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The Tale of Peter Rabbit, soon to be turned into a feature film, will star James Corden as Peter Rabbit.

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Man arrested for series of HDB break-ins

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Jobless man jailed for snatching elderly woman's necklace

Jail for snatch thief who grabs woman's jewellery

A jobless man, who had financial woes, snatched an elderly woman's gold necklace and pawned it for $790.

Muhammad Azmi Mustapa Kammal, 28, used $410 to redeem his mother's gold ring at another pawnshop.

He gave her and his brother $50 each, and kept the remaining $280.

Azmi was jailed for 13 months yesterday for using criminal force to commit theft on May 10.

A second charge for a similar offence, in which he snatched a $500 Samsung phone and $10 from Ms Kew Teresita Villahermosa, 52, on Feb 1, was taken into consideration during sentencing.

On May 10, at about 10.30am, Azmi was on his way to a job interview when he saw Ms Choo Chew, 69, at a void deck at Block 272, Tampines Street 22.

Azmi noticed that the retiree, who was heading home from a market, was wearing a gold necklace and he decided to steal it.

Deputy Public Prosecutor (DPP) Tang Shangjun told the court yesterday that Ms Choo had bought it 40 years ago for $200.

Azmi crept up behind Ms Choo and yanked the necklace until it broke. Ms Choo shouted at him, but he ignored her cries.


He fled in a taxi and went to Bedok Central, where he pawned the necklace for $790 at a ValueMax pawnshop.

Azmi then redeemed his mother's gold ring, which he had earlier pawned for her, at another pawnshop.

Ms Choo made a police report at Changkat Neighbourhood Police Post at Tampines Street 11 around 4pm that day.

Azmi was arrested about three hours later.

For using criminal force to commit theft, he could have been jailed between one and seven years, and caned.

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India street protesters parade dog corpses

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She shapes clients' brows to give them luck

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MUS contestants doing the legwork for toned thighs

Miss Universe S'pore finalists Joeypink Lai and Nikki Tay are focusing on toning their thighs for the finals

FEELING THE BURN: (From right) Finalists Nutan Rai, Patricia Eng and Joeypink Lai at the circuit training group session conducted by Bodyburn Fitness.

With less than three weeks to the finals of Miss Universe Singapore (MUS) 2016, the 15 finalists are ramping up their exercise regimens to be in top shape.

They attended a circuit training session at Singapore Press Holdings conducted by local fitness studio BodyBurn Fitness on Sunday. It was the first time they were working out as a group.

BodyBurn Fitness is one of the official sponsors of MUS 2016, and they have been doing one-on-one sessions with the finalists for the past three weeks.

MUS finalist Joeypink Lai told The New Paper: "It was fun to do the exercises with the other girls because it's more motivating. It can get quite boring to train on our own."

The 24-year-old real estate agent, who goes for the sessions three times a week, said she still needs to work on getting her thighs toned.

She added: "I think it's still too early for me to say I'm ready, maybe in the next two weeks."

Joeypink's trainer and BodyBurn Fitness founder, who wanted to be known only as Mr Ezra, had challenged her to do 1,100 air squats within the week.

By Sunday she had completed 1,500.

She said: "Air squats are my favourite exercise to do. I can do 200 to 250 every day within 30 minutes. I watch (US TV sitcom) 2 Broke Girls or YouTube videos while doing the squats.

"Even though the process is not enjoyable, after doing it, I know that I will get a nice butt and thighs."

GETTING READY: (Top row, from left) Miss Universe Singapore finalists Poojaa Gill, Joeypink Lai, Shona Woo, Sonya Branson, Nutan Rai, Althea Lew, Cheryl Chou, Hazel Tay, Luisa Gan, Tanisha Khan, and Patricia Eng. (Bottom row, from left) Bodyburn Fitness trainers Ezra and Eddie, and finalists Shanice Hedger and Nikki Tay.TNP PHOTO: AHMAD FARUQ BIN ROZALI

Nikki Tay, 23, agreed the group workout made her push herself harder.

The trainee lawyer, who did not take part in strenuous activities during her teen years because of asthma, said the "best takeaway" from MUS so far was the personal training sessions which she looks forward to every week.

She told TNP: "I definitely felt like (Sunday's session) did some tangible work to my body because I woke up with burning muscles.

"Even after MUS ends, I fully intend to continue (with such sessions) because it has shown me a whole new world."

Initially, Nikki did not know what a squat was. She now has a newfound love for fitness.

She said: "I used to hate the feeling of burning muscles and painful joints but now, the feeling is quite addictive because if I don't feel that, I will feel like I wasted my day because I did nothing for my body."

Nikki reckoned she is "60 per cent ready" for the finals and hopes to improve her thighs to "make them look more defined".

Mr Ezra told TNP: "For pageants, most of the girls need to pump up their glutes, so they will need to do lots of leg exercises.

"They also need to work on their abs and back, (specifically) their shoulder blades, so that when they pose for photos they will have their rhomboid muscles showing."

2 new police boats to patrol Marina Bay

New Marina Reservoir Patrol Boats to boost anti-terror efforts

LATEST TECHNOLOGY: The new Marina Reservoir Patrol Boats feature advanced equipment that can aid in tracking, identifying and searching of craft in water.

When the Marina Bay countdown for the New Year kicks off in three months, two boats patrolling the area will help make sure that the only bangs heard will be that of fireworks.

The Police Coast Guard (PCG) held a naming and commissioning ceremony yesterday at the Marina Barrage for two new Marina Reservoir Patrol Boats (MRPB) replacing the older boats, which have been around for 
30 years.

As the Marina Barrage is a freshwater catchment area, the new boats are named after nimble and tough freshwater fishes, Archerfish and Tigerfish.

The boats are designed for extended use of beyond 12 hours, and for boarding and search operations. 

LATEST TECHNOLOGY: The new Marina Reservoir Patrol Boats feature advanced equipment that can aid in tracking, identifying and searching of craft in water. TNP PHOTO: BENJAMIN SEETOR

They can cruise at speeds of over 25 knots, or about 46kmh.

But they will patrol only the Singapore River, Kallang Basin and Marina Reservoir during major events, including the National Day Parade and the F1 Grand Prix.

The Marina Bay area has been identified by the police as a potential terrorist target because it houses prime locations such as Parliament House, the Marina Bay floating platform, and the Marina Bay Sands integrated resort.

Just last month, six militants were arrested by Indonesian police for plotting a rocket attack that would have been launched from Batam, Indonesia, to Marina Bay.

Guest of honour Desmond Lee, Senior Minister of State for the Ministry of Home Affairs, said: "These new MRPBs will enable PCG to respond swiftly and decisively to incidents and emergencies within the Singapore River, and the Marina reservoir.

"Safeguarding our waters and sea borders is important in our defence against security threats."

CCTV cameras will also be installed progressively from next year to expand surveillance along the coastlines, he said.

Other technologies in the pipeline include unmanned surface vessels, panoramic electro-optic sensors - a type of surveillance system that can analyse its video footage and flag suspicious activity to officers - and tethered unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV).

The UAVs are drones that can fly to a height of 50m, carrying electro-optic sensors to give officers a bird's-eye view of the surrounding waters.



Length: 7.06m

Width: 2.89m

Draft: 0.5m

Engine: 230 horsepower

Maximum speed: 31 knots

Operating capability: About 12 hours


Length: 11m

Width: 3.4m

Draft: 0.6m

Engine: 150 horsepower

Maximum speed: More than 25 knots

Operating capability: More than 12 hours

More births, more marriages, more elderly in Singapore

More bundles of joy? More hook-ups? Here’s a snapshot of last year’s numbers released by the national population and talent Division yesterdaya


For the second straight year, more Singaporean babies were born.

Last year, there were 33,725 citizen babies - up from 33,193 in 2014.

The SG50 births last year was the highest in more than a decade, even higher than the Dragon Year in 2012.


The number of citizen marriages (marriages involving at least one citizen) in the last two years was the highest in more than a decade - 23,805last year, which is well above the decade's average of about 21,900.


The proportion of Singaporeans aged 65 and above went from 13.1 per cent last year to 13.7 per cent this year as more post-war baby boomers entered their silver years.


The non-resident population grew by 2.5 per cent to 1.67 million, with stronger growth in the number of foreign domestic workers and dependants of Singaporeans.


While transnational marriages made up more than a third of citizen marriages last year, the proportion, 36 per cent, was the lowest in a decade.


Excluding foreign domestic workers, the number of foreigners working here rose by 27,000 from June 2015 to June 2016, compared to a 77,000 increase from June 2011 to June 2012.


Resident total fertility rate remained relatively flat at 1.24, with slight improvements in the rate among Malays and Indians.


Population growth rates remained relatively stable. Between June last year and this year, the population grew by 1.3 per cent to 5.61 million, with 3.41 million citizens and 520,000 permanent residents.