Gordon-Levitt for Snowden movie

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'Racist' job ad lands coffee chain in hot water

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Dying mum hides baby in toilet bowl

She laid her body over daughter to shield her from violent boyfriend

TRAGEDY: Ms Jessica Arrendale and her daughter Cobie.
TRAGEDY: Mr Antoine Davis.
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Accident victim keeps telling dad: 'I am sorry'

HEARTBREAKING: It is still unclear if Trismond will lose part of his leg.
HEARTBREAKING: Mr Tang Chee Mun visiting his daughter, Miss Ivon Tang, who is still unconscious.

After a 16-hour operation to save his left leg on Saturday, Trismond Tang, 16, broke into tears when he regained consciousness and saw his father.

He and his older sister, Miss Ivon Tang, 20, were seriously injured after the motorcycle he was riding was involved in an accident with a car in Bukit Batok earlier that day.

Miss Tang, who had severe head injuries, is still unconscious in the surgical intensive care unit, and it is still unclear if Trismond will lose part of his leg.

His father, Mr Tang Chee Mun, 46, told The New Paper on Monday: "He just kept saying, 'Dad, I'm sorry,' and asked what had happened to his jie jie (Mandarin for older sister)."

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They smiled and cracked jokes

Trial programme for schizophrenics helps them open up about condition

"Most of the patients showed more social skills. They were able to tell us their opinions and some of them even smiled or cracked jokes during the sessions." - Ms Li Ziqiang (above), senior staff nurse at IMH
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M'sian cop nabbed for raping girl

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'Sex is not an industry in M'sia'

CONTROVERSIAL: The documentary makers of Trapped - The Underage Sex Industry In Malaysia followed the country's anti-trafficking squad on the raid of a karaoke pub on the outskirts of Kuala Lumpur.
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Social evil or just a job?

LEGAL OR NOT? Online and in official press, a fierce debate over whether to legalise and regulate prostitution has sprung up.
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I was just following orders

IN COURT: Sharon Tan.
IN COURT: Serina Wee.
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