Teen goes on joyride ends up tortured

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A teenager who borrowed his uncle’s car to go for a spin was snatched by a group of men and ended up being tortured for at least 16 hours.

The 19-year-old from Johor Baru was in his car in on Monday (May 25) evening when four men came up to him, said Johor Baru (South) Assistant Commissioner Sulaiman Salleh.

He said the men grabbed the teen and pulled him out of the car before forcing him into their vehicle.

“His hands and feet were tied up. He was beaten up inside the car with a baseball bat, iron bar and a brass knuckle,” he told The Star.

ACP Sulaiman said one of the culprits also took the victim’s car with them and headed to a house in Taman Daya.

Once the victim arrived at the house, the suspects locked him up in a room where he was given only mineral water.

Beaten up

Whenever the victim asked for food, he was allegedly beaten up, the police said.

The teen escaped when his abductors fell asleep at around 12.30pm on Tuesday.

A police report was lodged later.

Five suspects between the ages of 17 and 31 were arrested less than two hours after the police report was made.

The victim suffered bruises on his face and a swollen right eye.

He said the police recovered the victim’s IC, house keys, a watch, a silver bangle, a pair of shoes, driving licence, RM470 (S$173) in cash and the car worth about RM15,900.

Source: The Star

Hart gets a fright from stray baseball

File photo of Joe Hart

As a goalkeeper, Joe Hart is used to balls flying in his direction.

Just don’t toss him a baseball.

The England No 1, who is on tour with Manchester City in Canada, had a fright while trying his hand at the popular American sport during a visit to the Toronto Blue Jays baseball team.

Hart was waiting for his turn to bat when a stray ball flew towards him after a poor hit by reserve goalkeeper Richard Wright.

Hart let out a loud scream and dodged the projectile, prompting Toronto officials to break out into laughter.

Perhaps, he should just stick to football?

For the record, Hart was an unused substitute as City beat Major League Soccer side Toronto FC 1-0 in front of 23,000 fans at the Canadian team’s BMO Field on Thursday, thanks to a long-range strike by substitute midfielder George Evans.

Watch Hart here.

Source: www.espnfcasia.com

Man who came into contact with MERS patient insists on flying

Passengers arriving from Doha, Qatar walking past a thermal scanner in Changi Airport last year.

A man whose father had tested positive for the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) in South Korea insisted on leaving for China.

The 44-year-old man had been kept in isolation last week but left for China on the business trip on Tuesday (May 26), a day after his father was diagnosed with the virus.

The Korea Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) director Yang Byung Guk told reporters: "We advised him against the trip but he refused."

Korea informed China's health authorities and the man was immediately admitted to a hospital in Guangzhou for testing following his arrival.

A list of 28 passengers who had sat close to the man has been drawn up, said Mr Yang.

South China Morning Post (SCMP) reported that Hong Kong health officials are prepared to trace about 200 passengers who were on the same flight as the man. He had landed in Hong Kong and took a cross-border bus to Shenzhen.

Hong Kong's controller of the Centre for Health Protection (CHP), Dr Leung Ting-hung told SCMP that they will start tracing people the man had come into contact with in Hong Kong once he is confirmed as having the virus.

“The CHP is following up the situation closely with the World Health Organisation, the South Korean government and mainland officials on the situation,” Dr Leung said.

“Action will be taken immediately once the man has been confirmed with MERS.”

The contact tracing will involve 158 passengers, including 73 Chinese and eight crew members onboard Flight OZ723 which landed in Hong Kong on May 26. The cross-border bus he took from the airport to Shenzhen involved around 10 people, Dr Leung aded.

Meanwhile, Korea confirmed two more cases of MERS in the country on Thursday (May 28), bringing the total number of people infected to seven.

The infections have all been traced to the original case - A 68-year-old man who was diagnosed on May 20 after returning from a trip to Saudi Arabia.

MERS is considered a deadlier but less infectious cousin of the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (Sars) virus that killed 774 people worldwide, including 33 people in Singapore, in 2003.

Symptoms of MERS may range from flu-like aches and pains to pneumonia and kidney failure.

Korea's CDC said more than 70 people who may have been exposed directly or indirectly to the original patient were currently in voluntary quarantine.

South Korea’s health ministry said 23 countries had a combined 1,142 cases of MERS and 465 deaths had been reported, as of May 16. Of the total, 1,117 cases, or 97.8 per cent, were in the Middle East.

Source: AFP

Students give up trip for principal

Principal Courtney Vashaw.

A principal of a high school in the United States received an unexpected gift from her senior students on Tuesday (May 26): US$8,000 (S$10,800) for her cancer treatment.

What made the gift even more precious was the fact that the money had been saved up by the students over four years and was meant to fund their cross-state senior class trip.

Profile High School principal Courtney Vashaw, 37, was diagnosed with synovial sarcoma, a rare and aggressive soft tissue cancer, on May 8, reported NY Daily News.

She broke the news to her students on May 20.

The seniors took a vote among themselves and decided to donate their trip funds to her.

Student Ian Baker said: "She's just very caring, very selfless, and we wanted to be selfless too."

'So proud of these kids'

Instead of a four-day trip to New York, the students will be staying in New Hampshire.

Student Leanza Hunt, 17, said: "She's always taught us to be involved in our community and be compassionate to others.

"We wanted to help her as much as we could."

Ms Vashaw told ABC News: "I feel like this has been a beautiful experience as an educator.

"You work so hard to try and help cultivate not only academically astute young people but kids who care. I am just so impressed and so proud of these kids for being the embodiment of that."

Ms Vashaw will stay in school for a few more weeks to see the students get their diplomas before seeking specialised treatment in New York, reported ABC News.

Sources: ABC News, NY Daily News, WMUR

Patricia Mok: Bullies have no right to call me ugly

Patricia Mok posted a video of her posing sexily with local actor Desmond Tan staring at her behind. One netizen commented: "So ugly."

Call her ugly, and you will be shamed for the bully that you are.

Local comedienne Patricia Mok taught a netizen a lesson recently, when she shamed him publicly for criticising her.

She had posted an Instagram video which showed off her shapely legs.

Mok, 43, wore a sexy outfit and shook her booty while local actor Desmond Tan looked on appreciatively.

Her followers commented that she was sexy, that they loved it and that the video had chased away their Monday blues.



A video posted by patdevogue (@patdevogue) on


However, there was one netizen, Nickyzhangchunlie, who commented in Mandarin: "So ugly."

He probably didn't know what hit him next.

This netizen's Instagram profile is set to private.

Shortly after he slammed her, Mok's next Instagram post (below) showed a screengrab of his comment and her emotional caption that accompanied it.

She wrote: "I have NEVER SAID I'm a pretty girl BUT thanks to this person...I'M F****** UGLY UNTIL HE F****** confirmed it."



A photo posted by patdevogue (@patdevogue) on


Fans rushed to her defence and expressed their concern - they thought Mok was hurt badly by the comment for her to lash out like that.

Wrote gladisnjw: "They either simply want attention or have nothing better to do then to bring people he sees online down.

"Don't worry la! We all don't feel the way he had commented."

Wrote thehuizax: "Chill Patricia. Those people are cowards and are just keyboard warriors. Be yourself."

Wrote carristianang: "A person with a kind heart is beautiful. A person who hurts others has the ugliest heart, and he is ugly. You are beautiful!"


But the outspoken actress has since clarified her intention behind the post.

Mok told The New Paper: "Actually I'm not angry.

"But I don't agree with bullying.

"Other people like me who are not attractive also shouldn't be bullied mah."

She added that she has been touched by the outpouring of concern for her, especially all her followers who have told her that she is attractive.

"I would like to thank the public for their support.

"I'm just happy that fans supported me (when the incident happened.)

"I'm glad that people don't think I'm so ugly lah."


Man followed girl on bus from Bedok to molest her

A courier assistant was given seven years' corrective training (CT) and ordered to receive 12 strokes of the cane for molesting a 12-year-old girl on March 6.

Mohamed Shariff Samsudin, 31, had just been released from prison in December last year after being sentenced to two years' jail in 2013 for committing a similar offence.

Three months after being released, he noticed the girl at a bus-stop in Bedok and followed her up a bus.

He continued following her when she alighted near the Bedok Community Centre (CC).

He convinced her to follow him to the CC where he molested her inside a handicapped toilet.

Read the full report in our print edition on May 29.

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Did you know Jessica Alba is one of America's richest self-made women?

Jessica Alba is now one of America's richest self-made women.

Some may know her for her sizzling bikini pictures, while others know her better for her mediocre acting skills.

But many may not know that Jessica Alba is the co-founder of The Honest Company, which is currently valued at US$1 billion (S$1.35 billion).

She soon will be part of an elite group of just four celebrities who have made it into Forbes' list of America's richest self-made women.

The other women include Beyonce, Judge Judy and Oprah. 

But Alba is the only woman in a completely unrelated industry.

Do note that Alba is not just lending her name and branding to the company.

Together with business partner Christopher Gavigan, she built The Honest Company in 2011. Her company focuses on making non-toxic, eco-friendly products including baby diapers, baby wipes and cleaning products.

So how did she come up with this idea?

Alba said: "I felt like my needs weren't being met as a modern person. 

"I want beautiful design like everybody else. But it shouldn't be premium-priced, and it should, of course, be safe," she added.

In 2008, Alba was pregnant with her first child with husband Cash Warren. At a baby shower, her mother had advised her to use baby detergent to prewash the onesies that she had received as gifts. 

After using a common brand, she broke out into ugly red bumps that is similar in appearance to hives.

That was the turning point. After that incident, she constantly feared about how certain products could harm her child.

Following that, she positioned her brand to be the one-stop-shop for anything eco-friendly, safe and non-toxic.

It is estimated that Alba's fortune is about US$200 million.

These days, Alba goes into the office every day, while still balancing acting commitments on top of being a mother of two.

And her company is looking to expand to South Korea next year and possibly China as well.

Who's inspired?

disney animated GIF

Source: Forbes



How to keep wedding costs low

Can you tell whether this is a real cake?

Weddings are expensive.

Let's make that, very expensive.

What are the ways that you can think of that can help you save money on your big day?

Carousel Moments, a cake shop located in Serangoon Gardens, has started offering dummy wedding cakes for rent.

To put it simply, a wedding cake that costs $1,700 (pictured below and which is the most expensive one they have ever sold), can be duplicated as a dummy cake and rented for just $150 to $250.

Couples who prefer this cost-saving method will then only have to pay for the separate slabs of real cake for their guests.

Ms K Lalitha Nair (below, right), the 52-year-old owner of Carousel Moments, has been baking cakes for the last 30 years.

She is now also enjoying creating and making the intricate dummy cakes.

Her son, Mr Keeran Segaran (below, left), 26, who helps her with her business, said they launched rent-a-dummy-cake two weeks ago and the idea has gone down well with customers.

One customer even rented a dummy cake for her baby shower.

Said Mr Segaran: "Couples who are getting married have been coming in and giving us pictures of their dream wedding cakes.

"But the problem is that sometimes, we can't meet their budget.

"Then they will request that we cut out parts of the cake and that compromised on the design and other aspects of the cake."

One tier of the usual three or four tier wedding cakes is around 12 inches in diameter and can feed 50 guests.

Have your cake and eat it too

Mr Segaran added: "So we started thinking of a way to solve this problem that these couples were having.

"Perhaps having dummy cakes for rent could provide couples with awesome cakes that they wouldn't have to pay hundreds or thousands for."

So how can one tell the difference between a real cake (all pictured above) and a dummy cake (pictured below)?

Apparently, there are no distinct differences between the two that are clearly visible to the naked eye.

Dummy cakes, however, have sharper edges because of the straight-cuts on the foam used inside it compared with a real cake.

So how else can you save money on your wedding?

Let us count the ways.

1.Online Invites

Wedding invitations and postage are a huge expenditure that can and should be avoided in today’s digital age.

There are many online platforms online to create unique and custom save-the-date cards and official wedding invitations.

Also, couples can create a website for the wedding and post a RSVP tag on it.

Not only will such online invites and website make a memorable impact on the guests, going paperless eases a huge pressure on the wedding budget.

Plus, being environmentally friendly is always a good thing.

2. Number Of Guests

The problem that many couples face when planning their wedding is having to limit the number of guests.

This is especially so if traditional parents have a long list of relatives and friends who HAVE to be invited to "save face".

The best rule to stick to is that if you have never interacted with the person more than just the obligatory "hi", chances are you should not invite them to your wedding.

Another way to reduce the number of guests at your wedding will be to hold it on a weekday instead of having a grand weekend affair.

Not only are venues cheaper on weekdays, the guests who are not close family and friends might not be able to attend and you can maintain a more manageable guest list.

Just make sure they RSVP so that you do not end up with a wasted seat.

3. Wedding Events And Roadshows

It is a good idea to be on the lookout for wedding shows and events by wedding experts in the industry.

Often, exclusive discounts and better package deals are available at such events.

From wedding cake makers to hotels to even florists, getting a discount on such necessary items will ease the pressure on your wedding budget.

Also, there may be exclusive packages which would get you an even better deal on your wedding.

So be willing to travel around to attend such events and also, keep following the main social media accounts of such companies who hold such events.

4. Rent

No matter how grand your wedding is going to be, chances are that you will have to dispose of many of the items you bought after the big day.

This is especially true for theme weddings where many novelty items are needed.

The best way to go about reducing this cost would be to rent instead of buying.

Apart from saving a lot of money, you would not need to create space in your homes for such items that are not reusable just because you have no heart to throw them away.

There are a few companies which are providing a wide range of items that can be rented for weddings.

The wedding dress and tux for for the couple can also be rented and even the bridesmaid dresses.

Not only will renting these items save you a lot of money, there will be more variety for you to choose from if you rent as the cost is a lot more cheaper.

5. Wedding Favors

Wedding favors are gifts from the couple to the guests as a token of their appreciation for the attendance.

Buying such items are not only going to cost a lot, many of such items are going to be just relegated to a forgotten corner in these guests' houses.

A better way to cut cost in this area is to make small DIY items that will be more memorable.

You will be surprised at the very creative ideas you can find online on sites such as Pinterest.

Also, creating a wedding photo booth with guests by uploading the pictures with the couple on Instagram or Facebook accounts set up just for the wedding will definitely mean more and cost less. 

Dad to China-born Miss Canada: Stop speaking out

Miss World Canada Anastasia Lin claimed that her dad who still lives in China was threatened because she spoke out against the country's human rights laws.

China-born Anastasia Lin was crowned Miss World Canada on May 16.

Less than a month into her reign, the 25-year-old beauty queen set off a diplomatic firestorm - alleging that China security forces threatened her father because she spoke out on human rights abuses in the country.

Canada is backing their pageant winner, even though her allegations have religious and political implications.

The controversy has netizens wondering: Will Miss Lin's visa for China in December be approved when she has to compete in the finals in China this December?

Miss Lin moved to Canada with her mother 12 years ago.

Her father, who is divorced from her mum, still lives in China's Hunan province with his own family.

Worried for dad's safety

Miss Lin, a University Of Toronto theatre major, told Canadian media that her dad's recent text messages made her worry for his safety.

He had asked her not to speak out anymore about human rights issues in China and threatened to stop giving her "support" should she continue doing so.

Miss Lin had spoken about the persecution of religious minorities in China during the pageant run-up.

CTV News and The Globe And Mail reported that she said that her dad had told her that Chinese security police had threatened him over her outspoken views at the pageant.


This is an excerpt of what he purportedly told her:

"Don't get involved in politics and human rights work you are doing, otherwise I will stop all support to you.

"Whatever you send here that has a political message has been censored.

"Do you know the secret security force has come to me?"

Miss Lin said she tried to call her father after receiving the text, but he refused to speak fearing his phone might be tapped.

The Canadian government is supporting their Miss World, as this statement from the department of Foreign Affaires spokesman Amy Mills showed:

"Canada commends Miss Lin for her efforts to raise awareness regarding these issues.

"Canada is also concerned about allegations that the Chinese government have harassed Miss Lin’s family in China."

Miss Lin, an aspiring actress, has refused to back down in the face of the alleged threats her family in China is facing.

She will still keep speaking out against human rights issues there.

"(I hope) they will just leave my family alone and not bother my father too much...

 "I wanted to be a voice for the voiceless, (and) if I don't speak out then no one is going to speak out."

WATCH: China-born Miss World Canada claims her dad's been threatened by security police in China



Sources: CTV News, The Globe And Mail

Man gets jail, cane for robbing and raping woman near void deck

A cafe kitchen employee was jailed 17 years and ordered to be given 24 strokes of the cane on Thursday (May 28) for robbing and raping a woman in 2013.

Chang Kar Meng, 27, had snuck up on his victim, who was then working as a waitress, at about 1.30am on March 8, 2013, at her void deck as she was heading home after her shift.

He hit the back of her neck a few times and knocked her out. 

After taking her watch, earrings and other belongings, he dragged her to a nearby grass patch where he took indecent photographs of her and touched her.

She then regained consciousness but had pretended to be unconscious because she was afraid.

Chang then raped her.

After he was done, he cleaned her up, carried her to a lift landing and left her on top of a discarded mattress.

Chang was arrested about half a year later at his Geylang East Avenue 1 residence.

He pleaded guilty to one count of rape and another count of robbery with hurt. 

One other charge of possession of women's underwear and clothing suspected of being stolen was taken into consideration.


Read the full report in our print edition on May 29. 

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