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Cycling tips

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Signs vague, say cyclists

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Cyclists rude and reckless, say residents

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11 people fined for illegal cycling in Bedok

Bedok residents fed up with cyclists not following rules and causing accidents even after repeat attempts to enforce them

RISKY: Madam Kelly Ho (in green top) was crossing a traffic junction in Bedok when she was hit by a cyclist.

Eleven cyclists were fined $100 for cycling illegally during an enforcement operation by the East Coast Town Council (ECTC) and the police on Thursday morning.

This is the first time the ECTC has issued summonses against cyclists for entering areas with high pedestrian traffic such as walkways and common corridors in the Bedok town centre. Three years of warning them to dismount and push their bikes had fallen on deaf ears.

One pedestrian, Madam Kelly Ho, 58, has been hit by reckless cyclists three times this year.

She said: "One cyclist even scolded me after he hit me. He told me that this was not my grandfather's road."

Read the full report in our print edition on Aug 23.

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Cech not happy playing second fiddle, says Jose

Petr Cech is not happy after he was made second-choice goalkeeper at Chelsea behind Thibaut Courtois.
Petr Cech is not happy after he was made second-choice goalkeeper at Chelsea behind Thibaut Courtois.

Petr Cech is unhappy after losing the No.1 spot at Chelsea following the arrival of Thibaut Courtois, says Jose Mourinho.

Cech, who has been the undisputed first-choice goalkeeper at Stamford Bridge since his arrival 10 years ago in 2004, was on the bench for the Blues' 3-1 English Premier League victory over Burnley.

While Mourinho feels that there will be ample opportunities for both goalkeepers to represent Chelsea this season, the Portuguese manager had some sympathy for the ousted Czech international.

Top professional

The 51-year-old said: "Petr Cech is a top professional, he is working as always, behaving as always, being a group man as always, being a Chelsea person as always.

"Is he totally happy? I don't believe so, but it is not (just) him. It is everyone who didn't start the game (at Burnley).

"This period is hard for them, for me, because it is a period with one match per week, so (for the) first three matches, they clearly feel that some are playing more and some don't.

"But (in) September, (there is the) Capital One Cup, Premier League, Champions League, three matches a week, everyone is playing, with rotation, resting and (tactical) decisions - so that is an easier period for them and an easier period for me in the sense of everybody feels much better.

"Now, when there is only one match per week, some are not playing and they feel (it) more, but Petr's behaviour is fantastic, and that is important."

Source: PA Sport

Benedict Cumberbatch does the ice bucket challenge SIX times

Tagged by fellow actor Tom Hiddleston, Sherlock star Benedict Cumberbatch took on the ice bucket challenge ... six times.

That's right.

Sherlock star Benedict Cumberbatch has outdone everyone - possibly even Bill Gates - by getting ice-cold water thrown on him a total of not one, not two, but six times. 

The 38-year-old was tagged several days ago by fellow actor Tom Hiddleston, but uploaded the video on Friday (Aug 22). 

People tagged in the ice bucket challenge are told that they have 24 hours to complete the task. 

We can only assume Cumberbatch took so long because of how many times he had to get iced. 

Special treat for the ladies: One of the icings involves a naked Cumberbatch in the shower. 


Source: YouTube

Jumanji co-star talks depression after Robin Williams' death

Actor Bradley Pierce opens up about his struggle with depression after the death of his Jumanji co-star Robin Williams.

His battle with depression was an issue he didn't alk about.

But 31-year-old Bradley Pierce, the kid who played Peter in 1995 fantasy film Jumanji, has opened up about his battle with depression, crediting former co-star Robin Williams for helping him go public.

He told TMZ: "He was an absolute inspiration to me, just like he was to everyone that knew him and even so many people that didn't. He was an amazing guy and he'll definitely be missed.

"I was diagnosed with depression when I was 16, a few years after I filmed Jumanji, and I've been secretly fighting it for a long time.

"I have a few close friends who know about it, my wife knows about it, but I really played it close to the vest until Robin died actually and then I decided, 'You know what, I'm going to go ahead and try to use his death and the tragedy that it was to open up to people and put it out there,' and so I did."

Williams was found dead last week at his home in California. 

Sources: Contact Music, TMZ

Morgan Freeman says sex keeps him young

"If you can get enough of it (sex), it keeps you young," said Morgan Freeman.

Good ol' Morgan Freeman has revealed to the world his secret to maintaining his youth.

When the 77-year-old US actor was asked by ShortList magazine a question on how he's managed to remain so youthful, he cheekily said it was sex (though he used a word we can't reprint here)

He said: "If you can get enough of it, it keeps you young. It's all about your attitude towards you, isn't it?

"So if you've got enough of the opposite sex telling you you're sexy, and proving it to you, you're never old."

But the award-winning actor doesn't go out on the prowl for women, reported

Don't let his age deceive you, this talented veteran still has 'game' when it comes to reeling in the ladies.

He said: "I really think the secret is don't chase them. They'll come to you and when they're coming to you, you're going to say, 'okay, cute.' Don't try to get noticed.

"If you've got to work to make them aware of you, it's probably a mistake. You go into a bar and walk up to a woman and say, 'Haven't we met before?' ... and she looks at you like (she's disgusted)."

A few good tips for the lads out there.

Source: Contact Music

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Chris Brown wants Karrueche Tran's babies

Chris Brown shared a lot of love for his on-again, off-again girlfriend Karrueche Tran in a recent Instagram post wanting to "have this baby".

You heard that right. 

The man who can barely decide if he wants to be in a relationship with his on-off gal pal Karrueche Tran, 26, claims to want her babies.

US singer-songwriter Chris Brown, 25, shared a Woman Crush Wednesday (yes, WCW is the in thing now) photo of the US model and stylist, with the caption, "@karrueche damn near 5 years and this woman still putting up with my s--t. Need to have this baby and stop playing! Lol! My WCW."

TMZ, however, reported a source close to Tran saying "she was flattered by the Loyal singer's Instagram post for Woman Crush Wednesday but she's nowhere near ready to be a baby mama".

Sorry Chris, but we don't think you're ready to have a baby either.

Sources: Instagram, TMZ