Liverpool anthem You'll Never Walk Alone is HK protesters' latest rallying cry

Hong Kong protesters have taken on Liverpool's You'll Never Walk Alone as their new anthem.

An anthem long embraced by Liverpool Football Club has become the latest battle line drawn between Hong Kong’s pro-democracy protesters and the city’s police.

Demonstrators have begun singing You’ll Never Walk Alone and banners bearing the song’s title have sprung up at protest sites in the southern Chinese city after a pro-government lawmaker used it to defend the police.

The chant is the most recent addition to a protest soundtrack that has included a rousing battle-cry from the hit musical Les Miserables, and a local rock ballad from the 1990s. 

Do you hear the people sing?

A Cantonese version of Do you hear the people sing?, from the musical Les Miserables” which is set against the revolutionary backdrop of the Paris Uprising of 1832, became the de facto anthem early on in the mass rallies.

The lyrics have been specifically tailored for Hong Kong’s democracy movement.

“We should all carry the responsibility to defend our city,” the song begins.

“We have inborn rights and our own mind to make decisions.”

Beyond's Under A Vast Sky



But it is ‘90s ballad Hoi Fut Tin Hung (Under a Vast Sky) by local band Beyond that has become the most popular rallying anthem of the protesters.

During some of the largest rallies crowds have spontaneously chanted the ballad – a mournful lament for a brighter future – in their tens of thousands.

The chants swell for the end of the song’s chorus as the crowds proclaim: “Still free and independent/Forever singing my own song out loud”.

Furore among Liverpool fans

During a meeting at the city’s legislative body last Thursday discussing the police’s handling of the demonstrations, prominent pro-Beijing legislator Tam Yiu-chung said officers should take heart from You’ll Never Walk Alone.

But Tam’s comments caused a furore among local Liverpool fans who noted the song has long been synonymous with the club’s fight against police fabrications following the 1989 Hillsborough disaster in which 96 fans died.

In the aftermath of the stadium crush, British police falsely blamed fans for the chaos, prompting a lengthy legal battle to clear the club’s name, which ended in 2012. 

More than 1,000 local fans penned their names to a two-page advert in the popular pro-democracy tabloid Apple Daily on Saturday condemning the use of the song to defend police.


Kate Middleton's due date revealed!

File photo of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. The Royals have confirmed that their second baby is due in April next year.

Yes, the royals have finally released a due date.

An official announcement from Kensington Palace states that the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton has safely passed the 12-week point of her pregnancy.

The baby's gender, however, was not revealed in the short announcement

The statement said: "Their Royal Highnesses The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are delighted to confirm they are expecting a baby in April 2015."

Clarence House also tweeted the announcement:

The baby was possibly conceived in early August, around the time the couple visited Belgium for the WWI commemorations, Mirror UK reported. 

Middleton, who has been suffering from hyperemesis gravidarum, has not been seen in public since her second pregnancy was announced on Sept 8.

Her condition, which can cause intractable nausea, vomiting, and dehydration, is said to be steadily improving.

According to Metro, she will be joining Prince William in officially welcoming Singapore President Tony Tan Keng Yam and his wife on Tuesday (Oct 21), as he begins a four-day state visit to the UK.

Sources: Metro UK, Mirror UK, Prince of Wales Government website

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Scarlett Johansson up for English-language Ghost in the Shell adaptation?

Will Scarlett Johansson star in the remake of anime science fiction film Ghost in the Shell based on manga of the same title.

You heard that right.

US actress Scarlett Johansson, 29, may well be a part of the live action remake of Ghost in the Shell, reports The Guardian.

That's if the Lucy actress accepts the US$10 million (S$12.72 million) paycheck being offered.

Snow White and the Huntsman's director Rupert Sanders was hired by Dreamworks in January this year to direct the film.

Ghost in the Shell, which was originally produced as a seinen manga (manga marketed to a male audience aged between 17 to 40), follows cyborg detective Major Motoko Kusanagi, team leader of a futuristic Japanese counter-terrorism organisation focused on cyber-crime.

The first movie adaptation of Ghost in the Shell was in Japanese and was released in 1995.

Would be quite cool to see how Johansson pulls this one off.

Source: The Guardian

Candice Accola and The Fray's Joe King got married with music and vampires!

The Vampire Diaries (TVD) cast and The Fray definitely had something to celebrate over the weekend.

TVD cast member Candice Accola and The Fray rocker Joe King got married on Saturday and the wedding couldn't have been any more fit for the couple as it was filled with music, dancing and parades.

The 27-year-old actress and singer, who plays vampire Caroline Forbes on the hit show, and King, 34, tied the knot in New Orleans.

The couple each posted pictures of their wedding on their Instagram accounts and it was nothing short of sweet.



My wife, she makes me wanna dance. Photo credit: Jonas Peterson

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Wird geladen

Officially Mr. and Mrs. King! Best night ever! Photo Credit: Jonas Peterson

Auf Instagram anzeigen

After the ceremony, the couple celebrated with a parade down New Orleans' famous Bourbon Street that led guests to the reception.

TVD co-stars like Nina Dobrev, Paul Wesley, Kat Graham, Michael Trevino, Claire Holt and Kayla Ewell were there as well.



How to get married in New Orleans. #NOLA #Wedding

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The couple ​met in 2012 and announced their engagement in May 2013. King has two daughters from his first marriage.

Accola also starred in The Fray's 2013 music video Love Don't Die.



Sources: E! Online, People Magazine, Instagram, Twitter

Malaysian student in trouble for faking her own kidnapping

A student from a polytechnic in Johor faked her own kidnapping because she was stressed out from school.

In terms of excuses to skip school, this one probably takes the cake and then some.

An unidentified student from Pasir Gudang,​ Johor is in trouble after she admitted to the police that she had faked her own kidnapping because of "stress from her studies."

She had initially lodged a police report in Dungun, Terengganu alleging that she had just run away from t​hree men who had abducted her from her house in Johor.

She claimed that she was about to leave her house for school when she fell unconscious, only to wake up in a container lorry along with seven other children.

She said that the lorry was on the way to Thailand and that based on their accents, her abductors were from Kelantan reported The Star Online.


Her tall tale did not end there.

She told the police that she managed to escape when the lorry stopped at a petrol station in Dungun.

She had initially only wanted to tell her mother of her "ordeal" but her mother insisted she make a police report.

When the police pressed her for more details after they found conflicting statements in her story, she broke down and confessed that she had faked the whole story.

Possible charges

Terengganu CID chief Asst Comm Wan Abdul Aziz Wan Hamzah said that the police will pursue charges against the student for giving false information to the police. 

She noted that her falsehood had caused a lot of trouble to the police.

“When we were informed by the student that there were seven other kidnap ‘victims’ possibly on their way to Thailand, we had to mobilise our men and cover all of the country’s exits," he said.

According to The Star, the girl could be jailed six months or fined RM2,000 (S$ 778), or both, for giving false information to the police.

Source: The Star Online

Here's a cool video selfie you might want to try

As if a normal selfie isn't already hard enough to get right, there's now a new type of selfie you need to try mastering.

If you manage to get it right, then you'd actually be pretty cool.

Ex-Microsoft employee Karen Cheng was test​ing out sweeping motions with her camera when she discovered what she has named the "donut selfie".

"I did one that was from one side of my head to the other, made a donut around my head, and the video started looping and woahhhh that looks cool," said Ms Cheng.



"Soon enough I was running all around the city trying to get cool shots, playing with slo mo effects and iPhone lens attachments, and this was the result." - Karen Cheng​, who invented the donut effect

Based in San Francisco, Karen said she created her video using an iPhone and edited it with iMovie.

She has since uploaded a video compilation of these panoramic selfie shots of herself with various backdrops. 

If you think it's something you'd like to try, watch her tutorial to learn how to do it:



Source: Daily Mail

Hundreds of Muslims show up at 'touch a dog' event in Malaysia

More than 800 people turned up at Malaysia's first ever I Want To Touch A Dog event on Sunday, and half of the crowd were Muslims.

The event held at the One Utama shopping complex in Petaling Jaya was focused on getting rid of the negative misconceptions of dogs many Malaysian Muslims have, reported The Star. 

It was so successful that it turned out to be one of the largest impromptu events, organised in just three weeks.

Those who wanted to touch a dog had to wear yellow clothing, those who wanted to just watch had to wear orange and volunteers and pet owners had to wear red. The colour codes allowed for everybody to respect each other's boundaries and to enjoy the event at their own comfort level.

Fatimah, 23, (below) is a mother of two and was probably the last person you'd expect to see at the event as she was covered in a full black veil with only her eyes visible, yet she walked among the dogs totally at ease.

"I came here to learn more about interacting with dogs and about the cleansing. I've never done such a thing before," she said.

The dogs that were at the event were all thoroughly vetted by the organisers.

The event began with a religious talk by religious teacher Ustaz Mohd Iqbal Parjin, 33, who is a Masters student at UTM's Centre for Advanced Studies on Islam, Science and Civilisation (Casis).

He explained that while dogs’ saliva is considered unclean, Muslims should not fear the animal or view it with disgust.

Dog handlers then explained to the crowd on how they should approach and pet the dogs.

They were also given lessons on how to cleanse themselves (sertu or samak) after touching the dogs.

Photos: The Star, Facebook

Though some Muslims view touching a dog as "taboo", organiser Syed Azmi Alhabshi decided that the best way for people like him to get over the fear of dogs was to just be around them.

"I didn't expect many people to come in yellow or orange. I didn't expect the kids. Having the kids here is the best thing ever. We are doing this for them." - Organiser Syed Azmi Alhabshi ​

"This is just a baby step for us. I don't know whether people will now understand not to throw stones at dogs but we want people to know that if they are not knowledgeable or are curious about things, they should just ask."

"If we ask nicely, people will respond," said Syed Azmi, who is a registered pharmacist.

“I am very happy. I touched many dogs and carried them. My favourite is the huskies.” - Nur Aliyah Mohd Nasir, seven, who was among the children at the event.

Source: The Star

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Biker faced fiery end after M'sian highway accident

The burning wreckage of one of the motorcycles following the accident along the Karak Highway, which links Kuala Lumpur to the east coast of Malaysia.

A rider of a high-powered motorcycle was burned to death, while another big biker was killed after being hit by a car in a horrific accident along the Karak Highway in Malaysia yesterday (Oct 19).

Selangor Fire and Rescue Department assistant director of operations Mohd Sani Harul told The Star that a fire engine and seven firemen were dispatched to the scene after the accident which occurred at around 11.20am along the 26.5 km mark of the highway.

“When they arrived, they found one of the motorcycles had caught fire with the rider still pinned beneath the machine. The other rider was pinned under a Honda City.”Selangor Fire and Rescue Department assistant director of operations Mohd Sani Harul

Mohd Sani Harul ​said the accident brought traffic to a near standstill, with rubberneckers slowing down to catch a glimpse of the accident.

Federal traffic police chief Senior Asst Comm Datuk Mohd Fuad Abdul Latiff said the accident occurred when two motorcyclists stopped in the centre lane because a lorry was blocking the road.

“Another motorcycle then hit the two motorcyclists before catching fire, with one of the big bikers pinned under the burning machine.

“Then, another motorcycle, believed to be riding at high speed, grazed a Toyota Camry and Toyota Vios before the rider was flung off his machine and under a Honda City, which had stopped in the emergency lane to avoid the fire,” he said yesterday.

He said the rider who was pinned under the burning machine and the one who was flung under the car both died at the scene.

“The two other riders in the initial collision were sent to Selayang Hospital with severe injuries.”

6 things about Joko Widodo, Indonesia's new president

Indonesia's new President Joko Widodo during a speech after being inaugurated at the House of Representative building in Jakarta.

Former Jakarta Governor Joko Widodo was sworn in as Indonesia’s seventh president at a ceremony in parliament on Monday morning. (Oct 20). 

Widodo, 53, took the oath at a ceremony in parliament before lawmakers and visiting foreign dignitaries such as Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, US Secretary of State John Kerry, and Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott. 

Widodo’s narrow victory over a former general in July’s election marked the first time in the young democracy’s history that a president was elected from outside the established military and political elite.

Just who is the man who will lead the world's third largest democracy, with a population of 250 million people.

Here are six things about the man.

1) He is a quintessential rags-to-riches story

Born to a son of a wood-seller in Solo, his family was evicted from his family home by the local government when he was growing up.

His family put that rough start behind him to put him through school.

He graduated with a degree in forestry from Gadjah Mada University and he eventually worked with his uncle in the furniture business where he excelled.

It was his success in the business arena that prompted his colleagues to push him to run for the mayorship of Solo, a city in the Indonesian island of Java in 2005.

After winning, he then ran for governor of Jakarta two years later.

This year, he upped the ante and put his name to the presidential race. 

One of the main reasons for his popularity is his rise from outside of Indonesia's traditional power structure.

2) He is a big fan of heavy metal.  


When heavy metal super group Metallica performed in Jakarta in August 2013, he was there head banging along with thousands of concert goers.

He lists his favourite bands as Megadeth, Lamb of God and Napalm Death.

Not exactly bands known for playing soft sentimental music.

3) He has vowed to get tough on the haze.​

Perhaps a subject that is dear to most Singaporeans.

The new president of Indonesia has vowed to fix the yearly problem.

In an interview with The Straits Times, he did not mince his words when he said that local authorities know who the culprits are and he will use his power to "give the necessary instructions".


4) He is known as Jokowi​

Indonesians tend to go with one name. In his case he is known in Indonesia as Jokowi, which is an abbreviation of his full name. But he was born Mulyono and changed his name.  

5) He is known for his transparency 

Jokowi and his vice governor,Basuki Tjahaja Purnama or Ahok initiated programs that are aimed towards transparency, such as online tax, e-budgeting, e-purchasing, and cash management system and famously the provincial budgets . 

6) Great thinker and leader

Jokowi was listed as one of "The Leading Global Thinkers of 2013" in Foreign Policy magazine. This year, he was listed by Fortune as one of the The World's 50 Greatest Leaders.

Source: World Population review Time, The Guardian, The Straits Times, Reuters, Foreign Policy, fortune, detikNews

Elderly man killed in fire in Telok Blangah Crescent flat

The body being removed from the flat.

An elderly man was killed in a fire at Block 3, Telok Blangah Crescent this morning (Oct 20).

Neighbours said he lived alone in a one-room flat on the eighth storey.

A neighbour said he ran to the man's flat and saw smoke coming out from the unit.

Officers from the Singapore Civil Defence Force put out the fire.

Read the full report in our print edition on Oct 21.

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