Woman claims Frozen is based on her life, Disney tells her to 'let it go'

Anna and Elsa, the two main characters of Disney hit Frozen.

Have you heard? 

A woman is suing Disney for US$250 million (S$318.7 million), because she thinks they used her autobiography as the basis for the worldwide hit Frozen. 

Writer Isabella Tanikumi's 2010 biography Living My Truth tells of her time growing up in the Andean mountains in Peru. 

According to E! Online, Tanikumi - who also goes by the name L Amy Gonzalez - claims that Disney "copied the feeling, story, characters and plot from her original work". 

In the suit, she offers 18 examples of Disney "stealing" from her book, including location, characters, names and the relationship between two sisters.


She makes comparisons between the setting of the story - a small town near a mountain - and where she grew up, the small town of Huaraz at the base of snow-covered mountains in Peru. 

Like the movie's beloved characters Anna and Elsa, Tanikumi and her older sister also "had opposite hair colours" and "shared a deep love for one another". 

The best part of this story, though, is what a Disney spokesman said when asked by CNN to comment: "This is beyond ridiculous, she needs to let it go."

Frozen is the highest-grossing animated film of all time, raking in US$1.27 billion worldwide since its release last year. 

Once more with feeling ...



Sources: E! Online, CNN

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WATCH: Here's how to pronounce Japanese car names properly

A video by website Mighty Car Mods helps users with the proper pronounciation of the names of Japanese car brands.

Think you know how to pronounce the names of Japanese car brands?

Don't be too confident. 

In this video made by the website Mighty Car Mods, a cute Japanese girl walks you through the right pronunciations of Japanese car brands. 

While there's no way you could possibly get something like To-yo-ta wrong, you might want to practice your Mazda and Daihatsu (hint: It's not Dai-hat-soo). 

Watch the video below:



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Six scandals that have hit the Asian Games

Fireworks light the sky during the opening ceremony of the 2014 Asian Games which has since marred by various controversies.

The 2014 Incheon Asian Games has seen sporting records fall as athletes push to be faster, higher and stronger.

But the event has also had more than its fair share of controversies - both silly and serious. 

1. China accuses South Korea of fiddling with the air-con to win at badminton

China's badminton coach Li Yongbo said South Korea was able to defeat China in the men's team final due to "man-made reasons".

“We did not lose because of technique or tactics, but due to some man-made reasons. The South Koreans deliberately controlled the wind blow in the stadium and took advantage of it. When we played with tailwind, the wind was very strong, but when the wind was behind them, they shut down the air conditioning.

Li Yongbo

The tournament's events manager Chooi Weng Sheng from the Badminton Asia Confederation said there was no evidence of foul play. 

“We have never received any official complaint from them or from the players,” he said.

2. Chinese swimmer attacks Japan national anthem

Chinese swimmer Sun Yang had to apologise for calling Japan's national anthem "ugly".

Attributing the reports to what he called a "misunderstanding" he said that he did not actually know about the anthems of other countries.

For the record, the Japanese national anthem sounds like this:

3. Japanese swimmer steals camera, gets kicked out of Games

A Japanese swimmer, Naoya Tomita has to pay his own way home after getting kicked out of the Asian games.

Naoya Tomita guilty of stealing a camera. Photo: AFP

His crime?

He was captured on video surveillance putting a US$7,600 (S$9,700) camera into his bag at the swimming venue on Friday (Sept 26).

He was charged by the police with stealing the camera of a South Korean journalist and his name was removed from the Japanese team list. 

4. The case of the missing Nepalese athletes

One sepak takraw player and two wushu exponents from Nepal went missing from the games

While they are still allowed to remain in the country due to their Games accreditation, if they are still missing come Oct 19, they will face charges of illegal immigration.

5. Match-fixing in the Under-23 football tournament 

Sportradar, a sports betting analysis company, told The New Paper that betting patterns at the football tournament suggest the tournament may have been compromised.

The managing director of Sportradar was not able to reveal which teams are under suspicion.

However, world football governing body Fifa and the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) have been alerted to these unusual betting patterns through their fraud detection early warning system.​

6. Sexual harassment

A female volunteer accused an Iranian official of sexual harassment. Separately, allegations were made against a Palestinian footballer.

The Iranian official was thrown out by the Olympic Council of Asia and the Palestinian footballer has been barred from leaving South Korea as prosecutors are considering pressing charges against him. 

Source: Wires, YouTube

Study finds that men of all ages want women in their mid-20s

Jennifer Lawrence, 24, is rumoured to be dating Coldplay frontman Chris Martin, 37.

If you're female, straight and in your mid-20s, congratulations. 

Men of all ages want to be with you. 

This mindblowing discovery was made by a group of Finnish researchers, published in a study on Friday says, reports Time. 

The study looked at data gathered from 12,000 Finns and found that men of all ages - yes, younger and older - have a sexual preference for women in their mid-20s. 

The authors of the study say this is "likely because women of this age are the most fertile". 

On the other hand, women prefer partners who are about their age or slightly older. Who, well, all want to be with Jennifer Lawrence. Who is 24. And gorgeous. 

But here's something to lift your spirits, women: The report also suggests that men are "more unlikely than women to have sex with their ideal partners", because women are more selective than men. 

Source: Time

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Five of the worst contraceptives in history

File photo of a condom. Guess what crazy things people used in the past to prevent pregnancies.

New York-based non-profit organisation EngenderHealth put up a video on YouTube on Monday listing the worst contraceptives in history. And, boy, were there strange ideas.

We're talking crocodile dung, weasel testicles and whole lot of other disgusting techniques. Needless to say, none of them actually worked.

The video was part of the Where's The Family Planning!? campaign, which promotes access to contraceptives for women in developing countries.

Here are five of the worst contraceptives ever.

1. Crocodile dung mixed with honey

This disgusting mix was used as a spermicide but not just for 'buayas' (slang for skirt chasers)​. Ew, ew, ew.

2. Weasel testicles

People believed wearing them while having sex would prevent pregnancy and anger weasels. Well, at least they didn't have to eat it or rub it anywhere.

3. Onion juice

It's all about the layers with this proposition. We just hope it tasted like onion soup.

4. Blacksmith's water

This awful brew was filled with lead, which is toxic. For C​asanovas who lead women astray. Ok, even we admit that's a bad pun.

5. Beaver testicles mixed with moonshine

We don't even want to know what this tasted like. This did nothing except get people drunk and turn beavers into eunuchs.

To learn of more crazy contraceptives that were used in the past, watch the video here.

Source: EngenderHealth 

Needing a home win, Van Gaal not afraid to blood Man United youngsters

Defensive troubles ails Manchester United manager Louis van Gaal. He has only one fit defender and might have to throw on youngsters, something which he is unafraid to do.

Manchester United manager Louis van Gaal says that he has no concerns about potentially throwing more youngsters into his squad for Saturday’s (Sept 27) home game against West Ham United.

A reminder of how bad Man United's injury list is - Van Gaal will be missing Chis Smalling, who suffered a new thigh injury, a suspended Tyler Blackett, Phil Jone and Jonny Evans. 

The United manager is set to bring Marcos Rojo into central defence from left-back against West Ham and he could be partnered by either utility player Daley Blind or central midfielder Darren Fletcher.

Youngster Paddy McNair could also be involved in the squad, but Van Gaal has no doubts about pitching the 19-year-old into the team for a one-off game.

Young players have 'hunger to play'

“Young players are always ready. They have hunger to play. Manchester United’s youth education has a certain level that can provide that,” he said.

“It’s a big difference (stepping up to the Premier League), but in one game you can show yourself better than playing regularly.”

He added: “I don’t take risks. You have to be fit, and I always trust younger players.” 

They have already lost once at home – a 2-1 defeat by Swansea City on the season’s opening day – and Van Gaal is determined to improve results at Old Trafford.

“It’s very important. It’s a question that you already know the answer to,” he said. “It’s very important to win your home matches. I can’t deny that.”

Source: AFP

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This is not a scam: Make your own 'invisibility cloak' for just $127

The "invisibility cloak" in action.

Scientists at the University of Rochester have discovered a way to hide large objects from sight using inexpensive and readily available lenses, a technology that seems to have sprung from the pages of J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter fantasy series.

Best part is, they are showing us non-scientists how regular folks can do the same with a budget of just US$100 (S$127).

First the bad news.

The method does not allow you to create an actual invisibility cloak similar to the one that Harry Potter uses. It merely allows you to to create the illusion of invisibility.

The object you're trying to hide "disappears" when it's placed behind a device that looks like it came from an optometrist's office. 

 “A lot of people have worked on a lot of different aspects of optical cloaking for years,” John Howell, a professor of physics at the upstate New York school, said on Friday (Sept 26). 

“From what, we know this is the first cloaking device that provides three-dimensional, continuously multidirectional cloaking,” added Joseph Choi, a graduate student who helped develop the method at Rochester, which is renowned for its optical research.

Multiple uses

In their tests, the researchers have cloaked a hand, a face, and a ruler – making each object appear “invisible” while the image behind the hidden object remains in view.

The implications for the discovery are endless, they say. “I imagine this could be used to cloak a trailer on the back of a semi-truck so the driver can see directly behind him,” Choi said.

“It can be used for surgery, in the military, in interior design, art.”

Howell said the Rochester Cloak, like the fictitious cloak described in the pages of the Harry Potter series, causes no distortion of the background object.

Building the device does not break the bank either.

It cost Howell and Choi a little over $1,000 in materials to create it and they believe it can be done even cheaper.

Although a patent is pending, they have released simple instructions on how to create a Rochester Cloak at home for under $100

Now get cloaking people!

Source: Reuters, Rochester University, YouTube

WATCH: Hikers run from Japan volcano explosion

A screengrab from a video taken by a hiker moments after Mount Ontake erupted.

A volcano erupted in central Japan on Saturday, shooting ash and rocks into the air and leaving eight hikers reportedly injured.

The eruption of the 3,067-metre (10,121-foot) Mount Ontake happened around midday, the meteorological agency said.

Television footage showed huge clouds of smoke billowing from the summit of the peak, which is a popular destination for trekkers.



Users took to social media to post pictures of the eruption.

Instagram user kobotamatsukuri posted the picture below of cars covered in black ash, with the caption: "Mount Ontake is erupting. Today my sister and her children are going to there for trecking. I am worried about them. This pic is sent from her."





Japan’s public broadcaster NHK said eight people were injured, while local authorities said they had received several unconfirmed reports of injuries to mountaineers. 

“Details, including the number of the injured, remain unknown as we are still sorting out information,” said an official of the Nagano prefecture fire department. 



The meteorological agency forecast further eruptions of the mountain, warning that volcanic debris may fall within 4km of the peak.

The agency also placed restrictions on access to the mountain, while calling on local residents to remain on alert as an eruption could shatter windows miles away.

Source: AFP

Chelsea Clinton gives birth to baby girl

Chelsea Clinton, daughter of former US President Bill Clinton, sits with her husband Marc Mezvinsky as U.S. President Barack Obama speaks at the Clinton Global Initiative in New York, in this file picture taken September 21, 2011.

Chelsea Clinton has given birth to baby girl Charlotte, she announced in posts on Facebook and Twitter. 


The comments were promptly retweeted by her parents Bill and Hillary Clinton, and fellow White House occupants.

The former first daughter, 34, frequently tipped to follow her parents into politics, left her position as NBC special correspondent in August to focus on her pregnancy and the birth of her daughter.

Her husband Marc Mezvinsky is an investment banker.

Source: AFP

Aceh passes law punishing gay sex with 100 lashes of the cane


Indonesia’s conservative Aceh province passed a law Saturday making gay sex punishable by 100 lashes of the cane, in a decision described by rights activists as “an enormous step backwards”.

Aceh, the only part of the world’s most populous Muslim-majority nation that is allowed to implement Islamic sharia law, already carries out public canings for gambling, drinking alcohol and fraternising with the opposite sex outside of marriage.

The law explicitly outlaws anal sex between men and “the rubbing of body parts between women for stimulation", making homosexuality technically illegal for the first time in Aceh.

Gay sex is not illegal in the rest of the country, which mainly follows a criminal code from the Netherlands, Indonesia’s former colonial ruler. 

Amnesty International, which has called for an end to caning in Aceh, asked that the bylaw be immediately repealed.

“The criminalisation of individuals based on their sexual orientation is a huge blow for equality in Indonesia,” said Amnesty International’s Asia-Pacific director Richard Bennett, who added that it would increase “the climate of homophobia, fear and harassment many in Aceh are already facing”.

This picture taken in Banda Aceh on September 19, 2014 shows a hooded official caning an Aceh man for gambling. PHOTO: AFP

Aceh, which lies on the westernmost tip of the vast Indonesian archipelago, gained a degree of autonomy in 2001 in a deal with Jakarta aimed at quelling a decades-long separatist movement, and has been slowly implementing sharia law ever since.

The bylaw will also be the first in Aceh to be applied to non-Muslims, both Indonesians and foreigners.

The law also makes adultery punishable by 100 lashes, and reiterates that displays of affection outside of marriage are outlawed, and is also punishable by caning.

Canings – which are carried out with thin rattan sticks in public and are aimed at humiliating, rather than causing physical pain – can be substituted with payments of pure gold or jail time. 

Source: AFP

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