Black market

Power failure at wholesale centre

DARK: Vegetable traders at Pasir Panjang Wholesale Centre had to rely on torches and candles yesterday morning due to a power failure. 

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Fire scare at Orchard MRT

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Give views on Asean Community

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Say a prayer, fly the flag

ALL IN RED: Children from several churches joined Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong to sing 'One People, One Nation, One Singapore' at the Sports Hub yesterday.
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Jetstar, Virgin cancel Bali flights

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Cancer strikes family: Man survives but loses brother, father

Man survives but loses brother and father after cancer strikes family

ONCE HEALTHY: Mr Lim Kao Siang (left) and his father were healthy before they were suddenly struck with cancer.
WEAK: Mr Richard Lim (left) with his brother, Mr Lim Kao Siang, who was diagnosed with liposarcoma.

Cancer killed his father and brother.

And graphic designer, Richard Lim, 39, has it too.

The Singapore permanent resident had a cancerous growth removed from his left foot in 2008 but it has reappeared.

As he went through surgery to remove a growth in March, he struggled to care for his dying father and brother.

Mr Lim's mother, who is in her 60s, has been devastated by the loss.

He said: "She cried, 'Why are we so unlucky? Why must all three of you be affected by cancer at the same time?' I tried to comfort her but she was inconsolable."

Because of his financial woes after spending thousands of dollars on medical bills, he is now receiving financial assistance from a nonprofit organisation, the Ray of Hope Initiative.

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Why did Steven Gerrard buy LA fans 500 bottles of beer?

Steven Gerrard addressing the fans of LA Galaxy at half-time during the 4-0 win over Toronto FC.

Here is one sure-fire way to win over the fans.

Former Liverpool player and captain Steven Gerrard was officially introduced to the fans of his new club LA Galaxy on Saturday (July 4).

It turns out the 35-year-old was already busy before the meet-and-greet took place during half time of the 4-0 win over Toronto FC. 

He was busy treating fans to 500 bottles of beer before the match, the Mirror reported.



Steven Gerrard delivers a speech to LA Galaxy fans: "It feels ...

Watch Steven Gerrard's halftime speech to #LAGalaxy fans.

Posted by LA Galaxy on Saturday, July 4, 2015


While he has yet to wear the club's colours, Gerrard said in a message posted on the club's website and their Facebook page that he is excited to play for the team.



This 4th of July, the first round is on Stevie G:

Posted by LA Galaxy on Saturday, July 4, 2015


Since supporters are the team's lifeblood, he decided to show how much he appreciated the fans. So he bought beers for all three of LA Galaxy's fan clubs.



@stevengerrard For the win! Thanks! #StevieLAG #acb121 #angelcitybrigade #lagalaxy

A photo posted by ACB (@angelcitybrigade) on


Pure class, Stevie G.

Sources: Mirror, Facebook, Instagram

Car smashes through roof and this is what happens to driver

Unbelievable: Driver whose car smashes through house roof walks away unhurt.
Unbelievable: Driver whose car smashes through house roof walks away unhurt.

Talk about getting a rude wake-up call.

That's what one house occupant in the coastal town of Durban, South Africa, received on Thursday (July 2) — when a car driver smashed through the roof.

The driver was at the outskirts of the city when he claimed he went over "a ramp of some sort" and went flying.

That was how he ended up crashing both car and house in Kwamakhutha Township.


One person was sleeping in the house when the car came crashing in. PHOTO: YOUTUBE SCREENGRAB

What's even more amazing? The driver was able to walk away with no major injuries.

The person sleeping in the house was also unhurt.

Emergency medical provider ER24 spokesman Pieter Rossouw said it's "kind of miraculous" that no one was hurt. PHOTO: YOUTUBE SCREENGRAB

Emergency medical provider ER24 reported the driver explaining that he had gone "over a ramp of some sort", which led him to collide with the building.

"It's really kind of miraculous," ER24 spokesman Pieter Rossouw told the BBC.

 The cause of this incident remains unknown.

Sources: BBC, Mail Online, YouTube