Eriksen reveals trick to taking free-kicks

Christian Eriksen takes a Tottenham free-kick against Hull City.
Christian Eriksen takes a Tottenham free-kick against Hull City.

Tottenham Hotspur fans feel an air of expectancy whenever their team get a free-kick around the penalty area.

That’s because Christian Eriksen has already scored three of them this season.

The Danish star explains that the art of taking free-kicks is as psychological as it is technical.

“Sometimes, football is a bit mental as well and hopefully you can make the goalkeeper think where you will go before you know it yourself,” the 23-year-old told Tottenham’s website.

“Sometimes you want to put the ball where you think the goalkeeper thinks you will put it, sometimes you put it where you know the goalkeeper isn’t going.”

Practice also makes perfect for the attacking midfielder.

“I’ve been practising for a really long time and now it almost feels like people want me to score every time and I see the opportunity to score every time,” said Eriksen, who hones his craft daily in training.

“I have the feeling and the confidence to do it, so it’s all about getting the ball over the wall and into the net.”

Source: Tottenham Hotspur official website, The Sport Review

WATCH: Chelsea 8-year-old prodigy dazzles with his awesome footwork

Chelsea's eight-year-old wonderkid Denim Nnamudi.
Chelsea's eight-year-old wonderkid Denim Nnamudi.

Remember the name Denim Nnamudi.

If this video posted on YouTube is anything to go by, Chelsea have a star in their hands.

In a training session, the eight-year-old Chelsea academy player showed off some outrageous skills and footwork which will put Premiership players to shame.

He impressed even against older players in a passing game, nutmegging one of them.

He looks the part too.

With a hairstyle resembling that of David Luiz’s, he will be hoping to emulate some of the best Brazil has ever produced.

Let’s just hope he doesn’t defend like Luiz.

Source: YouTube

Ex-wonderkid Freddy Adu hits a new low after denying reports that he has become a night club promoter

File photo of Freddy Adu in an United States jersey.
File photo of Freddy Adu in an United States jersey.

Once dubbed as the most talented teenager in world football, Freddy Adu now has to fend off rumours that he has moved on to the greener pastures of nightclub promoting — at the ripe old age of 25.

The former great hope of the Beautiful Game in America took to Twitter to refute reports that he had given up football for the nightlife scene.




The former Benfica and Monaco attacker is currently a free agent after leaving Serbian side FK Jagodina, the 10th club of his short career.

Once dubbed the next Pele, Adu shot to stardom after Nike signed him up at 13. A year later he joined Major League Soccer side DC United.



The Ghanian-born former prodigy was even namechecked by rapper Jay Z in his song American Gangster.

But since the initial hype, it’s been a case of much Adu about nothing as his career has fizzled out.

Source: Twitter, Mail Online

30 police shirts stolen from Selangor laundry shop

A police officer’s shirt like the ones which were stolen from a laundry shop
A police officer’s shirt like the ones which were stolen from a laundry shop

About 30 police shirts, many with the names of high-ranking officers, have been stolen from a laundry shop in Subang Jaya, Selangor.

Police who are investigating the theft, fear that they could end up in the wrong hands.

They have warned the public to be wary of men posing as police officers, The Star reported.

The shirts, while not official police uniforms, still feature the forces’ insignia and is grey and black in colour.

Ms Rohana Muhd Bakri, the owner of the laundry shop, said police were her regular customers and sent about 30 “corporate shirts” for washing this month.

She told The Star: “We never displayed the uniforms in our shop and kept them in a bag.

"On Feb 8, my worker came to open the shop in the morning and found that our door had been pried open. Nothing was taken, just the bag with the police shirts.

“I know how the shirts could be misused so I lodged a report right away.”

She said the bag contained shirts and jackets with the first names of high-ranking police officers from Bukit Aman, the headquarters of Malaysian police, and the Subang Jaya, Kajang and Shah Alam police headquarters, stitched on them.

Source: The Star


WATCH: Mueller apes Cristiano Ronaldo's dribbling style in training

Thomas Mueller, seen here celebrating Bayern Munich's fifth goal in the 8-0 thrashing of Hamburg, was spotted imitating Cristiano Ronaldo's dribbling style in training.
Thomas Mueller, seen here celebrating Bayern Munich's fifth goal in the 8-0 thrashing of Hamburg, was spotted imitating Cristiano Ronaldo's dribbling style in training.

He may be known more for scoring goals than his dribbling skills.

But Thomas Mueller definitely has the twinkle toes to match Cristiano Ronaldo.

The Bayern Munich and Germany ace was captured on camera imitating the Portuguese flyer's unique dribbling style in rather comedic fashion.



Mueller is certainly developing his reputation for being a joker after Brazilian teammate Dante threatened to punch the German if he continued to make fun of Brazil's 7-1 humbling on home soil at Die Mannschaft's hands at the World Cup last year.

Source: Vine via 101 Great Goals

Indian newborn slips down train toilet, lands on track

File photo of a newborn

A Indian baby survived a shocking birth when he slipped down a train toilet and landed on railway tracks.

The incident happened moments after his mother delivered him, police said on Tuesday (Feb 17).

The 22-year-old woman fainted in the tiny toilet cubicle on Monday after giving birth on the train, which had briefly halted before reaching a station in western Rajasthan state. 

“The woman... felt acute labour pain, so she went to the toilet to relieve herself and gave birth to a baby boy who slipped down through the toilet bowl and fell on the tracks,” senior railway police official Subhash Vishnoi told AFP by phone.

Most Indian trains have western-style and squat toilets with filthy chutes that empty directly onto the tracks.

The train had already left for the station by the time her family members found her unconscious in the toilet.

A local guard spotted the newborn crying and informed the police, who admitted the baby to a nearby hospital.

“When the woman and her husband found their newborn alive and safe, they were very happy,” another police official Ram Singh said.

Source: AFP

Roy Hodgson pulled an epic funny face during the FA Cup draw

Roy Hodgson holds up a pick during the FA Cup quarter-final draw. That face...
Roy Hodgson holds up a pick during the FA Cup quarter-final draw. That face...

Roy Hodgson might have won back a few Liverpool fans to his side after he gave his former club the easiest draw of the FA Cup quarter-finals with a home tie against Blackburn Rovers.

However, the England manager soon found himself under the spotlight for another reason after eagle-eyed viewers zoomed in on a still of his face sporting a supremely funny expression while holding up one of his picks for the draw.



With a new image to play around with, Internet pranksters didn't take very long to lampoon the 67-year-old.





Source: 101 Great Goals

In CNY message, PM Lee reminds S'poreans that family should be a top priority

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong celebrates Chinese New Year with Teck Ghee residents.

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong  reminded Singaporeans in a Chinese New Year message that family should be a top priority.

He said in a statement released by the Prime Minister's Office:

"So even if we may be busy, traveling, or living in far flung lands, unable to come together physically for the New Year reunion, let us make the effort to connect with one another.

"Let us pause and remind ourselves of what truly matters in life, of what it means to belong to a family." 

While birth and marriage rates were higher in 2014 compared to 2013 figures, PM Lee continued to encourage couples to have more children.

Adding that the government is "doing all it can to help people build strong families", he reminded Singaporeans that the Marriage and Parenthood Package will support them, as will more affordable childcare and pre-schools. 

Mr Lee also emphasised the importance of close-knit families by encouraging young couples to live close to their parents through targeted housing grants.

He also added that the Pioneer Generation Package, Silver Support and MediShield Life will lighten the load on young families taking care of elderly parents.

But Mr Lee also reminded Singaporeans that these should not "supplant the role that families play".

He said:

"Our family ties must not weaken, unlike what we have seen in other societies where the state has taken on more responsibility.

"Generous social policies and grants by themselves do no grow strong or happy families.

Mr Lee is currently on one week's medical leave, recovering from a prostate removal surgery.

Man donates blood over 147 times in 10 years to save anaemia-sticken wife

A man has spent the past 10 years making over 147 blood donations in a bid to save his wife who suffers from anaemia and myasthenia. 

In 2003, Xu Wenwu found out that his wife, Wang Xiaoying, needed regular blood transfusions after she collapsed from anaemia. 

Unable to afford the treatment, Mr Xu looked up  a blood donation policy in China that permits the spouse of the donor to use the blood for free. 

Lucky for him, he found out he shared the same blood type as his wife and decided to be her blood donor.    

"I used to give blood as a good deed, now I do it so that my wife can live longer", said Mr Xu.

Mrs Wang was later diagnosed with myasthenia gravis, an autoimmune disease, and lost the ability to care for herself.

Lost dozens of jobs

Her husband spent most of his time caring for her which has led to his dismissal from dozens of jobs in 5 years. 

Fortunately for Mrs Wang, she no longer requires blood transfusions to survive.

However her husband still remains a willing blood donor to those who in need. 

Source: Shanghaiist, Sina English

Jamie Yeo announces separation, apologises for causing divorce with former hubby Glenn Ong

Sorry: Jamie Yeo (front) said this is the first time that she's admitting she was the one who caused her and ex-hubby Glenn Ong (behind) to split.

Radio DJ Jamie Yeo has revealed that she has been separated from husband Thorsten Nolte (below, left) for 10 months.

In a recent interview with 8 Days, Yeo, 37, said she is concentrating now on making sure her four-year-old daughter, Aly, feels protected and loved in the midst of her divorce proceedings.

Speaking about the split from Mr Nolte, Yeo said:

"We made the decision together when we saw how much unhappiness it was causing Aly. Trust me when I say we've exhausted all options to salvage this marriage.... That said, I won't talk about the cause of the divorce, or say anything bad about him."

She added: "I wish I could have been a good example to all the girls and women out there, but I just couldn't."

Getting a second divorce has made Yeo come clean about her first one.

In the same interview, she admitted that she was the guilty party in the breakdown of her previous marriage with Glenn Ong. 

She said the split was the reason she stayed away from MediaCorp for a long time. It was announced last week that she is returning to helm the afternoon show on Gold 90.5FM.

Said Yeo:

"I don't think I've said it before but our break-up [in 2009] was my fault and I'm really sorry for it. You can put that down on record. That's why I've stayed away out of respect for him all these years, even though I could have returned many times."

Yeo added that she is confident that there will be no awkwardness between her and Ong's fiancee, Jean Danker, who still works at MediaCorp. 

Source: 8 Days