan Mata and David de Gea while they were together on national duty.



While both managers have played down their previous rivalry during their time in La Liga, they're not fooling anyone into thinking that they're friends.



Will both expensively-assembled teams go right at it from the start for an entertaining match? Or will it be a tight, tactical affair with both sides waiting to pounce on each others' mistakes?

With both teams on perfect records, something is going to have to give.

PLAYER TO WATCH: Kelechi Iheanacho (Manchester City)

While Marcus Rashford faces a fight to convince Mourinho that he should start for United in the derby, another youngster from across the great Manchester divide could be thrust into a key and starting role by Guardiola.

Thanks to Sergio Aguero's utterly stupid elbow on West Ham's Winston Reid, Kelechi Iheanacho is the most likely candidate to lead the line for Man City at Old Trafford.

The 19-year-old Nigerian striker is certainly a success story for the Citizens to boast about.

Despite his tender years, he boasts an impressive strike rate even though he has been used mostly as a sub.



But he is yet to start for City in a match of considerable magnitude and, if he starts, will have to sink or swim in the face of the very impressive Eric Bailly.

Of course, Iheanacho's confidence is sure to be sky high after he scored this belter for his country against Tanzania...



MANAGER TO WATCH: David Moyes (Sunderland v Everton, Monday, 3am)

Moving on from the Manchester derby to a manager who once witnessed it first-hand.

Unfortunately for David Moyes, his days as the doe-eyed boss of Man United will probably have little impact on the unenviable assignment he has at hand - keeping perennial relegation candidates Sunderland safe for another season.

The Scot probably did himself no favours by comparing his current situation with that of his former employers and next opponents Everton.

Since Moyes left Goodison Park, the Toffees, who are unbeaten thus far this season, have gone from strength to strength and are almost surely targeting a top six spot under Ronald Koeman.

With the Black Cats languishing with the league's bottom sides with one point from three games, getting one over his former employers at the Stadium of Light will do Moyes some good in his quest to turn Sunderland into Everton Mk II.



TEAM TO WATCH: Leicester City (Liverpool v Leicester City, Sunday, 12.30am)

While Claudio Ranieri has admitted that Leicester successfully defending their EPL title is unlikely, the Foxes clearly don't want to relinquish their hold on a lucrative Champions League spot.

To that end, the Italian dropped a cool £30 million ($54.2m) for Islam Slimani on transfer deadline day.

Not a huge sum in the current transfer market for sure, but the fee smashed Leicester's transfer record and serves as a clear statement of intent to their rivals.

At 28, the Algerian striker has been likened to fellow late bloomer and new teammate Jamie Vardy.

Having declared that Slimani is in contention to make his debut, it will be interesting to see where Ranieri fits his expensive new player into the mix.

In the cauldron of Anfield, no less.



UNDERDOGS TO WATCH: Stoke City (Stoke City v Tottenham Hotspur, Saturday, 10pm)


It's been far from a stellar start for Stoke City.

Usually more accustomed to sitting in mid-table and surviving comfortably each season, the Potters find themselves rock bottom at the foot of the Premier League table for the time being.

Moreover, they're definitely hurting as manager Mark Hughes opted to blame officials for giving what he deemed were soft penalties in their defeats to Manchester City and Everton.

With another tough match to come against Mauricio Pochettino's unbeaten Spurs side, the Welshman needs to stop feeling sorry for himself and get his men to respond with the right result.