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Fandi-Irfan is a fit

"Where's Fandi Ahmad?"

That was what disappointed fans asked at the opening ceremony of the last South-east Asia (SEA) Games held in Singapore, in 1993.

Twenty-two years later, their prayers might just be answered.

As The New Paper reported yesterday, football legend Fandi Ahmad and his son Irfan are possibly the final pair who will light the cauldron of the 2015 SEA Games, which will be held here from June 5 to 16.

Bowling great Grace Young, who had the honour in 1993, would be delighted if the duo are the ones who will perform the role.

Speaking to The New Paper yesterday, she said: "It's a really good thing and in line with the theme of the Games, which is about mentorship, leaving a legacy and community.

"Fandi is definitely a great mentor to his son and has left a legacy for him, and the family aspect of it also ties in with the community part."

Swimming's Joscelin Yeo, owner of a record 40 SEA Games golds, and current sensation Joseph Schooling, both have their backers.

However, since organisers are going with an inter-generational theme for the lighting ceremony, backstroke great David Lim believes the father-son duo are ideal.

He said: "They've nailed it. Fandi is not only one of the most decorated 
football players but also one of the most 
decorated athletes in Singapore. His 
son is up and coming so this could be a very significant morale-booster for him."

Fandi's former teammate, V Sundramoorthy, also sang his praises.

"Fandi has done his part, and now his son can take over. Also, Fandi has played in the SEA Games, and now Irfan will make his debut. It's nice to have a generation-changing element. That's quite significant," said the former Singapore star.

Jackie Chan: 'I turned down selling drugs when young'

Jackie Chan recounts personal brushes with drugs, including son Jaycee's arrest

Jacklie Chan,Singapore’s first celebrity anti-drug ambassador, on people who abuse drugs thinking that they won’t get addicted
SUPERSTAR: Thousands of students cheered Jackie Chan at Nanyang Polytechnic (NYP) yesterday
Chan joined Minister in the Prime Minister’s Office Masagos Zulkifli and NYP principal and CEO Chan Lee Mun on stage for the launch of anti-drug mobile game app Aversion
Chan taking a tour of the anti-drug road show
CAUGHT: Jackie Chan’s son Jaycee was given a six month jail term and fined for drug offences earlier this year.
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By the numbers

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Young abusers on the rise

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ATMs found splashed with black paint

At least six machines belonging to OCBC, UOfB, and DBS vandalised

STAINED: One of the ATMs found splashed with black paint.
STAINED: One of the ATMs found splashed with black paint.

The ATMs belong to OCBC Bank, United Overseas Bank (UOB) and DBS Bank.

The New Paper understands that some of them are at Circuit Road and the Ubi area.

Chinese evening daily Shin Min Daily News also reported having seen vandalised ATMs at Serangoon and Jalan Sultan.

TNP understands that at least two DBS ATMs were vandalised and three OCBC ATMs were affected.

A DBS spokesman said its affected machines had been cleaned and were back in operation as of yesterday afternoon "to ensure that our customers would not be unduly inconvenienced".

When contacted, a UOB spokesman said in an e-mail that the matter had been reported to the police.

When asked for the number of ATMs affected, their locations and how long service was disrupted, the spokesman replied: "Our branch continues to function as normal and there is little impact on our customers."

She did not name the branch.

OCBC Bank did not respond to queries.

Shin Min reported that police officers were seen securing footage from the security cameras installed at the ATMs.

A police spokesman confirmed reports had been made about vandalism. No one has been arrested and investigations are ongoing, she said.

The last reported case of ATM vandalism was in October last year when an ATM at New Upper Changi Road was splashed with green paint.

A 42-year-old man was charged with loanshark harassment.


Last August, four men allegedly threw soya sauce at an OCBC ATM in Hougang. They were said to be acting on behalf of a loan shark known as "Batam".

It is not known if the latest acts of vandalism were also linked to loanshark harassment.

Under the law, those guilty of vandalism can be fined up to $2,000 or jailed of up to three years.

They can also receive three to eight strokes of the cane if they had vandalised with paint, tar or other indelible substances, or if it was not their first offence.

First-time offenders of harassment under the Moneylenders Act can be jailed up to five years and fined between $5,000 and $50,000.

4 rob Cartier in Cannes of $26m

HIT: The Cartier boutique in Cannes lost $26 million in jewellery and watches in the heist.
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Men pretend to drown to grope women lifeguards

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Relaxed Mardan plays good opening round

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Muru's richer for the experience

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