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Paws for a cause

Rescued animals give and receive love at pet therapy sessions for the elderly

A DOG'S LIFE: Despite the rain, the 19 senior citizens at the pet therapy session enjoyed themselves.
A DOG'S LIFE: Mr Derrick Tan with a participant and one of the many animals he cares for.
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Our top picks for the role

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Who's perfect to play Lee Kuan Yew in new S'pore movie?

ICONIC SCENES: An emotional Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew during the press conference in 1965 to announce Singapore's separation from Malaysia.
"We'll represent Mr Lee correctly and pay reverence to who he is... I guess the pressure is more on the actor." - Director Randy Ang
"He won't look exactly like Lee Kuan Yew, but he has that aura, and the kind of spirit that Mr Lee brought to nation-building." - Executive producer Daniel Yun

It took two years to hunt for the right actor to play former prime minister Lee Kuan Yew in the upcoming local film 1965.

After speaking to almost 20 people, executive producer Daniel Yun and director Randy Ang have found their man.

But they are keeping his identity a secret for now.

Mr Yun, 55, told The New Paper: "We are not in a position to reveal who will be playing Lee Kuan Yew yet. But we will announce who he is before filming begins in November."

They were speaking to local media at a press conference for 1965, which Mr Yun has been developing for nearly five years, at Sheraton Towers Singapore Hotel on Tuesday.

Read the full report in our print edition on Sept 3.

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Pro-Russian rebels seize key airport

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Johor football fan jailed for breaching police line

Mohamed Kamil Kamal Basha was sentenced to a week's jail.
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Bilingual babies have better memory

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Postage rates to go up from next month

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Underground marvel for oil

GOING DEEP: The Jurong Rock Caverns, which will store oil products underground and free up land above, were opened yesterday.
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