S'pore woman pleads guilty to attempted culpable homicide of ex-girlfriend at Geylang hotel

Gisele Shi was sentenced to four years in jail for attempted murder of her ex-girlfriend Ummul Qurratu ’Ain Abdul Rahman.

Giselle Shi Jia Wei, 25, who had been accused of the attempted murder of her former girlfriend, on Thursday pleaded guilty to the amended charge of attempted culpable homicide not amounting to murder.

She broke down in court as she did so.

Her mitigation will be heard next Friday.

She had stabbed Miss Ummul Qurratu ’Ain Abdul Rahman, 22, twice on July 22, 2012 at a Geylang hotel.

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Taufik Batisah's #awakkatmane: The hashtag that became a song

Taufik Batisah recently launched his new album "Fique" .

So the post that sparked a thousand parodies has now spawned a full-length song.

Taufik Batisah performed his newest song #awakkatmane during the final of the singing competition SG Mania on Tuesday (Sept 30) and from reactions online its clear that his fans approved of the upbeat song.





How did the song come about though?

Well believe it or not, inspiration came from his fans, the Fiknatics.

He uploaded an Instagram video while he was on his way to meet some of his fans to break fast during Ramadan where he jokingly asked his fans where there. 

His fans then came up with funny parodies using the hashtag #awakkatemane (slang for "Where are you?")


It went viral and as they say, the rest is history.

He first debuted the song #awakkatmane at a performance at Causeway Point on Sept 28 as part of the launch of his album "Fique".

Taufik then performed the song Wednesday (on Oct 1) during the two-hour finale of SG Mania, a new singing competition held on Suria featuring winners of past singing competitions as contestants. 

Iskandar Ismail better known Eiss, emerged as the winner with 40.34 per cent of the votes after eight weeks of competition, reported Berita Harian. 

Source: Twitter, Instagram, Berita Harian

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Penang body parts case: Cops say woman's lover could have chopped her up

Burnt body parts: M'sia cops say woman's lover could have been behind killing.

A woman's chopped-up and burned body parts were discovered in Juru, Penang, earlier this week.

Police believe her boyfriend murdered the woman, in her 30s, on Monday.

They also believe he had set her remains on fire in an attempt to hide the crime.

A villager related to the man made the gruesome find yesterday, The Star reported.

The victim was identified only as Intan. The boyfriend, 43, was arrested in Kedah after police received a tip-off.

Saw traces of blood

The suspect’s brother-in-law said he had seen Intan lying unconscious in the man’s house on Monday night.

He thought nothing of it because she was always at the house, which was about 50m away from his home.

“The next day before I left for work, I asked him where Intan was and he told me that she had gone home," he said. "I did not believe him because I could see her motorcycle and shoes still in his house. But I was in a rush, so I left.”

When he returned from work at about 5.30pm, he was still suspicious and went inside his brother-in-law’s house.

“He was not home and then I saw traces of blood,” he said.

After searching the surrounding area, he found a jawbone and several other bones, all burned. He then lodged a police report at a nearby station.

Human bones

Penang Hospital Forensic Medicine Depart­ment head Datuk Dr Zahari Noor was called to the scene by police. He confirmed that they were human bones.

Another villager said the suspect was a loner and did not usually talk to anyone.

Source: Star Online

US Secret Service chief quits over security breaches

Julia Pierson.

The US Secret Service director resigned on Wednesday, paying the price for a string of security lapses by the elite presidential protection branch, including one in which an armed intruder ran into the White House.

Julia Pierson stepped down a day after enduring a withering public grilling by lawmakers, who pronounced themselves baffled at failures by Secret Service agents, another of which saw an armed former felon get on an elevator with President Barack Obama.

Pierson had been brought into the agency as a new broom after the reputation of its sharp-suited agents took a hit from drinking and prostitution scandals.

But she leaves with the Secret Service facing searching questions from critics who have even warned the lives of the president and his family are not safe, due to several high-profile failures.

Pierson resigns under pressure

Bowing to rising political pressure, Pierson offered her resignation and it was accepted by Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson.

Johnson appointed Joseph Clancy – who formerly headed the presidential protection branch of the Secret Service as an interim replacement.

An independent panel will be named to probe a Sept 19 incident, which saw knife-carrying homeless US army veteran Omar Gonzalez allegedly jump the White House fence and run into the residence.

Gonzalez pleaded not guilty on Wednesday to three counts including unlawfully entering a restricted building or grounds with a deadly or dangerous weapon. - AFP

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Nearly 1,000 chickens killed by intruders at California farm

Intruders beat to death more than 900 chickens during a break-in at a commercial poultry farm in central California.
Intruders beat to death more than 900 chickens during a break-in at a commercial poultry farm in central California.

Intruders beat to death more than 900 chickens, some of them with a golf club, during a break-in at a commercial poultry farm in central California.

The Fresno County Sheriff's Office said the suspects pulled back part of the fence to enter the Foster Farms facility.

"Once inside, the suspects used a golf club, and possibly another similar type instrument, to slaughter the birds," it said in a statement, adding that 920 chickens were killed.

Livingston, California-based Foster Farms said it was "an unconscionable act of animal cruelty" that appears to be a random act of violence.

"Foster Farms is working with local law enforcement and is offering a US$5,000 (S$6,360) reward for information leading to the arrest and prosecution of the persons responsible," it said in a statement.

The incident happened on Sept. 20 but only came to light on Tuesday after the sheriff's office called for the public's help in identifying those behind the crime. - Reuters

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11 reasons why the Hong Kong protesters are very polite, charming people

The Hong Kong protests have highlighted just how civic-minded and organised the Hong Kongers are.
The Hong Kong protests have highlighted just how civic-minded and organised the Hong Kongers are.

The landmark Hong Kong protests are still growing strong with more supporters turning up on China's National Day, a public holiday.

But despite thousands of protesters congesting streets and blocking traffic, various international media have been calling the demonstrations the most organised and polite protests ever.

In fact, photos have appeared on social media depicting Hong Kongers as utterly charming and civic-minded.

Here are seven reasons why:

1) The students at the protests make sure to devote some time to completing​ their homework. 


2) First aid takes priority over luxury.


3) Protesting can take a toll on your personal hygiene. But don't worry, some people have got you covered.


4) Arts and crafts at a protest? Yes, these kids are making the yellow ribbons, the symbol of the pro-democracy movement in Hong Kong that many locals have adopted.


5) Another word for protest? "Public meeting."


6) They even apologise for the way they are fighting for democracy.


7) People are picking up after themselves - and others.



8) This might be one of the most important protests that they will ever participate in - but that doesn't leave recycling out of the equation.


9) They are very creative. Just look at how they have been projecting international voices of support.


10) They even have celebrity endorsement (kind of).


11) Let's just have another look at their recycling efforts.

Source: BBC, Quartz


X-Factor judge Simon Cowell says no to showing... dolphins in captivity

Acid-tongued judge Simon Cowell shows a soft side to dolphins held in captivity, by axing X-Factor segments featuring them.

Acid-tongued Briton Simon Cowell is known for his cutting comments to reality show contestants.

But the animal lover, 54, showed a softer side on social media yesterday (Oct 1).

The X Factor boss agreed to cut scenes featuring several contestants swimming with dolphins, after protestors highlighted their concerns over animal cruelty and the negative impact on younger generations.

The online petition gained over 8,000 supporters.

Here's what he tweeted in response.

Cowell's decision to axe the controversial scenes has been welcomed by animal rights group Peta​, which has a long-standing relationship with the reality show judge.

British newspaper Mirror quoted a Peta​ spokesman: “Simon has always been a good friend to animals, so it's no surprise to Peta​ that he has intervened to prevent The X Factor from glamourising swimming with dolphins.

“Many of the highly intelligent and social animals incarcerated in these sad displays have endured the trauma of being caught and torn away from their families before they are sold into a life of captivity... We're very grateful to Simon for taking a stand against these cruel marine displays...”

Sources: Mirror, Twitter

Snoop Dogg and Jared Leto buy stake in Reddit

Stars Snoop Dogg and Jared Leto bought stake in Reddit, an entertainment, social networking service and news website.

Social news platform Reddit has secured US$50 million (S$63.6 million) in funding from Hollywood's A-list investors.

Actor Jared Leto and hip-hop star Snoop Dogg now have a stake in the company that was founded in 2005. BBC reported that the stars would also some of it to its users in the form of shares.

The investment will reportedly be used to improve the company's infrastructure and increase its staffing numbers from its current 51 employees, the publication added.

Other investors and entrepreneurs that took part in the funding round include Peter Thiel, Ron Conway, Paul Buchheit, Jessica Livingston, Mariam Naficy, Josh Kushner and Reddit chief executive Yishan Wong, The Telegraph wrote.

This new investment comes not long after Reddit banned "The Fappening", a community dedicated to posting the nude celebrity photos leaked in early and late September.

Yishan Wong, chief executive of Reddit, said that the timing of the closure of The Fappening and the greenlight on funding were not connected.

"Fundraising cycles are much longer than nude celebrity photo cycles, and the two happened to overlap," he said to Venturebeat.

Sources: BBC, Venturebeat and The Telegraph

35,000 walruses mass on Alaska beach ‘due to climate change’

 This National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration(NOAA photo obtained Oct 1, 2014 shows an estimated 35,000 walrus as they gather on shore on Sept 23, 2014 about 8 km north of Point Lay, Alaska.
This National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration photo obtained Oct 1, 2014 shows an estimated 35,000 walruses as they gathered on shore on Sept 23, 2014 about 8 km north of Point Lay, Alaska.

 At least 35,000 walruses have beached themselves on a remote Alaskan coastline in a phenomenon blamed on the melting of arctic ice due to climate change, experts said on Wednesday.

Initially there had been only 1,500 of the tusked pinnipeds counted on one beach, but in recent days that number has exploded.

“Our best estimate is almost a 24-fold increase,” said Megan Ferguson of the Aerial Surveys of Arctic Marine Mammals.

An estimated 35,000 walruses have gathered on shore in Alaska. Photo: AFP/NOAAA/COREY ACCARDO/HANDOUT

The walruses “are hauling out on land in a spectacle that has become all too common in six of the last eight years as a consequence of climate-induced warming,” the US Geological Survey (USGS) said in a statement.

Beaching on land makes young walruses more susceptible to death by trampling, the agency said, adding that walruses would normally haul out on ice nearer to rich feeding grounds.

The USGS said summer sea ice is retreating far north of the continental shelf waters of the Chukchi Sea, which is in US and Russian waters, “a condition that did not occur a decade ago.

“To keep up with their normal resting periods between feeding bouts to the seafloor, walruses have simply hauled out onto shore,” it added.

Ferguson noted that more brown bears than previously estimated were also spotted on the same stretch of coastline, while gray whales that had swum in the area up to the 1990s have disappeared. - AFP 

Champions League round-up: Madrid teams triumph, English have mixed fortunes

Benzema celebrating after scoring what turned out to be the winning goal for Real Madrid.

Champions League champions Real Madrid had to come back from behind against debutant Ludogrets on Thursday (Oct 2) after Cristiano Ronaldo missed a penalty.

Karim Benzema came off the bench for Madrid to score 13mins from time to ruin any chance for a fairy tale  result for the Bulgarian Club.

Ludogrets went ahead after lively Brazilian midfielder Marcelinho had headed home a goal from close range. 

Ludogorets Razgrad's midfielder Marcelinho celebrating. Photo: AFP

After Ronaldo's penalty was saved hopes ran high at the Vasil Levski stadium in Sofia that a footballing fairytale could be in the air.

Unfortunately, it was not to be when Ronaldo made no mistake when he was given another opportunity to score from the spot again.

While the hosts gave a good account of themselves, they were unable to complete the fantasy when Benzema stepped on the field in his garish boots to score the winner.

Atletico Madrid slays Juventus

The majestic Arda Turan celebrating after scoring his goal. Photo: Reuters

Atletico Madrid coach Diego Simeone singled out Arda Turan as a “special” player after the Turkey midfielder fired the La Liga side to a 1-0 win at home to Juventus in Champions League Group A.

A tight contest at the Calderon between the Spanish and Italian champions was settled when Arda poked the ball into the net in the 75th minute to put Atletico’s European campaign back on track after they lost their opening game 3-2 at Olympiakos Piraeus two weeks ago.

Malmo won 2-0 at home to Olympiakos to leave all four teams in this group on three points from two matches.

Liverpool disappointing season continues

Liverpool's poor start to the season continued when they lost to Basel.

Despite creating chances, Liverpool strikers failed to convert any of them as they return to Anfield with their wings clipped by a Basel side that was hanging on for most of the match.

Arsenal demolished Galatasary.

In an eventful match, Danny Welbeck answered his critics by scoring a hat-trick in front of his home fans. 

Alexis Sanchez​ scored the last goal before Arsenal goalkeeper Wojciech Szczesnypicked up a red card to towards the end of the match. 

The match was interrupted when Galatasaray fans threw a flare onto the pitch in the first half. 

Other scores:

Zenit St Petersburg 0 Monaco

Anderlecht 0 Dortmund

Bayer Leverkusen 3 Benfica

Malmo 2 Olympiacos 0

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Source: Reuters, AFP