Sam open to foreign-born players

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New Russia coach shakes up squad

PEP TALK: Newly appointed Russia's national football team head coach Stanislav Cherchesov tells his players during a training session to create the right chemistry.
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Wayne to quit England after 2018 World Cup

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Zheng ousts Olympic champ

VICTOR AND VANQUISHED: China's Zheng Saisai (above) beat Puerto Rico's Olympic champ Monica Puig.
VICTOR AND VANQUISHED: China's Zheng Saisai beat Puerto Rico's Olympic champ Monica Puig (above).
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TNP New Face: Getting runway ready

The New Paper New Face 16 finalists get catwalk tips from ex-supermodel Pat Kraal

LEARNING FROM THE BEST: Pat Kraal showing the New Face pageant finalists how to take small steps at the end of the runway during her catwalk coaching session.

The New Paper New Face 16 finalists received a special catwalk tutorial from someone extremely qualified.

Former Singapore supermodel Pat Kraal is based in Paris, but she is back in town for a family visit and was invited to coach the top 20 girls on their catwalk last week.

Groomed by Carrie Models in the 80s, she left for the French city at the age of 20 with no job offers and got her big break as a model for fashion house Givenchy.

Call it an occupational hazard, but Kraal immediately spotted areas that needed to be fixed during her session with the New Face girls.

The 54-year-old told The New Paper: "Everyone has to start somewhere. They need training, definitely. They lack confidence. But it's not easy, walking in front of everyone."

It starts with the beat.

And it came in handy that marketing management student Liana Azman, 23, is also a club DJ with Altra Management.


She played one of her mixes for them to walk to. Each girl was given a chance to show off her catwalk.

"Listen to the music and count the beats," Kraal said while guiding the girls.

She gave the finalists tips on making use of whatever accessories they had on, and even taught them how to take off their jackets elegantly while walking on the runway.

She added: "It's just practice (and) practice.

"When I first started modelling, I was wearing my heels non-stop. Wake up in the morning, walk, have breakfast, brush my teeth - all with my heels.

"(They have) to be high, but comfortable. You have to wear them and be able to walk in them."

Kraal was impressed with student Emilbiany Nenggal Intong, 18.

"She walked very well, had lots of confidence," said Kraal. "It's so natural for her, the way she turns and everything."

Freelance model and student Kim Min Pei Lam, 22, was taught by Kraal a few years ago when she was with Carrie Models.

Kim said: "When we see so many people walk, we get distracted and we change our style. So I'm glad to go back to the roots and learn from where I started out in the beginning."

Those with no prior experience when it comes to catwalking also enjoyed the session.

Shwetaa Rai, 19, a communications student at SIM University, said: "It was beneficial because I've got no background so I needed her guidance."

National University of Singapore undergraduate Zahra Khanum, 21, added: "It's a lot to learn, a lot to take in.

"It's really not just walking, but also the turns, the technique and the strategy of doing things, but enjoying it at the same time."

ONE FM food fight

What makes ONE FM DJs go 'mmm'? They slug it out with their favourite culinary discoveries of the week

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6,500 people rescued

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Circle Line hit again, North-South Line too

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Rain in Riau brings respite from haze

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