Man proposes to girlfriend with a bouquet of meat

Look closer, that's not your average bouquet of flowers.

A man in China got down on one knee and proposed to his girlfriend with a meat bouquet at a hotpot restaurant.

Why the use of raw beef slices rolled into the shape of roses? Because his girlfriend loves to eat meat.

The woman was moved to tears and accepted the proposal. 

The couple have been dating for five years.

The boyfriend reportedly said she had been growing fatter and fatter due to her love for meat, but that he did not mind.

While we are glad for the couple, we're a little wary of bouquets inspired by our favourite foods.

Bacon bouquets, anyone? Or what about steak ones? Because meat bouquets are an actual thing.

Here's one for lovers of bacon.


And yes, one for lovers of steak.


He fights back against a crocodile and survives

The man was injured in his hip and hand, but survived the crocodile attack.

An Indonesian man living in Malaysia has survived a crocodile attack by punching the reptile's eyes repeatedly.

Mr Muliana Malla, who is in his 40s, was washing his hands at a river at Kuala Sungai Suai in Batu Niah, a small town in Sarawak.

A 2m-long crocodile suddenly leapt out of the water and sunk its teeth into the man's hip, reported the Harian Metro.

"The water was calm when the crocodile suddenly appeared and attacked my hip. I was then dragged for 2m to the centre of the river forcing me to fight to save my life," Mr Muliana was quoted as saying.

"I tried to fight it but it continued to continued to be violent. After that, it bit my right hand forcing me to use my left hand to punch the crocodile.

"While in pain, I punched the crocodile's eye multiple times until it stopped biting (me)," he said when recounting the incident.

Source: Harian Metro

Mr Lee Kuan Yew's unsung hero: She's not only his daughter but also his doctor and...

Dr Lee Wei Ling (left) in a photo taken in 1980 with her father, the late Mr Lee Kuan Yew.

The late Mr Lee Kuan Yew was known to ask young Singaporeans he met if they were married.

If the answer was yes, he would then ask if they were going to have children.

That was among the nuggets of information that former journalist Cassandra Chew shared in her eulogy during Sunday's (March 29) state funeral at the University Cultural Centre.

Mr Lee's daughter, Dr Lee Wei Ling, is his only child who is unwed.

This may have been one of his biggest blessings.

In his eulogy at the private family farewell at the Mandai Crematorium, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong thanked his sister for being one of the primary care-givers for their father.

Here's what he said to Dr Lee:

"I would also like to thank my sister Ling, who lived with Papa in Oxley Road and who did so much to take care of him.

"You were not only his daughter but also his doctor, one of them. You were his close companion throughout.

"You travelled with him, watched over him closely. 

Made sure he got medical treatment in time when problems were brewing. And before any disaster could happen. 

You took on more than your fair share of our filial duties.

"Thank you, Ling." 

The Straits Times reported that Dr Lee, in her eulogy at Mandai Crematorium, revealed that Mr Lee had choked on a piece of meat once.

Having suffered from Parkinson's disease for the last three years, this had impaired his ability to swallow solids and liquids.

She said that security officers (SOs) Liang Chye, ASP Yak and Kelvin had managed to save him with the Heimlich manoeuvre.

"They coordinated their pull, and after several attempts, the piece of meat was finally ejected. By this time, Papa had already turned purple.

"But within seconds of the meat being dislodged, he was mentally alert."

She's glad that she had the choice of staying by her father's side.

Said Dr Lee: "Papa, I know you would have preferred if I had married and had children.

But I have no regrets, no regrets I was able to look after you and Mama in your old age."


WATCH: PM Lee Hsien Loong's eulogy at Mandai


Sources: YouTube, Straits Times


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Girl, 14, elopes with man, then says: I don't want Deddy anymore

Teen, 14, in Malaysia elopes with man to Indonesia, then...

She was happy when she first met an Indonesia man called Deddy, 26.

The 14-year-old girl in Malaysia wanted to be with him so she eloped with him to Lombok, an Indonesian island east of Bali, last September.

But six months later, it was Mummy whom she wanted.

The teen followed the man because she thought "he was taking me to travel", Malaysian newspaper The Star reported.

She said:

“When I was there, I kept pestering him not to go to work and spend time with me.”
“One day, he got angry and hit me in the face."

That was when she became frightened.

She was also taken aback that Deddy intended to marry her once she turned 16.

On March 1, she managed to contact her mother, who then sought help from an assemblyman.

Indonesian police tracked the girl to east Lombok and took custody of her on March 20, before placing her under child protection services in Mataram, Indonesia.

Reunited with mum this month

The teenager was finally reunited with her mother on March 24.

The man she eloped with was from the Sasak tribe and thought it was legal to marry the girl through a practice called “abduction for marriage”.

Assemblyman Sim said Deddy was being held by the Indonesian Immigration Department for bringing the girl into the country without valid documents.

Source: Star Online

Mr Lee Kuan Yew bought us drinks: He'd stop his car, say hello and ask how I was

We asked you to share your story of meeting Mr Lee Kuan Yew in person.

Few people have had the honour of meeting him, much less speak to him.

Based on what you shared, the late Mr Lee always had time for a smile, a greeting and kind words.

Thank you for giving us an insight on our founding father.

If you have met him or know someone who has, do send your stories to for us to compile it into a tribute.


1.  From Zechary Peter Sugianto

While I was working in Parliament house as an auxiliary police officer, I met Mr Lee Kuan Yew a few times.

Occasionally he bought drinks for us.

There were a few times while I was mending the exit gate when he would stop his car, wind down (the window), say hello and ask me how I was. Which I always replied: "Saya okay, Tuan."

And he would reply "Bagus".

There was once he told me in Malay: "Jadi rakyat Singapura yang berguna, awak semua orang muda adalah masa hadapan Singapura."
("Be Singaporeans who contribute, you young people are the future of Singapore.")

So touched by his words of encouragement.


2. From Serene Tan

I was saddened to learn of the passing of our founding father, a great man whom I respect. 

I was born in the the late 1950s and grew up during our founding father's era. I remember how much he influenced our lives. 

As I aged, our country prospered into a beautiful garden city. 

As I travelled, people abroad were amazed how our "little red dot" had transformed from a village to a beautiful garden city. 

It was a privilege for me and my family members to meet our founding father when my late father-in-law passed away.

He spoke to us in a very "fatherly" manner and emphasised the importance of Chinese for the next generation.  

He is not only our founding father but a grandfather to the younger generation too. 

Words alone cannot express our heartfelt thanks to  Mr Lee.


3. From Thilaga Kumaran

​I was working as a PA in an law-related Board in High Court. I can remember vaguely, it was 1997.

One morning, we were told that Mr Lee Kuan Yew would be passing through our office to go for some meeting in the High Court. Our office was ideally located away from the public eye.

The moment came. He was with his bodyguards  (he was a Senior Minister then).

Before I opened my mouth to greet him, he greeted me with a "Good Morning!".

I was star-struck and had goosebumps all over!  A man (of) such (huge) magnitude greeted me first!

Wow! The first meeting was a pleasant one, which I didn't expect at all!


4. From Kumar Kumaran

It happened around 2009 or 2010. 

I was in a meeting and my superior told me that I needed to chauffeur a VVIP who was coming to Sentosa to visit the Cove.

I was not driving then but gladly agreed to it after knowing who the VVIP was.

The next day and I waited eagerly for Mr Lee.

When he came, he looked very frail.

Before getting in, he asked me, "Are you going to drive me around the island?" 

I replied: 'Yes Sir, I am'.

Mr Lee replied: "Good! I don't need to worry then". 

I drove him and once everything was over, he walked to me and said: "Thank you Mr Kumaran." 

He shook my hand and patted my shoulder. He was so polite (he even) used a salutation on me. No air whatsoever.

Humble being.

Whatever recognition and promotions I got became less (important) after I met my idol Lee Kuan Yew.

That day, he spent almost an hour with me.

I personally feel that was the highlight of my entire career!


5. From D-Lian Lin


Have you seen Sir Lee Kuan Yew in real life?

I'm fortunate to say, yes I have.

Not once but twice, at the same place on the same day.

It happened four years ago, when I was celebrating my wedding anniversary with my family at Carlton Hotel.

Upon arrival at the hotel, I was surprised to see Mr Lee Kuan Yew. I was very excited.

Our paths crossed and he was just right in front of me (less than one metre away).

He smiled at me and we made eye contact.

When we left after dinner, he happened to finish his meeting and once again, we saw him for the second time.

He (left) a very deep impression: In my mind, I will never forget the (way he smiled) at that time.

His fighting spirit will always remain with us, Singaporeans.

Though it's really sad to learn of his passing, I know he must have reconciled with Mrs Lee in a better place. 

To Lee Kuan Yew, Sir, thank you for everything.

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For PM Lee, in your time of grief

To Sir, with love: Melvyn Koh drew this picture of the late Mr Lee Kuan Yew in the hope that he can give it to PM Lee.

His heart goes out to Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong and the Lees for their loss.

When he heard that Mr Lee Kuan Yew died on March 23, Mr Melvyn Koh decided to put his artistic talent to good use and give the PM a surprise.

The present?

A portrait of the late Mr Lee Kuan Yew from his early days to his later years.

Mr Koh, 21, told The New Paper:

"I have always admired Mr Lee Kuan Yew since young.

"Even though to some people he seemed fierce, he still had that charming smile about him.

"At the end of the day, his sternness and determination in building a modern Singapore has paid off. 

"He has molded this small country into what she is today."

Currently waiting to enter university, Mr Koh (below) hopes PM can see his artwork.

Here's the message he wants to tell PM:

"I'm deeply saddened by the passing of Mr Lee Kuan Yew, our founding father of modern Singapore.

"He may not be with us now, but the people that you're leading, your fellow Singaporeans, will continue to make an effort in nation building, be it economically or socially, for his lasting legacy.

"I believe in you, PM Lee Hsien Loong."​

Besides Mr Koh's work, here are five artistic works in honour of Mr Lee.

1) Tribute by AP Sreethar​




Dear Lee Kuan Yew, It's difficult to find the words to write a message that accurately reflects my appreciation for the amount you've done for our country. You've admirably dedicated your life to successfully transforming Singapore to what she is today. I often find it incredible how you managed to turn an inconspicuous island under British colonial rule into a financial powerhouse and an internationally renown entertainment playground with one of the most beautiful contemporary architectural scenes in the world. Despite some debatable policies you've attempted to pass through your years, you still remain a highly respectable figure in my books. Though our time here is finite, your efforts will live on in many generations to come. I'm definitely proud to be Singaporean (apart from my unshakeable accent), thank you for giving me a place I will always call Home. Here is a little something to express my gratitude- an artwork to represent the undying love you share with your wife. Though we will mourn for your passing is our loss, we ought to celebrate your life for it is our blessing. May you both reunite and spend the rest of eternity together in a better place. Rest in peace, Tamlyn ___________ #love#art#illustration#illustratedmonthly #singapore#lky#leekuanyew#sgig#thankyoulky#getwellsoonlky#lky#sgart#loss#life#inspiration#asia#vscocam#artist #artfido #artdaily #artsanity#imaginationarts#featuring_art#restinpeaceLKY#riplky#tributetolky

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Sandcastle at East Coast Beach. PHOTO: Jinny Wong

He escapes fire wearing only his shorts

AFTERMATH: Two men were rescued from a burning flat in Jurong early yesterday. The 40-year-old was found unconscious and had suffered serious burns to his body. The 70-year-old man suffered smoke inhalation.
AFTERMATH: Residents watch the rescue operations early yesterday.

A taxi driver escaped an early-morning fire in Jurong on Sunday wearing only his shorts.

There was simply no time to waste when Mr Steven Pua, a taxi driver living on the third storey of Block 119 Ho Ching Road, heard the call to evacuate.

Four units away, his neighbour's three-room flat was on fire.

While most residents of the block like Mr Pua and his family were safely evacuated, two men from the burning unit were taken to hospital suffering smoke inhalation.

One of them was found unconscious and had serious burns on his body.

Read the full report in our print edition on Mar 30.

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Two other fires

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Vettel targets world title

"I’m speechless. We beat them fair and square and it is a special day — that is why I am emotional." - Sebastian Vettel (above) after beating Lewis Hamilton
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Woods to fall outside world's top 100

Tiger Woods
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