7 popular reactions to #GoslingBaby saga

Twitter users all around the world reacts to news that Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes are expecting their first child together.

When the news surfaced earlier this week that Canadian actor Ryan Gosling, 33, and US actress Eva Mendes were about to be proud parents to their first child, it felt like the world came to a standstill...except on Twitter.

The "happy news" came after a source close to Mendes, 40, revealed that "Eva is seven months along in her pregnancy."

Many different reactions posted all over the social media platform had us go through a whirlwind of different emotions.

Here are some of them:

1. Most are devastated.

Twitter and many other social media platforms have been buzzing with upset tweets about the news. 

2. Some still dream.

He has already made the child...the deed is done. I don't know how else to say this to you but it's not going to happen.  

3. Some ask "what's the big deal?"

Some just don't understand why everyone is over-reacting. Duh! He is just one of the hottest actors in Hollywood. And she's a goddess. 

4. Some are sincerely happy for the two. 

Besides being happy, the twitterverse is filled with netizens who are excited to see how beautiful (or handsome) the baby would turn out to be.

5. Some just don't like Eva Mendes.

Let's all calm down and remember Gosling's part in all of this. 

6. Some have even given up on love.

Fans of Hollywood couples exist, but these Gosling-McAdams fans (mostly those who can't get over their perfect pairing in the Notebook) are devastated that any hope for that duo is gone. What are they supposed to do with their lives now?

7. Some have just lost the plot.

There are some things that we have no explanations for.

Source: Twitter

Belgian babe loses L’Oreal deal over Facebook post

L'Oreal abandons Belgian supporter Axelle Despiegelaere's modelling contract after hunting trip photographs surfaced.

Her fame came in a flash. Now it's been shot to dead by an old Facebook post.

She was the lucky Belgian football fan whose photos, in the stands of the different Brazilian stadiums, went viral.

The pretty blonde landed a very unlikely opportunity of a lifetime...the chance to star in L’Oréal Professionnel Belgique's social media campaign.

Axelle Despiegelaere, 17, garnered over 230,000 fans on a Facebook fan page created for her.

People could not get enough of her, with 1.9 million people watching a YouTube video which showed the photogenic girl getting her hair done.

But the French cosmetic giant's contract, as easy as it came, soon turned to dust after someone dug up a photo on her Facebook page, which exposed her disgraceful hobby. 

The Business Insider posted a screen shot of the post (above) of the photo of Axelle "proudly sitting behind what appears to be a dead gazelle" before she deleted it

 A spokesperson from L’Oréal told The Independent that "the brand was aware of the photograph" but would not comment on whether this was behind the decision to terminate Axelle's contract.

However, the cosmetic giant stressed that L'Oréal "no longer tests on animals, anywhere in the world, and does not delegate this task to others."

Angered netizens have reacted to the news on Twitter.





Definitely a classic case of being pretty on the outside but repulsive on the inside.

Sources: The Independent, Business Insider and Twitter

Baby gets stuck in a mop bucket

Firefighters used bolt cutters to free Minnie Snodgrass from a mop bucket.

This cute little baby climbed into a mop bucket on Tuesday and got stuck.

The 16-month-old needed a little help from firefighters to get out.

The South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue tweeted about the incident with the hashtag #imababygetmeoutofhere.



Baby Minnie Snodgrass had somehow got herself wedged in the bucket while her mother, Gemma, was doing household chores.

UK's The Star reported Mrs Snodgrass as saying: "I went upstairs to put some sheets on the bed and then I heard her brother Matthew shout: ‘Mum, Minnie’s stuck!’"

The Telegraph reported the 29-year-old mother as saying: "I picked up the bucket and was panicking when I couldn't get her out."

The family put Minnie in the backseat and drove to a nearby hospital.

Mrs Snodgrass filmed the unperturbed toddler bobbing along to music during the ride to the hospital.

The hospital called the fire department for help and four firefighters used bolt cutters to set Minnie free.

She was not hurt.

The South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue spokesman said it deals with 1,400 special service incidents such as Minnie's every year, reported The Yorkshire Post.​

Sources: The Yorkshire Post, The Telegraph, The Star, RTE news, ITV

Done deal! Disgraced Suarez joins Barca

Barcelona have agreed a fee with Liverpool for the transfer of Luis Suarez.
Barcelona have agreed a fee with Liverpool for the transfer of Luis Suarez.

Barcelona have (finally) agreed a deal to sign Liverpool striker Luis Suarez.

Fresh from filling their coffers from the sale of Alexis Sanchez to Arsenal, the La Liga side have put an end to one of football's worst-kept secrets by announcing their purchase of the Uruguayan for a fee believed to be around £75 million ($159.3m).


Liverpool's official website also confirmed the deal, with manager Brendan Rodgers saying: "Luis is a very special talent and I thank him for the role he has played in the team in the past two years, during my time at Liverpool.

"I think he would be the first to accept he has improved as a player over that period, along with the team and has benefited from being here, as we have benefited from him.

"The club have done all they can over a sustained period of time to try to keep Luis at Liverpool. It is with great reluctance and following lengthy discussions we have eventually agreed to his wishes to move to Spain for new experiences and challenges.

"We wish him and his young family well. We will always consider them to be friends."


While Barcelona fans will be eager to see their new acquisition in action, they will have to wait a while to do so.

Suarez is still serving a four-month suspension from all football activities for biting Italy defender Giorgio Chiellini at the World Cup and cannot be presented at the Nou Camp under the terms of the ban, which forbid him from entering any football stadium.

Sources: Barcelona official website, Liverpool official website, BBC

Egyptian statue sells for $33.5m despite objections

The Egyptian limestone statue of Sekhemka at Christie's auction house in London on June 13. The statue was sold for £15.76 million (S$33.5m).

A 4,000-year-old Egyptian statue was sold for £15.76 million (S$33.5m) on Thursday when it went under the hammer at Christie's auction house in London.

The sale surpassed the estimated price of £6 million, and went through despite objections from the Egyptian government.

The 2,700BC statue is of Sekhemka, the inspector of the scribes at the royal court, according to an inscription at the base of the statue​It was discovered in the burial city of Saqqara near Cairo, reported The Independent.​

The statue, which was donated in 1880 by the fourth Marques of Northampton, had been on display at a museum in Northampton before it was put in storage four years ago.

Northampton Borough Council auctioned the limestone statue on Thursday to help fund an extension to the Northampton Museum and Art Gallery, reported BBC News.

The council will get around £8 million, while the current Lord Northampton will get around £6 million. The remaining £1.6 million is the buyer's premium, reported The Guardian.

Stop the sale

Egypt has been vehemently opposed to the sale. The country's antiquities minister Mamdouh el-Damaty had asked the International Council of Museums to stop the sale, which he said “breaches all museum ethics”, reported Northampton Herald & Post.

BBC News reported that the Egyptian ambassador to Britain said the council should have handed the statue back if it did not want it.

Some locals had banded together to try and stop the sale, but were unsuccessful in their attempts.

After the sale went through, Ms Sue Edwards from the Save Sekhemka Group, said it was “the blackest day in Northampton’s cultural history ever” and the town had been “shamed across the world”, reported Northampton Chronicle & Echo.

Sources: The Independent. BBC News, The Guardian, Northampton Herald & Post, Northampton Chronicle & Echo

Supermodels mourn Ford Models founder Eileen Ford, who died at 92

The iconic Eileen Ford, who founded Ford Models modeling agency with her husband Jerry in 1946, died yesterday (July 10) at the age of 92.

Ford Models modelling agency founder Eileen Ford died yesterday (July 10) at the age of 92.

She died from complications from meningioma and osteoporosis, the agency said.

Since starting the Manhattan agency with husband Jerry in 1946, Ford showed she had an eye for talent, discovering Candice Bergen and Jane Fonda in the 1960s and Lauren Hutton in the 1970s, and signing precocious beauty Brooke Shields as child, reported Reuters.

That economic foundation spawned the high-paid celebrity super model of the 1980s, when Ford Models was arguably the most important modeling agency. Ford represented a few of them herself, including Christy Turlington, Naomi Campbell and Elle Macpherson.

Ford was also fond of models who radiated a wholesome look, such as Cheryl Tiegs and Christie Brinkley, who embodied American beauty for years. “American women mean a great deal to me,” Ford told People magazine in 1983. “They’re such lost souls, particularly the women of my generation.”

Described by many as a legend, Ford was known to demand from her models the "highest level of professionalism, putting them on strict diets and firing those with a taste for late-night revelry", reported The Guardian.

Jerry Ford died in 2008. The couple had four children, including daughter Katie Ford, who became chief executive of Ford Models in 1995. The agency was sold in 2007.

Katie Ford said in a statement that her mother loved New York touchstones such as restaurant Le Cirque, The New York Times and the TV sitcom “Seinfeld,” in addition to “beautiful models, photographers, fashion, Fred Astaire, and life in general.”

Since the sad news went public, Twitter has been buzzing with fan reactions from around the world as well as friends of the fashion icon sharing their fondest memories.















Rest in peace, Eileen Ford.

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How would you react to drive-by compliment?

Don't doubt the power of a compliment.

It can turn a frown into a smile.

And make someone's day.

Comedian/actor Blake Grigsby took to the streets of Chicago in a car and shouted compliments to pedestrians as he passed them by.

Sometimes he shouted it at the top of his voice, other times he had the help of a megaphone.

People were initially puzzled by the words of appreciation, but upon realising it was directed at them, the confusion transformed into happiness.

His friend filmed the whole thing and Mr Grigsby uploaded it on his YouTube channel.

While he makes it look easy, drive-by compliments aren't easy to pull off without coming off a tad insincere as the guy below found out. 


How would you react to a drive-by compliment?

Source: Mashable

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LeAnn Rimes' bikini stunt sooo wrong

Country singer LeAnn Rimes hits the beach in a parka to announce her Christmas tour.
Country singer LeAnn Rimes hits the beach in a parka to announce her Christmas tour.

LeAnn Rimes sure has a way of announcing her upcoming Christmas tour...and that's not a good thing at all.

Let's just say that the YouTube video takes the cake for most doltish production ever.

Dressed in a bikini on the beach is just one of those things the US singer is known to do except this time, the 31-year-old artist was surrounded by Santa's elves in the two-minute promotional recording. 

"I'm on a beach in a parka to announce my Christmas tour," she sings in a voiceover track to the tune of 12 Days of Christmas.

Video: YouTube

She then adds: "Why on a beach? It's 89 degrees (fahrenheit). Wearing a parka. I must be crazy. But you already know that..."

And, guess how she unveiled the different venues? By blowing "magical dust" into thin air which transforms the scene and reveals the different locations. 

Really LeAnn? Was there nothing else you could do to make the video slightly more bearable to watch? 

Source: YouTube



#SanchezSigns: Arsenal seal Alexis deal

Arsenal have signed Chile star Alexis Sanchez from Barcelona.
Arsenal have signed Chile star Alexis Sanchez from Barcelona.

Arsenal have underlined their English Premier League title intentions by splashing the cash for Chile star Alexis Sanchez.

Despite an outstanding World Cup campaign with La Roja where they eventually fell in the Round of 16 to hosts Brazil, Barcelona have deemed Sanchez surplus to requirements at the Nou Camp.

With a deal for disgraced Liverpool striker Luis Suarez in the works, the Catalans have opted to cash in on the former Udinese forward to the tune of around £35 million ($74.5m) with the Gunners more than happy to pay the sum to get their man.

Fantastic footballer

Speaking to the club's official website, Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger said: "As many people have seen during the World Cup this summer, Alexis is a fantastic footballer and we are delighted that he is joining us at Arsenal Football Club.

"Alexis will add power, creativity and much quality to our squad and we are all looking forward to him joining up with us in a few weeks.

"He has consistently produced top-quality performances at the highest level for a number of seasons now and we are all excited to see him integrate into the Arsenal squad."

Sanchez also told Arsenal.com: "I'm so happy to be joining Arsenal, a club which has a great manager, a fantastic squad of players, huge support around the world and a great stadium in London.

"I’m looking forward to meeting my new team-mates and to be playing for Arsenal in the Premier League and Champions League. I will give my best to Arsenal and want to make all the supporters happy."

Sanchez arrival at the Emirates will surely give Gunners fans hope for the season ahead.

Even though he is just 25, the Chilean has 71 international caps and 24 goals to his name while he made 141 appearances and score 47 goals during three seasons with Barcelona.

Sources: Arsenal.com, BBC

This company is worth $5.8b but earns nothing

The Belize-based company that is purportedly running a social networking site was seen a meteoric rise in its stock value in the last two weeks, dumbfounding observers.
The Belize-based company that is purportedly running a social networking site was seen a meteoric rise in its stock value in the last two weeks, dumbfounding observers.

A company that has no earnings, no assets and just one employee has dumbfounded investors with a soaring stock value of US$4.7 billion (S$5.83 billion). 

Belize-based CYNK Technology's stock rose to $14.71 on Wednesday, which is a gain of a staggering 24,416 per cent in 16 trading days, reported Business Insider.

In comparison, Apple has went up about 18,000 per cent since it went public in 1980.

The mysterious company, which some suspect has attained its stock value by speculative trading, is said to be developing a social network called Introbiz.com.

"Buy and sell the ability to socially connect to individuals such as celebrities, business owners, and talented IT professionals," claimed the website. 

But unlike Instagram, which sold for $1 billion in 2012, and WhatsApp, which went to Facebook for $19 billion, Introbiz does not seem to have the same mass of users. 

Calls to phone numbers listed for the company by multiple news agencies went unanswered. 

The supposed President Marlon Sanchez is also listed as the chief executive, CFO, secretary, treasurer & CAO. 

One analyst found the wealth of this little-known executive ridiculous: 

"We must sadly conclude that the company is nothing but a fraud," said global finance website ZeroHedge. 

"And it is nothing short of a testament to just how broken this excuse for a market is that a company with no assets, no revenues, no website and one employee can go from zero value to nearly $5 billion in market cap in a few days."

But it seems the company's freewheeling days might be numbered:

Sources: Business Insider, ZeroHedge