MH17 black boxes delivered to British investigators

Members of the media take pictures as a pro-Russian separatist places black boxes belonging to Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 on a desk, before their handover to Malaysian representatives, in Donetsk on July 22, 2014.
Members of the media take pictures as a pro-Russian separatist places black boxes belonging to Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 on a desk, before their handover to Malaysian representatives, in Donetsk on July 22, 2014.

The black boxes from the doomed Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 that crashed in eastern Ukraine have arrived in Britain for expert analysis, the British government said on Wednesday.

The recorders have been delivered to the Air Accidents Investigation Branch headquarters in Farnborough, southwest of London.

Malaysian Transport Minister Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai said in a statement that was a normal procedure for black boxes to be sent for analysis to the nearest laboratory authorised by the International Civil Aviation Organisation ( ICAO).

The AAIB experts were set to go through the information from the cockpit voice recorder, which should give them hours of pilots’ conversations, as well as study the contents of the flight data recorder.

“We can confirm that the two black boxes from MH17 have been delivered by the Dutch Safety Board to the Air Accidents Investigation Branch at Farnborough for download,” a Department for Transport spokeswoman told AFP.

The passenger flight from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur came down in eastern Ukraine, killing all 298 people on board, 193 of them Dutch citizens. US officials say the plane was mistakenly shot down by pro-Russian separatists in the region.

It is thought that the AAIB will be able to send details of their findings to the Dutch authorities within 24 hours – giving experts in the Netherlands further information of the doomed Boeing 777 jet’s last moments. - AFP 

Ray J faces sexual assault charge after bender

The law has caught up with US artist Ray J after the singer was hit with four charges, prosecutors said on Tuesday (July 22).

You'd remember him as the guy who released the 2007 sex tape with ex-girlfriend of five years, Kim Kardashian.

Ray J, whose real name is William Ray Norwood Jr, was hit with four charges on Tuesday (July 22), prosecutors revealed.

The One Wish singer was charged with sexual battery on an unidentified woman, vandalism of a police car, battery on a police officer and resisting arrest, the misdemeanor complaint filed Monday, reported New York Daily News (NYDN). 

The charges come after an incident almost two months ago (May 30) when Sexy Can I singer allegedly brushed up against a woman’s backside at the hotel bar at Beverly Wilshire Hotel.

Prosecutors claim he willfully touched the woman’s "intimate part" for the "specific purpose of sexual arousal, sexual gratification and sexual abuse" but when police responded at the scene and initially let him leave on his own after they determined "the touching was accidental."

But he ruined that opportunity to get away from the authorities shortly after. 

He had allegedly become "belligerent with staff and spat on officers" and even "shattered a police car window after he was handcuffed and stuffed in the back of the cruiser", claimed the publication.

TMZ reported that the singer told them that he’d become "claustrophobic" and kicked out the window.

Meanwhile, fans have taken the opportunity to share some sarcastic comments on Twitter.



According to the NYDN, Ray J is due for arraignment Friday in Los Angeles.

Sources: New York Daily News, TMZ and Twitter.

Couple arrested for having sex on crowded beach

Families having fun at a beach. A couple was arrested in Florida for having sex on the beach.

A couple was arrested for having sex on a Florida beach in front of dozens of witnesses.

Elissa Alvarez, 20, and Jose Caballero, 39, seemed oblivious to the stares of horrified families as they romped at Cortez Beach in Bradenton on Sunday, reported Mail Online.

After cavorting in the sand for more than 25 minutes, the pair went for a swim, reported Mirror. The couple then took a snooze on the beach.

Beach-goers thought the worst was over. They were wrong.

The pair woke up and cuddled for a while before going at it again.

By then Ms Emily Hall, whose four-year-old daughter had witnessed the whole episode, had had enough and called the cops.

A disgusted grandmother also whipped out her mobile phone to film the romp.

A local Fox affiliate reported her as saying: "I've lived here since 1978 and I go to the beaches and I've never seen anything like this."

Police arrested the couple for felony lewd and lascivious exhibition, reported NY Daily News. They were released on a bond of US$7,500 (S$9,300) each.

Sources: Mail Online, Mirror, Fox, NY Daily News

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I've slept with a lot of men in the industry, says Lana Del Rey

Lana Del Rey admits during an interview that there is an element of truth in her latest single F***ed My Way To The Top.

Yes, you heard that right. 

US singer-songwriter Lana Del Rey (LDR) admitted out loud during an interview with Complex, a bi-monthly New York publication, that she has indeed "slept with a lot of men in the industry," reported Billboard

This shocking revelation comes after the Born To Die singer, 29, titled one of her tracks F***ed My Way Up to the Top on her latest album, Ultraviolence.

LDR, whose real name is Elizabeth Woolridge Grant, did add one important fact about sleeping with those men in the business. 

She claims that "none of them helped (her) get record deals, which is annoying."

So, she was expecting that it would. Cheap much?

Sources: Complex magazine and Billboard. 

Photo: Reuters

All COE prices up in latest tender

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Exercise may slow physical and mental decline after menopause

Women who exercise regularly after menopause tend to maintain their physical strength and mental acuity longer than those who don’t, according to a new review of past studies that found exercise that gets the heart rate up is best.

Debra Anderson said that starting physical activity later in life than earlier is still better than not doing any exercise at all to lower the risk of a decreasing cognitive

Anderson worked on the study at the Institute of Health and Biomedical Innovation of the Queensland University of Technology in Kelvin Grove, Australia.

She and her team reviewed 21 studies published between 2009 and 2014 assessing exercise or leisure time physical activity among women ages 65 and older.

Higher physical activity levels were always linked to slower physical decline and better fitness. Exercise generally seemed to preserve brain health, too, although the studies didn’t agree on the strength of that association.

“We found that moderate to vigorous exercise is better than mild and gentle exercise,” Anderson told Reuters.

Although it's known that older adults should get at least 30 minutes of moderate exercise five times per week, doctors might consider “prescribing” more intense exercise to older women, the authors suggest.

“Based on our findings we feel this should be 30 to 45 minutes of moderate to vigorous activity at least five times per week for midlife and older women,” Anderson said.

Photo: ST File

Intense Exercising

It now seems very important that women exercise to a point where they cannot finish a sentence while exercising and breathe hard and sweat, she said.

“I would encourage someone who has not exercised at this intensity before to see a general practitioner for a referral to an accredited exercise physiologist to talk with them on how to build up to this level,” she added.

The idea that breaking a sweat helps the brain is not new, said Selena Bartlett, a neuroscientist at Queensland University of Technology.

“One thing we absolutely know is it builds muscle and strengthens the skeletal frame, and also brings oxygen and blood flow to the brain,” she said.

Keeping active helps make aging easier for everyone, not just postmenopausal women, Bartlett said, but that group might derive particular benefit.

Estrogen levels decrease during menopause, and the hormone has a role in preserving brain cells and forming new memories.

- Reuters

Cesc: Jose's gesture convinced me on Chelsea move

Cesc Fabregas was convinced to move to Chelsea after Jose Mourinho skipped his son's last game of the season to speak to him.
Cesc Fabregas was convinced to move to Chelsea after Jose Mourinho skipped his son's last game of the season to speak to him.

Cesc Fabregas was convinced to join Chelsea when he realised Jose Mourinho had sacrificed a family commitment for him.

 The ex-Arsenal captain has been a talking point between his new manager and Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger after he opted to join the Blues from Barcelona.

While Mourinho aimed a dig at Arsenal by claiming that the former Gunners favourite had his heart set on a Chelsea move from the beginning, Wenger refused to be baited into another feud with his rival, saying that Fabregas "landed where he wanted to go".

The Spanish international has now revealed to Chelsea TV that a special trip from the Special One made his mind up on the move that has surprised many Arsenal fans.

Fabregas said: "I studied them well in my head, thinking about it a lot with my family.

"I spoke to Jose on a Sunday afternoon, when he was missing his son's final game of the season to come and see me.

"From that, I know he made a great effort and he told me exactly what he wanted from me. He gave me a lift and made believe that he wanted me in a very good way.

"All of those things together made me sure that Chelsea was the best option for me."

Source: YouTube

Bake a cake in 60 seconds

Spray Cake's YouTube advertisement
Spray Cake's YouTube advertisement.

Spray it, heat it and voilà! You've just made a cupcake without having to wreck your brain for a recipe or kill your arms.

That's exactly what the latest food invention does.

Harvard students John McCallum and Brooke Nowakowski invented Spray Cake as a final project for the module Science & Cooking with the theme “ways to eat more cake.”

"Honestly we were kind of surprised it hadn't been done before," said Brooke.



The duo are in the process of patenting their invention, which allows for you to bake a full cake in the microwave in 60 seconds and a cupcake in half that time.

They say it's "essentially cake batter in a whip-cream style can."

It doesn't get any lazier than this. 


Screengrabs: CBS Boston/YouTube

Source: Boston Globe, Huffington Post


Stalker hid under teen girl's bed for a night after sending her terrifying messages

An 18-year-old hid under a teenage girl's bed after sending her terrifying messages.
An 18-year-old hid under a teenage girl's bed after sending her terrifying messages.

A stalker hid under a teenage girl's bed all night after sending her creepy, frightening messages.

He had texted the 16-year-old girl messages like "I'm watching you" earlier this month.

Kyle Ravenscroft, 18, had sent her messages saying that he was in her house and was "standing in the grounds". 

He also said that he "hoped she would wake up and find him hanging outside."

Frightened by these messages, she slept in her mum's room.

And just before she slept, he sent her another text reading "I'm in your house".

But the victim did not believe that he could be in her home.

Felt like she was being watched

When she returned to her own room the next morning, she was sitting on her bed when she sensed that someone was watching her.

She checked her room and eventually found him under her bed.

And when she asked Ravenscroft what he was doing there, he said that he had been asleep.

Before he was forced to leave by the victim's mother, he even stole the girl's phone and had broken the handle and lock to her daughter's bedroom window.

Ravenscroft, who plead guilty to stalking, has since been sentenced to 12 weeks behind bars, suspended for two years, and a supervision order.

Sources: Mirror Online

Deadly typhoons in Taiwan, Phillippines and China

A man walking past damaged houses after Typhoon Rammasun hit the area in Wenchang, south China's Hainan province.
A man walking past damaged houses after Typhoon Rammasun hit the area in Wenchang, south China's Hainan province.

Typhoon Matmo slammed into Taiwan on Wednesday with heavy rains and strong winds, shutting financial markets and schools, with at least one person killed and some damage reported.

Typhoon Matmo, a category two on Tropical Storm Risk’s scale of one to five, packed gusts of 155 kph (90 mph) and made landfall early on Wednesday, the central weather bureau said.

A man in northern Taiwan died after falling into a pool on his farm. News reports said a tourist was missing after taking pictures on a shore.

Taiwan’s military had gathered and distributed sandbags in anticipation of flooding.

Typhoon Matmo hit Taiwan on Wednesday, killing at least one person. Photos: AFP

The weather bureau said Matmo was expected to head north towards China later in the day.

Matmo arrived a week after Typhoon Rammasun killed 97 people in the Philippines and 46 in China, with 25 still missing. The China Meteorological Administration said Rammasun was the strongest storm to strike southern China since 1973.

Typhoons are common at this time of year in the South China Sea, picking up strength from the warm waters and dissipating over land.


Photos of Typhoon Rammasun's damage in Southern China. Photos: Reuters, AFP

- Reuters, AFP