Her kindness deserves praise

VIRAL: Mr Goh Rong Ren called TNP about Ms Noriza A. Mansor’s kind act, which went viral online.
VIRAL: Ms Audrey Chang alerted TNP about fallen beer kegs.

He saw a woman clean an elderly man who had soiled himself in public.

Mr Goh Rong Ren was so moved, he felt others should know about her selfless act of kindness.

That was why the currency trader contacted The New Paper after seeing bedsheet promoter Noriza A. Mansor help a stranger.

Ms Noriza, 49, was working at NTUC FairPrice when she noticed that Mr Tan Soy Yong, 76, had soiled his pants while grocery shopping with his wife.

Instead of avoiding him like everyone else, Ms Noriza helped the couple with their grocery bags and went to the nearby ValuDollar store to buy Mr Tan a new pair of bermuda shorts.

She even used tissue and a pail of water to clean him up.

Said Mr Goh, 32: "It is very important that we show that Singaporeans have heart and conscience.

"It goes a long way towards shaping this national identity that we have been trying so hard to develop and will encourage the rest of us to aspire towards more altruistic behaviour."

The story also tugged at the heartstrings of many others, generating nearly 4,000 likes on TNP's Facebook page.

It went viral online and was picked up by other national dailies.

Mr Goh said he decided to give the $100 Miam Miam voucher he received for calling TNP to Ms Noriza in appreciation of her kind act.


He chose to contact TNP because of its niche for human interest stories, he added.

"It is a very human story so I thought TNP was the right paper to call.

"And true enough, it was done very well. The things written in the report were very close to how I had described the sequence of events."

In a separate incident, reader Audrey Chang, 43, dialled TNP's hotline after she noticed beer kegs that had fallen off a lorry on the Pan Island Expressway (PIE).

The kegs were strewn across both lanes of the expressway.

The manager in the National University Health System was in a cab on her way to work when she saw the interesting sight.

Ms Chang, who has been reading TNP daily for the past decade, said that she enjoys reading the paper as it has a good selection of interesting articles.

She explained: "I think it is an appropriate mix between a newspaper and a tabloid, so we get interesting articles on top of regular news."

For their tip-offs, these readers will each receive a $100 Miam Miam voucher.

We value your calls and e-mails, so keep them coming. Call us at 1800-733- 4455, SMS or MMS 9477-8899 or e-mail us at tnp@sph.com.sg

YOUR SAY: Don't abandon cycling dream

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Smooth and steady wins the race

Bukit View Secondary School team wins top prize in glider competition

ALL SMILES: Jun Feng (second from right) and his teammates from Bukit View Secondary School emerged winners after their plane flew 21.2m.
ALL SMILES: A glider flying out of the launcher.
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Looking into democracy's young faces

In the second part of a feature from Hong Kong on the Occupy Central protests, DAVID LEE (davidlee@sph.com.sg) profiles four young guns who are at the forefront of the demonstrations

DETERMINED: (From left) Scholarism spokesman Max Lau, his girlfriend Lily Wong, and Scholarism member Gloria Cheng, keeping vigil at the Legislative Council building during Occupy Central.
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Sheep wolf down cannabis worth $8,200

DRUGS IN BAGS: Some sheep in the UK ate £4,000 worth of cannabis in Surrey after someone dumped the plants in bags on the edge of a farm.
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Sagging demand for branded goods

BLOCKED: Pro-democracy protesters set up barricades in Hong Kong's Central district, next to luxury stores Tiffany & Co. and Louis Vuitton.
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UK law gets tough on online trolls

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Man arrested for stabbing woman in Little India

PROBE: Police officers at the crime scene (above).
PROBE: Shop owner Irene Yeo (above) said she saw someone run past the outside of her shop.

A man is expected to be charged in court today (Oct 20) after allegedly stabbing a woman in Little India on Saturday night.

He had run to his brother's Ang Mo Kio home after stabbing the woman but was tracked down and arrested by the police.

The alleged attack happened after a domestic dispute, leaving the victim with a wound to her stomach.

The woman was then with her children and another man.

Her attacker is expected to be charged with voluntarily causing grievous hurt with dangerous means.

Read the full report in our print edition on Oct 20, 2014.

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Sars survivor ready to fight Ebola

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