M'sia woman robbed of car while picking child up from kindergarten

Police officers patrolling the area where a housewife was robbed on Monday.

A woman in Selangor was picking her child up from kindergarten when she was robbed by two men.

The 46-year-old housewife had parked her car near the school at 11.15am on Monday.

When she alighted from her vehicle, two men wearing full-faced motorcycle helmets got out from a nearby car. One of the men brandished a metre-long machete.

Upon seeing them, the startled woman froze in fear.

Sped off

The unarmed robber snatched her car keys from her hand. The duo then sped off in the two cars.

Subang Jaya Assistant Commissioner Yahaya Ramli said the victim was unhurt. 

The woman lost her purse and her mobile phone along with the car.

He said the car that the suspects used had been reported stolen on Monday.

“The victim isn’t able to identify the two robbers,” he said, urging witnesses to call the police.

Source: The Star

‘Cannibal’ nurse jailed nine years after plotting to behead and eat teen

Dale Bolinger, 58, was convicted of sexual grooming for planning on eating a girl.
Dale Bolinger, 58, was convicted of sexual grooming for planning on eating a girl.

He had planned to behead and eat 14-year-old "Eva" whom he had met on the website Dark Fetish Network (DFN).

But Dale Bolinger never went through with it, saying he "came to his senses". 

Despite that, Bolinger, 58, was convicted of to meet a minor under the age of 16 following sexual grooming. He was jailed today for the 11 offences.

A judge said his behaviour was "abhorrent, shocking and dangerous" and sentenced him to nine years in prison.

Bolinger, an American national,  had bought an axe in Kent, England, the day before meeting the girl, who was said to be living in Germany. He told her about the sexual acts he was going to perform on her and described how he was going to murder her.

Yet the Mexican girl  still wanted to meet, British newspaper Mirror reported.

The FBI in New York had come across Internet chats, in which Bolinger discussed beheading and eating women and girls.

His online profile "Chris C" listed his interests as “cannibalism, mainly the hunting and preparation of young but sometimes not so young women”.

Photos: YouTube

Bolinger, a nurse, blamed his domineering mother for his "weird behaviour", claiming he had already wondered what it would be like to eat a girl when he was 14.

He never spoke about his fantasies to his wife of 34 years, Rosemary, or their children, because he felt ashamed.

Defence counsel Paul Jarvis said Bolinger’s family had deserted him and there was “little to look forward to bar advancing years”.

Sources: The Guardian, Mirror

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City Harvest trial: Hearing adjourned as Sharon Tan breaks down again in court

Sharon Tan

City Harvest Church (CHC) finance manager, Sharon Tan, cried in court again on Friday.

She had broken down on two previous occasions last week.

Today, Tan was questioned by Chief Prosecutor, Mavis Chionh, on why she had allegedly falsified the contents of a CHC board meeting involving advance rent of $7 million that would be paid to Xtron over eight years.

Tan struggled to find an answer, denied trying to deceive the auditors, then began sobbing.

The hearing was then temporarily adjourned as Tan continued crying on the witness stand with her back turned to the public gallery.

Read the full report in our print edition on Sept 26.

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Could this be the weirdest K-pop video ever?

SM Town artist Hitchhiker produced an extremely weird video for his new single, Eleven.
SM Town artiste Hitchhiker produced an extremely weird video for his new single, Eleven.

Korean music label SM Town is known for its stable of internationally-successful groups like Super Junior, Shinee and Exo.

But little did you know that behind some of these hits is a man named Jinu, known in the industry as Hitchhiker.

He has since embarked on a solo career - and it's... weird.

This is the video to his first single Eleven.



Below are the five weirdest moments from the video (we had difficulty picking just five...)

1. The "I'm yawning" dance move is prevalent throughout the video.

Bonus? It's not as difficult as that horse-riding Gangnam Style move.


2. If you think those dancing (I'm not sure what else to call it) polka-dotted ladies are creepy, let's go get some therapy together.


3. Anyone fancy a road trip with this bunch of weirdos?


4. Okay, that's a big duck.

And the point is???


5. Shopping will never be the same again.



Source: Hellokpop



Man stabs four primary school kids dead in southern China

A knife-wielding man stabbed to death four primary school children in southern China on Friday, state media reported, the latest in a series of such attacks in recent years.
A knife-wielding man stabbed to death four primary school children in southern China on Friday, state media reported, the latest in a series of such attacks in recent years.

A knife-wielding man stabbed to death four primary school children in southern China on Friday, state media reported.

The stabbings occurred in the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, the official Xinhua news agency said, citing local authorities.

The students were on their way to school in the town of Pingshan in Lingshan county when the attack took place.

The town of Pingshan in Lingshan county. Photo: Reuters

Three of them died at the scene. The fourth died later in hospital.

Police are searching for the middle-aged assailant.

In early September, state media reported that a man stabbed three children and a teacher to death and wounded several others at a primary school after staff refused to enroll his daughter.

In 2010 alone, there were five similar stabbing incidents.

Seventeen people – including 15 children – were killed and more than 80 wounded. - AFP

Rock band AC/DC guitarist Malcolm Young in full-time care for dementia?

AC/DC co-founder and guitarist Malcolm Young has reportedly been placed in full-time care for dementia.
AC/DC co-founder and guitarist Malcolm Young has reportedly been placed in full-time care for dementia.

He retired from Australian hard rock band AC/DC earlier this week.

But is guitarist and song writer Malcolm Young suffering from dementia? He reportedly moved into full-time care in a Sydney nursing home facility that's known to specialise in looking after those with the disease.

Media reports have speculated that he is currently being treated there.

A source close to Young said: "If you were in the room with Young and walked out then come back in one minute later, he wouldn't remember who you are. He has a complete loss of short term memory. His wife Linda has put him in full-time care."

AC/DC has sold more than 200 million albums and is one of the first Australian acts to break into the American market.



Source: Sydney Morning Herald

Watch as former Man City kitman recites poem to Pablo Zabaleta

Former Manchester City kit man courting danger in his poem to Pablo Zabaleta.

It's not often that you watch a grown man deliver an ode to another grown man.

But trust the good fellows at Manchester City to get the ball rolling - on video.

Former City kitman Les "Chappy" Chapman turned presenter on City TV and marked the special occasion with a poem - delivered face-to-face to City hard man Pablo Zabaleta.

The magic begins at the 5.14 mark.

A battler, a warrior, in a war of attrition
That's Zabaleta, a man on a mission.

He's hard, he's mean, he's up for a fight,
daytime match or late into the night.

So beware you wide men, you are going to get ​whacked​
90mins of aggro and that's a fact.

World cup finalist, Premier League winner,
A man who eats house bricks for his dinner.

A team man, a leader, a role model too.

.............., you'll need the loo. 

But for all he is a terrific lad,
even his bald patch is not so bad.

A great pro any team would love, 
Sent to City by the man above. 

 Although we couldn't quite make out what he said after declaring Zabaleta a role model, we're still smiling at the heartfelt ode.

One question though, Chappy.

Since you acknowledged Zabaleta is a hard man, why on earth would you poke fun at his bald patch?

Threading a fine line there. 

Source: YouTube

Drake got a tattoo of the praying hands emoji (or is it high-5?)

Drake got a tattoo of a praying hands emoji, according to LA based tattoo artist Dr. Woo
Drake got a tattoo of a praying hands emoji, according to LA based tattoo artist Dr. Woo

We know many people are fans of emojis. 

What else would you use to describe your anguish when you encounter a smelly commuter on the train.

But hip-hop star Drake REALLY loves emojis.

So much that he got the "praying hands" emoji tattooed on his forearm.

How do we know? 

LA-based tattoo artist Dr Woo posted this on his Instagram account and tagged Drake.



There was recently a mini-controversy over whether the emoji, which everyone assumed was a pair of praying hands, is actually a pair of hands high-fiving.

E​ither way, it doesn't matter to Drake, who commented using his moniker champagnepapi, on an Instagram photo showing his new tattoo. 


Source: Mashable

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Asian Games: S'pore men's shooting team on target with another bronze

Asian Games: S'pore shooters get in the groove.

After a barren first few days of competition in Incheon, the men's shooting team have got in the groove. 

Gai Bin won a bronze medal in the 25m centre fire pistol, with a score of 584, just one point behind leaders, China's Jin Yongde and Qatari, Oleg Engachev, who are currently locked in a shoot-off for the gold medal after being tied on 584 points.

This is the men's second bronze medal in two days, after finishing third in the team 25m standard pistol yesterday. 

Poh Lip Meng (576) and Lim Swee Hon (562) finished in 16th and 22nd respectively, in today's centre fire, with Singapore ending the day sixth in the team event.

Ferguson police chief apologises to parents of Mike Brown

Screengrab of the video the apology by the Ferguson police chief that was uploaded on Vimeo.

Six weeks after their son was shot six times by the police, the parents of Michael Brown finally received an apology from the Ferguson police chief. 

“For any mistakes I have made, I take full responsibility,” Ferguson Police Chief Thomas Jackson said in an online video statement which was uploaded onto Vimeo on Thursday (Sept 25). 

“I am truly sorry for the loss of your son,” he added, addressing Brown’s parents.

The college-bound teen was shot at least six times by white police officer Darren Wilson on Aug 9 and his body was left in the street for several hours before it was removed. 

“I’m also sorry that it took so long to remove Michael from the street,” Thomas added. 

“It was just too long and I’m truly sorry for that. Please know that the investigating officers meant no disrespect,” he said, adding “they were simply trying to do their jobs.”

The tragic incident sparked nightly protests in the small town, igniting a national debate about race relations.

Violence rocked Ferguson – a St. Louis suburb of 21,000 with an African-American majority and an overwhelmingly white police department and town council – prompting Missouri Governor Jay Nixon to briefly call in the National Guard to quell protests.

Some demonstrators complained that police used undue force against peaceful protests, which Thomas apologised for.

“If anyone who was peacefully exercising that right is upset and angry, I feel responsible and I am sorry,” he said.

“I’m also aware of the pain and the feeling of mistrust felt in some of the African-American community towards the police department,” he added.

“It is clear we have much work to do.”

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Source: AFP

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