Honoured for promoting peace between racial, religious groups

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Mobile eye clinic takes professional care to housing estates

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Seniors come up with ideas on doing more volunteer work

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Tempers flare as events clash at Hong Lim Park

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Tamil Nadu chief minister to lose job, go to prison

Indian politician guilty in long-running corruption case

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'I couldn't touch bear to my baby'

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Dads die in traffic accidents before babies are born

"Whenever I miss him, I just look at my baby. It is also a reminder for me to pray for him." - Madam Siti Mariam Ishak (above, with her baby Nur Fiq' Arianna Muhammad Afiq)

They were pregnant when their husbands died.

Madam Siti Mariam Ishak, 29, just gave birth to her baby after her husband was killed four months ago. She says her baby is giving her strength to go on.

But Madam Phoebe Goh, 30, couldn't look at her child and refused to hold him for the first few months because her husband died in a car accident during a shopping trip for the baby's cot.

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Woman claims Frozen is based on her life, Disney tells her to 'let it go'

Anna and Elsa, the two main characters of Disney hit Frozen.

Have you heard? 

A woman is suing Disney for US$250 million (S$318.7 million), because she thinks they used her autobiography as the basis for the worldwide hit Frozen. 

Writer Isabella Tanikumi's 2010 biography Living My Truth tells of her time growing up in the Andean mountains in Peru. 

According to E! Online, Tanikumi - who also goes by the name L Amy Gonzalez - claims that Disney "copied the feeling, story, characters and plot from her original work". 

In the suit, she offers 18 examples of Disney "stealing" from her book, including location, characters, names and the relationship between two sisters.


She makes comparisons between the setting of the story - a small town near a mountain - and where she grew up, the small town of Huaraz at the base of snow-covered mountains in Peru. 

Like the movie's beloved characters Anna and Elsa, Tanikumi and her older sister also "had opposite hair colours" and "shared a deep love for one another". 

The best part of this story, though, is what a Disney spokesman said when asked by CNN to comment: "This is beyond ridiculous, she needs to let it go."

Frozen is the highest-grossing animated film of all time, raking in US$1.27 billion worldwide since its release last year. 

Once more with feeling ...



Sources: E! Online, CNN

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WATCH: Here's how to pronounce Japanese car names properly

A video by website Mighty Car Mods helps users with the proper pronounciation of the names of Japanese car brands.

Think you know how to pronounce the names of Japanese car brands?

Don't be too confident. 

In this video made by the website Mighty Car Mods, a cute Japanese girl walks you through the right pronunciations of Japanese car brands. 

While there's no way you could possibly get something like To-yo-ta wrong, you might want to practice your Mazda and Daihatsu (hint: It's not Dai-hat-soo). 

Watch the video below:



Source: YouTube

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