Girls' Generation scandal: Jessica hits back after SM's statement - who do you believe? Take our poll

Jessica Jung has responded to SM Entertainment's statement of her shocking release where she has dismissed claims of putting her side activities first compared to Girls' Generation activities.

Jessica Jung has spoken up about what happened prior to her sudden departure from famed K-pop girl group Girls' Generation (GG).

The 25-year-old singer has dismissed GG's management's claims that she didn't put her activities with the girl group first. She then goes on to say that her band mates told her to choose between her fashion business, BLANC, or her activities with the group.

Fans have responded to her statement.



Here are five key takeaways from Jessica's statement:

1. Shocked and upset

"I was given a notice of departure from Girls' Generation by the agency on September 29, and I cannot hide my shocked and upset heart about this, so I’m here to reveal my position."

2. 'Always put Girls' Generation first'

"I have always put Girls' Generation’s activities before my business or personal life as a member of Girls' Generation. However, despite my efforts for the team, I have been asked to leave the team by the agency."

3. Sudden changed minds

"Up until the beginning of August when I was launching 'BLANC', I had received agreement and permission from SM, and congratulations from the members as well.

However, in early September, after only a month since the launching, the members suddenly changed their position and held a meeting, and told me to either quit my business or leave Girls' Generation without any justifiable reason."

4. No notice

"However, on September 29, I was given a one-sided notice asking me to leave Girls' Generation. Due to this, I was also unable to attend the fan meeting in China on September 30, and I have also been excluded from following Girls' Generation activities."

5. Apology to fans

"I also want to apologise for causing concern to all the fans. Please understand that this situation is not at all what I had wanted, and that I’ve always treasured Girls' Generation, and that I will continue to do so. Thank you for always supporting and loving me."

Click here for Jessica's full statement

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Four friends turn to stealing to pay for wedding

Four friends in India committed thefts to pay for a wedding.

Here's a really unusual motive for carrying out a crime.

Four friends in India committed two thefts to pay for a wedding, reported Tamil Nesan.

A youth, known only as Azad, needed money for his marriage.

He and his three friends decided the best to raise the funds was to turn to stealing.

The quartet carried out the thefts on Sept 21 and Sept 22 in Dehradun, Uttarakhand, reported Times Of India.

They were arrested on Monday.

The Times Of India reported that an SUV, two televisions, two laptops, 19 mobile handsets and gold ornaments​ were seized from them.

Sources: The Star, Times Of India

Asian Games: J80 sailors clinch gold for Team Singapore

(From left) National sailors Christopher Lim, Russell Kan, Maximilian Soh, Justin Wong and Andrew Paul Chan clinched an Asian Games gold medal for the J80 match racing event.
(From left) National sailors Christopher Lim, Russell Kan, Maximilian Soh, Justin Wong and Andrew Paul Chan clinched an Asian Games gold medal for the J80 match racing event.

Singapore's sailors have clinched a third Asian Games sailing gold medal in Incheon, South Korea.

The Republic's J80 crew - consisting of skipper Maxmilian Soh, Andrew Paul Chan, Justin Wong, Russell Kan and Christopher Lim - beat hosts South Korea 2-0 in a best of three final to win the Asiad's match racing event at Wangsan Sailing Marina on Wednesday.

The victory was Singapore's seventh medal in sailing following a two gold (Girls' Optimist and women's 420), two silver (Boys' Optimist and women's 29er) and two bronze (Laser and men's 420) haul from Tuesday.

Singapore's overall medal tally now stands at five gold, six silver and 11 bronze.

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Court dismisses appeal of Thai teen who lost legs in MRT accident

File photo of Thai teenager Nitcharee Peneakchanasak.

The Court of Appeal on Wednesday dismissed the appeal of Thai teenager, Nitcharee Peneakchanasak, who had tried to sue SMRT and the Land Transport Authority (LTA) for damages when she lost both legs in a train accident.

The teen had fallen onto the tracks at Ang Mo Kio MRT station in April 2011.

One of her legs was severed by an oncoming train, and the other had to be amputated.

Lawyers for SMRT & LTA said that out of compassion, their clients would not be demanding costs from her.

Read the full report in our print edition on Oct 2.

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Lightning, then explosions as 15 tankers, lorries destroyed in M'sian inferno

(Warning: Video contains graphic language)

A suburb of Kota Kinabalu was rocked by multiple explosions from a workshop and parking area for oil tankers and lorries late Tuesday.

The explosions were sparked off after lightning struck an oil tanker during a thunderstorm at Taman Cerah Menggatal, some 20km from KK , resulting in a massive fire which destroyed at least 15 tankers and lorries, report The Star.

Housewife Chin Su Yee, who lives across the road from workshop, said she could feel the ground shaking every time there was an explosion.

"It was so scary. I couldn't tell the thunder and explosions apart." - Housewife Chin Su Yee who lives near the workshop where the lightning struck

State Fire and Rescue Services Department director Nordin Pauzi said a distress call was received at 9.23pm and five fire engines with 20 personnel were immediately dispatched.

"Initial reports shows about 10 tanker trucks were destroyed in the fire." - State Fire and Rescue Services Department director Nordin Pauzi

"It took our personnel more than an hour to control the blaze as the tankers were loaded with either petrol or diesel," Nordin said, adding that several explosions occurred.

Firefighters managed to put the fire under control by 11pm and the operation ended a few hours later.

No casualties were reported, and the cause of the fire is being investigated.

Source: The Star

Poll: Majority say Schooling should not be punished for drinking after sports meet

Joseph Schooling, and two other swimmers were allegedly intoxicated at the entrance of the athletes' village of the Asian Games in Incheon.
Joseph Schooling, and two other swimmers were allegedly intoxicated at the entrance of the athletes' village of the Asian Games in Incheon.

Joseph Schooling, the national swimmer who excelled in the Asian Games in Incheon, had allegedly appeared intoxicated at the entrance of the athletes' village after a night out.

Together with two other swimmers, Roanne Ho and Teo Zhen Ren, they were escorted by a security official from the entrance of the athletes' village to their block in the early hours of Saturday morning.

There were comments indicating that he has brought shame to the nation especially since he had earlier won one gold, two silver, and two bronze models at his swimming events at the games.

The New Paper conducted an online poll ​which 322 people took as of 12pm (Oct 1) and the results show that Singaporeans are generally forgiving of the swimmers.

The poll found that 77 per cent think that the athletes should not be punished for drinking after the events were over.

And is Schooling less of a role model to Singaporeans? No, says 72 per cent.

Seventy-three per cent said the incident did not make them see Schooling less positively 

However, 60 percent of respondents said that athletes should not be drinking at sports meets at all. 

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Classic videogame Tetris will be made into a movie

The classic videogame Tetris, in which players slot a cascade of tumbling blocks together, is being turned into a science-fiction movie.
The classic videogame Tetris, in which players slot a cascade of tumbling blocks together, is being turned into a science-fiction movie.

The classic videogame Tetris, in which players slot a cascade of tumbling blocks together, is being turned into a science-fiction movie, the project’s developers said Tuesday.

Tetris has been a mainstay of computer gaming since it was created 30 years ago, but the shape-slotting puzzle may not seem like an obvious subject for a big-screen adaptation.

Threshold Entertainment said in a statement that it was partnering with The Tetris Company to develop the film.

“Everyone knows that Tetris is one of the best known, most beloved brands in the world.” - Larry Kasanoff, chairman  of Threshold Entertainment, which is partnering The Tetris Company 

“What everyone doesn’t know yet is this epic sci-​­fi story that we’re going to tell. That’s what’s really exciting.”

Threshold has already scored some game-to-movie successes, notably two Mortal Kombat films.

Henk Rogers, the managing director of The Tetris Company, said the game feeds our “innate desire to create order out of chaos.”

“You’ll soon find out, there’s much more to Tetris than simply clearing lines.” - Henk Rogers, the managing director of The Tetris Companyhe said.

Tetris has been downloaded more than 425 million times as a paid-for app on mobile devices, and is played more than a billion times online annually, according to the statement. - AFP


Strange news from around the globe

Read them, and yes, believe them.

Hungarian scholar stumbles on original score of Mozart piano sonata



Flipping through a dusty folder of unidentified music scores in Budapest's national library, Hungarian scholar Balazs Mikusi's heart skipped a beat when he came across four pages of the score of a famous Mozart sonata - written down by the composer himself.

Mikusi, head of the Hungarian National Szechenyi Library's music collection, told Reuters TV about the moment he realised what he had stumbled on.

"I of course remember the heartbeat. You are turning the pages of hundreds of sources which are obviously written by copiers, not the composer. And suddenly you see something that is a composer's handwriting - and it even looks similar," he said a few days after the manuscript was presented to the public.


"I said 'This looks like Mozart', and very soon I realized this must be Mozart because I started to read the piece, and it happens to be one of the most famous Mozart sonatas."

He said there were many Mozart autographs that even turn up at auctions, but the world has known about those for long.

"What makes it very interesting is that it's new, nobody has ever seen this or if not ever, in the past 200 years," he said.

"Everybody is intrigued, all the pianists, even average music lovers, and of course Mozart scholars, of what is actually on this page, how should we re-interpret this sonata in the light of this discovery," Mikusi said.

It remains a mystery how the score ended up in the collection of the Szechenyi library.

Dallas man arrested after ill-fated casket prank

A Texas man suspected of stealing a casket to play a prank on his sister by making her think he had dug up their dead father was arrested after she called police, police said on Tuesday.

Once Dallas police received the call from the sister who was concerned about what her brother had brought home, they linked the incident to a report of an assailant stealing an empty casket out of a hearse parked in the lot of Hughes Crown Hill Funeral Home, they said.

The man was arrested for public intoxication and will likely by charged with theft for the stolen casket, police said, adding the suspect did not disturb the grave of his father.

Spanish caver rescued from Peruvian cave after 12 days



A Spanish speleologist trapped 400 metres underground in a cave in the Peruvian Amazon for nearly two weeks was pulled to safety on Tuesday, a rescue worker said.

Cecilio Lopez-Tercero was stuck in the cave, named Intimachay, for 12 days in Peru's northern Amazonas region, where the temperature can drop to as low as 10 degrees Celsius and humidity reaches 100 percent.

After being lifted from the cave with a pulley, Lopez-Tercero said that he hopes to get well enough soon to continue exploring the area, rescue worker Javier Farje told Reuters.

More than 100 rescue workers, including several Spanish colleagues who travelled to South America to help in the effort, broke into applause and embraced each other after Lopez-Tercero appeared at the surface, according to local broadcaster RPP.

Lopez-Tercero suffered a back injury when he fell in the cave, according to local media.

After being pulled from the cave, he was moved to a makeshift camp for initial medical care, Farje said, and would be taken via helicopter to Lima.

Silicon Valley man unwittingly invites fugitive into home amid manhunt

A Silicon Valley homeowner unwittingly welcomed a fugitive into his home and shared a meal with the wanted man as California law enforcement officers canvassed the neighbourhood in a manhunt, police said on Tuesday.

Police in Palo Alto launched the search after receiving an emergency call on Monday about a possible fraudulent bank transaction linked to a man wanted in Oklahoma for a sex crime with a minor, the city's police department said.

Officers tried to nab 35-year-old Dominique Tabb of San Francisco at the bank, but he hopped a fence and ran into a residential neighborhood where officers began a yard-to-yard search, Palo Alto Detective Sergeant Brian Philip said.

A homeowner in his 60s saw Tabb in his yard with some minor scrapes, and Tabb told him that assailants had beaten him up and that he was trying to escape, police said. Believing his story, the homeowner invited Tabb into his home and they shared a meal.

"In his mind it appears he was helping a person out and doing him a favor and getting him out of harm's way," Philip said. "Fortunately nothing bad happened."

Source: Reuters

Watch amazing animated story which runs on 14 Apple device screens

A Ukranian music video chronicles a love affair that takes place on the screens of various Apple devices.
A Ukranian music video chronicles a love affair that takes place on the screens of various Apple devices.

If you think your love for Apple devices is something, try watching this cool music video of a song called Knock Knock by Ukrai​nian band Brunettes Shoot Blondes. 

A Ukranian production studio used 14 Apple devices including Macbooks, iPads and iPhones to create a real-time music video that is set entirely on devices' screens.

The love story, which takes place between a girl, and an (admittedly creepy-looking) bunny sees the characters jumping between the different display screens.

One part even has the girl driving through the Apple apps - and the effect is just plain cool.

Just watch the video above.

Source: Cnet


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    Philippine couple behind fetish animal torture videos jailed for life

    A Philippine couple have been jailed for life for forcing young scantily-clad women to torture or kill animals for the sexual gratification of online customers, a court official said Tuesday.

    Victor Ridon and Chita Dorma Ridon were found guilty of human trafficking by a court in the northern city of San Fernando.

    “As clear as day, the factual evidence points to the accused spouses as the perpetrators of these grievous crimes,” Judge Alpino Florendo wrote in his ruling.

    Court clerk Allen Sarmiento told AFP the “crush video” ruling, handed down on Monday, was the first of its kind in the Asian country.

    However Philippine police have also conducted raids against individuals who make children perform sex acts for a global Internet audience.

    Animals tortured or killed

    The Ridons were arrested in 2011 and put on trial in 2012 following a complaint by a US-based animal rights group about animals being tortured or killed for sexual gratification in the Philippines.

    The court found the couple had forced several babysitters, including one aged 12 and a 16-year-old, to perform in dozens of “crush fetish” videos designed to sexually arouse a certain group of Internet users.

    The younger girl, in her underwear, was videotaped by the couple crushing a sea snake and beheading a monkey in 2008, it said.

    The older girl, in a short skirt, performed acts of cruelty to sea snakes, chicks, rabbits, guinea pigs, a puppy, dogs, frogs and rats in 2009, the court heard. 


    The two minors later testified against the couple, who were also given prison terms of between two and 15 years for child abuse and cruelty to animals.

    They were also fined a total of 9.91 million pesos (S$281,000) each.

    People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals campaigner Rochelle Regodon said it is investigating purported customers who had wired money to the couple from the United States, France, Australia, South Korea, Malaysia and Britain.

    Source: AFP