Blood, sweat and tears part and parcel of cosplay: US cosplayer Stella Chuu

Want to try your hand at cosplaying? Make sure that you love the art and most importantly, "don't be a jerk", says US cosplayer Stella Chuu.

The 26-year-old, who has been crafting her own costumes since 2011, is no stranger to the demands of cosplaying. 

"Cosplay is very hard. If you want to learn how to make your own costumes, it's a lot of blood, sweat and tears. You have to love cosplaying in order to love making cosplay," Chuu told The New Paper at a Singapore Toy, Game and Comic Convention (STGCC) media preview session on Thursday (September 10).

Chuu, who is most well-known for cosplaying as characters such as Ivy Valentine from the SoulCalibur fighting games and Quorra from Disney's Tron: Legacy, spent three weeks putting together a costume for her STGCC debut over the September 12 weekend. 

During the convention, Chuu will appear at panel sessions on stage, sign autographs as well as pose for photos with fans.

Her Singapore outfit — an beautiful recreation of Tharja's, a beloved character from Nintendo's Fire Emblem series, costume — is proof that she is a true cosplay-lover.

WATCH: Stella Chuu talks about the costume she made for her STGCC debut


Chuu went to great lengths to ensure that her costume looked as close to the original possible. The neckpiece alone took her multiple attempts to get right.

The costume is also testament to Chuu's creativity. Her prop, a spellbook similar to the one Tharja is often seen carrying, doubles as a purse. 

When asked about the spellbook — which is actually an old textbook— Chuu flipped it open to reveal handbag items such as makeup, oil-blotting paper and lip balm which were placed in a neatly cut out compartment.

To Chuu, the golden rule of cosplaying is to be nice to fellow cosplayers.

She said: "Cosplay is about community and sharing things that you like so don't be mean to anyone."

WATCH: Quick questions with Stella Chuu 



STGCC runs from Saturday (September 12) to Sunday (September 13) at Marina Bay Sands, Sands Expo and Convention Center, Level 1, Halls B and C. Tickets start from $19 and can be purchased at selected retail outlets or at the convention itself.

For more information, visit STGCC's official website.

GE2015 in pictures: The last rallies

WP chairman Sylvia Lim, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong and SDP chief Chee Soon Juan spoke during the final two days of hustings for the upcoming general election.
WP chairman Sylvia Lim, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong and SDP chief Chee Soon Juan spoke during the final two days of hustings for the upcoming general election.

Wednesday (Sept 9) marked of the end of campaigning for this year's General Election.

Backed by their vociferous supporters, candidates from all parties made their final push for Singaporeans' allegiances before heading to the polls on Friday (Sept 11).

Here are the best images from the final days of campaigning as seen through The New Paper's photo team.

SEPT 7: Singapore Democratic Party lunchtime and evening rallies

SEPT 9: Workers' Party rally at Bedok Stadium and People's Action Party rallies in Jalan Besar and Simei


Singaporeans get creative during the haze which has hit this year's highest PSI reading

One of the witty works of Singaporeans who are trying to be positive during the haze.

The haze has reached a new level today (Sept 10), the highest recorded so far this year.

The three-hour Pollutants Standard Index (PSI) hit 137 at noon.

At 6pm, the three-hour PSI reached 160.

The Straits Times reported that yesterday (Sept 9), the PSI readings were lower, staying within the 50 to 100 range, which is considered moderate with regards to the intensity of the haze.

The National Environment Agency (NEA) said on its website that the country's air quality may deteriorate further if the winds are unfavourable. 

So how are Singaporeans coping with the haze?

Apart from making sure that they stay hydrated, keep out of the open when the can, buy air purifiers and wear masks, some of them are trying to make it through this smoky time with humour.

Bring on the haze wisecracks.





The haze is back, and so is Nick Fury #haze

A photo posted by Imran Johri (@e_imsk) on




We really are too busy complaining about #GE2015 to complain about the #haze #nofilter

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Haze is back. Take care folks. #haze #merlionsingapore #merlionpark

A photo posted by Gordon Chen (@80stoyshop) on




GDxTaeyang ft. Manager coming soon in Singapore (kidding #haze)

A photo posted by Melvin (@melvinnlaa) on
















Looks like an apocalyspe happening right outside my office building... #haze #singapore

A photo posted by Miranda Z. (@dumbpotato) on




Source: The Straits Times, National Environment Agency website, Instagram

Japanese city flooded as raging river breaks its banks

Residents are seen as they wait for rescue helicopters at a residential area flooded by the Kinugawa river, caused by typhoon Etau, in Joso, Ibaraki prefecture.

Japan evacuated about 100,000 people from their homes on Thursday (Sept 10), after rare torrential rains unleashed floods that left at least two people missing and stranded many more when rivers surged over their banks.

A further 800,000 people across eastern Japan have been advised to evacuate after officials issued pre-dawn warnings of unusually harsh rainfall to 5 million people.

Television broadcast pictures of helicopters plucking individuals from rooftops, while one elderly couple sat on a roof clutching a pair of dogs.

Some areas received double the usual September rainfall within 48 hours after tropical storm Etau swept across the central part of Japan’s main island of Honshu, reported Reuters.

A 63-year old woman was missing after a landslide hit her home, while a man in his 70s in the town of Joso, about 56km north of Tokyo, was feared trapped in his home when floods swept it away, NHK national television said.

A resident is rescued by a rescue helicopter at a residential area flooded by the Kinugawa river, caused by typhoon Etau, in Joso, Ibaraki prefecture. PHOTO: REUTERS

The huge rains also exacerbated a contaminated water problem at the crippled Fukushima nuclear plant as it overwhelmed the site’s drainage pumps, sending radiation-tainted water into the ocean.

“This is a scale of downpour that we have not experienced before,” forecaster Takuya Deshimaru told an emergency press conference.

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said the government was on high alert.

“The government will stand united and do its best to deal with the disaster... by putting its highest priority on people’s lives,” he told reporters.

In Joso, houses and vehicles were washed away along with some power lines, as military personnel headed to the area to help with the rescue mission.

A solitary man clutched onto a concrete power pole, unable to move as raging water surged by him. He was later rescued.


Nearby, an emergency official was suspended from a helicopter to rescue a person from a submerged home.

Desperate residents waved towels at rescuers as they stood on second-floor balconies waiting for help.

“Please continue to ask for help. Please do not give up hope,” an NHK broadcaster said in an apparent message to helpless residents.

The city is about 60km outside the capital Tokyo, which has also been hit by flooding.

Buried by landslides

Joso is in Ibaraki prefecture, where the Japan Meteorological Agency had issued special warnings urging vigilance against mudslides and flooding. It had similar warnings for Tochigi prefecture.


“The prefecture has requested assistance from the Self-Defence Forces and police helicopters from the region. We are receiving their help,” a prefectural official told AFP.

“We do not have updated information about the damage, but we know it is extensive and affected wide areas,” he added.

Tochigi authorities ordered more than 90,000 residents to evacuate, while another 116,000 were advised to leave their homes, public broadcaster NHK said. In Ibaraki , at least 20,000 were ordered to evacuate for fears of floodings.

A view of flood waters from the Kinugawa river (R) caused by typhoon Etau at a residential area in Joso, Ibaraki prefecture. PHOTO: REUTERS

In Tochigi’s Kanuma city, a local official said rescuers were searching for a missing person believed to be buried in mudslides.

“We don’t know details of this person yet,” he said.

NHK reported it was a woman in her 60s buried after mudslides destroyed houses. Her husband was rescued soon after, it added.

Two men were missing in Nikko, a city known for its historical shrines, after possibly being buried by landslides, public broadcaster NHK said.

Two other men in Nikko were rescued after being swept into a drainage gutter, but one was unconscious, the broadcaster said.

Etau, which smashed into Japan on Wednesday, moved out into the Sea of Japan (East Sea) by the end of the day, but a wall of rain continued to lash the country.

Rainfall reached 600mm in the area around Joso, with weather officials expecting at least 200mm more in parts of eastern Japan, including Fukushima, the site of the nuclear reactor crippled in 2011, before the downpour stops on Friday.

Source: AFP, Reuters Google Maps, Twitter

This weather man was cool as ice reading this long city name

A video of a weatherman pronouncing Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch has gone viral

It is a town in Wales and to the uncultured eye can look like the random mashing of the keyboard.

Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch is an actual town in Wales.

And no, I didn't fall asleep on the keyboard. Nor is it a typo error.

And if you think remembering the spelling of it is difficult, try pronouncing it.

A video of a weatherman, Liam Dutton, in the UK pronouncing the 58-character name of this village live has gone viral.



Now, how many tries before you perfect it?

Here's a video to help you.



The name means Saint Mary's Church In A Hollow Of White Hazel Near The Swirling Whirlpool Of The Church Of Saint Tysilio With A Red Cave.

It was given a longer name in the 19th Century in an attempt to develop it as a tourist centre.

This is not the longest name of a place in the world though.

That honour belongs to New Zealand's...(deep breath)


And yes, we had to shrink the font for it to fit on the page.


Sources: Business Insider



Terry Gilliam apologises for being 'dead'

Director Terry Gilliam arrives for the screening of the movie A Bigger Splash presented in competition at the 72nd Venice International Film Festival last Sunday (Sept 6).

On Tuesday (Sept 8) Variety announced that director iconic director Terry Gilliam had died.

Gilliam, 74, is famed for mind bending films such as 12 Monkeys, Time Bandits, Brazil and being a member of the seminal Monty Python team.

Also, he is not dead.

The Independent reported that by Tuesday evening, thousands had shared Gilliam's so-called obituary.

The article, titled Monty Python's Terry Gilliam, Director of Brazil, dies at XXX, said:

"Director Terry Gilliam, the only American member of the Monty Python comedy troupe and an Oscar nominee for the screenplay to his film Brazil, has died.

"Gilliam directed 12 feature films, often with baroque or surreal themes, including Time Bandits, Brazil and The Fisher King.

"His films inspired intense reactions; several were cult classics with devoted followings, but they were generally flawed enough to inspire loathing from those not on the same bawdy, anarchical comedy wavelength."

Since the Oscar-nominated director was still very much alive, this gaffe gave netizens an excuse to have a field day online.

Netizens got really creative with the false news.

Many quoted the famous Python's Dead Parrot sketch.

"Terry Gilliam is not dead. He's resting... he's stunned... he's pining for the fjords."

Referencing Monty Python and the Holy Gail, Twitter user Scott Linnen wrote: "Terry Gilliam is not dead.

"A witch once turned him into a newt. But he got better."





According to The Guardian, Variety retracted the article and posted an apology on Twitter:

"Variety incorrectly published an article stating that director Terry Gilliam passed away.

"We're deeply sorry for the mistake."



On Facebook, Gilliam showed his sense of humour by apologising for his "death"  as creatively as you'd expect for the former animator.

Mirror reported that he posted this picture on the social networking site.


He wrote: "I apologize for being dead especially to those who have already bought tickets to the upcoming talks, but, Variety has announced my demise.

"Don't believe their retraction and apology!"

Gilliam is due to release an autobiography on Oct 1.

He will also be giving talks on his memoir in New York on Oct 20 and in London on Oct 7.

Source: The Independent, The Guardian, Mirror UK 

Fake Qing Dynasty princess jailed for $500,000 scam

A scroll depicting the Kangxi's Emperor's 60th Birthday Celebration
The Palace Museum in Beijing.

A deceptive mix of fake princess, bogus treasure maps and counterfeit gold helped a farmer con people out of 2.3million yuan (S$512,000).

South China Morning Post reported that Wang Fengying had told those that she had tricked that she was Princess Changping, a descendant of China’s Aisin Gioro, the family name of the Manchu emperors that ruled the country during the Qing dynasty (1644 -1911).

Wang is actually a farmer from Henan, China.

In 2013, she teamed up with an accomplice and began to cheat people of their money until she was caught in July 2014.

In her home, authorities found 41 gold bars, thousands in fake cash and 'treasure maps that Wang offered to investors as collateral'.

On Monday (Sept 7), she was found guilty of fraud and sentenced to 13 and a half years' jail.

Her accomplice was sentenced to 12 years.

IOL News reported that she was also ordered by the court to repay all the money that she had swindled from her victims.


The elaborate con saw her accomplice set up a companyand hold a grand ceremony where she attended as a guest in her princess guise.

According to, Wang told all the people who attended the event that she was very rich but her gold bars were all locked away by mainland authorities.

She asked attendees for money so that she could bribe officials to return the gold and other assets.

Wang claimed that once her assets were returned, she would sell them off for a huge profit. She would then return three times the amount loaned.


Source: IOL News, South China Morning Post,

New Face 2015: Nikki Pang

Nikki Pang.

Nikki Pang, 19

Accounting student, Institute of Technical Education

Nikki Pang wanted to be a model since she was six years old.

At that time, she had been with her parents watching television when a commercial about a modelling show came up.

“I was just wowed by the models even though it was only a few seconds long. I turned to my parents and shouted with excitement ‘I want to be a super mother!’ which now I realise came out incorrectly,” said Nikki, a student at the Institute of Technical Education.

Growing up, Nikki, has always been interested in fashion and exploring different trends. Her parents have always encouraged and supported her in her interests.


Nikki, 19, is now an aspiring make-up artist and enjoys watching make-up tutorials on YouTube.

She also wants to set up her own online shop for clothes.

She said: “I enjoy expressing my creativity in my make-up projects.”

Subaru Impreza 1.6i-S 4D

Each Subaru forges a connection to the road with the exceptional control of the All-Wheel Drive and the balance of the Subaru Boxer engine. Each is loaded with thoughtful engineering that will keep up with your life.

Outfit: Levi's

Shoes & Accessories: New Look

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Creative Director: Yeoh Wee Teck
Photographer: Jeremy Long
Writer: Teresa Lo
Layout: Billy Ker and Janessa Tan
Stylist: ZH Tan
Hair: Kelvin, Louis and Norman, Monsoon Group
Make up: Beno and Michelle, M.A.C.
The New Paper New Face 2015 finale will be held on Oct 1 at Takashimaya Square, Ngee Ann City basement two at 7.30pm.

All you need to know about Apple's new products

Apple CEO Tim Cook speaks speaks about the new iPhone 6s and 6s Plus in San Francisco, California. Apple Inc.

Apple fans, are your wallets ready?

The tech giant announced a host of new products at their event on Wednesday (Sept 9) at a packed auditorium in San Francisco.

From new iPhones, to a new Apple TV and remote, and to the iPad pro (and the very cool Apple Pencil), the California-based company went all out to wow tech enthusiasts.

In case you were too occupied with GE2015, here's a quick run down on some of the more interesting features and products that were introduced earlier this morning (Sept 10 local time).

New iPhones

Apple's CEO Tim Cook announced two "S" versions of their iPhone 6.

Sporting similar form to the iPhone 6 and the bigger iPhone 6 Plus, the new phones boast nifty hardware upgrades.

The new phones will have A9 chips, which promise faster graphics and performance.

One of the biggest changes? The new phones will be equipped with 3D touch.

For easier nagivation, users can trigger shortcuts on the phones when they press hard on the screen.

Apple calls this new feature Peek and Pop.

A "peek" allows you to have a quick preview at your e-mails. If you decide it's worth reading, then you just need to press a little harder for the email to "pop" (get it?) into a full view.



This also works with website links sent to you on iMessage by your friends. To decide if it's worth leaving your iMessage screen, press forcefully and a preview will pop up.

And then press harder if you want to see the entire website.

This works for photos as well.





3D touch also allows Quick Actions, a shortcut which allows you to do what you do most often in fewer steps.

For example, your can quickly bring up the camera to take a quick photo or message your favourite contacts all from the home screen.



Making digital cameras even more obsolete, the new phones will have a 12-megapixel rear camera and 5-megapixel front facing camera.

Yes, that means your selfies will be in better quality. And that is all that matters.

Apple also introduced Live Photos, a feature which turns every photo that you take into a short video.

When you take a picture, the phone will also take two more pictures - one from a 1.5 sec before, and another from 1.5 sec after - turning the photo into a gif-like video. 


Oh, they also added the colour rose gold (pink) to the lineup.

The Straits Times reported that the phones will be on sale in Singapore on Sept 25 with pre-orders available on Sept 12.

New iPads

The other big announcement came in the form of the bigger iPad to the iPad family.

Phil Schiller, Senior Vice President of Worldwide Marketing at Apple Inc, introducing the iPad to the world. Prices in photos are in US dollars. PHOTO: REUTERS

The larger iPad has 5.6 million pixels. If that number doesn't make sense to you, it basically means that the device has the highest resolution compared to other Apple devices, according to their promo video.

The large screen means that you can comfortably conduct side-by-side multitasking.


But it should be noted that you can already do split screen multi-tasking on the iPad 2.

What the iPad gives you is an extra three inches of display, which should be a boon not just for multitasking, but for those who use iPads to design. 

The iPad pro will be available in November.


Alongside the main dish, Apple also served up two accessories, the Apple Pencil and the Smart Keyboard.

Meant to go along with the iPad Pro, the Smart Keyboard allows you to well, type... on a keyboard. 

The keys are supposed to last longer because they are covered by a sheet of highly durable fabric.

It can also double as a cover for your mega-sized iPad Pro.



Some have scoffed that the Apple Pencil is just a stylus.





It is supposed to allow you to use the Pad Pro with greater precision... which is what a stylus is used for?

Apple touts the Pencil as having lightning fast response because they can reduce the lag to an almost imperceptible level.

This means that what you draw will immediately appear on your screen.


Coupled with 3D touch, it means that depending on how hard you press or manipulate the device, you can draw more types of lines on the screen.

Just like a real pencil.

Another interesting feature especially for creative professionals is the ability to conjure up a virtual ruler with just two fingers on the screen.



Already thinking of queueing up to get these babies?

We'll be right there in the queue with you. 

Source: Twitter, Facebook, YouTube,TechCrunch



CRUEL ROMANCE Channel 8, 11.10pm Jinxiu wastes away on the streets of Shanghai after failing to seek help from her sister who still harbours hatred at her family. Jinxiu is discovered by Zuo Zhen and Shi Hao, who help her.
CRUEL ROMANCE Channel 8, 11.10pm Jinxiu wastes away on the streets of Shanghai after failing to seek help from her sister who still harbours hatred at her family. Jinxiu is discovered by Zuo Zhen and Shi Hao, who help her.
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