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Lawyer's murdered wife was alive when fire broke out in husband’s office

Man on trial for murder of his lawyer's wife

FUNERAL: The victim, Madam Low Foong Meng, was married to lawyer Rengarajoo Rengasamy Balasamy.

She suffered injures including five superficial fractures on her skull, three wounds that could have been inflicted by a sharp cutting instrument, and bruising to her left temporal muscle — the area near her left ear and temple.

On the second day of her alleged killer’s murder trial yesterday, the court also heard that Madam Low Foong Meng, 56, was still alive when a fire broke out in her husband’s office at the sixth storey of Afro-Asia Building at Robinson Road on Aug 10, 2011.

Before the fire broke out, Govindasamy Nallaiah, now 70, who is accused of the murder, had gone to the law firm B Rengarajoo & Associates that morning to negotiate with Madam Low over some legal fees which he owed.

He became angry when both parties could not reach an agreement.

Govindasamy allegedly took out a bicycle chain and padlock from his haversack and hit her several times on the head until she fell onto the ground.

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About the case

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Boycott companies causing haze, says watchdog

Watchdog urges consumers to send strong signal

The haze in Singapore in early October, 2015.

International consumer watchdog Consumers International (CI) said it is deeply concerned with the "havoc created in the region by irresponsible burning of forests" and urged the public to stop buying products from companies involved in the haze.

CI added that unlike in Singapore, companies in Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand are not declaring their source of procurement of sustainable wood, paper and/or pulp.

"With lack of information about which companies' activities are contributing to the haze, CI urges consumers to patronise products that carry internationally recognised green label or other independently verified labels that support sustainable production that does not cause harm to the well-being of consumers," it said in a statement yesterday.

"CI believes consumers should send a signal to errant companies through their purchasing power and refuse to support companies contributing to this environmental disaster."

The global body also appealed specifically to the governments of Indonesia and Malaysia to adopt a similar approach to that of the Government of Singapore and "initiate legal proceedings against companies responsible for the fires in Sumatra and Kalimantan".


CI insisted that Asean, which has set up a steering committee on haze pollution, works towards solving transboundary air pollution issues through positive actions for the sake of health and environment.

The National Environment Agency said yesterday that hazy conditions are expected to persist, with the 24-hour Pollutant Standards Index forecast to be in low- to mid-sections of the unhealthy range (PSI of 101-200) for the next 24 hours.

If denser haze is blown in, it may even enter the high end of the unhealthy range.

COE prices mostly up in latest bidding

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Student jailed for upskirt photos

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BY THE numbers

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Otters spotted 

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Man nabbed for cheating the elderly

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'I'm here to pray for a fallen man'

QUEUE: The line of people outside the State Courts at 5.30am waiting for the security officer to start handing out passes at 7.15am.
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