Man molests girlfriend's daughter after offering ‘spiritual cleansing’

His girlfriend introduced her teenage daughter to him and the girl referred to him as her "stepfather".

But the 31-year-old man abused their trust and molested the 15-year-old after offering to perform "spiritual cleansing" on her.

The man, who cannot be named to protect the girl's identity, was jailed yesterday for 15 months and ordered to receive three strokes of the cane.

He pleaded guilty to two counts of outrage of modesty.

Deputy Public Prosecutor (DPP) Jason Lim said that the girl stayed with her uncle for about three months after her parents divorced.

She moved in with her mother and her boyfriend at their one-room rented flat in the southern part of Singapore on Oct 16 last year.

On her first night, the mother and her boyfriend, who worked in an online business, had a discussion where they agreed the girl needed "spiritual cleansing".

It is not known why.

"(The mother) did not agree or consent for the accused to touch the victim's private parts," DPP Lim said.

The court heard that the woman later told her daughter about the "spiritual cleansing", but the girl kept quiet and went to sleep.


The girl was sleeping between the couple in their living room when she was woken at about 3am the next day when she felt someone touching her.

She realised that the man's hand was underneath her T-shirt and he was touching her stomach area. The man then moved his hand to touch her left breast.

The girl stayed still throughout the ordeal as she was shocked and did not know what to do, the court heard.

The man slipped his hand into her shorts and continued molesting her.

Said DPP Lim: "At this point, the victim then got up and walked away to the sofa area. She remained there and played with her (mobile phone) until about 5.30am before leaving for school."

The girl went to an aunt's house later that day and told her what happened.

The aunt took her to MacPherson Neighbourhood Police Post that evening for the girl to lodge a report.

In mitigation, the man's lawyer, Mr Mohamed Baiross, told District Judge Kamala Ponnampalam that his client was "truly remorseful".

The girl's mother was in court yesterday and she spoke to her boyfriend for about five minutes after the judge sentenced him. She declined to speak to reporters.

For each count of outrage of modesty, the man could have been jailed for up to two years, or fined or caned or receive any combination of such punishments.

(The mother) did not agree or consent for the accused to touch the victim's private parts.

- Deputy Public Prosecutor Jason Lim

'Please bring them home'

Mother-in-law of ISIS fighter pleads for help for daughter and grandchildren in Middle East

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M'sia to investigate property allegations

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Man in BMW full of illegal curry puffs, kueh fails to stop at Tuas checkpoint

Man with 110 boxes and 20 bags of food arrested for failing to stop for further checks at Tuas Checkpoint

CAUGHT: An ICA spokesman said checks were conducted on the man's car (above) and there were some discrepancies in the quantities declared.
CAUGHT: An ICA spokesman said checks were conducted on the man's car (above) and there were some discrepancies in the quantities declared.
CAUGHT: An ICA spokesman said checks were conducted on the man's car and there were some discrepancies in the quantities declared (above).

Despite being directed to another area for further checks, he continued driving his luxury car past Tuas Checkpoint, sparking a manhunt by the police.

They found the man and his 7-series BMW sedan almost two hours later at Pioneer North Road and arrested him.

The police officers found more 100 boxes and plastic bags packed in the boot and on the passenger seats.

But instead of contraband such as drugs or illegals, they contained such foodstuff as curry puff and kueh-kueh (local pastries).

An Immigrations & Checkpoint Authority spokesman said the 47-year-old suspect arrived at the checkpoint from Malaysia at 12.15pm on Tuesday.

The New Paper understands that he had a valid permit to import food from Malaysia, but had underdeclared the quantity in his car.

He was directed to a designated bay area for further inspection but apparently misunderstood the instructions and drove away.

Read the full report in our print edition on June 25.

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Real Madrid players' salaries leaked

Cristiano Ronaldo picked up a cool annual salary of $25.6m last year, according to Spanish newspaper Mundo Deportivo.
Cristiano Ronaldo picked up a cool annual salary of $25.6m last year, according to Spanish newspaper Mundo Deportivo.

We know the Galaticos at Real Madrid make truckloads of money.

Well, we didn’t know that they make enough to make grown men weep.

Spanish based newspaper Mundo Deportivo has recently released the salaries of the Real players.

In total, 22 of its players, which somehow left out Isco, accounted for an annual wage bill of 97.8 million euros (S$147 million).


And yes, those figures are after tax.

Read them and weep.

Top earner Cristiano Ronaldo's salary accounted for one-sixth of the total wages Real paid to these players.

If you're done crying, here's a break down of what Ronaldo's salary alone can get you.

Not too shabby considering Real won squat last season...

Source: Mundo Deportivo via Twitter, The Sport Bible

This boy can use the toilet, thanks to Botox injections

Mention Botox and one would almost immediately think of cosmetic surgery.

But for one little boy, Botox injections are helping him live a more normal life by allowing him to use the toilet.

Tarun Chungh, 4, has leukaemia and Noonan syndrome, a genetic disorder which prevents normal development.

He cannot digest food or go to the toilet properly, and often has constipation, reported The Mirror.

Because of this, the UK boy cannot eat and has to be hooked up to a feeding pump.

The Botox, which is injected into Tarun’s buttocks, helps contract the muscles and aids in bowel movement, the UK daily reported.


Tarun cannot take a shower or go swimming. He is unable to run around with his twin brother Kian or seven-year-old sister Tia.

But even then, Tarun is "never without a smile", said his mother Tracey Burrows​.

She said: "Tarun is my little miracle. He’s spent most of his life in hospital, but he’s always got a cheeky grin on his face."

She added: "He’s got so many medical problems, but his spirit keeps us all going."


Tarun has had nine operations so far.

His parents hope the Botox injections will reduce the number of operations he will need.

Said Mrs Burrows: "We’re currently trying to get the dosage just right, but it seems to be working, and it means he doesn’t have to have an invasive operation – just a little injection."

Mrs Burrows has set up a page on online fundraising platform JustGiving for her son. The money raised will go to charity Tree Of Hope.

Sources: The Mirror, JustGiving

Watch: Speeding BMW slices Mazda in two

Impact of the crash split the car into two.

A speeding BMW ran a red light at a busy junction in Nanjing city and crashed into an oncoming Mazda.

The impact split the Mazda into two and sent the male driver and female passenger flying out of the vehicle.

Both died at the scene.

The accident happened shortly before 2pm on Saturday (June 20).

The driver of the BMW, Wang Jijin, 35, abandoned his car and fled the scene, reported ETtoday.

Wang, whose entire face was bloodied, was arrested about 400m away.

It is believed the BMW had been travelling faster than 150kmh.

One half of the Mazda. PHOTO: WEIBO

Wang tested negative for drugs or alcohol.

Police found more than 1kg of white powder in the car, but it was later determined to be corn flour.

Police are investigating the case.

Sources: ETtoday, iFeng, Shanghaiist

Watch: Footage of the accident from different angles





Indian actor's yoga session goes viral

South Indian actor Vijaykanth's yoga session has gone viral.

Stop a bullet with his chest (sans bullet proof vest and superhero powers)? Only in Indian cinema.

And no one makes it funnier than Kollywood actor Vijaykanth.

Case in point? 

matrix animated GIF

The actor, who is also a politician (anything is possible in India), has portrayed himself to be almost super human in his movies. 

So, it's only natural to assume that yoga would come naturally to him, right?

Apparently, that was a wrong assumption to make.

The leader of India's Desiya Murpokku Dravids Kazhagam took it upon himself to lead 100 party workers into performing Yoga for International Yoga Day.

After all, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi did it too with ease. So it shouldn't be too difficult a task, thought Vijaykanth.

Here is Vijaykanth thinking: "Yo, I got this."

But he experiences some obstacles early as he has trouble sitting down.

Vijayakanth Performing  Yoga on a International Yoga Day Must Watch - Red Pix 24x7

He even has trouble doing simple breathing exercises.

Vijayakanth Performing  Yoga on a International Yoga Day Must Watch - Red Pix 24x7

And Vijaykanth probably think he's too cool for these breathing exercises. "I can breathe just fine without using my fingers," he says. (At least that's what we think he's saying).

Vijayakanth Performing  Yoga on a International Yoga Day Must Watch - Red Pix 24x7

The video of Vijaykanth doing Yoga has since gone viral - with countless memes being created. But Vijaykanth and memes are practically BFFS - so there's nothing to surprising there.





Sources: Times of India, The New Indian Express

UK man kept girl, 2, calm with cartoon show while sexually abusing her

A UK man sexually abused a two-year-old girl and sent photos and videos of his actions to a woman in the US via Skype.

Mark Ahmed, 37, was jailed last week for 17 years and four months.

The UK court heard that Ahmed abused the child in front of a camera and sent photos to Roxanne Chapin from Arizona, who replied: "Oh my God babe, that is so sexy."

Ahmed also suggested to Chapin that they have a child together whom they would be able to abuse from young.

Said the prosecutor: "There was discussion of having a baby for the purpose of abuse."

'Abused her very seriously'

News website Get Reading reported that Ahmed and Chapin encouraged each other's depravity –​ Chapin also abused children and sent footage to Ahmed. 

She has been charged in the US with assaulting a three-year-old boy and a six-year-old boy.

Ahmed committed the offences on Jan 23. He was nabbed hours later when US police contacted their counterparts in the UK, reported Get Reading.

A prosecutor said: "He abused her (the child) very seriously throughout the day.

"Ahmed sent 20 images to the woman showing sexual activity with the child.

"He used Skype to contact Chapin and provided a running commentary of the abuse."

'Scarcely more than a baby'

When Chapin asked Ahmed what the child was doing during the abuse, he replied: "She is a bit baffled by it, but Peppa Pig is keeping her calm, reported The Mirror.

Peppa Pig is a UK cartoon for pre-school children.

Ahmed admitted to attempting to rape a child aged under 13, assaulting a child aged under 13 by penetration, making indecent photos of a child and distributing indecent images of a child, reported The Mirror.

The judge said in sentencing: "The victim of these offences was only two years of age, scarcely more than a baby.

"It is too early for anyone to be able to assess the psychological effects of your offending upon her, one can only hope that memories are not laid down so as to affect her future."

Sources: Get Reading, Mirror