School of Frock: Post-baby Lively looks astounding

When red carpet queen Blake Lively's in the house, everyone else can just go straight home, says JEANMARIE TAN

Blake Lively.


Premiere of The Age of Adaline in New York City

Gown: Monique Lhuillier

Clutch: Judith Leiber

Is it an anatomical insanity that Mrs Ryan Reynolds gave birth just four months ago? Pre-baby, Lively had impeccable style and even more perfect hair. Nothing seems to have changed now that she is done with maternity leave. Just look at her - resplendent, radiant and ravishing in a high-drama red lace, leather and feathered ballgown, rubbing it in the faces of all new mums.



Burberry London in Los Angeles event in Los Angeles

Dress and shoes: Burberry Prorsum

Just a typical day for the British supermodel, who is drop-dead sexy without even trying. Only her species can fool us mortals into thinking this plunging, multi-coloured contrast print mini is wearable in real life.



Hong Kong Film Awards in Hong Kong

Gown: Valentino

This is seriously the BEST the homely erstwhile veteran actress has ever looked. She totally floored me in her stunning black and nude mesh tulle and velvet creation. Where has glam Sandra been hiding all this time?!



Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony in Cleveland

Outfit: Miu Miu

Shoes: Casadei

I'm surprised by how much I don't hate Cyrus' latest mix-and-match experiment. The punk schoolgirl-meets-socialite separates clash in a rather cool way.



Premiere of Child 44 in London

Dress: Vivienne Westwood

This deconstructed black and gold puff-sleeved belted ballgown with a semi-sheer checked trail is commendably bizarre, just like the original Girl With The Dragon Tattoo herself. It could've worked if she committed all the way to being a red carpet rebel, but the lazy styling lets her down.


Burberry London in Los Angeles event in Los Angeles

Dress, jacket, clutch and shoes: Burberry

Horror of horrors, a sheer embarrassment on all levels. I blame pregnancy hormones for King's temporary lapse in judgment and I pity the poor baby bump that got flashed. Put. It. Away. NOW!



Grammy Awards in Los Angeles, Feb 8


SHU QI (Above)

Hong Kong Film Awards in Hong Kong, April 19

Both bring the right amount of sizzle this seductive and slinky white Emilio Pucci cut-out gown deserves, but I'll take Shu Qi's glossy old Hollywood waves over Teigen's beachy frizz any day.



Not so shocking is her go-to uniform (read: anything at least two sizes too small and cleavage-exposing) from the first event. What is really shocking is Kardashian's latest reminder that she can show off her curves in a classy way without shoving boobs and/or butt in our faces for once. The black sheer-panelled eyelet gown flatters her in all the right places and it has pockets, FTW!

Kardashian Beauty Hair collection presentation in Paris, April 15

Dress: Not known

Shoes: Alexander Wang

Time 100 Gala in New York City, April 21

Gown: Sophie Theallet



Premiere of Avengers: Age of Ultron in London

Suit: Calvin Klein

How Thor-some is Hemsworth, claiming the title for the second week running and leaving his fellow Avengers eating his Asgardian dust. Utterly scrumptious in this simple yet striking blue ensemble, he is a red carpet god all right.

"I know this is really harsh, but it’s like Before Yeezy and After Yeezy. This is the new Rome!"

- US rapper-designer Kanye West on his arrival in the fashion world

Dr M: Censor the Internet - but not my blog, please

Dr Mahathir Mohamad.
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Fired for showing photos of MH17 victims

Expert was giving talk at a public lecture

CRASH SITE: Members of a Dutch expert team at the crash site of Flight MH17 near the village of Grabove in eastern Ukraine.
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Woman in KL strips over $7 chicken rice

NOT SHY: A screengrab of the video showing the woman shouting at the restaurant operator and then taking off her top.
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Online course to teach kids about safety

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Tnp news

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Too late for SuicideGirls to come here

Organiser calls off sexy dance show just before Singapore performance

CANCELLED: The two-hour SuicideGirls Blackheart Burlesque show was meant to be the troupe's first-ever performance in Asia.

Sexy US burlesque act SuicideGirls Blackheart Burlesque were supposed to hold their first-ever show in Asia here today (Sat. April 25) at The Coliseum, Hard Rock Hotel, but the R18-advertised show has been called off.

Local show promoter Live! Empire posted on Facebook about the cancellation last Friday (April 17).

The organiser wrote on its Facebook page: "With utmost regret, we are announcing the cancellation of the SuicideGirls show."

When The New Paper asked for the reason the show was cancelled, Live! Empire managing director Rudy De Rozario said: "We had to cancel the show due to a couple of factors. Mostly licence-related.

Mr De Rozario added that as he had not received the MDA permit with just a week left before the show, he decided to change the venue.

An MDA spokesman said: "On April 13, the applicant informed MDA that the performance venue would be changed. Given the new location, MDA highlighted that the new venue's suitability had to be assessed.

"MDA got back to the applicant on April 15 to inform him that the new venue, being an existing police-licensed premise with its own licensing conditions, did not permit nudity.

"We were prepared to issue the licence for the original application. The applicant said he would consider and get back to us on the venue.

"When we did not hear from him, we contacted him on April 21. He then informed us that he had decided to cancel the performance."

Mr De Rozario told TNP: "It was a waiting game. But SuicideGirls couldn't wait any more because they had to plan their tour schedule."

Read the full report in our print edition on April 25.

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Cheated of twice his monthly salary

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Why victims fall for credits-for-sex scams

What makes victims so vulnerable to credit-for-sex scams?

DUPED: Mike ended up buying $6,300 in iTunes gift cards for a woman he met online but it turned out to be a scam.
DUPED: Mike ended up buying $6,300 in iTunes gift cards for a woman he met online but it turned out to be a scam.

Before last week, he had never heard of iTunes.

But that didn't stop Mike (not his real name) from buying $6,300 worth of iTunes gift cards for a "girl".

Last Saturday, The New Paper reported that this year, over 200 men here have fallen prey to such credit-for-sex scams.

And the number is rising. Last month alone, 141 cases were reported.

The ruse involves scammers, who claim to be young and attractive women on social media, enticing men to buy online credit for them in exchange for sexual favours.

The scam seems simple enough but what makes victims willing to fork out money for someone they don't know or haven't even met?

Scammers target basic human needs and desires like greed and the desire to be liked, explained Mr Jeffery Chin, 34, a senior psychologist at the Home Team Behavioural Sciences Centre.


In Mike's case, the scammer identified herself as Sisi and pretended to be a Taiwanese woman working here as a social escort.

She claimed she needed money to send her brother to university. Mike agreed to help by taking over and paying for one of her appointments with a client.

Mr Chin told TNP: "There was already a commitment on his part to help the scammer so there would be a strong tendency for him to honour his agreement."

Reciprocity is another factor behind Mike's willingness to pay.

His payment for the appointment with Sisi included a membership fee for the social escort service. To persuade him, Sisi offered to pitch in for that fee.

Mr Chin said: "When Sisi said she was trying to help Mike raise the money, there was a greater likelihood for him to reciprocate and do his part.

"Especially if the commitment was in line with what he wanted."

Mike's repeated payments without receiving anything in return could be attributed to the sunk cost effect, Mr Chin added.

"When the victims have already invested so much, both emotionally and financially, they are willing to pay just a bit more."

Another explanation could be the near-win phenomenon, where victims feel they are close to claiming their reward.

"They tend to think: 'I'm almost there. If I just do one more thing, I'll get my reward.'"

Mr Chin said that as with most scams, the scammers prey on common errors in decision-making using a variety of persuasion tactics.

"They may portray themselves as pitiful and this activates a basic social norm to help someone in need."

Terms of endearment or flattery are other tactics they employ to influence victims more easily.

"Scammers tend to stir up strong emotions when interacting with the victims. This causes the victims to lower their guard and make snap judgments."

Mr Chin advised the public to be careful when interacting with strangers and avoid getting into financial transactions with them.

He also said there is no particular demographic that is more susceptible to scams and that everyone should exercise caution.

Mr Chew Jingwei, who heads the Commercial Affairs Department's syndicated fraud branch, said: "Initial investigations revealed that these scammers are based overseas. We are currently working with foreign counterparts and stakeholders to solve the case."

"They tend to think: 'I'm almost there. If I just do one more thing, I'll get my reward.'"

- Mr Jeffery Chin, a senior psychologist, on why victims continue to pay up

How scam works

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