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Star Trek Beyond

Captain James Kirk (Chris Pine) and his crew on board the USS Enterprise continue on their exploration in uncharted space.

Their routined lives get a rude awakening when the Enterprise is suddenly attacked by a mysterious alien enemy Krall (Idris Elba). The Enterprise is destroyed, leaving the crew marooned on an unexplored alien planet.

Star Trey Beyond, opening here July 21, also stars Zachary Quinto, Anton Yelchin, Simon Pegg, Sofia Boutella, Karl Urban and Zoe Saldana.

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California Fitness goes broke, shuts down

California Fitness has closed all its outlets here.

Its owner, JV Fitness, lacks the finances to keep them running, it was announced just after midnight last night by Tim Reid and Theresa Ng of Ferrier Hodgson, who were appointed provisional liquidators by the courts.

The chain's Republic Plaza branch closed abruptly three days earlier.

Its last two outlets, at Novena and Bugis, would also remain closed "until further notice".

All California Fitness outlets in Hong Kong also closed recently because of mounting debt.

DJs Glenn Ong and Jean Danker to wed by year-end

LOVEBIRDS: Radio DJs Glenn Ong and Jean Danker have been together for seven years.

Wedding bells are finally ringing for local radio jocks Glenn Ong and Jean Danker.

Speculation was rife after ONE FM 91.3 DJ Ong, 46, referred to his 37-year-old fiancee as his “wife-to-be” on ONE FM’s #1 Breakfast Show on Monday (July 18) morning.

When The New Paper met Ong at the studio on Tuesday (July 19), he confirmed the news with an ear-to-ear grin. “Yes, it’s finally happening,” he said.

The celebrity couple have been dating for seven years and got engaged five years ago.

Declining to elaborate more on details of the wedding, Ong simply said: “You can expect it to happen towards the end of the year.”

Jailed for attacking his former boxing coach

He used to learn how to fight from his former boxing coach. But the relationship soured and he beat up his former instructor.

A businessman was given three weeks' jail today for assaulting his former boxing coach.

Shri Sham Sudandiran, 28, pleaded guilty to voluntarily causing hurt to boxing coach Srikand Subramaniam, 48, on April 8, last year.

The two men went to Bedok Stadium to attend the Sijori (Singapore Johor Riau) Invitational Boxing Championship.

They also went to help out with logistics, as well as distribute boxing gloves.

However, a dispute broke out over the gloves.

Shri Sham's lawyer, Mr Foo Ho Chew told the court his client found out Mr Srikand had messed up some gloves which he had earlier arranged according to size.

Shri Sham then confronted his former coach about the matter.

According to the lawyer, Mr Srikand hurled vulgarities at Shri Sham and used insulting language against his mother.

The two men then left the stadium separately.

Outside, Mr Srikand tried to calm down.

Shri Sham suddenly came forward, punched Mr Srikand in the face and shouted: "Why did you scold my mum?"

The pair were able to be separated.

But shortly after, Shri Sham attacked Mr Srikand again, punching his face multiple times.

Mr Srikand suffered bruises on his face and was given a 12-day hospitalisation leave.

In court yesterday, Deputy Public Prosecutor Yvonne Poon said Shri Sham has a history of committing violent offences and was last jailed for two weeks in 2013 for using criminal force on a public servant.

For voluntarily causing hurt, he could have been jailed up to two years and fined up to $5,000.


Kiko Mizuhara sends apology video to China

Kiko Mizuhara.

Last Friday, Japanese-American model-actress Kiko Mizuhara, best known as K-pop superstar G-Dragon's rumoured girlfriend, released an apology video to China on her Sina Weibo account.

The 25-year-old, whose real name is Audrie Kiko Daniel, had been at the centre of an online furore on the popular Chinese microblogging platform since late April.

This was after Chinese actress-director Vicki Zhao had released a poster of her second directorial effort, No Other Love, showing Mizuhara and Taiwanese actor Leon Dai as part of the movie's ensemble cast.

The last couple of months saw intrepid Chinese netizens dig up old photos as "evidence" of Mizuhara's "anti-China sentiments" and "right-wing Japanese nationalism".


Two pictures allegedly show her posing with the offensive Rising Sun Flag and visiting the controversial Yasukuni Shrine, while the other one was of her liking a 2013 Instagram photo of dissident artist Ai Weiwei giving Tiananmen Square - one of Beijing's most iconic landmarks - the middle finger.

In Mizuhara's nearly five-minute video, recorded in English and a smattering of Mandarin, she clarified that she was not the woman in the pictures with the Rising Sun Flag and Yasukuni Shrine.

She admitted to liking the Instagram picture of Ai, but referred to her action as "regrettable".

"I found out that my friend has posted an extremely inappropriate picture... I deleted my 'like' within an hour," she explained.

Mizuhara apologised multiple times throughout her video, bowed deeply towards the end and appeared to be holding back tears.

Several netizens said they were disappointed that Mizuhara, in a bid to keep her relations with the lucrative Chinese market, had "chosen to throw away her pride".

Liberal newspaper Apple Daily Hong Kong carried the story on Facebook with a sarcastic caption "Renminbi rules the world", while Hong Kong singer-activist Denise Ho lamented: "This form of humiliation will just go on and on. (Kiko) is not the first, and she won't be the last."

'Smart', mobile and deadly

High-tech bomb-disposal robot fitted with explosives and sent into building to take out Dallas sniper

It was the first time a shooter in the US was taken out by a robot.

It may not be the last.

On July 8, Micah Johnson, 25, terrorised Dallas city by shooting and killing five police officers at a Black Lives Matter protest.

Cornered in El Centro College in downtown Dallas, the Afghanistan war veteran, who was reportedly unhappy with the recent police shootings of black suspects, held Dallas police at bay for several hours.

Concerned that Johnson would harm more police officers, Dallas Police Chief David Brown told his team to improvise a plan to end the stand-off.

The Swat team came up with a plan to attach an explosive device to a robot normally used for bomb disposal and to detonate it where Johnson was hidden in the building.

The robot, a Remotec Andros Mark V-A1, had been bought by the department in 2007 from military tech company Northrop Grumman at a cost of about US$150,000 (S$200,000).


Controlled by remote control, it weighs 220kg and can travel at 4.8kmh.

The Swat team in Dallas reportedly attached about 450g of C4 explosive to the robot's extender arm and manually manoeuvred it by remote, reported.

Dallas Police Chief David Brown told CNN that the officers had improvised the whole idea in about 15 minutes.

He noted that Johnson was hidden on the second storey of a parking garage behind a brick wall, which would not have been a problem for the robot as it can easily climb stairs.

The robot was manoeuvred behind a brick wall with the suspect on the other side, Chief Brown said.

The detonation left the robot with only minor damage to its extension arm and it is still functional, the chief added.

Brown seemed satisfied with the outcome and told CNN: "I approved it and I'll do it again if presented with the same circumstances."


Sending Trump a stark message

More than 100 women pose naked in 'political art' before Republican National Convention

BOLD:Women posing naked with mirrors in Cleveland in protest over the Republican Party's "rhetoric of hate" against women.
Donald Trump.
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Man jailed for causing hurt, mischief

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Shirtless cabby jailed for assaulting motorist

A taxi driver assaulted a motorist after challenging him to a fight but not before removing his shirt.

Johari Suhaimi, 35, was jailed six weeks on Monday (July 18) for road rage.

He admitted hurting GrabCar driver Mr Teng Moh Seh, 58, along Marina Boulevard outside Marina Bay Financial Centre Tower 1 at about 8 pm on Dec 11 last year.

Johari, who has unrelated convictions for drug consumption, theft, burglary and forgery, could have been jailed for up to two years and or fined up to $5,000 for voluntarily causing hurt.