Haze goes into unhealthy range with hundreds of hot spots

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Police respond to allegations about Han's questioning

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Go for less sugar, stand to win scratch-card prizes

HPB launches campaign

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Bond between child and foster parents is strong

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Girl, 12, in children's home after feud between biological and foster parents

PLEA: A letter that Mary wrote, saying "Please, I want to go home to Mama".

She has four parents because she was given away to her aunt as a baby.

Now 12, her four parents are fighting over her, claiming that the other side had abused her while she was in their care.

It got so bad that pending a police investigation into the abuses, she was put into a children's home, where she has been for the past eight months.

Child experts said that this is the worst case scenario for a child who was brought up by foster parents,

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5 Scoot flights delayed, 
passengers create commotion at Changi Airport

stuck: Passengers affected by the delay of Scoot flights.

Angry customers surrounded airline staff at Changi Airport yesterday morning after their flights were delayed. 

According to Scoot, five flights were affected after their booking system failed. One man said his flight was delayed for nine hours. Plus he and other passengers were allowed to board a plane, only to be told to disembark later.

Other budget airlines also reported problems with their systems on their social media feeds.

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App-ly your creativity

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Sorry, Becks. I just had to...

There were a number of celebrities in town on Saturday night. But while the stars of the TVB Awards had their adoring fans, one man suavely snatched the limelight from them.

TNP photojournalist Ariffin Jamar was assigned to one event, only to end up capturing the other. He even had a face-to-face encounter with the football superstar, though it wasn't the most friendly of encounters.

Picture this. 

I’m taking a break from my photo assignment covering the TVB Awards at Marina Bay Sands. Then I spot a global celebrity walk by.

Okay, it was a double take moment. 

But there he was. Goldenballs himself – David Beckham. 

No one else had noticed at the time. 

Actually, I didn’t clock that it was him immediately. Which is surprising.

In his sharp, light grey suit, he didn’t blend in. The entourage following him was another clue that this was no ordinary tourist.

It was only when the shouts of “Beckham!” went up that it dawned.

Once his aura – or at least the lights from his film crew – alerted others on the waterfront promenade, his minders swung into action.

As he was just metres away, my friend decided to take a shot with his iPhone.

But before he managed to press the shutter, a minder rushed over.

“No pictures! Delete that!”

We respected his request – initially – and just looked on.

But hey. Celebrity? Public place?

Sorry, Becks. You’re going to get snapped.

Within seconds, the area was strobing with cameraphone flashes, as fans gathered and started calling for Beckham to acknowledge them.

The perfect opportunity to fire off some shots of my own.

However, a pro-camera can be fairly conspicuous.
The man himself noticed me. And he wasn’t pleased.

As he, entourage in tow, walked past me he snidely asked: “You got the pictures you needed?”

He wasn’t that close and I couldn’t hear him properly.


“Did you get the pictures you needed?”

“Yes, sirree!” I cheerily replied as I gave him a casual salute.

He didn’t like that. Neither did his entourage.

He shook his head in disdain. Oh well. And me a Man Utd fan.

Still, the best reaction of the night had to be the two men fishing off the pier.

When they heard the cries for Beckham, they only briefly looked up, shrugged, then returning to their lines.

Sorry, Dave. Can’t impress ‘em all.


WATCH: Beckham's in Singapore (again!) shooting a commercial

Former Manchester United star David Beckham was spotted at Marina Bay Sands over the weekend shooting a commercial for fashion brand Prada.

Oh, just move here already Becks!

David Beckham is in Singapore - again. 


No, not just a stroll. The 39-year-old is apparently in town to shoot a commercial at The Shoppes @ Marina Bay Sands, and was out filming last night and this evening. 




Just another Friday Night David Beckham sighting in Singapore shooting a Prada commercial at MBS.

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Here he is walking with style:



#instashot #nocrop

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Here he is going down the elevator in style:



#instashot #nocrop

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Here he is smiling, still stylish:



David B in #singapore #mbs #davidbeckham

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Here he is staring off into the distance, stylishly: 



David Beckham standing next to us during our photoshoot. Today is my lucky day! #davidbeckham #sg #mbs #wedding

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And here he is, a mere speck, but still oozing style:

Can someone just make an 'ALERT: David Beckham in Singapore' app already? 

Sources: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook

113-year-old woman joins Facebook... she had to lie about her age to sign up

Screen grab of Mrs Anna Stoehr.

Her age may be listed as 99 on Facebook, but this US woman is actually a whopping 113. 

Why the bizarre deception? Because the social network deemed her too old to sign up.

Facebook allows only those born in or after 1905 to have an account, reported Mashable. 

Mrs Anna Stoehr, who lives in a retirement home in Minnesota, was born in 1900.

That's before the invention of the Internet, the computer, the refrigerator and the mobile phone. Before the television and radio became commonplace in households.

Age limit

But far from being a Luddite, Mrs Stoehr actually embraces technology.

She has her own iPad and uses it to FaceTime her friends. She knows how to use Google and send e-mails. And she has a Facebook account.

How many of us can say the same about our grandmother?

Mrs Stoehr recently sent a letter to Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg to register her opinion on the age limit.

Her opening sentence? 

"I'm still here."

Watch an interview with Mrs Anna Stoehr below.



Sources: Mashable, USA Today