Net freedom in M'sia important for democracy

Opposition parties strongly oppose possible government plan to look into blocking Facebook

CRUCIAL: DAP warns that blocking Facebook will also cause the country's low World Press Freedom Index to drop even further.
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Nigerian man in HK negative for Ebola

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Dozens injured as typhoon hits Japan

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Robbery in Ang Mo Kio: Man arrested

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39 dead in Iran plane crash

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49 years old, still badly behaved

UGLY: Rubbish left behind at the National Day Parade.
UGLY: Damaged flags at Ang Mo Kio.
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Trauma from the past

Still haunted by the Eniwetok tragedy

RESCUE: Workmen attempting to free the cable cars from the tangle.
SNAGGED: The gantry of the Eniwetok snagged one of the two cables, causing two cars to plunge into the sea.
OVER THE LIMIT: The Eniwetok was 9cm higher than the cableway running between the mainland and Sentosa.
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BY THE numbers

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Sentosa cable car drama: Worker stuck in stalled cabin for almost 3 hours

STEADY: A worker (above) seen trying to free the stuck cable car.
SUSPENDED: The stuck cable car.

While Sunday beachgoers were frolicking in the late afternoon sun on Siloso Beach, others were working hard to free a man in a stalled cable car cabin.

A cable car cabin on the island's network had earlier plunged into a construction site from a height of about 20 metres, or eight storeys high.

For almost three hours yesterday, the trapped man waited to be rescued.

This drama happened barely 100m away from the activity-filled beach.

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