Taiwan's 'porn star' transport cards sell out in hours

The limited edition transport cards that feature Japanese porn star Yui Hatano (above) sold out within hours after it was released for sale over the phone.

It is not often that transport cards cause an outcry. But then not all transport cards have porn stars printed on them.

Last week in Taiwan it was announced that an exclusive set of travel cards would feature Japanese porn star Yui Hatano​'s picture.

Known as EasyCards, the limited edition Angel and Demon series feature Hatano in white and black lingerie.

According to China Post, Taipei mayor Ko Wen-je initially responded to the outrage by allowing the cards to be sold. He said it was up to EasyCard chairman, Tai Chi-chuan to decide on the covers for the limited edition.

This week, he has reversed his position. The mayor had been reminded that because the city is a major shareholder of EasyCard, it was indeed the mayor's role to decide the cards' fate.

On Tuesday (Sept 1), he retracted his earlier decision.

He said that it was wrong to sell "private things" in the "public realm". 

"If you want to buy tapes and bring them home to watch, that is your own call. But it is not right for (EasyCard) to do this, so this situation was wrong," Ko said.

Ko said that he regretted not having made his position clearer, citing that he had limited knowledge on "such matters".

After a meeting with his deputy mayors, city council members and Mr Tai early this week, Mr Ko told Mr Tai that the decision to print the cards "was wrong and that the cards should not be printed and future actions like this must not be made".

As a result of Mr Ko's intervention, the sales of this EasyCard was limited to 30,000 and orders could only be made over the phone.

That did not curb the desire for the cards..

The EasyCard featuring Hatano went on sale at midnight priced at TWD$500 ($22).

All 30,000 cards were sold out by 4.18am.

EasyCard apologised on their website: "We apologise for the huge public controversy we have caused."

Source: China Post, Reuters

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10 overseas polling stations for the 2015 General Election

The Elections Department announced on Thursday (September 3) that Singaporeans living abroad will be able to cast their votes for the 2015 General Election at 10 polling stations worldwide.

Last month, The Straits Times had reported that a total of 3,104 Singaporeans residing outside the country had registered to vote in the upcoming election as of end July.

According to The Straits Times, this is the first time that the Singapore Consultate-General in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, has been designated an overseas polling station.

Countries such as the United States of America and China will have more than one designated polling station.

For the exact date and hours of the overseas polls, overseas voters are advised to visit the websites of the Elections Department and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and keep a lookout for announcements on the Singapore media, the Singapore Government Gazette and the Overseas Singaporean Unit.




High Commission of the Republic of Singapore in Australia


17 Forster Crescent
ACT 2600



+61-2-6271-2000 (Tel)
+61-2 6273-8165 (Fax)


United Kingdom

High Commission of the Republic of Singapore in the United Kingdom


9 Wilton Crescent
London SW1X 8SP
United Kingdom



+44 (0)207 235 8315 (Tel)
+44 (0)207 245 6583 (Fax)



Embassy of the Republic of Singapore in Japan


 5-12-3- Roppongi, 
Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-0032 



+81 (3) 3586-9111/2 (Tel)
+81 (3) 3582-1085 (Fax)



1. Embassy of the Republic of Singapore in the People's Republic of China


No 1 Xiu Shui Bei Jie
Jian Guo Men Wai
Chao Yang District,
Beijing 100600
People's Republic of China


+86-10-6532 1115 (Tel)
+86-10-6532 9405 (Fax)


2. Consulate-General of the Republic of Singapore in the People’s Republic of China (Shanghai)


89 Wanshan Road 
Shanghai 200336 
People's Republic of China


+86-21-6278 5566 (Tel)

+86-21-6295 6038 (Fax)


The United States of America

1. Embassy of the Republic of Singapore in the United States of America


3501 International Place, NW
Washington, DC 20008
United States of America


+1 (202) 537-3100 (Tel)
+1 (202) 537-0876 (Fax)


2. Consulate-General of the Republic of Singapore in the United States of America (San Francisco)


595 Market Street, 
Suite 2450 
San Francisco, CA 94105
United States of America


 +(415) 543-4775 (Tel)
+(415) 543-4788 (Fax)


3. Consulate of the Republic of Singapore in the United States of America (New York)


East 48th Street
New York, NY 10017
United States of America


+1-(212)223-3331 (Tel)
+1-(212)826-5028 (Fax)


Hong Kong

Consulate-General of the Republic of Singapore in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China


Units 901-2, 9th Floor
Admiralty Centre Tower 1 
18 Harcourt Road
Hong Kong


+(852) 2527-2212 (Tel)
+(852) 2861 3595 (Fax)


United Arab Emirates

Consulate-General of the Republic of Singapore in the United Arab Emirates (Dubai)



Villa No 124, Street 30d, 
Community No. 334, 
Al Satwa, Dubai


+971 4 321-9498 (Tel)
+971 4 321-9497  (Fax)


Sources: STI, The Straits Times, Singapore Elections Department

Local duo Trick releases their most daring MV yet

Local duo Trick is made up of Richard Jansen (left) and Marc Lian.

Scantily-clad models. Provocative dancing. You name it. Trick made sure that they got all the right ingredients for their most daring music video yet.

The local hip-hop duo — formed by friends Marc Lian and Richard Jansen in 2012 — are most well-known for their YouTube covers of hit songs. Their most popular one yet is their English rendition of K-pop star G-Dragon's Who You, which has racked up over 530,000 views since being uploaded in November 2013.

Trick signed with Sony Music along with fellow Singapore acts The Sam Willows and Sezairi in May and went on to release an original song and an accompanying music video, which has raised some eyebrows due to its titillating content.

As fans of American hip-hop, Trick wanted to showcase hip-hop culture in the self-directed video for their single Some Girls.

The video stars Lian and Jansen as well as models whom they had selected to be their co-stars a month prior to the shoot.



Lian told M during an interview at Sony Music's flagship store at 313@Somerset: "We were really inspired by American hip-hop videos, there are so many you know. We wanted to showcase hip-hop culture so what was important to us was the fashion and the dancing."

The video was unscripted, which meant that Trick and their model co-stars had to be spontaneous.

"All the moves that the girls are doing in the video were not rehearsed or planned," said Jansen.



"When we came in to do the shoot, everyone was just bang, bang, bang on the spot. The song was playing in the back and they came up with the moves," he added.

The duo gave M a glimpse of their improvisational skills when they turned six random words — bojio, Marina Bay Sands, Nasi Lemak, ERP, lepak and curry puff — into a special SG50 song.



Lian and Jansen also took M's Bros Quiz to find out just how well they know each other after spending the last three years making music together.



Gary's woes over alleged sex tape continues

Gary (above) of Running Man fame has allegedly been dragged into a scandal when a sex tape involving his doppleganger went viral online.

It was a video supposedly shot in a hotel room, of a couple having sex.

The man's face and big tattoo on his arm were similar to that of Running Man's Gary.

The video, titled Gary Video, went viral online last Saturday (Aug 29).

Netizens had speculated wildly if the rapper from Korean hip hop duo Leessang was indeed the man in the four-minute clip.

On Tuesday (Sept 1), Gary, 37, vehemently denied this through a strongly-worded statement via his agency, Leessang Company.

The man's tattoo was on his left arm while Gary's was on his right arm, the spokesman said.

But the damage has been done.

The K-pop singer isn't the only one who has been affected by the scandal.

According to KDramaStars, the man in the video has come forward, concerned that his sex tape had got Gary into hot soup.

Yesterday (Sept 2), Allkpop reported that further complications have arose from the debacle.

Apparently, the couple in the video were having an affair.

The woman's husband told Korean newspaper Seoul Shinmun that since the video has outed his wife's adultery, his family has been suffering from the pain of her betrayal.

He said that he and his wife have only been married for three months.

"The one who is suffering the most is my wife.

"It's wrongful to consider Gary and the man in the video as the sole victims only because Gary's official statements were printed."

He added: "It's only been three months since our marriage but something like this occurred so we even thought about getting a divorce.

"But I decided to stay by my wife's side because her thoughts may stray in the wrong direction." 

As the video is still spreading on the Internet, he said that he is determined to find out who uploaded the video online and "punish" them for it.

"I realise that this crime is as scary as murder."

Source: Allkpop, KDramaStars, Seoul Shinmun

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Female MMA fighter robs robbers of their dignity

Two Brazilian muggers were robbed of their dignity after their target turned the tables on them.

Wesley Sousa de Araujo and his unnamed partner in crime had tried to rob MMA strawweight fighter Monique Bastos and her friends, who were making their way to jiu-jitsu training in Acailanda, Brazil, on Tuesday (Sept 1). Of course, the felons were not aware of their target's identity.

They soon figured it out, though. And sadly for Sousa de Araujoo, his humilitian has been committed to camera and has been going viral. 

Bastos recounted the incident in an interview with MMAFighting.com: "I was going to my jiu-jitsu training when they arrived on a motorcycle and said they wanted our phones."

Bastos has foiled several robbery attempts previously — some armed with knives — and was quick to show the robbers who they were really messing with.

She said: "I tried to hold my phone, and I realized they were not armed. When they tried to escape, I lifted the rear wheel of the bike and they fell on the ground."

"The guy who took my phone ran away, but I was able to get the other one (Sousa)."

After getting him into a rear-naked choke, Bastos brought him to the sidewalk. There she ensured that he remained still while she waited for the police to arrive by putting him in a triangle choke.

As you can see in the video, Bastos like a cat with a toy, calmly has Sousa de Araujo in a leg lock. He on the other hand screams and pleads while his face reddens and eyes bulge — much to the amusement of onlookers.

Sousa de Araujo​ was arrested after what may well be the most humiliating 15 minutes of his life.



Sources: MMAFighting.com, Esquire


The quick guide to men's essentials

This column is for the average guy.

The type for whom clothes shopping usually means finding an item that fits before going back to the shop and buying 10.

Too often, the modern man's wardrobe is a combination of jeans – in various stages of distress – and the horrifically ubiquitous check shirt.

It's the "that will do" outfit.

But you do not have to be part of The Gentleman's Pride or own their effete suits to show that you have some dress sense. 

There is middle ground between identikit bloke-fashion and effete sartorial elitism.

These are the essentials will help you set you up for when you really need to pull off a classic look. 


1. T-Shirts

Something you can go with for outer or inner wear

The best one is still the crew neck. V-necks run a fine line between looking like operating room scrubs and looking like underwear. Maybe you can get away with it with the right physique. But why risk it? Let the era of the deep V be consigned to the darkest corners of history. The same place as acrylic bell bottoms.

Go crew. Ideally, you should get a combination of black, white and grey.


If you get the right material and the right fit, you can pair it with a casual jacket and even get away with wearing it for business.

Take note of the keywords there. Right, Material and Fit. You are not Johnny Depp so crumpled does not cut it. 

But speaking of the jacket....


2. Grey Jacket

A black jacket is okay but it can look funereal — also it's a bit obvious. 23 years on and Reservoir Dogs has so much to answer for sartorially.

Go for grey. Grey compliments just about everything, from strong colours to white shirts. Dark grey takes the edge in terms of versatility and colour pairing.

Grey also creates a softer silhouette.

If you are not good with colour, or not feeling too bold, go with neutral colours for your main pieces. Use strong colour pieces for the smaller items.


Just don't go with the strong colours for the trousers — it can come off as looking ever so slightly (ahem) hipster.


3. Socks

We all need them, yet they are easily overlooked and often mocked as being the lazy present for men. Either that or so little thought is given to them that after one use, a pair may never be reunited again for the rest of its useful existence. 

Of course, there are the sombre colours. Safe bets that you never have to think about. Or you may want your socks to surprise

So while the main outfit is plays it cool, the ankle area shows off a little craziness whether it's a dash of colour or an all out riot.




4. Dark straight leg jeans

Jeans are similar to haircuts. Choose the wrong style and every photo you are seen in with them will be tinged with regret.

Keep things sharp without venturing into mom-jeans territory.

The golden rule? Dark denim, not distressed — no tears, no scuffs, no fraying and no logos.

Pair light denim with a jacket and you will look like you are going trick or treating as one of the Top Gear presenters. 

Straight leg khakis are also an option if you are looking for your legs to carry some colour, but yeah. Not too much colour (*hipster*).



5. Footwear matters

As comfy as those sneakers are, as utilitarian as the desert boots may be, every man will realise at some point: You need shoes.

You may not need them all the time, but there will be births/weddings/job interviews/funerals, so you'll need a sharp set of shoes on hand to impress.

We recommend some Oxfords. These are the men's footwear version of the little black dress — trend-proof!

Go with an Oxford, because not everyone feels comfortable with brogues.

Some will argue that brown shoes work even better than black. The theory is that they look smart enough for most occasions without looking too formal.


Why Kim Kardashian would make a good First Lady

If rapper Kanye West becomes US president in 2020, his reality TV star wife would make a good First Lady, says LISA TWANG (lisat@sph.com.sg)

FAMILY SUPPORT: Khloe Kardashian posteded this mock poster of her brother-in-law Kanye West for US president (far left) and a possible future season of her reality TV show, Keeping Up With The Kardashians (left).
FAMILY SUPPORT: Khloe Kardashian posteded this mock poster of her brother-in-law Kanye West for US president and a possible future season of her reality TV show, Keeping Up With The Kardashians (above).
FAMILY SUPPORT: Khloe Kardashian posteded this mock poster of her brother-in-law Kanye West for US president (above) and a possible future season of her reality TV show, Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

After being booed by 60,000 people, he concluded: "As you probably could have guessed by this moment, I have decided, in 2020, to run for president."

While most believe he was joking, the hashtag #kanye2020 has become one of the trending topics on Twitter.

West's sister-in-law Kourtney Kardashian has posted a superimposed picture of herself and sisters - West's wife Kim and Khloe - at the White House for a mock future season of their reality TV show, Keeping Up With The Kardashians, on social media.

Barbadian pop star Rihanna has also declared her support for West's presidential bid.

"We'll see," she said when asked if she plans to vote for him. "2020? I hope he really does!"

The Democratic Party has even welcomed West into its fold, tweeting on Monday: "Last night @kanyewest declared his candidacy for president in 2020. Welcome to the race, Mr West. Glad to have you."

While we shudder to think of the egomaniacal 38-year-old residing at the White House, his superstar wife may not make such a bad First Lady of the US (Flotus) after all.

Sure, the office will have to overhaul her wardrobe and give her a deportment class or two. But she already has the world eating out of her hand at the age of 34.

Here are three reasons Kim Kardashian is the Flotus America needs.


With the most Instagram followers in the world at almost 45 million, Kardashian has more influence than First Lady Michelle Obama, who has a paltry 2.2 million followers.

Even Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has posed with Kardashian for a wefie, a move critics say Mrs Clinton used to capitalise on Kardashian's fame.

According to Forbes, Kardashian earned US$52.2 million (S$78.2 million) last year.

The Kardashian business empire spans clothing lines, skincare and make-up products, endorsements and even a mobile video game.

So if she uses her powers for good, Kardashian could turn America around.

Broadcasting her workout videos on national TV could motivate unfit Americans to squat their way to fitness.

She could also end domestic poverty by appealing to her many Instagram followers to donate food and money.

Even 2016 Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, 69, and his wife, former Slovenian model Melania, 45, are no match for the combined powers of celeb couple Kimye.

If Trump gets elected president next year, he'd never win in a campaign against West in 2020.

When it comes to crazy talk, West would crush the Trump in any verbal sparring match - and probably write a Billboard No. 1 song belittling his rival. As for Kardashian, she can easily turn her mighty fanbase against Melania, who has less than 50,000 Twitter followers.


Kardashian's most famous assets are undoubtedly her larger-than-life derrière and ample bosom, which she gladly flashes on Instagram in regular near-nude picture postings.

They're weapons of mass destruction, as seen from Kardashian's famous naked Break The Internet photo exposing her bare bum in Paper magazine.

With one fell swoop, she assaulted the Internet and made millions of people abandon their normal lives to talk about her body.

Of course, Kardashian's arsenal can also have the opposite effect.

In times of impending war, all she'd have to do as Flotus is to attend a peace talk and casually bend over to pick up a "misplaced" lipstick.

America's enemies would be so distracted, they'd completely forget to launch their nukes or whatever they were going to do.

And with that, the US military budget can be reduced to make way for more important expenditures, like healthcare, education and more tight-fitting dresses for Kardashian.


The ultimate duty of the Flotus is to stand by her man and be his pillar of support.

And boy, does Kardashian, who's six months pregnant with their second child, stand by West. At the VMAs this week, she was by his side the entire time, smiling for pictures, being led around by West as he rested his hand lovingly on her generous rump.

Kardashian doesn't bat an eyelid at West's ludicrous antics. She even remained a picture of calm as he ranted on stage at the VMAs.

With two-year-old daughter North and a boy on the way, Kardashian has found true love with West.

They may have been married for only a little more than a year but they're clearly crazy about each other (check out the number of #kimye selfies Kardashian posts).

So whatever madcap plans West has for America, you can bet she'll be behind him all the way. With her behind.

Gary Lim: Stay or go, de Gea's United career may be over

David de Gea 
will have to repair relationship with van Gaal and fans as he bears brunt of transfer fiasco

"You wonder what his frame of mind will be like once he comes back into the team. He strikes me as a really good lad, but he’s been set on going to Real Madrid for so long now that it’s going to be very tough for him. But he’s got to get back to playing as soon as possible." — Former Liverpool midfielder Jamie Redknapp on David de Gea (above)

This wasn’t quite a case of the runaway bride, but David de Gea will undoubtedly feel like the jilted groom.

Even as he joins up with Spain’s training camp outside of Madrid, the capital must be feeling a whole lot farther away than it actually is.

By now, most would have heard that he is at the centre of one of the most ridiculous botched-up transfers.

De Gea’s move from Manchester United to Real Madrid fell through  on deadline day because of miscommunication and a whole host of other reasons and, if you actually believe both clubs’ sides of the story, then everybody else is to be blamed except themselves.

But it is the 24-year-old goalkeeper who bears the brunt of the fiasco.

All throughout pre-season, his head has been turned by Real’s interest. Turning it back will require some finesse.

Unfortunately, United manager Louis van Gaal isn’t of the mollycoddling breed.

A season is a long time to run down a contract on the bench, and de Gea faces a tough fight on multiple fronts to reclaim his spot in the first 11.

Read the full report in our print edition on Sept 3.

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War of words

United and Real blame each other for de Gea mess

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