US teen gets life-saving heart transplant, only to die during a crime spree

Photo of Anthony Stokes taken from his Facebook page.

Before undergoing a heart transplant in August 2013, Anthony Stokes said he planned to turn over a new leaf.

The US teen told a local news channel that the operation would help straighten out his life and give him "a second chance and do things I want to do".

But on Tuesday (March 31), the 17-year-old died in a car crash while fleeing from police after stealing a car, shooting at a woman and driving into a pedestrian.

Anthony carjacked a vehicle at a shopping mall, local media reported. He then drove to the home of an elderly woman and attempted to burgle the place.

High-speed chase

The woman told a news station after the incident that the teen had kicked open the door to find her sitting in the living room watching television.

He fired a few shots at her, but the bullets hit the wall.

While fleeing empty-handed in the stolen car, he was spotted by cops. A high-speed chase ensued.

The chase ended in a mangled wreckage after Anthony clipped a car, hit 33-year-old pedestrian Clementina Hernandez and then collided with a pole.

Both were taken to hospital. The teen died later that day, while Ms Hernandez is in stable condition. The other driver was unhurt.

He's not a troublemaker

Anthony first made headlines in the US in 2013 after doctors ruled that he was an unsuitable candidate for heart transplant because of his behavioural issues, reported NY Daily News.

At that time, Anthony had been given less than a year to live.

His mother, Melencia Hamilton, told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution back then: "It just seemed they decided he’s a troublemaker, and that’s not true."

She also told local media: "He’s going to make mistakes, but I still think he deserves a second chance."

The hospital reversed their decision after the story sparked national outrage and criticisms from rights groups.

Sources: NY Daily News, WSB-TVThe Atlanta Journal-Constitution

A*Star scholar accused of trying to poison classmates in Stanford Uni in California

An A*Star scholar has been arrested and charged in California after she allegedly poisoned herself and her classmates.

Miss Xiangyu Ouyang, 26, a graduate student at Stanford's School of Medicine, had put paraformaldehyde (PFA) in her drinking water as well as into her classmates' water bottles.

PFA, a commonly used substance in biology, is lethal if ingested in sizeable amounts.

She has pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity and is no longer a student at Stanford.

The second-year Singaporean student was described as a quiet girl with no friends and had once asked a classmate what it was like to have a boyfriend.

She had graduated from Imperial College London with a degree in biochemistry,

It was revealed in court papers that she had been suffering from severe insomnia, dizziness, depression and a disconnection from reality.

Her parents are believed to be researchers.

A spokesman for A*Star said it was aware of the incident and is deeply concerned. No action will be taken until the proceedings have been concluded.

Miss Ouyang had also allegedly destroyed some of the projects that the other cancer biology students were working on.

TNP understands she is an only child, and her mother has flown to the US to be with her.

Read the full report in The New Paper on April 2.

How to enforce a beef ban? Indian police ask cattle owners to submit photos of their cows

A woman feeding rescued cattle at a cow shelter in the Indian state of Maharashtra.

Criminals aren't the only ones with mugshots. In a city in India, cows have mugshots too.

Cattle owners in Malegaon have been asked to submit photographs of their animals and a dossier on them to the police, an officer said on Wednesday (April 1).

The reason behind it? To help authorities enforce the Maharashtra state government's tough new ban on beef.

So far, nearly 100 farmers and other owners have complied with the request, said Mr Sunil Kadasne, additional superintendent of the city.

"After the new law, commercial slaughter has largely stopped, but this programme will help us to stop all killing by helping trace any animal thefts faster," he told AFP.

Defuse possible tensions in community

The state government introduced the ban on the killing and selling of cows last month. 

Even the possession of beef is a crime, with a jail term of up to five years.

Two people were arrested last week after police raided a shack and found two heads of slaughtered calves and 150 kg of beef, reported The Times Of India. The arrests were the first made under the new law.

A third person involved in the crime is on the run.

Cows in Hindu-majority India are considered sacred and several other states also ban their slaughter.

Mr Kadasne said the request for information on cows, which includes supplying purchase records and reasons for ownership, were also aimed at defusing possible tensions between Muslims and Hindus in the area, which has a history of communal violence.

"Once we get most of the cattle recorded, it will be easy to squash complaints looking to create communal mischief," Mr Kadasne said.

Source: AFP

Mystery face on England midfielder’s arm

User @Danorako saw similarity between tattoo on Ryan Mason's arm (extreme left) and 12-year-old self
User @Danorako saw similarity between tattoo on Ryan Mason's arm (extreme left) and 12-year-old self

The world saw what lay hidden underneath Ryan Mason’s sleeve when he celebrated Andros Townsend’s equaliser in England’s 1-1 draw against Italy.

The Tottenham Hotspur midfielder has a face inked on his bicep. Just who it is, nobody quite knows.



Well, that was until Twitter user @Danorako expressed his shock.

He posted a photo of himself and wrote: “Why does ryan mason have a tattoo of my when I was 12??????”

We must say the faces look identical as does the hair style, and may we also add that this is funny as hell.

Needless to say, the tweet went viral.

It has more than 18,000 retweets so far.

But really, the question is, who is it on Mason's arm?



Are these April Fool's Day hoaxes?

Harry Kane in action against England
Tottenham Hotspur's Harry Kane made his England debut recently and scored.

Today (April 1) is the day when pranks have a field day. Here are some from the world of sport

Manchester United star Wayne Rooney, who started out with Everton, has a Liverbird tattooed on his right arm after losing a bet to his Liverpool-supporting friends.
Believability: 0/5

Tottenham Hotspur’s rising star Harry Kane to join arch rivals Arsenal for £50 million.

Believability: 0/5

Arsenal-Liverpool pre-match team talks by the teams' respective captains, Per Mertesacker and Jordan Henderson, to be televised “live”.

Believability: 0/5

Arsenal and their official club partner Puma have launched a revolutionary football designed for left-footers.

Believability: 0/5 

Former Manchester United and England fullback Paul Parker’s old passport  was listed for sale on eBay for £5,000 ($10,111).

Believability: 2.5/5

Italy coach Antonio Conte has described England as a “top side” after the two teams drew 1-1 in a friendly in Turin. As much as we would like it to be, this, unfortunately, is not an April Fool’s joke.

Believability: 5/5

Source: Daily Star, Express sport, mail online,,

Canadian pet store owner charged after python suffocates two boys aged 4 and 6

An exotic pet store owner was charged in a Canadian court on Monday (March 30) after one of his pythons escaped from its enclosure and killed two boys.

Jean-Claude Savoie, 38, was charged with criminal negligence causing death, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police said.

The tragic incident happened on Aug 5, 2013 in the city of Campbellton.

Connor Barthe, aged six, and his brother Noah, aged four, were friends with Savoie's son.

On the night of the incident, the brothers were having a sleepover at Savoie's apartment, which was above the pet store, reported Sky News.

23 reptiles seized

Police said a 45kg African rock python escaped its glass tank through a vent and slithered through a ventilation pipe, reported The Guardian.

But the pipe was unable to withstand the weight of the snake and collapsed in the living room where the boys were sleeping.

The autopsy reports concluded that the boys were asphyxiated.

Following the deaths, the authorities seized 23 reptiles from the shop as it did not have the necessary permits to house them. The store is no longer in operation.

Savoie was arrested in February in Montreal.

His lawyer, Leslie Matchim, said investigators initially told him that he would not be charged, reported CBC News.

Said the lawyer: "As I've been saying for quite some time, we were told no charges were forthcoming. However, given that they have elected to apparently renege on that indication, we've since then been expecting the charge."

Source: Sky News, The Guardian, CBC News

You can now play Pac-Man on Google Maps

Pac-Man has come to Google Maps. (This is not an April Fools' joke.)

You can now chase ghosts through the streets of Geylang. Or chomp on fruits while zooming along Tampines Avenue 4.

Just zoom in on any road in Google Maps that you wish to play on and click the Pac-Man button to begin your adventure.

Pac-Man running through the streets of Tampines. Photo: Google Maps


Unfortunately, you can play on any road you like only if you're playing on a computer.

If you're accessing it from your mobile phone, you will need to look for special locations around the world with this sign  to begin playing.

One such location is the Taj Mahal. For hints on the other locations, click here.


Google announced the arrival of the beloved arcade game with a cryptic tweet on Tuesday (March 31). 




And for those who couldn't decipher the initial tweet, the company had this message.




So, what are you waiting for? Click here to start playing.

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McDonald's to offer breakfast all-day in the US

It is finally happening in the US.

Fans of McDonald's breakfast could be having the Sausage Egg McMuffin, Pancakes or Big Breakfast for dinner once the all-day breakfast is launched in San Diego.

Time reported that the fast food giant is testing this out alongside table service as part of its innovative efforts.

McDonald's released a statement two days ago saying: "We know our customers love McDonald’s breakfast and they tell us they’d like to enjoy it beyond the morning hours.

"So next month, we will begin testing all-day breakfast at select restaurants in the San Diego area. 

“We look forward to learning from this test, and it’s premature to speculate on any outcomes.”

The New Paper contacted McDonald's Singapore on Tuesday (March 31), but as of 6pm on Wednesday (April 1), we had not heard back from the restaurant as to whether we'll ever see all-day breakfast served here.

Recently on March 17, Singaporeans enjoyed an all-day breakfast at Mcdonald's when the latter celebrated National Breakfast Day by also giving out over 100,000 Egg McMuffins.

On weekdays, breakfast is served from 4am to 11am.

On weekends and public holidays, breakfast hours are extended to noon.

Here are two more interesting experiments McDonald’s is trying out right now.

Table Service 
The McDonald’s in Frankfurt, Germany, is allowing customers to place orders via a digital kiosk or with a waiter who comes around to their table.

There are actual waiters at this McDonald’s, and once orders are ready, they’ll bring the food out to customers’ tables.

Build Your Burger
Another customisable option being tested by McDonald’s is the Build Your Burger programme spotted at restaurants in southern California last year.

Customers mix and match what they want on burgers and, in some cases, chicken sandwiches as well.

So why hasn't all-day breakfast been feasible at McDonald's so far?

BBC reported on its website that McDonald's says its kitchen grills "simply don't have the room for all of our menu options at one time".

It also says its "universal holding cabinets" in which food is kept warm, are almost at full capacity during the day.

This means there is nowhere to store breakfast items as well as products from the main menu.

Source: Time, BBC, McDonald's Singapore

Happy April Fool's: Here are 5 pranks you can play on your colleagues

It's that time of the year again where you can find out which colleague has a sense of humour.

And to those who don't, just grin and bear it.

Here are five of the best loved pranks that are guaranteed to tickle a funnybone or two, the Mirror UK reported.

The best part? The jokes are rather easy to put together - Oreos and stuffed donuts, anyone?

Have a Happy April Fool's Day!


1) Toothpaste Cookies

Try these sandwich cookies with a tingly flavour.

Who will be amused? The giver, of course.





2) Mayonnaise donuts

When you're expecting sweet and it turns out oh-so-salty. Eww!




3) Cracked desktop/ laptop screen

Someone, call the IT department! 

The trick: Find and download a reasonably high-resolution image of a cracked screen.

Searching on Google images should give you lots of options.

Set the image as a screensaver on their computer, making sure it is set to activate after a short amount of time (30 seconds or so).

If your colleague uses a desktop computer rather than a laptop, you could make the prank more convincing by unplugging their keyboard and mouse.


4) Take the p*** out of them



5) Call me, maybe

Take a screen shot of the homepage of their phone, then remove all the apps from their homepage and set the screenshot as the background.

They'll be trying to click on their messages icon or their Facebook icon to open the apps, without realising that it's actually just a picture.

Sources: YouTube, Mirror UK

M'sian school strips and canes girls because someone stole $37

The 40 students were caned and made to strip as punishment.

Their 'crime'?

Someone had stolen RM100 (S$37) from a fellow student at the religious school in Selangor and no one would admit to the deed, Sinar Harian reported.

Malaysian newspaper The Star said each girl received three strokes of the cane, twice behind their body and another on the palm of their hands at their dormitory last Wednesday (March 25).

A parent alleged that her 13-year-old daughter was forced to admit taking the money because she could not bear seeing her classmates being made to squat from 1am to 4am.

The mother said after lodging a police report against the school on Friday:

“If no one took responsibility for the theft, the punishment could have continued until the morning assembly.”

But on Monday, the school administration reportedly asked her to withdraw the report if she wanted to resolve the issue.

Gombak police chief Asst Comm Ali Ahmad said the school management would be hauled up in the investigations.

Sources: Sinar Harian, Star Online