Rondon makes it more woe for City

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Blame Mourinho for Chelsea freefall

The Sulky One, who has no 
respect for referees, has clearly 
lost the respect of his players

Jose Mourinho (above).
IGNOMINY: Jose Mourinho (above, back row, standing with West Ham supporters after being sent off) can't hide his dejection after Andy Carroll scores West Ham's winner.
IGNOMINY: Jose Mourinho can't hide his dejection after Andy Carroll scores West Ham's winner (above).


(Mauro Zarate 17, Andy Carroll 79)


(Gary Cahill 56)

Chelsea's crisis has officially descended into a full-blown meltdown.

If this proves to be Jose Mourinho's last stand in the English Premier League, he ensured that it would be one bowed out in a blaze of glory.

A man down on the pitch and stripped of their manager and a member of his backroom staff off it in their fifth defeat of the season - owner Roman Abramovich would be well within his rights to consider calling the increasingly beleaguered Portuguese's bluff.

Mourinho does not do walking away; to even entertain it would be a bruising admission of failure on what has been a sparkling managerial CV.

To be pushed rather than jump appears to be his preferred method of downfall at Stamford Bridge.

With the fallen champions in continued freefall, the only person currently appearing weak and naive is the Special One himself.

Embroiled in controversy in both his professional and personal life, his debonair has given way to ill discipline.

His attempt to storm into the referees' room at Upton Park, off-limits to managers, at the interval exposed how low Mourinho has sunk in the space of five months.

Arguments that he is shown no respect by the English press have become null and void when he does not even have respect for football's figures of authority, let alone himself.

Should he miraculously survive the savagery of Abramovich's bear pit, an anticipated stadium ban may actually do more good than harm to Chelsea.


They appeared a calmer and more adventurous prospect in the 45 minutes after Mourinho's snarling presence had disappeared.

Misfortune has provided a key sub-plot to Chelsea's worst start to an EPL campaign for over 15 years.

In a league of narrow margins, Kurt Zouma's disallowed goal by mere millimetres and a Cesc Fabregas offside goal continued that hard-luck story narrative.

But all that has befallen them has been largely by Mourinho's own hand.

The reaction to Nemanja Matic's sending-off, following a second bookable offence, bordered on smug, suggesting that the storm currently engulfing Chelsea is a perfect one for his personal missive.

Stood in the directors' box, his response when Gary Cahill's ultimately futile equaliser bulged the hosts' net was indicative of his current ambivalence.

Where he would previously produced chest-thumping and often incendiary celebrations, he looked on, motionless.

The bond between the manager and his players has been downgraded from a communion to sheer disconnect in Chelsea's rapid fall 
from grace.

They no longer appear intent on giving heart and soul for the man who strolled them to the title last season.

Mourinho had insisted that the reigning champions be judged in late December, when a "better picture" of the EPL running order can be gauged.

It is a tapestry that see them far removed from it and one that is unlikely to change in the space of the next two months.

Stamford Bridge's current incumbent will not be praying for Christmas this year - he will be very fortunate to see it as things stand.

"You’re getting sacked in the morning! You’re not special any more!"

- West Ham fans predicting Jose Mourinho’s fate during the game

By the numbers

6 Jose Mourinho lost six of his last 12 EPL games as manager. Before this run, he lost six in his previous 64 in the EPL.


  • Aston Villa 1 Swansea 2
  • Leicester 1 Crystal Palace 0
  • Norwich 0 West Brom 1
  • Stoke City 0 Watford 2


  • 8pm: Sunderland v Newcastle
  • 10pm: Man United v Man City
  • 10pm: Bournemouth v Tottenham
  • 12.15am: Liverpool v Southampton

Romance wins on the TVB Awards red carpet

Ladies in love looked extra lovely last night at the StarHub TVB Awards 2015

ELEGANT: Actor Ruco Chan with Grace Chan who won Best New TVB Artiste. Grace Chan is dating TVB heart-throb Kevin Cheng, who is 22 years her senior.
JUST PEACHY: Eliza Sam, who confirmed her relationship with her non-celebrity boyfriend, was dignified in her floor-length gown.
ON THE CARPET: Hong Kong actor Louis Cheung with My Favourite TVB Supporting Actress winner Rosina Lam.
STUNNERS: (Above left) Wayne Lai, Tavia Yeung (above right), Tony Hung, Priscilla Wong, Lawrence Ng and Selena Li.
STUNNERS: Wayne Lai, Tavia Yeung, Tony Hung (above left), Priscilla Wong (above right), Lawrence Ng and Selena Li.
STUNNERS: Wayne Lai, Tavia Yeung, Tony Hung, Priscilla Wong, Lawrence Ng (above left) and Selena Li (above right).

Looks like being in love really makes one more gorgeous.

Cliche as that sounds, it seems to be the case for the bevy of actresses who turned up the heat at the StarHub TVB Awards 2015, an annual local celebration of the best in Hong Kong television dramas and variety programmes.

Among those who strutted down the red carpet at Marina Bay Sands skating rink last night were Grace Chan, Eliza Sam, Priscilla Wong, Tavia Yeung and Selena Li - all of whom are currently in romantic relationships.

They were charming even though they had left their respective boyfriends back home in Hong Kong - with the exception of Wong. Her actor beau Edwin Siu was at the same event.

Sweet-faced Chan, 24, who made headlines in May when she confirmed her romance with TVB's most eligible bachelor, 46-year-old Kevin Cheng, wore a glittering tiara.

Poised and confident, the 2013 Miss Hong Kong beauty pageant winner flashed her pearly whites and impressed the crowd with her fluent Canadian-accented English, turning red carpet emcee, Singaporean comedian Jeremy Tian, into an instant fanboy.

"When I see pretty girls, I cannot talk. You got to help me ask (Chan) questions," he gushed, as he gestured to his co-emcee Veracia Yong to take over the hosting.

Sam, 30, who was photographed by Hong Kong paparazzi French-kissing her non-celebrity boyfriend in the car earlier this month, oozed elegance in her floor-sweeping peach gown.

Equally captivating were Wong and Li, both effervescently praising Singapore.


Li, 34, who local TV audiences will recognise for her role in popular Channel 5 sitcom Spouse For House, said that whenever she visits Singapore, "it's a holiday for me".

"There are so many great things to eat here," she added with a wide grin.

Wong, also 34, chose to grace the red carpet with actor Tony Hung instead of Siu, her significant other.

The decision was slightly disappointing for fans expecting lovey-dovey action - after all, Wong and Siu have gone public with their relationship for more than a year.

"I'm very impressed with Singapore's Gardens by the Bay," said Wong. "I like how eco-friendly it is."

Veteran actress Tavia Yeung, 36, was a picture of radiance.

Perhaps, it's the magic of love? Yeung has been dating Hong Kong beefcake Him Law for over three years.

"She does look healthier these days," local undergraduate Lee Jie, 20, told The New Paper on Sunday.

A longtime fan of Yeung, Ms Lee has been watching her idol's television dramas for 14 years.

"I don't know (if Yeung's newfound radiance is due to love), but I think she has been getting a lot more rest this year," said Ms Lee.

A total of 33 awards were presented at StarHub TVB Awards 2015 and viewers can catch the delayed telecast on Oct 31 via TVB First (StarHub Ch 860).

It will also be aired on VV Drama (StarHub Ch 855) and E City (StarHub Ch 825) on Nov 7 and Nov 14 respectively.

List of main winners

My Favourite TVB Actress: Liza Wang

My Favourite TVB Actor: Ruco Chan

My Favourite TVB Drama: Captain Of Destiny

Best New TVB Artiste: Grace Chan

My Favourite TVB Supporting Actor: Vincent Wong

My Favourite TVB Supporting Actress: Rosina Lam

Most Improved TVB Artiste: Tracy Chu

Rallies intensify as 
haze conditions worsen

PROTEST: Students at a rally in Pekanbaru, Riau, on Friday.
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VIDEO: Woman assaulted, robbed in KL condo lift

HURT: Ms Lim suffered broken teeth and bruises from the robbery. (above The police have put out photofit of the two robbers.
HURT: Ms Lim suffered broken teeth and bruises from the robbery. (Above) The police have put out photofit of the two robbers.
HURT: Ms Lim (above) suffered broken teeth and bruises from the robbery. The police have put out photofit of the two robbers.

A woman was attacked and kicked by two men in a Kuala Lumpur condominium lift and robbed of her valuables.

A video of the incident, which was captured on closed-circuit television, has gone viral, The Star reported.

The 24-year-old woman, who wanted to be known only as Ms Lim, lost valuables worth RM8,000 (S$2,630) including two smartphones.

The robbers broke two of her teeth and she also suffered bruises to her chin, back and torso, the report said.

Ms Lim said she was returning to her unit on the eighth storey of Setapak Prima condominium last week when two men followed her into the lift at 11.40pm.

The men are seen in the video chatting with each other while standing behind Ms Lim in the lift. They press the seventh storey button.

One man gestures to the other, pointing to the victim, and then uses his arms to slam her against the metal wall of the lift as the doors open.

The force knocks the accountant onto her back. Then the other man grabs her by the hair and bag and drags her out of the lift.

Ms Lim is seen trying desperately to grab the lift doors but is kicked several times by the men.

Seconds later, the doors reopen to show one of the men counting cash while holding her broken pink purse.

Ms Lim is seen lying motionless on the floor.


The men fled in two separate cars, the police said, adding that checks found the number plates to be fake.

Federal Territories Malaysian Chinese Association chairman Yew Teong Look believes that this could be the work of a syndicate.

"We have passed all the information to the police and we will be following up with them on the case," he was quoted as saying.

Superintendent Mohamad Roy Suhaimi Sarif said police have put out a photofit of the two suspects and are still tracking them.

'Not the time to be sentimental'

Umno branch chiefs in Negeri Sembilan call for M'sian PM's resignation

PRESSURE: Mr Najib Razak is facing calls to quit from branch chiefs.
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Foyce Le Xuan: Optimism was a facade during my battle with breast cancer

Former singer-actress Foyce Le Xuan reveals her struggle with self-esteem while battling breast cancer

SURVIVOR: Foyce is declared cancer-free.

She posted about her fight with cancer on Facebook, hoping for support.

Instead some netizens' comments upset former singer-actress Foyce Le Xuan.

This happened in 2013, right after her surgery while she was still in the hospital.

For someone who loved getting her fans' attention on social media platforms, the comments shocked her.

She tells The New Paper on Sunday: "At that time, I thought it was the right thing to do but after seeing comments and even well wishes, it hurt me and made me feel depressed about my state."

She says although she appeared optimistic and energetic, it was all a facade.

She says: "It wasn't the physical pain but the emotional pain that brought me to the lowest point in my life."

Foyce says she found out she had cancer that year after returning from Taiwan where she had been training to become a singer.

While in Singapore, she decided to go for a full-body check-up as she was experiencing abnormal bleeding and irregular periods.

The test reports confirmed that she had two malignant lumps in her right breast. It was then confirmed that she had Stage 1 breast cancer.


The 35-year-old says she has a family history of cancer. Her father was diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer when she was 14. That was in 1994. He was the second man to be diagnosed with breast cancer in Singapore.

After treatment, he was declared cancer-free in 2012. (See report on right.)

She says: "Even though my father had breast cancer before and I appeared very strong to several media outlets, the test results were actually a very big blow to me."

Foyce underwent two operations on her right breast.

The first was to remove the lumps and confirm the diagnosis, and the second was a partial mastectomy to remove the remaining cancerous breast tissue.

After these two operations, she subsequently removed the uterine polyps that caused the abnormal bleeding.

She says she struggled with self-esteem issues while undergoing treatment.

She would pile on make-up before friends' visits as she felt like an "ugly duckling" while undergoing hormone therapy ­- even though she did not lose her hair, as she did not have chemotherapy.

Weight gain and mood swings - side effects of hormone therapy - depressed her further.

Foyce's dream of being a singer in Taiwan has been delayed, but she says she may go back one day.

She is now cancer-free but returns to Mount Elizabeth Hospital for check-ups every three months.

Foyce has been working from home as a fund manager for about two years.

She says: "For now, I like living a carefree lifestyle, but maybe one day I will go back (to Taiwan) when I am ready."

She says throughout her ordeal, her family and circle of friends kept her strong.

It wasn't the physical pain but the emotional pain that brought me to the lowest point in my life.

- Foyce Le Xuan, who was diagnosed with Stage 1 breast cancer in 2013

Her father had breast cancer too

CANCER-FREE: Foyce and her father, Mr Lim Yong Joo, both won their battle with breast cancer.
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Breast cancer screening crucial

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