Para-athletes set for spotlight

Community Chest are official partners for Asean Para-Games

TARGET: Lim Teck Yin (on mascot's right) hopes to raise $5 million in sponsorship for the first Asean Para Games to be hosted in Singapore.
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Another day, another name

Report in Germany claims Man United have tabled 
bid for Hummels

Mats Hummels.
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Indian Rock ready to roll

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Performers tour schools to promote local music

Local performers Shigga Shay & Gentle Bones take music to schools to inspire next generation of home-grown musicians

INSPIRING: Shigga Shay and Gentle Bones pose for a picture with the event's emcees and students at Bishan Park Secondary School (above) yesterday.
Shigga Shay.
Gentle Bones.

Local acts Shigga Shay and Gentle Bones performed for 15 minutes each in Bishan Park Secondary School, wowing fans and making new ones, at the launch of the *SCAPE Invasion Tour 2015 on Wednesday.

The tour aims to promote local music and inspire the next generation of musicians.

Rapper Shigga Shay said he discovered his passion for a music career when he was around the age of his audience, while singer-songwriter Gentle Bones wished that he had been exposed to local music when he was younger.

"Local music is still an underground thing, and the way to develop each new generation of artistes is not through the government but through the youth," said Gentle Bones.

The invasion tour, which aims to inspire the young to support, engage, and participate in local music, will perform in 32 secondary schools, junior colleges and higher learning institutions from April to November.

Read the full report in our print edition on April 22.

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Get more music

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The love for off-roading

The New Paper SUVival Challenge attracts participants who have something in common...

HOPEFUL: Jeep Owners' Club Singapore president Paul McLean, pictured with his wife Emilia Sahatapy, hopes that at least one of the Jeeps will finish first at The New Paper SUVival Challenge.
COOL: All Wheelers Group founder Muhammad Suhaimi.

A sense of belonging and, most importantly, a common love for off-roading and adventure are driving more motorists to join SUV clubs in Singapore.

Take the Jeep Owners' Club Singapore (Jocs), for instance.

The club, which was registered last year under the Registry of Societies, now has more than 30 members.

"We are hoping to expand and get 50 members this year for SG50," said its president, Mr Paul McLean, 44.

Another SUV club, All Wheelers Group, started with just four members in 2013 and now has over 30.

Its founder, Mr Muhammad Suhaimi, 31, thinks more will join the club. He's planning to combine an off-road trip with a chance to rappel down a waterfall to attract new members.

The wedding decorator said he has owned a number of different SUVs. "I chose SUVs because it's cool," he said.

To Mr Suhaimi, going off-roading or driving through the jungle frees him from work pressure.

Which is why he is taking part in The New Paper's SUVival Challenge again.

The annual off-road event, now in its 10th edition, takes place this weekend and promises to test participants' vehicles to the limit.

"I won the SUVival Challenge two years in a row except for when All Wheelers organised the event last year. I didn't take part," he said.

"Now I hope to complete a hat-trick."


The passion for the sport is echoed by Mr Abdul Rahman, 38, a member of another SUV group, X-Wheelers, which was formed last year.

Founded by former members of All Wheelers, the group started with about 10 members and now has 44.

Members keep the group social - instead of seeing each other only once in a while at off-road events, they also meet for celebrations and other social occasions.

Half of All Wheelers members are participating in the SUVival Challenge, including Mr Rahman, who is self-employed.

"I fell in love with the off-road challenge," he said, adding that he's been taking part in the SUVival Challenge since 2011.

Seven members of Jocs will also be taking part in the Challenge, said Mr McLean, who works in a business intelligence software company.

Other Jocs members are helping members who are taking part in the SUVival Challenge to prepare, reviewing notes and making checklists. They have also set up a WhatsApp chat group to share thoughts and ideas.

Mr McLean joked about how Jocs believe in winning at all costs. Amid the excitement and the determination to fully enjoy the event, the participating Jocs members want to do Jeep proud.

"Hopefully, we can get at least one of the Jeeps to cross first," said Mr McLean.

Worker's hand stuck in printing machine

Accident at printing company in Ubi Techpark

TRAPPED: The printing machine in Citi Print & Design’s premises in which an employee’s arm got stuck.
TRAPPED: The printing machine in Citi Print & Design’s premises (above) in which an employee’s arm got stuck.

On Tuesday, a worker at a printing firm in Ubi Crescent had a lucky escape while operating a machine.

The 64-year-old man had been adding some lubricant to it while it was running when his right forearm got trapped between its rollers.

When the Singapore Civil Defence Force arrived, they found him standing with his hand in the machine looking calm.

Amazingly, he did not suffer serious injury and his hand did not have to be amputated.

Read the full report in our print edition on April 23.

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BY THE numbers

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