'It's good to know we have many options'

PLEASED: Mr Benedict Koo said The New Paper's Beyond A Levels GO Guide showed there are many education choices available.

The New Paper's GO Guide: Beyond A Levels was distributed to students who received their A Level results yesterday.

Students found the guide useful as it showed a wide range of choices to pursue higher education.

The guide features information on various occupations and the courses available that are related to those jobs. It also features stories of people who took the private education route.

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A-Level wonder: Blind girl qualifies for uni, thanks to classmates

DETERMINED: With her friend, Miss Teh Sook Hu.
DETERMINED: Miss Ong played the saxophone in the school’s symphonic band.

Despite being blind when she was just an infant, this has not discouraged her from doing well in school.

The release of the A level results yesterday was a pleasant surprise for Ms Ong Hui Xin, 20, who did well enough to enter the university course of her choice.

Despite being different, she does not feel discriminated as all her classmates offered their help in whatever way possible, fostering a strong sense of community within the class.

Although her personal laptop is not customised with blind-friendly features such as a braille keyboard, thanks to the Job Access With Speech (JAWS) software she is able to keep up with her classmates despite her disability.

Her form teacher, Madam Shamala Maheswaran, 48, said Ms Ong is an extremely resilient girl who tries to be self-sufficient, and when she does poorly in tests, she never feels dejected and keeps trying until she gets it right.

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Mum is her pillar of support

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2 teen vandals get probation

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Price-cutting drive in M'sia

Supermarkets offering discounts of up to 70%

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Jailed for GST fraud at jewellery shop

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Gerard Ee to helm Charity Council

Mr Gerard Ee
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Ex-VJC student with dwarfism won't limit himself

INSPIRING: Mr Lee Ci En with his former civics tutor, Mr Lee Keng Hoe.
Mr Lee Ci En.
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I was afraid for wife, kids so I paid 'cabby' $97

UBER EX: Netizen Jover Lee shared his pricey experience in a Facebook post.
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