Scared of blood, but he overcomes fear to saves lives

But his stint as a medic during NS helped him fight his fear and dedicate himself to saving lives

NO FEAR NOW: Mr Khairulddin, 29, is one of 100 nurses from SingHealth who helped to write and produce a book on nursing experiences.

As a staff nurse at Singapore General Hospital (SGH), he has to deal with blood every day.

However, even though he can now insert IV plugs with ease, it was not always the case.

Ever since the age of 13, Mr Muhammad Khairulddin Ali, now 29, has been scared of blood.

He is one of 100 nurses from SingHealth, a healthcare group, who helped to write and produce a book on nursing experiences titled Nursing the Heart, which Defence Minister Dr Ng Eng Hen launched yesterday to celebrate 130 years of nursing in Singapore.

Mr Khairulddin has been working at SGH for 10 months, but was an enrolled nurse there from 2011 to March 2012. He said: "Open wounds with blood is what scared me the most. It's like I can feel the pain that person is feeling and I can't take it."

His fear started when he injured himself while playing football with his brother at home when he was 13.

Mr Khairulddin slipped and slammed his shin into the corner of a wall.

"There was a big hole in my shin that 
was bleeding and I felt a throbbing pain," he said, indicating that the hole was the size of a dollar coin.

He was scared that he would need stitches if he went to a hospital, so Mr Khairulddin just washed the wound with water and bandaged it at home. It took one month to heal completely.

However, when Mr Khairulddin was assigned as a medic during his national service (NS) in 2007, he had to face his fear.

His first call as a medic was for a car accident where a bus had hit two women while turning.

One woman was behind the stopped bus and the other was under the bus.


"The woman under the bus was crying and said her leg was in incredible pain. When the two paramedics cut away her jeans to get to her leg, her bone was protruding from her shin. It was gory and I had to try my best to block all of my emotions," Mr Khairulddin said.

He helped the woman onto a stretcher and also immobilised her injured leg for the trip to National University Hospital.

Being a medic during NS was what motivated Mr Khairulddin to become a nurse, and he has since got a diploma in nursing from Nanyang Polytechnic.

Mr Khairulddin said: "I had to overcome my fear day by day, and be brave. I had to lock whatever feelings I had to save people's lives."

Proud to be 'agent of care'

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Diabetic, but he's unfazed

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Look out for the New Face girls

The New Paper New Face is currently into its 23rd year and has launched the modelling careers of many, among them Vivien Ong and Christabel Campbell.

It is presented by Subaru MotorImage, with official apparel by Levi's, official footwear and accessories by New Look, and the official beverage is Caffe Cagliari by Owl International.

The winner of The New Paper New Face will receive $10,000 cash and a feature in Singapore's top women's magazine Her World.

Look out for the New Face 2015 Top 20 fashion spreads in The New Paper from Aug 23.

For updates, follow TNPNewFace on Twitter and Instagram, and The New Paper New Face on Facebook.

Best face forward for New Face girls in photo shoot

Hair and make-up pros help the New Face girls look their best at their first photo shoot

ONE LAST THING: Denise Pung gets a final touch-up just before her photo shoot.
IT'S IN THE EYES: Amy Syireen Marican (left) and Hazelina Gopinathan get their make-up done by make-up artists from MAC Cosmetics.
QUICK LEARNER: Despite not having any professional modelling experience, Lee Qian Hui appears confident in front of the camera.

Tomorrow at 11.30am, The New Paper New Face 2015 Top 20 will make their debut at VivoCity.

But before that much-awaited public unveiling, the 25 semi-finalists had to spend a weekend at their first competition beauty shoot.

For some, it was their first time in front of a camera in a professional setting.

"It's really fun trying something new," Bedok Green Secondary School student Melissa Poh, 16, said, although she was still jittery before her shoot.

Even Hazelina Gopinathan, 20, who has had previous modelling experience, said it was nerve-racking.

"The most challenging thing is to get the perfect shot," the National University of Singapore undergrad said.

Despite feeling nervous, the atmosphere behind the scenes was relaxed.

The girls chatted and gave words of encouragement to each other.

"People usually think that with these types of (competitions), all the girls are going to be very rude, but everyone's so friendly," said R. Nametha, 17, a St. Hilda's Secondary School student.

As soon as the contestants turned up, they were fussed over by make-up artists from MAC Cosmetics and hairstylists from Monsoon Hair House.

For many of the contestants, this was the highlight of the shoot.




"It makes you feel special and pampered. Like wow, I'm getting my make-up and hair done by professionals," said Melissa.

"You (undergo) a transformation. You come here barefaced with ugly hair and they do everything for you. It's nice," added Hazelina.

But stunning physical makeovers don't necessarily make for a good picture, as the girls still needed to find ways to let their beauty and personality shine in front of the camera.

Melissa said she struggled to make her eyes sparkle during her shoot.

"Sometimes when I take photos, I feel like my smile is really fake and in this photo shoot you're supposed to make yourself (look) very natural, so that's what I'm worried about," she said.

Nametha, however, had a hard time with her facial expressions.

"Trying to find an angle that looks good to the photographer is very difficult, so you have to be adaptable," she said.

Their performance at this shoot determined if they got into the Top 20.

Singapore Institute of Management student Ischelle Ong, 21, said: "The competition is quite tight, not in a bad way, but everyone's very pretty so it's quite scary."

Being in the Top 20 means more than just moving up in the competition for air stewardess Joeypink Lai - it would mean a whole new career path.

Said the 23-year-old: "I'm going to leave my job soon, so this might be a life-changing moment for me... I don't know what I want to do next, but I want to do something else.

"If I get into the Top 20, (modelling) is what I'm going to do."

You (undergo) a transfor-mation. You come here barefaced with ugly hair and they do everything for you.

- Hazelina Gopinathan on getting a professional makeover

K-pop exodus

Following the rash of members departing from top K-pop groups in the past year, with EXO's Tao as the latest, here's our report card on whether these shake-ups have helped or hurt the parties involved

THREE DOWN: K-pop boyband EXO (above) as a nine-member group after the exit of three members, Kris, Luhan, and Tao.


He made his debut as a solo artist in China last week.

On the same day, though, Tao, an inactive member of popular K-pop boyband EXO, also saw the music video to his title track T.A.O getting blocked on YouTube by South Korean talent agency S.M.Entertainment based on a copyright claim.

THREE DOWN: K-pop boyband EXO as a nine-member group after the exit of three members, Kris, Luhan, (right) and Tao (left).

The 22-year-old Chinese idol has been part of EXO under S.M.Entertainment since 2012, but reportedly left South Korea in end-April to pursue his solo career without reaching an agreement with his company.

Over the weekend, Tao teared up while appearing on a talk show in China, as he recalled the hard times he faced in South Korea.

He said: "I was alone for four years and there was no one to help me. I had to do everything by myself."

Tao is the third Chinese member to leave EXO. The group is now down to nine members - eight South Korean and one Chinese.

Last May, Kris, 24, filed a lawsuit against S.M.Entertainment to nullify his contract.

Luhan, 25, left in October.

Kris' acting career in China is now soaring. He starred in top-grossing Chinese movie Somewhere Only We Know and was cast in upcoming Chinese action comedy Mr. Six, which also stars famed filmmaker Feng Xiaogang.

He is also the first celebrity born after 1990 to have his own wax figure unveiled at Madame Tussauds in Shanghai last week.

He has also appeared on the covers of Harper's Bazaar China, Esquire China and Vogue China.

Luhan is not doing too shabbily, either. He bagged two awards in China, including the Asia Popular Idol title at the iQiyi awards ceremony last December.

He also appeared in Chinese movie 20 Once Again, which was released in January.

Despite the departures, EXO continue to dominate music charts.

They bagged the highly-coveted Best Male Group, Album of the Year and Artist of the Year trophies at last year's Mnet Asian Music Awards.

Their latest album, Exodus, released in March, and a repackaged album Love Me Right, released in June, sold over a million copies in total.


It has been a win-win situation so far. Kris and Luhan made the right decisions, given how unhappy they were then, and they are better off without EXO.

Their careers in China are taking off at lightning speed, with no signs of slowing down.

Tao seems likely to follow in their footsteps once the dust has settled with S.M.Entertainment.

GOING STRONG: Girls’ Generation performs as an eight-member group after the exit of Jessica Jung (below). PHOTOS: FACEBOOK/ SMTOWN, BLANC AND ECLARE


Jessica Jung's exit from A-list girl group Girls' Generation sent shockwaves across the industry.

Last September, the 26-year-old announced via her Weibo account that she was forced to leave the group, and her agency S.M.Entertainment confirmed this shortly after.

As she is still contracted with the agency, she continues her solo endeavours with them while Girls' Generation proceeds as an octet.

Since then, Jung has been pouring her heart into her fashion line Blanc & Eclare, having just released a denim collection last month.

She said in the June issue of Marie Claire Korea: "There are a lot of things that (have) changed... First, I have freedom. It was good when I was with other members too, but now that I'm promoting alone, I have the freedom to use my time however I want."

Girls' Generation are still going strong with their summer hit Party, which topped the Korean Gaon Digital Chart the week it was released.

They are currently preparing to unleash two more new songs next month.


No one wanted to see one of the most popular members of the most successful girl group in K-pop go.

Jung's presence might be missed during Girls' Generation's recent performances on music shows, but her venture into the fashion world still kind of keeps her in the limelight, although we are not sure how long that will last.

On the other hand, Girls' Generation continues to flourish without Jung and thus they have the edge over her, proving once and for all that nobody is indispensable.

WONDERFUL: K-pop girl group Wonder Girls as a fivemember group before Sunye (left) and Sohee (right) left the group. PHOTOS: ALPHA ENTERTAINMENT, TWITTER/SOHEE’S, TWITTER/SUNYE’S


The girl group is finally making a comeback after a three-year hiatus.

They released a 30-second teaser video for their new song I Feel You on Wednesday, which featured the members playing musical instruments.

Earlier this month, Wonder Girls' agency JYP Entertainment announced that leader Sunye had officially withdrawn. The 25-year-old got married in January 2013 and gave birth in October that year. In December 2013, popular member Sohee, 23, left to join another talent agency and focus on her acting career.

Wonder Girls will return as a quartet next month, comprising the remaining three members Yubin, 26, Yeeun, 26, and Hyelim, 22, as well as former member Sunmi, 23. They've adopted an 80s-inspired style and brandished musical instruments in the teaser video.


Let's face it. Wonder Girls is way past their expiry date - either as a collective or individuals. They hit their peak in 2008 with the success of infectious tune Nobody which sparked a retro dance craze worldwide, but their lengthy absence dented their popularity in the fast-paced, ultra-competitive industry. Losing strong vocalist Sunye and cutie-pie Sohee will prove an uphill battle to nail an impactful revival even with Sunmi's return.

Sunye has gone dormant since she became a mother, while Sohee is barely sizzling, with only one TV drama under her belt so far.

Zayn Malik signs solo record deal

Zayn Malik
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Woman trapped on ledge as fire rages in condo unit

35-year-old trapped on window ledge for 20 minutes after fleeing fire in 5th-storey unit

HELPLESS: A woman lying face down on the window ledge of a 5th-storey unit that caught fire.
HELPLESS: She was rescued by the SCDF after about 20 minutes.
CHARRED: The fire involved the contents of a living room on the fifth storey. The cause is still under investigation.

To her left, a raging fire.

To her right, a five-storey drop.

For 20 minutes, the 35-year-old woman was trapped on a narrow window ledge, clinging on to dear life.

Residents of East Meadows condominium at Tanah Merah looked on in horror on Wednesday as she lay face-down on the ledge, unable to do any-thing.

The fire is believed to have cut off the only exit of her unit.

Residents The New Paper spoke to said the woman had earlier been shouting and waving for help from inside the unit.

But as thick, black smoke poured out of the windows, she climbed out and lay face down on the ledge.

Dexter Lim, 16, a student who lives on the 12th storey of Block 2C, where the burning unit is located, said he heard the fire alarm before smelling the smoke.

"I thought it was just someone playing with the alarm until I smelled smoke," he said.

"The acrid smell soon became unbearable and my neighbours knocked on the door saying we should leave."

Residents scrambled to the bottom of the block, looking on as firefighters worked to put out the blaze and save the woman.

A 39-year-old resident, who did not want to be named, told TNP: "She got out of the window and lay down on the ledge.

"We were all wondering what she was going to do."


A maid, who did not want to be identified, said: "She looked very scared. A lot of people were looking at her from below, unsure if she was going to jump or fall off."

Thankfully, the fire was put out and the woman was rescued.

A Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) spokesman said it was alerted to the incident at about 2.20pm on Wednesday.

"We conducted forcible entry and rescued a woman from one of the bedrooms. The fire was extinguished using one water jet," he said.

About 40 residents were evacuated from the block.

SCDF firefighters put out the blaze before taking the woman to safety.

When the residents saw that the woman was safe, they applauded and cheered.

She was taken to Changi General Hospital (CGH) for smoke inhalation.

Two of her neighbours, a woman in her 50s and another in her 70s, were also taken to CGH for smoke inhalation and shortness of breath.

The fire destroyed parts of the living room. The cause is under investigation.

She looked very scared. A lot of people were looking at her from below, unsure if she was going to jump or fall off

- A maid, who did not want to be identified

Election on Sept 12? It's last day of Hungry Ghost Month

Speculations on election being held on Sept 12

DRAWING CROWDS: A getai stage at Yishun Avenue 2 in 2013.
DRAWING CROWDS: A huge Workers’ Party (WP) rally in Hougang during the General Elections in 2011.


The chatter on everyone's lips seems to be: Will the General Election be held on Sept 12?

While nothing has been announced so far, "The Date" has been widely suggested and discussed in text messages and social media.

Even veteran MP Inderjit Singh agreed that Sept 12 looks likely in a Straits Times report earlier this month.

The date is the last Saturday of the week-long school holidays, which frees schools to be used as polling stations and teachers to be tapped to man these stations.

It is also the last day of the Hungry Ghost month.

For those who are superstitious or who believe in fengshui, the date may not be a good day to hold an election.

Master David Tong, 40, told The New Paper: "Sept 12, according to the Tong Shu (the Chinese almanac), is a bad day. It's a Month Breaker day. Hence, it is a bad day to carry out any important activities."

A Month Breaker day is a day where the energies of that day are in conflict with the energies of the month.


Master Kevin Foong held a similar view.

He said: "If election is truly in the September period, the energy suggested by the planetary movement (based on astrology) or Chinese metaphysics based on the lunar calendar both suggest it is going to be a difficult time for the Government to fully convince the voters in their favour.

"The Government has a high chance of retaining control, but may have certain districts having unexpected results."

Understandably, those who are superstitious may not want to plan important activities during the Hungry Ghost month and risk upsetting the souls of the dead, who are said to roam the earth during this time.

But one fengshui master told TNP that there is nothing to worry about.

Master Goh Guan Leong said: "The rumoured date of Sept 12 is very interesting. It is basically a day of Metal and Wood elements, with the strength of Metal being overwhelmingly strong and in favour of the incumbent party."

In past general elections which coincided with the Hungry Ghost month - 1972, 1988, 1991 - the People's Action Party (PAP) performed fairly well.

In 1972, PAP won all 65 seats. In 1988, it gained 80 out of 81 seats while in 1991, PAP won 77 of the 81 seats.

Sept 12, according to the Tong Shu (the Chinese almanac), is a bad day. It's a Month Breaker day. Hence, it is a bad day to carry out any important activities.

- Fengshui master David Tong, 40,


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