Storms in Australia kill 6

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Solution? Doc Botoxed her bladder

Woman leaves job over bladder condition that makes her go to loo 15 times a day

SLEEPLESS: Cecilia, who suffers from an overactive bladder, said she sometimes wakes up four times a night to use the loo.
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Big clean-up at 'cockroach' flat

But Mr Lim Chin Ting can't say that hoarder wife won't mess flat up again

CLEARED: Mr Lim Chin Ting sitting comfortably in his cleared living room (above) for the first time in years.
CLEARED: But the other rooms (above) are still filled with rubbish and HDB and the town council will return to clean them out.
CLEARING: A team of 10 from the HDB and town council (above) spent eight hours clearing rubbish from the living room of Mr Lim Chin Ting's Eunos Crescent flat.
Mr Lim Chin Ting

Mr Lim Chin Tuan finally got to sit comfortably in the sofa in his flat in Eunos.

Officers from HDB and Marine Parade Town Council spent six hours clearing part of the heaps of junk in his three-room flat.

They had piled up because his wife had been hoarding items for the last 20 years and refuses to throw them away.

The team of officers will return again to continue clearing the rest of the junk in his flat.

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TRS editors made up articles for prof it

MDA orders socio-political website to be taken down

SHUT DOWN: The Real Singapore (TRS) founders Yang Kaiheng and Ai Takagi were given six hours to take down all content on the TRS website, as well as disable its social media platforms, which they complied with by 7.30pm yesterday.

Socio-political site The Real Singapore (TRS) was taken down yesterday evening and its social media platforms were disabled following orders issued by the Media Development Authority of Singapore's (MDA).

In a press statement, the regulatory body said it has suspended the statutory class licence for Ai Takagi, 22, and Yang Kaiheng, 26, to run TRS' website, Facebook page, Twitter page and mobile applications.

An MDA spokesman said the licence was suspended because Takagi and Yang had breached the Internet Code of Practice by publishing "prohibited material as defined by the Code to be objectionable on the grounds of public interest, public order and national harmony".

This includes articles that were intentionally fabricated and falsely attributed to innocent parties.

TRS had also come under fire for inserting falsehoods in articles to make them more inflammatory. The articles were either plagiarised from local news sources or sent in by contributors.

Takagi and Yang are also not allowed to resume TRS operations under a different name.

In addition, the pair are expected to provide information related to TRS' operations within a week.

Read the full report in our print edition on May 4.

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BY THE numbers

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10,000 people pick up 7 tonnes of rubbish

Some 10,000 people joined Singapore's first national litter-picking exercise yesterday. And they picked up 7,000 kg of trash, the organisers said.

The volunteers converged at about 130 locations, armed with gloves, trash bags and tongs, and then fanned out to pick up cigarette butts, plastic bags, tissue paper and other discarded items.

They were part of Operation We Clean Up!, a one-day event organised by the Public Hygiene Council, Singapore Kindness Movement and the Keep Singapore Beautiful Movement.

In Bukit Panjang, the people who showed up in the morning included father-and-daughter team Kevin and Kezel Ong. Kezel, seven, told The Straits Times: "Our playground and void deck can get quite dirty and it makes our neighbourhood look ugly."

General area cleaning was stopped in nearly 70 precincts on Saturday and the cleaners were given a rest day.

Almost 5,000 cleaners across the 15 PAP town councils were also treated to an appreciation lunch yesterday and given a $20 NTUC FairPrice voucher each.

S R Nathan resting at home

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S'pore Home Team in largest operation

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