One FM food fight

What makes ONE FM DJs go 'mmm'? They slug it out with their favourite culinary discoveries of the week


Shan Wee

The Escape Plan with Shan and Cheryl

Weekdays 4pm to 8pm

"A formidable presentation, in case you forget where your Lobster Roll ($28) comes from."

The Benjamins

583, Orchard Road, #01-20, Forum Shopping Centre

Melody Chen

No Repeat Workday

Weekdays 1pm to 4pm

"This Kueh Salaat with pandan-infused coconut milk custard on top of a layer of sticky rice is perfect as a birthday or party cake ($5 a slice or $60 for 1kg)."

Chalk Farm

80, Marine Parade Road, #B1-83M, Parkway Parade

Cheryl Miles

The Escape Plan with Shan and Cheryl

Weekdays 4pm to 8pm

"Tulang (bone marrow) lovers would be in heaven with this succulent Sanchoku Wagyu Short Ribs ($36)."

UsQuBa - Grill & Whisky Bar

1, Fullerton Road, #02-03, One Fullerton

Shaun Tupaz

ONE FM's #1 Breakfast Show

Weekdays 6am to 10am

"The quesadilla ($12.90) is a cheesy chicken delight. The drinks are cheap and good, too."

The Ranch Cafe

71, Lorong 27 Geylang

The Flying Dutchman

ONE FM's #1 Breakfast Show

Weekdays 6am to 10am

"Bibimbap is like comfort food for me, so to find one that excites me is really special. The colours alone make you want to feast and you won't be disappointed, especially at $15 a pop."

Xing Xing Korean Restaurant

28, Tanjong Pagar Road

Jill Lim

No Repeat Workday

Weekdays 10am to 1pm

"Surely there's more that goes into this than just scallops sautéed in butter and garlic ($20). Eating tip: Chew slowly and savour, because once it's gone, it's gone."

Pasta Brava

11, Craig Road

Elliott Danker

ONE FM's #1 Breakfast Show

Weekdays 6am to 10am

"I had the Corned Beef Scotch Egg ($17.50) along with petit pois, arugula salad, guacamole, spicy tomato relish and toast. Corned beef with batter and an egg inside. How can you resist this?"

Curious Palette

64, Prinsep Street

Treats to check out the World Food Fair

Highlights of The World Food Fair at S'pore Expo Hall 6

The World Food Fair is now on at S'pore Expo Hall 6. Entry to the event is free and you'll be able to buy or sample 1,000 varieties. 

Here are some highlights...


Xiang Ye Nyonya Dumpling's salted egg yolk ($2.20 usually, $2 at the fair) is a throwback to the days when bak zhangs (Hokkien for glutinous rice dumplings) were unapologetically fatty.

There's the egg yolk and the usual ingredients, but what makes this special is the cube of pork lard mixed in, adding smoothness and aroma to the dumpling.

And, of course, the memories of my childhood bingeing come flooding back.


Kung Fu JB Pau's Half Bolah ($3.50, $3 at the fair) is a lot of goodness packed into half a pao skin: Prawns, egg, salted egg yolk and lup cheong (or Chinese sausage) on top of a base made out of sliced pork.Eating it could get messy, but that's half the fun.


You would never imagine that microwaved satay can be tasty, but the ones from BBQ House seem that way.

Launched in May, this pack of 10 pieces of chicken satay ($4.50, three packs for $10 at the fair) is easy to prepare. You just pop these into the microwave oven and minutes later, they are ready to eat.

The meat is not tough and retains its juiciness, and the peanut sauce has texture and an underlying sweetness that goes well with the meat.


These are Fa Fa biscuits ($1.40) from Yah Weh Delicacy (or popularly known as Da Shao Yeh). Its crispy golden casing is tasty, but it's a mix of savoury and sweet inside.

Made with malt sugar, and either yellow bean, lotus or a combination of red and green beans, it's best savoured with a cup of kopi.


Some will argue that black pepper crab is the defining Singapore dish, combining our love for the crustacean and spice.

It's also the signature dish at House Of Seafood (HOS). It's so popular that over any weekend, HOS sells more than 100kg each day.

Crab dishes at HOS go for $60 per kg, or $28 a crab. But when you get it during the World Food Fair, it's at $23.80 each.


Katoshka's double fried russets were the social media darlings at the recent Ramadhan Fair at Geylang Serai.

The potatoes are sourced from the US, then cut and fried (and fried again) on site. Then you pick a sauce - salted egg yolk, cheese, barbecue or ranch - that is poured over it. It's a cup of comfort at $5.90.

Not surprisingly, the salted egg yolk sauce is the biggest hit, and you'll be able to buy it at the fair.

Katoshka is also offering home-brewed peach or blueberry teas and flavoured soda drinks.


If you like truffles, pau maker Kong Guan will be introducing its gourmet range of dumplings at the World Food Fair.

The highlight is the truffle mushroom dumplings. This version is subtle in fragrance and suitable for vegetarians.

If you find the aroma of truffle overwhelming, this might be a good introduction for you.

The pack of six pau will be sold at $6.50 when it hits the market, but at the World Food Fair, you pay $11 for two packs.


The Shepherd's Pie - the expert of the mashed potatoes-and-minced meat dish - is selling their popular Chicken Shepherd's Pie (usually $7) at a great price: Two for $10.

And if you buy six, you'll get a limited edition cooler bag so you can lug your purchases home.

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This week in... 2001

STILL GOT IT: Usher at the Hands Of Stone premiere after-party in New York City.
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Top five music acts of the upcoming F1 Grand Prix

M picks the top five music acts to thrill non-race fans at next week's S'pore GP

Even if you are not a fan of the high-octane track action at next week's Formula 1 Singapore Airlines Singapore Grand Prix, the three-day entertainment line-up looks captivating enough to draw non-racing enthusiasts.

There's something for retro fans (disco funk legends KC and the Sunshine Band), hipsters (British alt-rockers Bastille) and anyone who is into local music (Gentle Bones, Charlie Lim & The Mothership, Take Two).

But who are we kidding? Most of the crowd will be there for these five acts. M looks at why they are so hot...


Sept 17, 10.30pm, Zone 4 Padang Stage

What to expect: When Britain's iconic rock outfit joins forces with the most flamboyant singer in American Idol history, expect an energetic live set with massive singalongs of classic tunes like I Want To Break Free, Bohemian Rhapsody and We Are The Champions.

Ever since Lambert started touring officially with Queen in 2014, they have played to huge crowds at Georgi Asparuhov Stadium in Bulgaria (29,000 people) and the Rock in Rio Lisbon festival in Portugal (74,000 people).

Who their target audience is: Classic rock lovers, impersonators and cosplayers of Queen's late frontman Freddie Mercury, American Idol fans.

Why they're hot: The best part about the Queen-Lambert collaboration is how the 34-year-old US singerhas breathed new life into the group's catalogue of old songs, making them sound refreshing again. One thing's for sure, Lambert is far from being a mere Mercury imitator.


Sept 18, 10.30pm, Zone 4 Padang Stage

What to expect: Las Vegas quartet Imagine Dragons are not labelled "arena rockers" for nothing. Almost all their tracks like Shots, It's Time, I Bet My Life, Demons and Radioactive are delivered in their trademark anthemic, stadium-rock style - perfect for epic singalongs.

Who their target audience is: Yuppies, and mainstream radio listeners who enjoy a little edge, but not too much.

Why they're hot: There's no denying that frontman Dan Reynolds has one of the most powerful voices in rock music. The 29-year-old, who has openly spoken about his battle with depression, sings with raw, guttural emotion.


Sept 16, 11.15pm, Zone 4 Padang Stage

What to expect: The ageless 48-year-old diva is Australia's most beloved pop queen and one of the world's sexiest women. Her concerts are typically slick, sexed-up affairs, full of camp, kitsch and theatrics. Definitely on the agenda: sequined costumes and provocative dance moves.

Who her target audience is: Those born in the 80s, Zouk's Mambo Jambo regulars, fans of Aussie soap Neighbours, and the LGBT community.

Why she's hot: Minogue's pop-dance tracks have a timeless quality, whether it's her earlier material like Locomotion and I Should Be So Lucky, or later hits like Spinning Around, On A Night Like This and Can't Get You Out Of My Head.


Sept 18, 6.40pm, Zone 4 Padang Stage

What to expect: The 21-year-old US singer-songwriter speaks to all rebellious misfits out there with her cool, nonchalant image and dark, brooding tunes such as New Americana, Castle and Colors. At their core, Halsey's songs deal with the constant questioning of one's identity.

Who her target audience is: Emo teens, young goths, hipsters in skinny jeans.

Why she's hot: Halsey is fantastic when it comes to duets. She has sung with Justin Bieber and Brendon Urie of Panic! At The Disco. Last month, she lit up the MTV Video Music Awards stage with DJ duo The Chainsmokers, delivering a sensual performance of Closer, thanks to her sizzling chemistry with them.


Sept 17, 8pm, Zone 4 Esplanade Outdoor Theatre, and Sept 18, 6.40pm, Zone 1 Village Stage

What to expect: The Grammy-winning Texan a cappella quintet made a name for themselves with impressive covers of Royals (Lorde), Happy (Pharrell Williams) and Radioactive (Imagine Dragons). They're great with Christmas carols too, but we don't know if it's too early for them to break out into Winter Wonderland when it's only September.

Who their target audience is: Families, Pitch Perfect fans, choir and glee club members.

Why they're hot: A cappella groups producing original material were a rarity before Pentatonix came along. They broke that glass ceiling when their debut album of mostly original-penned tracks topped the Billboard charts last year.


What: Formula 1 Singapore Airlines Singapore Grand Prix

When: Sept 16 to 18

Where: Marina Bay Street Circuit

Tickets: Available from

Sting, where is thy sting?

Sting has just released his first single from his new album. Does it in fact rock?

SO LONELY: Sting is on his own for his upcoming album 57th & 9th.

So Sting has a new song called I Can't Stop Thinking About You.

It's the first single from the 64-year-old English singer's upcoming album 57th & 9th, which drops on Nov 11.

Unlike most of the stuff he's written over the past 30 years, it actually has a pulse, like his old rock songs with The Police.

Of course, it's not nearly as good.

I Can't Stop Thinking About You sounds like The Police if you stripped away everything that made The Police exciting and interesting.

Guitarist Andy Summers' shimmering, otherworldly guitar riffs have been tossed aside in favour of generic strumming.

Drummer Stewart Copeland's thunderous yet dexterous reggae-influenced rhythms have been replaced by a conventional 4/4 beat.

The lyrics are lacking in the sense of darkness, decadence and danger that made hits such as Roxanne, Don't Stand So Close To Me and King Of Pain so juicy.

As for the bassline, where is the bassline?

Sting is my favourite bassist in the world, and yet here the sexy, tiger-like growl and bounce of his early bass work sounds sadly tame.

Having said that, I can't hate on the tune too much, because at least it's not jazz.

One of the greatest betrayals in rock history occurred when Sting abandoned rock for jazz.

Over the course of five years, from 1978 to 1983, The Police created five superlative rock albums - Outlandos d'Amour, Reggatta de Blanc, Zenyatta Mondatta, Ghost In The Machine and Synchronicity - each of which I'd personally consider a classic.

In 1985, he abandoned The Police, tossing aside his legacy to release his second-rate pseudo-jazz solo album, The Dream Of The Blue Turtles.

Sting gave up being one of the world's most thrilling and innovative rock stars to become one of the world's lamest and most ineffectual jazz musicians.

It was honestly one of the saddest moments of my life.


Here's the thing: When people say rock 'n' roll is the devil's music, they're right.

It's the sound of lust and violence.

We human beings, and particularly younger human beings, need to hear that sound so that we know that we're not alone in a void.

Happy music can make us feel good for a fleeting moment, but it never connects the way more subterranean sounds do.

So Sting got rich and life got good and he decided to peddle pabulum.

Hooray for him.

It's just a shame for those of us he left behind.

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Movie Review: Sully (PG)


Like the real story it's based on, director Clint Eastwood's Sully is something of a miracle.

Starring Tom Hanks and Aaron Eckhart, the film retells how US Airways pilot Chesley Sullenberger (Sully) managed to land an Airbus A320 safely on New York's Hudson River after both engines failed, saving all 155 people on board in 2009.

The script is well played out on many levels as it intersperses thrilling scenes from the incident with sombre depictions of the aftermath as Sully is subjected to hearings that determine if he's a real hero.

Hanks' performance is stunning as always as he successfully brings out the human side of the troubled pilot.

- Annabelle Zhang

Rating: 4/5

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Movie Review: The Secret Life of Pets (PG)


What do your pets think about you?

And what do they do when you leave the house?

These are some of the questions this animated flick raises.

However, the premise is straightforward and the animation is nowhere outstanding.

The main characters, terrier Max (Louis C.K.) and mongrel Duke (Eric Stonestreet), are thinly written.

The same can be said about maniacal bunny Snowball (Kevin Hart) and pomeranian Gidget (Jenny Slate), who harbours a crush on the self-centred Max.

So how did The Secret Life Of Pets become such a huge hit when it opened in the US a few months ago?

Maybe there are simply too many pet owners who can't resist cute dogs, cats and birds.

- Joanne Soh

Rating: 2/5

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