Housewife still unconscious, family not giving up

The 53-year-old housewife who was invovled in an accident with a 17-year-old on an e-scooter last Saturday (Sept 17) remains unconscious.

But her family is not giving up. They have decided to keep her on life support.

Her son, Mr Wilson Leong, 22, a student, told The New Paper yesterday that he also saw the video of a reckless e-scooterist uploaded to Stomp.

He said that enforcement is the issue.

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Fast e-scooters not rare - but dangerous

DANGEROUS: Screengrabs of the video on Stomp showing an e-scooter rider overtaking a bus on Mandai Road.

An e-scooter achieving speeds of up to 70kmh like the one in the video clip shot along Mandai Road.


Not if you ask owner Norman Lee of motorcycle workshop Race Werks.

Out of curiosity, Mr Lee hooked up a customer's $900 e-scooter onto the workshop's eddy current dynamometer in early August.

The machine, which measures a motorbike's horsepower, speed and acceleration, gave a reading of 59kmh while the e-scooter's speedometer showed 67kmh.

Mr Lee, 36, who showed The New Paper a video clip of the dyno test, said: "The way the e-scooter picked up speed from 0 to 50kmh was like a 70 or 80cc motorcycle.

"Despite a simulated load of 80kg, it still managed 59kmh.

"In the wrong hands, especially those without training, this can be dangerous."



But there are sellers online who tout e-scooters capable of speeds between 45kmh and 60kmh, said business development manager Chew Boon Hur of Mobat, a local brand of e-scooters assembled in China.

"We dictate the specifications of our e-scooters to our partners in China because we're concerned for rider safety," he said.

Like Mr Lee, Mr Chew was aware of the clip showing the e-scooter rider overtaking a bus along Mandai Road.

Mr Chew said: "Any speeds above 25kmh can make it hard for a rider to control the e-scooter in an emergency."

Mr Lee said more awareness is needed to discourage people from modifying e-scooters to go faster even when there are hobbyists on social media who provide "tuning" services.

But when you add more power and speed to the equation, you risk getting hurt, Mr Lee said.


"E-scooters are not meant to go as fast as motorcycles because they have limited suspension travel and inadequate brakes to deal with high-speed braking," said Mr Lee.

"The worst case scenario when you jam the brakes (on an e-scooter) is you'll lose traction and crash."

Mr Ronald Tay of believes that most e-scooter riders are law-abiding.

In his opinion, educating new riders on safety and engaging customers just before they buy e-scooters are every dealer's responsibility.

"I'm not going to sell a 20kg machine (e-scooter) to a 40kg girl," said Mr Tay.

"I will spend 20 minutes with each customer to select a suitable e-scooter for his or her needs."

GROUP: E-scooter riders at Pasir Ris Drive 3.


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E-scooter rider dices with death by overtaking bus

E-scooter rider caught on video overtaking bus in heavy traffic. E-scooter community leader says: He must be punished

DANGEROUS: Screengrabs of the video on Stomp showing an e-scooter rider overtaking a bus on Mandai Road.
DANGEROUS: Screengrabs of the video on Stomp showing an e-scooter rider overtaking a bus on Mandai Road.
DANGEROUS: Screengrabs of the video on Stomp showing an e-scooter rider overtaking a bus on Mandai Road.
DANGEROUS: Screengrabs of the video on Stomp showing an e-scooter rider overtaking a bus on Mandai Road.

The three-lane Mandai Road is usually occupied by buses, cars and heavy vehicles.

It is no place for a small but powerful electric scooter (e-scooter) - which is not allowed on the roads anyway.

But an e-scooter rider not only blatantly ignored the rule by riding on Mandai Road in heavy morning traffic, he also, at one point, flirted with injury, perhaps even death, by cutting out into the middle lane to overtake a bus.

His bold, and foolhardy, act was captured by the camera phone of the front passenger in a car travelling behind the e-scooter at around 8am on Thursday.

The rider, who was carrying a backpack and wearing a helmet and gloves, initially travelled on the left-most lane of the road. The road has a speed limit of 70kmh.

At one point, the camera panned to the speedometer of the car, which shows it was travelling at just under 70kmh. The driver pointed to the speedometer and said, "Power," referring to the e-scooter ahead.


As the e-scooter gained on the SMRT bus service 171, one of them commented: "Let's see how he overtakes the bus."

As if on cue, the rider sped up to overtake the bus. When he was alongside the bus, a taxi could be seen travelling behind him in the middle lane.


All it would take for tragedy to strike would be for the bus to veer slightly to its right, or for the rider to slip and fall.

Fortunately, this did not happen, and as the rider cut in front of the bus to return to the edge of the road, someone in the car laughed and exclaimed: "Steady, lah!"

The video, which was posted on citizen journalism website Stomp on Thursday, has gone viral, with more than 80,000 views.

It was fiercely debated on Big Wheel Scooters Singapore (BWSS), a community of e-scooter enthusiasts who were upset and concerned that the rider was giving them a bad name.

A BWSS member wrote: "These sort of idiots get no sympathy from me if/when they get mauled by other vehicles."

BWSS chairman Denis Koh told The New Paper yesterday that "black sheep" such as the e-scooter rider in the video must be punished.

He said: "I strongly believe that education plays an important role, but stern action must be dished out swiftly in order to cultivate proper etiquette and to preserve safety for users and other stakeholders sharing the path."

Mr Koh, who is also a member of the Active Mobility Advisory Panel, added that the BWSS Facebook page, which has more than 10,000 members, will now forbid any post related to speeding or illegal modifications to make e-scooters go faster. (See report)

It was announced in Parliament in March that personal mobility devices (PMD) such as e-scooters will be allowed on footpaths, cycling paths and shared paths, but not roads, at the end of the year.

E-scooters are allowed to travel below 15kmh on footpaths and below 25kmh on bicycle or shared paths.

These guidelines were reiterated by the police and Land Transport Authority (LTA) when The Straits Times sought more information on Thursday's incident.

TNP understands that current legislation, if strictly interpreted, forbids the use of PMDs on any LTA roads, pavements or park connectors, and allows them to be ridden only on private premises.


The authorities have largely adopted a soft-touch approach on this, though some e-scooter riders have said they were fined for riding on park connectors or footpaths.

The Mandai Road rider's reckless behaviour comes less than a week after a 53-year-old woman was hit by an e-scooter on a footpath and is now on life support in hospital. (See report at far right.)

The accident sparked calls, particularly from pedestrians, for e-scooters to be banned on footpaths.

Mr Alex Chua, 29, a trade finance operation executive who has been commuting to work daily on his e-scooter, said he was berated by a pedestrian yesterday.

He said: "I can understand why they are angry about us riding on the pavement due to many reckless riders. We sometimes use the pavement as pedestrians, too, so we understand their worry."

Mr Chua, who owns the same model of e-scooter used by the reckless rider on Mandai Road, added: "Not all riders are disciplined like me.

"It all depends on the rider's obligation to the safety of others. Even a kick scooter can kill someone."

Iniesta not panicking after Atleti draw

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Six tips for parents to help children relax before PSLE

Children should not revise intensely the day before the exam
Children should not revise intensely the day before the exam

PSLE is around the corner and anxious parents are trying to figure out the best ways to help their children as much as possible.

Here are six tips for parents to help their children relax before the exams from Sept 29 to Oct 4.

1.Enough sleep

Make sure that the child sleeps at least eight hours in the days leading up to PSLE and during the exam days. According to Ms Anita Wilks, senior consultant from Lorna Whiston School, lack of sleep can lead to decreased attentiveness, poorer short-term memory, inconsistent performance and delayed response time.

2. Healthy eating

Provide the child with healthy meals and snacks to raise energy levels. Limit intake of fast food and encourage the child to eat fruits, vegetables and drink plenty of water. "This will ensure that the child has high energy levels and is well-hydrated during the exam period," says Ms Wilks.

3. Relax

 Relax with family. Refresh the child's mind with a walk or just unwind in front of the television. On the day before the exam, take the child out for a meal and avoid discussing about the upcoming papers. This will ensure that the child does not suffer from last-minute nerves, according to Young Parents

4. Review only the important notes

Go through the brief study notes and abstain from last minute-cramming as it only increases stress levels. Only the most important notes should be reviewed. Also, according to Mr Alan Yip, founder of Mind Edge, the child must not try to learn anything new in the hours immediately before the exam as it will only confuse them.

5. Preparation

 Make sure the child has all the necessary stationery items and other things which are required for the exams. This will help them to stay calm and avoid getting flustered when things are missing.

6. Don't overanalyse

 Once an exam is over, do not waste time and energy trying to analyse it. This will make the child demoralised, according to The Asian Parent. Put each exam behind you and instead focus on the next one.

The ultimate aim of PSLE should be for the children to perform to the best of their ability, rather than outrun their peers. Hence, it is important to ensure that they are calm and relaxed before the exam so that they can perform at their optimum level.

Teen who wrote her way out of isolation

She is just 16, but Shivani Ekkanath already has the portfolio of an established writer.

Her work has been published in magazines such as Time, to a piece which was published in international literary magazine eFiction, to letters to the Straits Times Forum.

She is also a featured writer for Borgen Magazine, an online magazine that covers global issues, politics and humanity.

Shivani did a summer internship this year with the organisation in Seattle.

The magazine operates under The Borgen Project, a campaign that fights global poverty.

One of her poems has been featured in Write the World's first annual literary journal, along with pieces written by over 65 other young writers.

Write the World is a global platform for young writers which aims to help improve the writing of tertiary students through its global online community and guided interactive process.


The entries published in the journal were handpicked by the Write the World team from a wide array of stories and poems published on the website.

Titled Write the World - Young Voices Across the Globe: Best of 2016, the journal will be launched at 4pm in Singapore on Saturday (Sept 24), at Booktique in CityLink Mall.

Out of the four featured writers from Singapore, Shivani and two others will be present at the launch to read her work to the audience and sign copies of the journal.

Shivani Ekkanath (middle, in green) is only 16, but her work has been published multiple times. PHOTO COURTESY OF SHIVANI EKKANATH

Originally from Kerala, India, Shivani, a NPS International School student, has been living here ever since her family moved here when she was two.

Shivani told The New Paper: "I am proud of my passion, and (getting published) gives me the renewed vigour to continue expressing my views to the world."


She picked up an interest in writing when she was 12. Before then, she wanted to study astrophysics and become an astronaut.

One day, she wrote a poem about a girl who felt restricted and was often bullied - a story inspired by her own life.

She said: "The poem made me connect with my writing for the first time because I was bullied a lot and felt very isolated. I still have a copy of the poem."

To her, there is no set age when one should start honing writing skills - it is more of how much they want to pursue it.

"As soon as you feel the urge or burning desire to express your opinion, fostering and nurturing that craft of writing will do wonders."

Shivani added: "Every writer has their own gift and craft and I want to urge kids to realise the massive potential of theirs."

15 Singapore-designed items to buy right now

(From left) Clementine Dress in White, MDS Collection; Empire Waist Maxi Dress, COLLATE; Eyelet Cut Out Jumpsuit, Frontrow by Klarra and Boutique

Game of Thrones star Maisie Williams put Singapore brand Charles & Keith on the map this week when she brought three of the brand's bags to three different Hollywood events.

It's not the first time an international celebrity has donned accessories from a local brand.

Singaporean fashion designer Ashley Isham has seen his designs on singers Florence Welch and Kylie Minogue, while The Duchess of Cambridge, Catherine Middleton, wore local fashion brand Raoul on her visit to Singapore in 2012.

The Charles & Keith bags taken by Williams to the Emmy Awards were priced from S$39.90 to S$89.90 and are now sold out in stores and on the brand's website.

Don't fret, though. We've curated a list of red carpet-ready designs designed by Singapore brands that are not only glamorous but also budget friendly.


1. V Neck Blouse With Neck Tie, Frontrow by Klarr

S$49.00 |

A trend which that's been seen on models Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid, this gorgeous blouse by Klarra is the perfect choice if you don't have a choker on hand. Pair it with a pair of white cigarette pants for a classy look.

Klarra is a local brand started by fashion influencer Beatrice Tan in 2014 and has three labels under its belt: Klarra, Frontrow by Klarra and Boutique.

It has successfully expanded to other countries such as the United Kingdom, Thailand and Malaysia.


2. Empire Waist Maxi Dress, COLLATE

S$269 (now S$107.60) |

This dress screams sophistication and elegance with its structured neckline and fitted waist.

You'll be all ready for a red carpet event if you pair this with strappy heels and a gold clutch for a pop of colour.

A fairly new brand, COLLATE was founded by Velda Tan, social media influencer and founder of popular blog shop Love, Bonito.

The brand made its first appearance at Singapore Fashion Week in 2015.


3. Clementine Dress in White, MDS Collection

S$42.90 (now S$30.03) |

This affordable, super versatile, delicate dress can take you from work to a night out on the town.

Back in 2007, MDS Collection was founded by Georgiana Yeo and Joe Phua as an online fashion store. It has expanded with physical stores

in Singapore and has branched out to other countries such as Cambodia, Indonesia and Malaysia.


4. Eyelet Cut Out Jumpsuit, Frontrow by Klarra

S$109.00 |

This may be on the pricier side, but a jumpsuit like this can flatter any figure or height.

Pair this with a statement necklace to jazz it up.


5. Jillian Waisted Dress Pants, Hyphen

S$64.90 |

Say goodbye to hours spent in the morning in front of your wardrobe wondering what to wear as this pair of white dress pants pairs well with any kind of top - cropped, flared, off-the-shoulder, you name it.

Hyphen was established in 2015 in Singapore.



1. Textured Ankle Strap Stilettos, Charles & Keith

S$85.90 (now S$60.10) |

This killer-looking pair of ankle-strapped pointed heels adds spice to an outfit with its gold hardware on the straps.


2. Kiara Strappy Heels, MDS Collection

S$44.90 (now S$13.47)  |

This pair of multi-strapped heels are simple but classy, and versatile enough to go from night to day.


3. Grecian Multi Strap Heels in Black, MDS Collection

S$39.90 (now S$11.97)  |

An absolute steal, these heels give off a gladiator vibe and will pair very well with a little black dress and gold accessories.


4. Mink Fur Stilettos, Charles & Keith

S$79.90  |

If you're feeling a little flirty, pair this beautiful pair of heels with a plain romper for a look that's ready for a party or a club.


5. Cut-Out Heeled Sandals, Pedro

S$93 (now S$65.10)  |

This funky looking pair of heels may be a little too risky for some, but it can jazz up any boring outfit.

Pedro was started in 2005 by founders of Charles & Keith, Charles Wong and Keith Wong. Initially targeted at men, it has since branched out to include women's shoes and accessories.



1. Crackled Quartz Square Bracelet, By Invite Only

S$45.00  |

This delicate bracelet is made with quartz and matte rhodium plated chains, and goes well with any other accessories. Try matching this with a silver watch and you're good to go.

By Invite Only was founded by Trixie Khong in 2013 and each jewellery is carefully hand-crafted in Singapore. Its brand name is meant to reach out to those who value exclusivity and craftsmanship in jewellery.


2. Full Cuff Earring, Ohvola

S$49.00  |

This cuff earring may seem small, but it definitely plays a big part in making a bold look. Pair it with a silver cuff and necklace to match.

Ohvola was founded in 2007 by sisters Jolene Zhou and Lucinda Zhou, when Lucinda sold dresses at a pushcart as part of her school's social entrepreneurship club.

Its items are designed and manufactured exclusively in Singapore.


3. Caged Clutch, Charles & Keith

S$69.90  |

An unusual clutch like this would go well with either masculine outfits - like a women's tuxedo - or more feminine pieces.


4. Embellished Curved Bar Necklace, Part & Parcel

S$10.00  |


5. Statement Bib Necklace, Part & Parcel

S$10.00  |

A simple outfit and minimal accessories is all you need when you put on one of these statement necklaces.

Part & Parcel launched in 2013 in Singapore and sells apparel, shoes and accessories at affordable prices.

EPL SPOTLIGHT: Will Chelsea spoil Wenger's party?

Chelsea are back in the spotlight with a chance to bounce back by spoiling a milestone weekend for Arsene Wenger, while Paul Pogba really needs to find his feet...

Arsene Wenger recently celebrated his 20th year at Arsenal.
Arsene Wenger recently celebrated his 20th year at Arsenal.

MANAGER TO WATCH: Arsene Wenger (Arsenal v Chelsea)

Congratulations on making it to 20 years at Arsenal, Professor.

Up next are the opponents who you've only managed to beat five times in 24 encounters across the past 10 years.

Try not to mess it up the way you did for your 1,000th game in charge in 2014, yeah?



MATCH TO WATCH: Arsenal v Chelsea (Sunday, Sept 24, 12.30am)



As was just mentioned above, the last time Arsene Wenger celebrated a major milestone in his Arsenal career, his side were given "a good hiding" by Chelsea in a 6-0 capitulation at Stamford Bridge.

But in Chelsea, the Gunners are facing a team whose league form is the direct mirror opposite of theirs (LDWWW for Arsenal as opposed to WWWDL for Chelsea).

Ironically, both teams had their respective defeats inflicted on them by Liverpool. At home. By one-goal margins.

Complicating matters will be the form of one Cesc Fabregas.

The ex-Gunner's match-winning brace for Chelsea in extra time against Leicester in the EFL Cup will certainly give Antonio Conte a question to mull over.

Imagine if the Spaniard, who is yet to start a league game for Chelsea this season, did something similar against his former club on his ex-mentor's big day...



PLAYER TO WATCH: Paul Pogba (Manchester United v Leicester, Saturday 7.30pm)


It must all seem like a bad dream for Paul Pogba.

His triumphant return to Manchester United with a 2-0 win over Southampton now seems like an eternity ago, with those flashes of ability that suggested that he was worthy of being the world's most expensive footballer sucked away from existence by some unseen black hole.

Instead of becoming the saviour who would solve the Red Devils' long-standing midfield woes, the former Juventus man looked all at sea in the engine room as his side crashed to three straight defeats in a week.

And while a trip to League One side Northampton in the EFL Cup would have seen like a logical fixture for Pogba to regain his confidence, Jose Mourinho opted to leave him out from his match day squad completely as United romped to a 3-1 win.

While murmurs suggest that Wayne Rooney will be dropped against Leicester to give Pogba a more attacking role to suit his talents, the Frenchman cannot afford to be a passenger any further if his team is to challenge for the title this year.



TEAM TO WATCH: Liverpool (v Hull, Sunday 7pm)



There aren't many teams like Liverpool in the Premier League at the moment in terms of entertainment.

While the Reds have provided some scintillating attacking football under Juergen Klopp (picture), a part of their charm certainly comes from their ability to spectacularly self-destruct in equal measure.

Just look at their 4-1 victory over Leicester two weeks ago where Liverpool took the Foxes apart but very briefly allowed them back into the game courtesy of a completely ridiculous pass across goal by Lucas Leiva.



So far, only Pep Guardiola's Manchester City and the in-form Arsenal have scored more than the 11 goals pilfered by Liverpool, who managed to win comfortably at Stamford Bridge without Roberto Firmino.

With Hull coming to town for a visit, it will be fascinating to see which Liverpool side turns up.

Expect goals.

UNDERDOGS TO WATCH: West Ham (v Southampton, Sunday 11pm)


It simply wasn't meant to be like this for West Ham.

Slaven Bilic might have guided the Hammers to a year of thrills in the post-Big Sam era, but the Croat now finds himself under some serious scrutiny.

Dumped out of the Europa League without making much of an impression in the competition, West Ham are a side in free fall with three straight losses.

The team looks a far cry of the one that managed to beat Manchester City, Arsenal, Liverpool, Chelsea, Spurs and Manchester United last season.

Some have suggested that the team have yet to take to their new London Stadium home, but considering that they've shipped at least three goals in their past three games suggests a bigger issue with defending.

It will be something that Bilic will hope he has fixed when Southampton come marching in on the back of three straight wins across all competitions.



Paul Scholes confirmed for Singapore's Battle of Europe

Scholes has won 11 Premier League Titles with Manchester United
Scholes has won 11 Premier League Titles with Manchester United

Manchester United legend Paul Scholes has been confirmed for November's Battle of Europe match in Singapore.

Scholes, who is one of the most decorated footballers in the history of the sport, will be part of the England Masters squad which will take on Germany at the Sports Hub on Nov 12.

The event already boasts big-name former players like Teddy Sheringham , Didi Hamann and Steve McManaman , plus World Cup-winning captain Lothar Mattahus .

"I've always enjoyed my trips to Singapore and it will be extra special for me this November and I am looking forward to playing alongside my teammates in a couple of months," Scholes, 41, said in a statement.

Scholes retired from international football in 2004 and club football in 2011 but came out of retirement in 2012 to help Manchester United win their 20th title, before retiring again. Post-retirement, Scholes has been working as a pundit for BT Sport and also has a stake in semi-professional football club, Salford City .

Scholes could be the "game-changer" according to Masters Football Asia chief executive Steve Black.

"We're very excited that Scholes is joining us for the Battle of Europe this year," Black said, in a statement.. "He played with the team in Hong Kong last year and drilled one into the back of the net."

"He's still a game-changer and retirement hasn't slowed him down one bit."

David James Danny Murphy, Darius Vasell and Paul Parker are also among those confirmed for the England side, with Karl Heinze Riedle, Jens Nowotny and Guido Buchwald set to line-up for the German outfit.

Tickets for Battle of Europe 2016 presented by Masters Football Asia are available at Masters Football and Sports Hub Tix.

Organisers have released 25,000 tickets, which start from $19. Family packages(two adults and two children below the age of 12) and VIP Packages are also available at $100 and $200 respectively.

Fighting busking misconceptions in Singapore

(Left to right) Joey Wee, Tang Yu Xuan and Tristan Ong of Xian Za Ren Deng The ETC taking a selfie with their audience.

They started out performing at weddings, restaurants and cafes. Now, you can find them performing in heartland areas like Hougang Mall.

Xian Za Ren Deng The ETC is a band of local buskers.

"We chose the name ETC for our band because it means we are just ordinary people - we hope people will notice us not for who we are, but for the music we share," band member Tang Yu Xuan, 45, told The New Paper.

Their wish has come true, as shown in a video posted by social enterprise The Hidden Good (THG) on Facebook earlier this month.

In the video, Ms Tang and two other band members, Mr Tristan Ong, 40, and Ms Joey Wee, 41, talk about what busking means to them.

Members of the audience were also featured in the video, describing how they came across the band of buskers and how they feel about their music.

One couple said: "The songs (they performed) resonated with us. They brought back good memories and (the band's) rhythm was good."

The couple could be considered one of the band's long-time followers - the first time they saw ETC perform was at Heartland Mall in Kovan in June.

Busking is not their full-time job - Ms Tang and Mr Ong are vocal coaches in the same music school, and Ms Wee is a freight forwarder.

Mr Ong had introduced Ms Wee, who he had known for years, to Ms Tang, and they started performing together in March this year.

Previously, Mr Ong had performed with Ms Wee and Ms Tang on separate occasions, at weddings and other events.

Ms Tang said: "Joey's boss is a music lover, so he is supportive of our busking. As for Tristan and I, we only busk when we have no lessons so it doesn't clash with our job."

All three of them sing, with Mr Ong accompanying them on his keyboard.

They still offer their services for weddings, but most Saturdays, you can find them at Hougang Mall.

The songs performed are all chosen on the spot and Ms Tang said they even accept requests from the audience.

"When we busked at Hougang last Saturday, 90 per cent of the songs we performed in the 3 1/2-hour set were requests from the audience."

If there are no requests, the band picks a song randomly on the spot. Also songwriters, the band occasionally perform their original songs.

Ms Tang said: "Our favourite part is getting different responses and feedback from the audience. We learn from (their comments) and look forward to doing different things to improve ourselves."

The band's passion for music and how they interact with their audience was what caught THG's attention.

THG was established in 2014, and has since conducted multiple social experiments and events which aim to highlight the good in the people of Singapore.

Director Wu Jiezhen said: "We hope to uncover the good in people and the world around them and in turn creating a warmer, more connected and empathetic society."

The idea of featuring buskers was conceptualised by Team Crescendo, a group of THG volunteers.

"We wanted to subvert the conventional mindset that buskers do not have talent, and that they are forced into the role due to lack of skills in other trades," said a spokesman for Team Crescendo.

"(ETC) has taken steps to build a relationship and grow a community of loyal followers during the performances."

The spokesman added: "We chose to feature them because they are different from other buskers - they interact with their audience, and allow song requests."

The band considers their supporters their biggest source of motivation.

Aspiring buskers should "just give it a try", said Ms Tang.

"If you don't try, you'll never know whether you will like it."

She said: "Many people told us they thought busking is only for the old and the handicapped, but it's really more about promoting music and the arts."

Interested listeners can check the band's schedule by leaving them a message on Facebook.

The band also posts updates on upcoming performances.

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