US telco creates stunning Jordan Spieth mosaic with golf balls

Sponsor AT&T created a mosaic of golfer Jordan Spieth using golf balls.
Sponsor AT&T created a mosaic of golfer Jordan Spieth using golf balls.

How many golf balls does it take to create a mosaic of world No. 2 Jordan Spieth?

Apparently 24,152.

One of the American’s sponsors, AT&T Inc, decided to honour the 22-year-old in a unique way by arranging 24,152 golf balls on tees in Spieth’s native Texas to create his likeness.

Spieth enjoyed a stunning season, winning the US Masters and US Open, as well as the FedEx Cup.

See the impressive tribute to him below.



Source: Mail Online

4 reasons to get excited about GameStart Asia

GameStart mascot Alyse will welcome gamers when the gaming convention opens its doors in November.
GameStart mascot Alyse will welcome gamers when the gaming convention opens its doors in November.

After a successful inaugural show in 2014, GameStart is coming back bigger and better to wow gamers from Nov 13-15 at the Suntec Convention Centre.

With the convention's floor space doubling to 4,000 sq m, video game enthusiasts from Singapore and the rest of South-east Asia are in for a treat with more than 60 games set to be featured.

Aside from the games, there will be cosplayers, merchandise and eSports tournaments to make sure there is something for everyone.

Still not convinced? Here are four good reasons to get excited about GameStart 2015:



While Sony will be offering a much larger presence at GameStart this year, the electronics giant's latest gaming gadget will surely be the star of the show.

Singaporeans can be among the first in South-east Asia to try out Sony's PlayStation VR virtual reality headset, previously known by its codename Project Morpheus.

Used in tandem with the PlayStation 4, PlayStation VR promises a new level of gaming immersion that can open up new possibilities for gamers.

The headset contains two sensors – an accelerometer as well as a gyroscope – to track and translate your head movements into the game for a full 360-degree view backed up by 3D audio technology to enhance the experience.

You can get a taste of what you're in for with the video below:





Can't get enough of the new trailer for The Force Awakens? Star Wars fans can hit GameStart and try out some awesome games from their favourite sci-fi movie franchise.

The highly-anticipated Star Wars: Battlefront will be available for play just ahead of its Nov 17 release date.

If you head to the Geek Culture booth, you can also be among the first in South-east Asia to try out the Star Wars: Battle Pod arcade game, which will place gamers right in the thick of the action with some of the most iconic moments from the movies.

Whether as a pilot of an X-Wing or as Darth Vader in his special TIE fighter, Battle Pod looks like a world of fun and, according to Geek Culture, the game was made in Singapore by Bandai Namco's local studio.

Since the game isn't available in local arcades, it could be your only chance to play it on Singaporean soil.






Singaporeans have a bad habit of saying local products aren't good enough, but that shouldn't sway you from trying out the games being trotted out by the local gaming development scene.

Masquerada: Songs and Shadows by local game-makers Witching Hour Studios is one such entry.

An isometric RPG not unlike the Diablo series, Masquerada features gorgeous visuals and an innovative pause-for-tactics feature, allowing the most obsessive gamers plan out their characters' moves before having them execute them in battle.

On top of that, the game features some top-notch video game voice actors like Jennifer Hale of Mass Effect fame to bring the characters of Masquerada's whimsical world to life.






If you prefer your video games old school, you might want to check out the Retro DNA section of GameStart.

A popular section from last year's show, Retro DNA will be expanded to 63 sq m to give attendees an even greater blast from the past.

Whether it's playing Super Mario Bros on the venerable Nintendo Entertainment System or Street Fighter II on a trusty old arcade cabinet, this section will certainly trigger a flood of memories for older gamers while giving younger ones a glimpse at how their current favourite games came to be.

Jenner sisters make it to Time's Teens list again

Model Kendall Jenner (left ) and TV star sister Kylie ( right )

Model Kendall Jenner and her reality TV star sister Kylie continue to be two of the most-watched teenagers in the world.

The US pair join Pakistani activist Malala Yousafzai, 19, for the second year in a row on Time magazine's annual Most Influential Teens list.

"Everything I do, I always start these huge trends," said Kylie, 18, to Time.

"I just want to inspire my fans to be whoever they want to be because that's what I've always done."

Kendall, 19, made the list due to her "impressive fashion resume" as well as being the subject of the most-liked photo in Instagram history.

Other teenagers who made the cut include Game Of Thrones actress Maisie Williams, 18, and Hollywood star Will Smith's actor-son Jaden, 17.

Lost in Beijing, 73-year-old man decides to walk 1,500km home

The 73-year old man was separated from his tour group and got lost in the Forbidden City of Beijing.

A 73-year-old Chinese tourist got lost in the Forbidden City of Beijing - and decided to walk back to his home in Zhejiang Province, some 1,500km away.

That is like walking 50 times from the eastern tip of Singapore to the western-most end.

The man, with the surname Yu, had been visiting the Palace Museum on Oct 13 with his tour group of pensioners from his home province, as reported by Wenzhou Metropolis Daily.

They were walking inside the crowded museum when he was separated from the group.

He had no mobile phone or identity card on him and could not remember anyone's contact number.

Mr Yu also had difficulty reading and writing and only spoke a dialect specific to his home in remote Rui'an county.

China Daily reported that he had tried to approach "men in uniforms' but they could not understand him.

A stranger had found him wandering in Tianjin with severely blistered feet and brought him to the police station. The police contacted his family and arranged for him to get home safely.

According to the Shanghaiist, Mr Yu had walked for six days straight, covering more than 100km, before being discovered in Tianjin.

He had little pocket money and used the sun to navigate his way home, sleeping on the road side whenever he got tired.

When he first went missing, the travel agency alerted Mr Yu's family but efforts to find him were to no avail, according to South China Morning Post.

The Palace Museum reportedly attracts more than 14 million visitors annually.

Sources: China Daily, Shanghaiist, South China Morning Post, China National Tourist


Adele talks new 
hit single Hello

In case you were wondering, Adele's hit comeback single Hello is not about an ex.

"The song is about hurting someone's feelings, but it's also about trying to stay in touch with myself, which sometimes can be a little bit hard to do," the British singer and 27-year-old mother of one told i-D magazine.

"It's about a yearning for the other side of me. When I'm away, I really, really miss my life at home...

"Hello is about wanting to be at home and wanting to reach out to everyone I've ever hurt - including myself - and apologise for it."

Hello's music video, which has attracted more than 107 million views, also became a talking point among netizens because it featured Adele using, rather anachronistically, a flip phone and a phone booth.

"I never like filming modern phones or cars," the MV's director Xavier Dolan, 26, told Los Angeles Times.

"They're so implanted in our lives that when you see them in movies you're reminded you're in reality."

The Canadian film-maker said that the meaning of the phone booth was more significant than the flip phone as "it says she is stranded in nature, which has regained its rights".

"It's much more important than the flip (phone) and trying to identify whether it's Samsung or an AE9 or whatever."

Khloe Kardashian calls off divorce, saying 'There's no rush'

Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom have called off divorce but state that they will not be getting back together romantically.

Despite calling off their divorce, Khloe Kardashian has stated that she and Lamar Odom will not be getting back together romantically.

The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star has broken her silence and opened up about her situation with her estranged husband.

Odom, 35, was found unconscious in a high-end Las Vegas brothel on Oct 13 due to a drug overdose.

Kardashian has been by the former NBA star's side in the hospital ever since.

However, she explains to People magazine that everything is far more complicated than it appears.

Khloe Kardashian at Cosmopolitan's 50th Birthday Celebration in West Hollywood. The television personality recently opened up to People's magazine about her situation with estranged husband Lamar. PHOTO: AFP/ FREDERICK M. BROWN

"There are too many other important things, too many medical things," Kardashian,31, tells the magazine.

"It's not even in our brains thinking about us as a couple or having a relationship right now. There is a very long road ahead of him, and he has to walk that road by himself. But I'll be there supporting him every step of the way."

E! News confirmed that Kardashian and Odom decided to put their legal split on hold following his health crisis as it was what she felt was "the right thing to do right now" and that "there's no rush".

Still legally married, Kardashian has been overseeing and making the medical decisions for Odom as his next-of-kin.

Prior to Odom's hospitalisation, she was reportedly dating NBA star James Harden, 26.

NBA star James Harden has been spotted on dates with Khloe Kardashian over the summer. PHOTO: AFP/ ETHAN MILLER

However, it seems that with everything that is going on, her future with the Houston Rockets player is unclear as well.

"His season is starting," said Kardashian. "And I'm just allowing everything to unfold. If it's ever too overwhelming [for him], then I understand that as well."

Sources: E! News, People


RAF veteran fights off armed muggers who 'manhandled' his girlfriend

Former RAF serviceman Neil McCarthy and his girlfriend were attacked by a gang of three armed robbers in chicago on Oct 24.

The British tourist was willing to hand over his valuable to the muggers.

But when they turned their attention to his girlfriend, he decided enough was enough and gave the robbers a painful lesson in being careful who they pick on.

Being a former Royal Air Force serviceman comes in handy when you're being robbed at knifepoint.

Mr Neil McCarthy, an Afghanistan veteran from Plymouth, UK, was walking with his girlfriend Carisa Lerner by Lake Michigan last Saturday night (Oct 24).

Three men then approached them and demanded their valuables, reported ABC7 Chicago.

Former RAF serviceman Neil McCarthy and his girlfriend were attacked by a gang of three armed robbers at Chicago last Saturday (Oct 24) while on holiday. PHOTO: SCREENGRAB/ ABC7 CHICAGO

The 27-year-old handed over his iPhone and wallet but says he "lost it" when the men began manhandling Ms Lerner, shaking her and going through her pockets.

The BBC reports that Mr McCarthy put one man in a headlock but was then stabbed in the back of his right shoulder while being punched by the other two, .

"I knew I'd been stabbed, it didn't hurt, it felt like a punch," said Mr McCarthy.

He then got hold of the knife and stabbed one of the robbers before all three fled.

When the police arrived, Mr McCarthy was treated for injuries while being questioned.

He then used an app to trace his stolen phone, which was only 30m away.

Mr McCarthy went after it — while topless — and found one of the culprits hiding.

He then dragged the robber back to the police.

The other two alleged culprits were later caught and held on bail.

According to the Independent, Mr McCarthy is currently a graduate student of security technologies at the University of Minnesota.

His mother said she was "immensely proud" of him.

"It's not everyday someone single-handedly fights off three men and hands one in to the police," she said.



Sources: BBC, ABC7 Chicago, Independent

Jetstar embarrasses woman with pregnancy question

Jetstar is in the light again when one of its flight attendants had approached Ms Grethe Andersen and asked if she was pregnant.

It is the mistake many dread making — asking a woman if she is pregnant only to find out that she is not. 

The BBC reports that Jetstar Airways has apologised to a New Zealand passenger after one of its cabin crew asked that seemingly innocent question.

Grethe Andersen, 24, was wearing a fitted dress on the flight from Wellington to Auckland on Sunday, Oct 25 when a male flight attendant gestured at her stomach and asked: "How many weeks are you?"

Ms Andersen posted about the embarrassing experience on Jetstar's Facebook page saying: "As a woman, it's not a good feeling to be asked if you're pregnant when you're not".

She claimed that there was no immediate apology from the flight attendant or cabin crew leader.

The post has since been taken down.

"I used to be quite heavily overweight and even then was never met by such a rude question and especially no remorse from the flight attendant," she wrote.

A Jetstar spokesman told NZME News Service its customer care team had contacted Ms Andersen to apologise.

A flight voucher of NZ$100 (S$93.49) had also been offered to the passenger as a "goodwill gesture".

"Jetstar sincerely apologises for the distress the passenger experienced," he said.

Many airlines have a policy of requiring women who are more than 28 weeks pregnant to produce a doctor's note certifying they are fit to travel, for safety and liability reasons.

Jetstar staff are trained to ask for a medical certificate if they believe a passenger may be more than 28 weeks pregnant, he said.

It's not the first time a woman has complained on the airlines' lack of tact, reports NZME.

In 2012, a Jetstar attendant demanded a medical certificate from 21-year-old Kelsey Hughes as she was boarding her flight in Wellington.

Hughes was not expecting a baby. She was also surprised because at 70kg, she says there was little to suggest she could have been expecting.

Sources: BBC, NZME

Caught after 2-week chase

Australian father and son wanted for violent crimes, had been on the run for 8 years

FINALLY: Mark Stocco (left) and his father Gino were arrested at an isolated hideout in Dunedoo, 345km north-west of Sydney.
FINALLY: Mark Stocco (left) and his father Gino were arrested at an isolated hideout in Dunedoo, 345km north-west of Sydney.
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Actress Carole Lin gives birth at 42, recalls C-section trauma

Actress Carole Lin recalls feeling traumatised after caesarean birth of first child

BABY BONUS: Carole Lin and husband David Lim with daughter Brooklyn.
BABY BONUS: Carole Lin and husband David Lim with daughter Brooklyn.

She is one of those lucky mums who had a problem-free pregnancy even though she is in her 40s.

However, there is one thing that local actress Carole Lin is still upset about.

The 42-year-old had wanted to give birth to her daughter, Brooklyn, naturally and without the use of pain relief drugs.

But in August, she was denied a natural delivery when complications forced her to put her baby's safety first.

Lin had to undergo a caesarean section as her amniotic fluid had dipped to a worryingly-low level just a few days before her delivery date.

Amniotic fluid fills the sac surrounding the baby and has several important functions, including cushioning the baby from trauma, maintaining a constant temperature in the womb, protecting the baby against infection and preventing the umbilical cord from becoming compressed, which would reduce the baby's oxygen supply.

The experience traumatised her.

She told The New Paper: "Due to the anaesthetic given to me, I panicked when, the day after, I still could not feel my legs.

"I was really scared, worried that I had become paralysed.

"I started to shiver and tremble, and it felt like I was out of breath.

"It was only after a day that I regained feeling in the lower half of my body. Should I try for a second child next time, I definitely would opt for a natural delivery."

She also experienced postpartum blues.

Lin said that she could not have made it through if not for her husband, businessman David Lim, and support and encouragement from friends.


Fellow celebrity mums also gave her sound advice.

Fann Wong calmed her down by telling her that when this difficult period passes, she would definitely want a second child in eight months' time - the length of time Fann said she took to forget the exhaustion of childbirth.

Wong, who gave birth in August last year, also gave her a hip seat carrier after Lin complained that her wrists had become sore from carrying Brooklyn.

Joanne Peh, who gave birth to a girl two weeks before Lin delivered, became Lin's "trusty adviser".

She would update Lin on her own daughter's progress so that Lin could learn from her experience.

One problem Lin faced was that Brooklyn was not latching on during breastfeeding.

Yvonne Lim, who is currently based in Taiwan, texted Lin to assure her that most mothers go through this.

Zoe Tay, Lina Ng and Joey Swee also chipped in with tips on what to look for in a nanny, how to breastfeed properly and identifying the baby's sleeping and waking patterns.

Said Lin: "My friends would Google solutions to my problems and send me the screenshots.

"They have no idea how much they have done for me in my time of need.

"I will admit, I am quite spoilt and I appreciate their help a lot."

Brooklyn, she said, was feisty from the moment she was born.

She cried loudly on arriving into the world and kept sucking her fist, which the gynaecologist said was a sign that she wanted to be fed immediately.

Lin said: "I see her strong personality and think 'Why are you so much like mummy?'.

"The funny thing is that people keep mistaking her for a boy and telling me that I have such a 'handsome son'.

"The other day, we put Brooklyn in a dress and she was so cute. We laughed because she looked like a boy in a dress!"