Another man fractures penis during sex, but how does it happen?

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Yet another man has had to go through the unimaginable pain of fracturing his penis.

Mr Alan Parke, who is from Ireland, had to undergo surgery and have his penis put in a sling after it snapped while having sex with his girlfriend, reported the Irish Mirror.

"All of a sudden I heard something snap. I've never known pain like this, it was absolutely excruciating," Mr Parke recounted his traumatic experience.

Even doctors were shocked by what they saw.

Said Mr Parke: "We went to Letterkenny General Hospital and the doctors there said it was the first time they'd ever seen anything like it."

In March this year, a 42-year-old man in Boston knew he was in trouble when he heard the same sickening snap while having sex with his partner.


Pix 11 reported that massive bruising caused his manhood to turn purple.

Like Mr Parke, he underwent an operation and was discharged the next day.

It may seem odd, but there's an explanation for this bizarre injury.

A report in the The Telegraph cites blunt force trauma as the cause of the problem.

The trauma ruptures the tunica albuginea, the fibrous membrane that envelopes the spongelike chambers on both sides of the penis.

The membrane then thins out and expands but when it becomes overstretched, it can cause the tear or "fracture".

This kind of injury is not common but must be treated immediately.

Only about 16 such cases have been reported each year.


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Child abuse or just baby yoga?

Warning: Disturbing images

A video showing a baby being swung around in a bucket of water and held upside from the legs has gone viral on Facebook.

Charities in the UK have been calling for the social media giant to remove the clip, which they say shows torture and abuse of a child.

But Facebook said the video shows "baby yoga" and is not against its policies.

Its spokesman told Daily Star Online: "We do not allow child abuse on Facebook and any illegal content which is flagged to us is quickly removed.

"Whilst we understand that people may be upset by this video which depicts a form of baby yoga, after careful review we found it does not break our rules."

The video is believed to have originated from Indonesia, reported UK media.

In the video, which is almost two minutes long, the baby screams as he/she is swung around by his/her hands.

The baby is then held upside down by the legs.

The baby is made to jump up and down as the woman tugs on his/her arms.

By the end of the video, the child is silent.

Mail Online quoted Ms Lurleen Hilliard, founder of Nolonger Victims, a charity campaigning against abuse, as saying: "It’s one of the sickest videos I’ve ever seen in my life.

"At the very minimum that baby is brain damaged from the shaking."

Said Ms Gabrielle Shaw, chief executive of UK charity National Association for People Abused in Childhood: "To dismiss this video of a screaming baby being violently shaken and manipulated in a tub of water, as a form of 'baby yoga'.

"The fact that Facebook has reviewed it and allowed it to stand, is staggering."

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Over 190 people still trapped on Mt Kinabalu

Screengrab showing the mountain before and after the quake

A total 151 people are still trapped on the summit of Mount Kinabalu while the fate of 40 others on the Via Feratta route to the mountain remains unknown.

Sabah Police Commissioner Datuk Jalaluddin Abdul Rahman said so far, 29 climbers had returned to base at Kundasang.

He added that three people — a female Turkish tourist Semiha Turkay, mountain trainer Robi Satingga, 30 and a trainer with Mountain Torq, James Mikol, 29 — sustained serious injuries during a rockfall after the 7.17am earthquake on Friday (June 5).

Earlier, Tourism, Culture and Environment Minister Masidi Manjun said there are about 38 to 42 Sabah Parks guides and workers in the mountain with the climbers. 

Meanwhile, tremors shook Kota Kinabalu and other parts of Sabah’s west coast.  

Initial reports from the Malaysian Meteorological Services Department said the quake struck 16km northwest of Ranau.

No tsunami warning

The US Geological Survey put it at 6 on the Richter scale.

No tsunami warning was issued.

It said that the strong quake struck at a depth of 10km, The Star reported.

Apart from the state capital, the tremors were felt in the northern Kudat and Kota Marudu districts, and as far away Beaufort in the south. 

The tremors shook buildings and rattled windows prompting people to run out from their houses, shops, and even at the Kota Kinabalu International Airport terminal. 

The iconic Donkey’s Ear Peak has been destroyed due to the tremors.

The twin peak landmark resembles a pair of donkey’s ears, with the top of one of the peaks falling off.

Source: The Star 


Student who writes with leg given extra time for exams

Last year, an amputee who "wrote too slowly with his foot" did not manage to finish his examination paper.

But now, he will be given extra time to complete his college entrance examinations.

Peng Chao, 20, from Panzhihua city, Southwest China’s Sichuan province, lost both his arms when he was six after suffering severe electric shock.

Following the accident, he trained himself to write with his right foot.


Due to intense competition, Peng did not get into the three universities he had applied for last year.

“I could not finish the test last year as I wrote too slowly with my foot,” he said.

A determined Peng then applied for more time to finish his papers and local authorities approved the request.

Besides giving him an extra 36 minutes for a two-hour paper, he will also be provided with a specially designed seat and desk.

Sources: South China Morning Post, Shanghai Daily


Robbers in Dunlop Street heist convicted

The second-storey shophouse at Dunlop Street where three businessmen were robbed by three men dressed in police uniform on Sept 10 2012

The four remaining men involved in the brazen Dunlop Street heist on Sept 10, 2012 were convicted on Friday (June 5) after a 29-day trial.

Two were Singaporeans - musician Magesan Ramasamy, 36 and Mohamed Faizal Ajmalhan, 32, who worked in the financial industry.

The other two were Indian nationals, Arunachalam Lakshmanan, 37, and Chinnaya Antony Samy, 38, both construction workers.

They robbed three Indian nationals at a two-storey Dunlop Street lodging house in Little India of about $1.27 million in cash at around 8.30am that day.

The victims were traders, Mr Antony Savarimuthu, Mr Gulam Hussain Jalaludeen and Mr Abuasanar Kamarulzaman.

District Judge Low Wee Ping also found Mohamed Faizal and Magesan guilty of three counts of impersonating police officers to rob their victims.

Sentencing was adjourned to Jun 16.

Their accomplice, taxi driver Mohammad Ansari Abdul Hussain, 36, had pleaded guilty in August 2013 to one count each of gang robbery and impersonating a public servant.

He was jailed eight years and ordered to receive the minimum 12 strokes of the cane.

Read the full report in our print edition on June 6.
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Five serious bus accidents in the past year

Photo montage of the various accidents involving buses.

It's been quite a traumatic week for public transport commuters on our roads.

On Friday morning (June 5), two people were hurt when an SMRT bus and a taxi collided along Serangoon Road.

Just a day earlier (June 4), 28 people were taken to Changi General Hospital after a three-bus pile-up along Changi Road.

Here are five other reported accidents involving buses in the past year, which left at least one family in mourning.

May 2015

The bus hit Madam Wong at Punggol Place, near the bus interchange. PHOTO: SHIN MIN

Senior staff nurse, Madam Lucinia Wong Hang Yee, 30 was killed when a single-deck SBS bus hit her at Punggol Place on May 15.

A witness said Madam Wong was trapped between the vehicle's front and back tyres.

Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) officers had to manually pull Madam Wong from underneath the bus.

She was taken to Khoo Teck Phuat Hospital but died from her injuries.

April 2015

The windscreen of the SBS bus that had hit the rear of another bus on April 16 at Tampines Avenue 1. PHOTO: LEOMAR GARCIA

Six passengers were injured when two SBS buses crashed at Tampines Avenue 1 on April 16.

IT business analyst Leomar Garcia, 41, was on one of the affected vehicles.

He told The New Paper (TNP) the impact shattered the bus windscreen.

An SBS Transit spokesman said five passengers were taken to Changi General Hospital (CGH) while a girl was taken to KK Women and Children’s Hospital, said.

December 2014

The SBS bus which crashed into a Comfort taxi at Upper Serangoon Road. TNP PHOTO: JEREMY LONG

Their journey went awry when an SBS bus hit the back of a ComfortDelGro taxi along Upper Serangoon Road on Dec 8.

Fourteen people were hurt.

One of them, a secretary known as Ms Wang, was on her way home from her Toa Payoh workplace when the bus suddenly stopped near Serangoon Junior College - causing her to hit her head.

She was taken to CGH and had four days of medical leave.

The other 13 were treated for minor injuries.

October 2014

 The impact of the collision caused the windscreens of both vehicles to shatter​. PHOTO: ISAIAH TAN

Nine people were taken to Changi General Hospital after an SBS bus collided with a lorry at the junction of Telok Kurau Road and East Coast Road on Oct 31.

A witness, who only wanted to be known as Mr Jaems, saw some bus passengers with bandages around their heads.

He said: “There was blood on some of their clothes and blood was also seeping through the bandages."


July 2014

 A single-decker and a double-deck bus collided at Sims Avenue in the direction of Geylang. PHOTO: ST

Two SBS buses collided along Sims Avenue.

A single-deck service 80 had crashed into double-decker service 21 at the slip road of the junction at Sims Avenue and Sims Way.

The Straits Times reported that 23 passengers were taken to Tan Tock Seng Hospital.

They risk lives to save elderly man on train tracks

The three brave guys seen here lifting the old man to safety.

Their brave act saved an elderly man's life and led to people in Korea lauding them as heroes.

The senior citizen had fallen on the train tracks on Tuesday (June 2).

In his drunk state, he had mistaken the platform at Ssangchon Station in Ssangchon-dongSeo-Gu, for the exit.

He stumbled and fell 1m onto the tracks, leaving bystanders in a state of panic.

Allkpop and MBC News reported that three young men who witnessed the incident leapt to the rescue: Two of them jumped onto the tracks and lifted the old man up - while the third stayed on the platform to help pull the senior to safety.

The crowd cheered the trio on as they struggled for some time.

One man (above left) even managed to retrieve the old man's hat for him.

The senior was rushed to the hospital after the dramatic rescue.

Thankfully, he wasn't badly hurt.

The rescue video has since gone viral.

Some netizens were especially touched at the scene featured at 1:11 of the footage, which shows a rescuer carrying the old man (pictured below) to seek medical help.

And guess what many Koreans want now?

They're hoping for two of the heroes to contact the authorities - so they will be rewarded with free subway use for the rest of their lives.

The rescuer identified so far had left his name and contact information after the incident.

He is military officer Lee Ji Hyuk, 23.


WATCH: Three brave men save elderly man from train tracks

Sources: Allkpop, MBC News

2 hurt in Serangoon Road bus-taxi crash

The cabby and passenger were hurt in this morning's crash.

Another SMRT bus has been involved in an accident on Friday (June 5), the second accident involving their bus in as many days.

Today, the SMRT bus was involved in a collision with a taxi at Serangoon Road at 7.30am. 

It is unclear how the accident happened but a photo of the accident on Twitter showed the crumpled front of the taxi. 

The 39-year-old male taxi driver and a 74-year-old female bus passenger were injured and taken to Tan Tock Seng Hospital. 


The impact of this morning's crash left a dent on the front of the bus. PHOTO: TNP/ GODWIN NG

When The New Paper visited the scene, the taxi had been towed away while the SMRT bus sported a large dent on the right side of its bumper. 

An eyewitness said that the accident caused a 400m jam on the two-lane road. 

Mr Patrick Nathan, SMRT's vice-president of corporate information and communications, said:

"The 45 passengers on board the SMRT bus were safely transferred to the next bus.

"Investigations into the incident are currently being carried out."

Read the full report in our print edition on June 6.

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FIFA paid Ireland's FA $6.7 million to stop legal action

Thierry Henry, handling the ball before the passing ball which scored the decisive goal.

The fall-out continues as corruption allegations swirl around Fifa.

Now the latest group to be dragged into the mess is Ireland's Football Association (FAI).

Fifa reportedly paid FAI US$5 million (S$ 6.7 million) to avoid a legal case after Ireland's controversial World Cup playoff defeat to France in 2009.

Ireland were knocked out by France in a two-leg qualifier for the 2010 South Africa tournament, with the decisive goal in the second leg coming after French striker Thierry Henry's handball in extra time.



With moral outrage over the goal growing (in Ireland and beyond), Fifa said on Thursday (June 4) that they came to a financial agreement with the FAI not to proceed with legal action.

FIFA said that it gave the FAI a loan that would have been paid back had Ireland qualified for the 2014 World Cup.

“In January 2010, FIFA entered into an agreement with FAI in order to put an end to any claims against FIFA.

"FIFA granted FAI a loan of $5 million for the construction of a stadium in Ireland. At the same time, UEFA also granted the FAI funds for the same stadium.

"The terms agreed between FIFA and the FAI were that the loan would be reimbursed if Ireland qualified for the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

"Ireland did not so qualify. Because of this, and in view of the FAI’s financial situation, FIFA decided to write off the loan as per Dec 31, 2014." - Fifa's statement

FAI chief executive John Delaney criticised Blatter at that time for his handling of the incident and accused the Swiss of being “disrespectful”.

Speaking to Irish state broadcaster RTE on Thursday, Delaney said: “It was a payment to the association... not to proceed with a legal case.

“We felt we had a legal case against FIFA because of how the World Cup hadn’t worked out (due to) the Thierry Henry handball, also the way (Sepp) Blatter behaved - if you remember - on stage, having a snigger, having a laugh at us.

“So that day when I went in and told him how I felt about him... there were some expletives used, we came to an agreement... It was a very good agreement for the FAI, a very legitimate agreement for the FAI.”

This of course comes on the heels of a tumultuous week for Fifa: Sepp Blatter resigned as president of Fifa just a few days after his election amidst a storm over corruption allegations that saw top Fifa officials being arrested.

Sources: Reuter, Vine

Kranji and KL gallops

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