From dusk till dawn

Photo of shipyard workers at sunset is Big Picture winner

APT: Judge Caleb Ming said Mr Hong Yew Kwong's photo was beautifully shot and was spot-on for last week's Heart & Soul theme.
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The judges

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Age is not a factor when it comes to bellydancing

Contestants aged 7 to 74 dazzle at world bellydance contest

DAZZLING: Michelle Teo from Malaysia, took part in the young adult category . She dazzled the audience with elegant, yet rapid head, belly and arm movements.
DAZZLING: (Above) Dr Fei Jia Zhen, 74, was the oldest contestant at the World Bellydance Competition on Friday. Dr Fei, who comes from Shanxi, China, is a retired doctor and a grandmother of five.
FLASHY: A child bellydancer shakes her flexible body in tandem with fast music.
FLASHY: Aika from Japan, who performed solo in the young adult category, stood out with her white feathery costume and graceful, sophisticated bellydance moves.

Mention bellydancing, and images of young women shimmying in midriff-baring costumes comes to mind.

But if the participants at the World Bellydance Competition are anything to go by, age is hardly a factor.

Held last Friday at the Goodman Arts Centre as part of the 2015 World Bellydance Festival (WBDF), which ends today, the competition saw dancers as young as seven and as old as 74.

Competition categories were diverse, with segments for child, young adult, senior, amateur and professional bellydancers.

Dressed in an array of glittery costumes and headdresses, dancers from different countries spiced up their routines with graceful splits and acrobatic somersaults against a backdrop of colourful lights and artificial smoke.

Dr Fei Jia Zhen, who hails from Shanxi, China, was the oldest contestant at 74.

Speaking in Mandarin, the solo performer told TNP that she is a retired doctor and a grandmother of five.

"I started learning bellydancing four years ago. I felt that I was getting older and needed to keep fit," said Dr Fei, who looks after her 92-year-old mother and practises medicine part-time.





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By the numbers

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Windows 10 
to open July 29

RETURN: This makes the first major launch for Microsoft after the relative failure of Windows 8 in 2013.
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House detectives

Some homeowners 
hire experts to check for problems with new homes

(Above) Part of a wall left unfinished and a washing machine drainage pipe with missing cap.
EXAMPLES OF DEFECTS: Part of a wall left unfinished and (above) a washing machine drainage pipe with missing cap.
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5 most common defects

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Turn camp into tourist spot: Minister

BOLD SUGGESTION: Mr Shahidan Kassim visited the human trafficking campsite on Sunday and described it as 'very nice'.
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'It's my flight, you have no right'

Woman tries to open plane door, kicks security guard after missing her flight

FURIOUS: The woman tried to open a plane door at the departure gate and was restrained by security guards.
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