ISIS militants seize weapons meant to be used against them

IN THE WRONG HANDS: An image grab from a video showing an Islamic State of Syria and Iraq militant going through the contents of a crate carrying grenades near Kobane.
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Gunman looked 'determined'

Shooting at Canada's parliament building

TENSE: (Above) Police officers taking cover during the incident.
TENSE: (Above) Police officers taking cover during the incident.
TENSE: (Above) Heavily armed Royal Canadian Mounted Police personnel at the scene.
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Money woes, but she still gives to charity

GENEROUS: Miss Malini Pannirselvam donates her earnings despite her financial woes.
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He overcomes his paralysis

Two Management Development Institute of Singapore graduates share how they overcame challenges to get to where they are today

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Actor Shane Pow: Sex scene was one reason for my breakup

AWKWARD: (Above) Seraph Sun in the car sex scene with Shane Pow in Ms J Contemplates Her Choice.
AWKWARD: Seraph Sun in the car sex scene with Shane Pow in Ms J Contemplates Her Choice.

It will hurt me if you do the sex scene, said his girlfriend.

Local actor Shane Pow chose to do the scene anyway because it was his job.

The fact that he chose his job over her caused a serious dent in their five-year relationship, and was one of the things that lead to their eventual break-up earlier this year.

The steamy scene is part of upcoming local English-language movie, tentatively titled Ms J Contemplates Her Choice.

The Jason Lai-directed thriller, starring local singer Kit Chan and Italian-American DJ Bobby Tonelli, is set to premiere at the Singapore International Film Festival in December.

Read the full report in our print edition on Oct 23.

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Car skids, hits tree in Yishun

A car skidded, hit a tree and scraped another before coming to a stop on a pavement near Block 702, Yishun Ring Road.

The accident happened at around 6pm on Tuesday, Chinese daily Lianhe Wanbao reported yesterday.

The front and rear of the car, which was rented at about 5.30pm, was badly damaged.

The 29-year-old male driver of the rented car told the Chinese daily that it had been raining and the road was slippery.

No one was injured.

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Openness, tolerance crucial: DPM

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7 stops in M'sia for S'pore-KL high-speed rail

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Expats rank S'pore top in Asia to live in

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Khaw: Cycling can be 'viable transport option' for S'pore

Cyclists cycling past National Development Minister Khaw Boon Wan (in blue).

Singapore can make cycling not just recreational but a "viable transport option" for short trips, said National Development Minister Khaw Boon Wan yesterday.

In a blog post titled "4 Wheels Good, 2 Wheels and 2 Feet Even Better", Mr Khaw wrote that cities are increasingly finding it important to make themselves friendly to pedestrians and cyclists.

Here, short cycling trips to the supermarket, coffee shop, hawker centre or the nearest MRT station must be made safe and pleasant, he said.

Singapore's planning has always embraced "active mobility" - where people walk and cycle - as seen in schemes like the Park Connector Network.

Mr Khaw added that Singapore is "quite walkable", with good pavements along most roads, pedestrian priority at traffic junctions and sheltered walkways.

But it lags "way behind" cities like Amsterdam and Copenhagen, where cycling and walking make up more than half of the modes of transport.

Cycling makes up just 1 to 2 per cent of transport modes here.


Mr Khaw highlighted the National Cycling Plan, which aims to have a 700km cycling network in place by 2030.

"Next year, we will have developed 100km of intra-town cycling paths in Yishun, Punggol and Bedok," he wrote.

"Eventually, all 26 HDB towns will have similar networks to connect homes to neighbourhood centres and MRT stations."

Singapore is also exploring bike sharing schemes and increasing safe cycling education programmes, such as the Safe Cycling Programme for Youth for secondary school students.