Win Shaw Theatres IMAX passes

The highly anticipated scuffle between Team Cap and Team Iron Man at Germany's Leipzig/Halle Airport is going to be even more exciting if you watch it in IMAX.

The 15-minute airport fight sequence is shot entirely with state-of-the-art IMAX cameras to best capture the gargantuan scale of the battle.

Thanks to Shaw Theatres, you can enjoy Captain America: Civil War in all its IMAX glory if you are one of the lucky few to win a pair of IMAX movie passes.

We have three pairs of Shaw Theatres IMAX passes to give away. Each pass can be used to watch any IMAX movies that are showing at the three Shaw Theatres: Lido, JCube and Waterway Point.

To win, answer the question below. Indicate too if you are a TNP SuperKaki for extra chances to win.

The contest is now closed. Thank you for participating.




William Low's guide to workouts by horses entered for Monday

NICE GALLOP: Jockey K A’Isisuhairi steering the Leticia Dragon-trained Mr Patron to cover the practice track in 36.9sec yesterday morning.

NOVICE - 1,200M: Urashima Taro ** 37.8. Pratt Street (J Powell) canter/36.6. Red General 37.5.

CLASS 4 - 1,200M: Lim's Elusive ** 43.5. Top Gun (CS Chin) canter/36.6. Flying Shadow ** (S John) 36.3.

KRANJI STAKES D DIV 1 - 1,600M: Remember Me ** (Powell) canter/38.9.

MONDAY: Meaisin (E Aslam) 36.4.

KRANJI STAKES D DIV 2 - 1,600M: Perfect Challenger ** (K A'isisuhairi) 37.5. Battle King 37.7.

KRANJI STAKES D - 1,200M: Invincible Man ** 37.6. Racer King ** 35.7. Soon Yi (I Saifudin) 38.9. Let's Talk Now 38.8. Golden Pasture 37.2.

CLASS 5 DIV 1 - 1,200M: Rock Of Ages canter/pace work at the hill track. Flaming Fireheart ** 35.9.

CLASS 5 DIV 2 - 1,200M: Anak Penang ** 36.1. Spirit Of Speed 37.7.

Fat Farrand 38.4. Greenback 35.9.

Yue Yuan 36.7.

CLASS 5 - 1,000M: Mr Patron ** (A'isisuhairi) 36.9. Bonjour Bob (Saifudin) 41.4.

MAIDEN - 1,600M: Magic Paint 37.1. Toobigtofail (A'isisuhairi) canter/37.5.


Nova Legend ** (R Shafiq) 37.8. Golden Peninsula ** 38.3. Siam Silk 41.4.

MONDAY: Superten (A da Silva) 43.3.

William low's guide to workouts by horses entered for Sunday

STARRED WORKOUTS: Kaiser (above), Chips and River Of Gold looking sharp during their workouts at Kranji yesterday morning.

STARRED WORKOUTS: Kaiser, Chips (above) and River Of Gold looking sharp during their workouts at Kranji yesterday morning.

STARRED WORKOUTS: Kaiser, Chips and River Of Gold (above) looking sharp during their workouts at Kranji yesterday morning. TNP PHOTO: DALENE LOW

KRANJI STAKES A - 1,400M: Davide (B Vorster) 36.7. Best Tothelign ** 37.9. Spanish Bay 43.5.

SINGAPORE SILVER HORSESHOE - 1,000M: Cadet ** (Vorster) 36.5. Deimos 37.9. Halo Bright ** 36.5. Kratos 37.9. Mystic Master (R Shafiq) 39.4. Rainbow Royal ** canter/37.7. Queen Roulette 36.1.

CLASS 3 - 1,400M: Solaris Spectrum ** (M Kellady) 39.1. Hero I Am ** (Kellady) 39.3. Kirks Ryker *** (Vorster) canter/35.8. Luminiff Lad (D Beasley) canter/42.1. Panama City canter/practice. My Brothers Keeper (I Amirul) 38.3. Totality 38.3.

CLASS 4 DIV 1 - 1,400M: Special Id ** (B Woodworth) 38.4. Taffetas 37.1. Mr Mosa ** (Beasley) 36.3. Scout Done (TH Koh) 42.1. Mighty Glory 37.8. No Smoking Jeff 37.2.

MONDAY: Xzuberance 43.3.

CLASS 4 DIV 2 - 1,400M: Ocean General (Koh) 40.6. Optimus ** (Beasley) 40. Detroit Diesel ** 37.8. Water Park (N Juglall) canter/35.8. Lincoln's Excuse 37.1. Get Going (K Toh) 38.3. Lucky Six (K A'Isisuhairi) 38.1.

CLASS 4 - 1,000M: Fat Power (Koh) 37.1. River Of Gold ** 36.4. Lady Roulette 44.5. Effortless ** (Kellady) 37.8. Silver Tycoon 43.7.

KRANJI STAKES D - 1,200M: Duty First ** (J Powell) 37.9. Kaiser *** (Vorster) 37.7. Angry Cat (Chavez) 38.6. Chips ** 37.8. Fantastic Man 40.3. Master Banger 42.5.

CLASS 5 - 1,700M: Cirrus ** (Amirul) 40. Daad's The Way 40.4. Black Diamond 36.8. Silent Power canter/37.5.

MONDAY: General Conatus 38.6. Street Champ ** (E Aslam) 37.4.

CLASS 5 DIV 1 - 1,400M: Han Solo ** (A da Silva) 37.4. Happy Saga (Beasley) 37.2. Fuku Ichiban ** (Chavez) canter/36.1. Glorious Wealth 39.7. White Coffee (Chavez) canter/36.6. Scimitar *** (Powell) 37.1.

MONDAY: Kennedy 36.4.

CLASS 5 DIV 2 - 1,400M: French Vintage (H Syafiq) 37.8. Dawn Of The World 41.5. Joe Swiper ** 37.1. Aladdin canter/pace work. Happy Joy ** 37.5. Suvarnabhumi 37.8. Jackpot 36.3. Loyalty's Angel 37.6. Gods Speed (I Saifudin) 41.4. Gypsy Star (A'isisuhairi) 38.2.

INITIATION - 1,400M: Whose Else's ** 36.5. Easy Dragon 37.2. Calmbeforethestorm ** 40.1. Clair De Lune (Toh) 39.5. Pusong Pinoy ** (Beasley) 38.1. Good Lucky (Koh) 37.7. Balkan Challenger 35.4. Sgfifty 38. Smiddy Byrne ** (Powell) 37.9.

Penang Trackwork


Class 4 - 1,100m: First Option H canter/44.3. Bulldog's Pride canter/38.1. Zenidekka H 39.1. Ruby Dane canter/39.3. Absolute Maverick canter/36.9. Barrier practice: Black Sequalo 37.4.

Class 5 - 1,200m: Multi Wealth canter/44.4. Our River Dancer canter/37.4. Astroheat H 43.2. Barrier practice: Reaching 37.4.

Class 5 - 1,200m: Reel Schmick 39.2. Shining Supreme pace work. Slow work: Triple Coin H. Lee's Melody H.

Class 5 - 1,400m: Devil Bull 39.1. Lazaroo H 39.3. Marathon Lad canter/41.5. Zenidin H canter/38.5.

Class 5 - 1,400m: The Tiger canter/40.1. World Superman canter/41.4. Victory March pace work. Barrier trial: Nice Hat Trick 37.4.

Open Maiden - 1,300m: Drought canter/44.4. Alfraaj H canter/36.9. German Speed 38.2.


Enrich Stakes A - 1,200m: Holy Empire canter/37.3. Peaceful Warrior H 37.9 Lemon Law 42.9. Equally Optimistic H canter/42.9. Wind Of Success canter/pace work.

Class 4 - 1,100m: Ramifications canter/35.9. Zac Suggestion canter/40.1. Storm Hero 38.6. Black Viscount HHH canter/43.8. Happy Choice H canter/pace work. Barrier practice: Cizen Gift 37.4. Pius Touch 37.4.

Class 4 - 1,400m: Speed Flying H 42.4. Polo Star 40.9. Black Rain H canter/pace work. Coconut canter/pace work.

Class 4 - 1,400m: Baby Polo 42.9. Mr Bonecrusher canter/37.6. Black Sorcerer H 39.7. Mr Whyte pace work. Our Friendly Diva H pace work. Barrier practice: Gold Dancer 37.4.

Class 5 - 1,200m: Aguero H canter/43.3. Meteor Prince 40.3.Moonbeam Dazzler pace work. Cizen Brother canter/42.9. Black Ahead H 38.2. Try The Chance canter/pace work.

Class 5 - 1,600m: Fairborn H canter/37.1. Flying Horse 40.1. Runforit H canter/37.8. Flying Gift canter/37.8. Perfect Fixer pace work.

Murdoch can turn into a stayer

LUCKY 8: Murdoch getting the better of Astrocandy (centre) in Race 2 at Kranji on Sunday
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Lynn Poh gets divorced, returns to TV

Actress Lynn Poh, who returns to Channel 8 after 6 years, opens up about her failed marriage

MOVING ON: Poh with The Truth Seekers co-stars Chen Hanwei and Somaline Ang.
MOVING ON: (Above) Lynn Poh married bank executive Ryan Gwee in 2011.
THEN: Lynn Poh as Haze in the TV series As You Like It in 1999.

Remember blur queen Zhu Zhu from popular sitcom Don't Worry Be Happy (1997), or bikini-clad yuppie Haze in As You Like It (1999), one of Singapore's first TV series that explored sex and one-night stands?

Lynn Poh, the local actress who played these memorable Channel 8 characters and who was also known for hosting variety show City Beat circa 2000 alongside Jeff Wang, Sharon Au and Lina Ng, is back on our small screens after a long hiatus.

Her last Channel 8 series was 2010's Your Hand In Mine.

Poh, 39, will be playing a supporting role in upcoming Channel 8 crime drama The Truth Seekers as Yamamoto Akizuki, the devoted Japanese wife of investigator Bai Qingxiong (Chen Hanwei) and mum to teenager Xue Er (Somaline Ang).

The Truth Seekers, also starring Rebecca Lim and Desmond Tan as Bai's colleagues, premieres on April 28 at 9pm.

"I was drawn to the script and I like my character a lot," Poh told The New Paper over the phone last Friday.

"Yamamoto is a traditional Japanese woman who'd do anything to protect her husband and family, to the point that she'd even sacrifice herself.

"That was something that really resonated with me. It's strange but I feel that the roles I've played have mirrored the different stages of my real life.

"I feel that Yamamoto's experiences reflect my recent marital troubles. Or when I was filming As You Like It in the late 90s, I was exactly like Haze. I was young, single and badly wanted to get myself married off by 30."

Unfortunately, Poh's life has not exactly been a smooth ride.

She tied the knot in 2011 to bank executive Ryan Gwee in a star-studded, glitzy wedding banquet at St Regis Singapore.

And marriage was the main reason she cut back on acting then.


"It was my plan to settle down," said Poh, who is also a part-time property agent.

She and Mr Gwee "divorced two to three years ago". They have no children.

"The past few years have been very difficult and challenging for me, but I'm getting better," she said.

"Like any human being with feelings, I went into marriage with all my heart. I worked so hard to keep it going and of course, I had hoped that it would last."

Poh said she has "stayed single" ever since her divorce and "is not actively looking for love".

"To be honest, I'm a bit afraid of getting into a new relationship. Maybe it'll take some time. Right now, my aim is simple: I just want to make myself feel happier every day."

Poh was offered the role in The Truth Seekers and to her own surprise, getting back into the groove was "quite easy".

"Most of my scenes were with Hanwei and he is a great partner, that certainly helped," she said.

When asked if she planned to return to acting full-time, Poh said: "I'll have to see if there is the opportunity. In the meantime, I'll just go with the flow."

But she doesn't miss the trappings of showbiz.

She said: "I keep a low profile and I'm not proactive in contacting my old colleagues from the TV industry. I'm not really close to a lot of them.

"I think I'd be happier if I hear comments from viewers like, 'She has done a good job despite being away from the acting scene for so long.'

"It would show that my hard work has paid off."

Fun facts about the Olive-backed Sunbird

1 The bird was featured in the $20 notes of the Bird Series that were issued between 1976 and 1984 by the Monetary Authority of Singapore.

2 They are often mistaken for hummingbirds as they are both tiny in size and are seen collecting nectar using their long and slim beaks.

3 Both males and females feature bright yellow underparts and dull olive-brown backs. However, only males have unique metallic purple-black throats.

4 Sunbirds have adapted well to our urban environment and can sometimes nest along corridors of public flats, and even in the bedrooms of large houses.

5 Its close relative, the Crimson Sunbird, was picked last year by the Nature Society's Bird Group as the unofficial national bird of Singapore.

Retiree becomes sunbird guardian

Retiree keeps watchful eye on nest of sunbirds found outside his flat

FEATHERED FRIENDS: Mr Ong Ah Huat found a bird's nest on a tree outside his flat a month ago and helped attach strings and metal wires to lend support to the nest.
FEATHERED FRIENDS: Mr Ong Ah Huat found a bird's nest on a tree outside his flat a month ago and helped attach strings and metal wires to lend support to the nest.

When he first found feathers, leaves and other debris in the corridor outside his Hougang flat on the 14th storey a month ago, he thought someone living above was being inconsiderate.

However, Mr Ong Ah Huat's annoyance soon turned to joy when he found a bird's nest hanging from the branch of a water jasmine plant he was growing.

The surprises did not stop there.

About a week later, the 80-year-old retiree noticed there were two little eggs hidden inside. The eggs hatched into tiny chicks about a week later.

He told The New Paper in Mandarin: "The birds are always chirping away nonstop. But I don't find it noisy, I think it's melodious."

Mr Ong lives in the flat with his 79-year-old wife and son and daughter, who are in their 40s. He has been helping his new feathery friends move into the neighbourhood and aiding them with their "renovation" efforts.

Mr Ong said he would sometimes pick up debris from the nest and glue them back, but only after making sure that the mother bird had left.

He also helped by tying metal wires and strings around the nest and branches to lend the structure additional support.

Mr Ong said: "The birds looked really pitiful... I was afraid the nest would fall or the wind would blow it away."

Mr Alan OwYong, 69, a former chairman of the Nature Society's Bird Group, said the birds are Olive-backed Sunbirds, the most common sunbird species in Singapore.

Mr OwYong said: "It is best to leave the nest and birds alone when nesting.

"Any external disturbance can be perceived by the nesting parent birds as threats. They may abandon the nest if they think the threat is real."

He added: "But in this case, it is fine to secure the nest if it's in danger of falling.

"(But) try to minimise close contact even though this sunbird can tolerate such disturbances."

Mr Ong, who often broke into laughter when speaking to TNP about his newfound friends, said the birds have given him a lot of joy.

He said: "I feel so happy and lucky that out of all places, they chose to build a nest on my potted plant."

"The birds looked really pitiful... I was afraid the nest would fall or the wind would blow it away."

- Mr Ong Ah Huat

Man fined $6,000 for attacking cops

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