Quick cash, fast arrest

BUSTED: A team from the Dang Wangi headquarters of the Malaysian police showing the equipment and fake currency seized from the suspects.
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No leak in MCE tunnel, says LTA

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Murder victim turned up for work with bruises

Woman found dead in Woodlands had told colleague that female flatmate beat her

MURDERED: Investigators outside the Woodlands flat where Ms Annie Ee's body was found.
"Once, I kept her back because I was teaching her something. Her ‘sister’ called the restaurant and scolded me." - A manager at Hot Tomato, the restaurant where Ms Annie Ee Yu Lian (above) had worked

She often showed up to work covered in bruises. In February, the waitress had an injury on her left ear that required stitches.

Ms Annie Ee Yu Lian, 27, was found dead in a flat on the third storey of Block 878, Woodlands Avenue 9, on Monday morning.

A married couple, who lived with Ms Ee in the flat, were later arrested in connection with the case.

The police confirmed that it was murder on Tuesday evening.

A manager at Hot Tomato restaurant at the nearby Causeway Point shopping mall said Ms Ee, who used to work there, would try to cover up her bruises with concealer or by wearing a cap.

She would evade questions about her injuries but later told a colleague that the female flatmate had beaten her.

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Choa Chu Kang murder: Mum watches in horror as son stabs his brother

Recent poly graduate arrested for allegedly stabbing older brother to death

TRAGIC: Family members at the mortuary yesterday morning.
TRAGIC: Crime scene investigators at the Windemere condominium in Choa Chu Kang where Mr Morris Ng was allegedly stabbed by his younger brother.
TRAGIC: Crime scene investigators at the Windemere condominium in Choa Chu Kang where Mr Morris Ng was allegedly stabbed by his younger brother.
FAMILY BUSINESS: The hair salon owned by Madam Gan Chai Min at Toh Yi Drive (above) where a staff member said her sons, including Mr Morris Ng, would often go to get their hair cut.
FAMILY BUSINESS: The hair salon owned by Madam Gan Chai Min at Toh Yi Drive where a staff member said her sons, including Mr Morris Ng (above), would often go to get their hair cut.
Mr Morris Ng Yao Cheng.

Neighbours would sometimes hear loud arguments in the Choa Chu Kang condominium unit.

But on Monday, things got so bad that one brother ended up dead and the other was arrested for murder.

Mr Morris Ng Yao Cheng, 26, a motion graphics designer, was pronounced dead by paramedics at 11.16pm.

His younger brother, Ng Yao Wei, 21, was arrested for his murder and taken into police custody. They have an older brother.

The police were called to the Ngs' home in the Windemere condominium at Choa Chu Kang Street 64 at about 11pm where they found Mr Morris Ng lying motionless in a bedroom.

His mother, who had watched the attack in horror, tried to staunch the bleeding on his neck but to no avail.

Ng Yao Wei, who was also hurt during the incident, was taken to hospital and is in police custody.

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She would cut sons' hair at her salon

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5 reasons people withdrew money from their CPF in 2014

Last week, the Central Provident Fund (CPF) Board released the latest figures of the monthly net amount withdrawn from CPF.

During a parliamentary debate on Monday (April 13), Manpower Minister Tan Chuan-Jin also gave some statistics on applications of early withdrawal.

We have compiled the information here.

Find out how much people withdrew from their CPF in 2014.

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WATCH: Argument over chips turns into minimart brawl

An argument over a bag of chips turned into an ugly brawl on Sunday evening in an iEcon minimart at block 75D Redhill Road.

The incident – which happened around 6pm – resulted in two men, aged 32 and 22, being taken to Alexandra Hospital with injuries to their heads and bodies.

It is believed that a 12-year-old boy wanted to pay for a bag of chips separately from other items when the 32-year-old shopkeeper shouted at him.

The boy's 22-year-old brother then came and had an argument with the shopkeeper which turned violent.

A video of the incident shows the two men clashing in the aisle of the minimart, with the sound of glass breaking on the ground around them.

The shopkeeper allegedly pinned the 22-year-old on the ground until police arrived.

Both men were arrested for affray. 




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Woman who found lost ring in Bali finds its owner through Facebook

Ms Roxy Walsh found this gold ring, which was engraved, on the ocean floor in Bali and sought to return it to its owner.

When he lost his ring in the ocean nine months ago, Mr Joe Langley probably never imagined he would ever see it again.

But thanks to a woman, Ms Roxy Walsh, who mobilised the Internet to help look for the ring's owners, Mr Langley has now been reconciled with his beloved jewellery which was a birthday gift from his wife.

Ms Walsh was snorkelling at Finn's Beach Club in Bali earlier this month when she spotted a gold ring on the ocean floor. She then picked up the ring and put it on her thumb without much thought. 

When she took a closer look at the ring, Ms Walsh saw that the ring was engraved with "Darling Joe, Happy 70th Birthday 2009, Love Jenny".

She then made a post on Facebook asking for it to be shared so that the ring would find its owners.

Ms Walsh wrote: "Sometimes, (you) hear of these things finding their way home so (it's) worth a shot. Please share/repost."



So here's a super long shot. Found this gold ring snorkeling at Finns Beach Club in Bali today. It's got some sort of...

Posted by Roxy Walsh on Tuesday, 7 April 2015


The post quickly went viral attracting more than 200,000 shares - with hundreds coming forth to provide help.



Really overwhelmed with everyone's messages (as in HUNDREDS) trying to help me find Joe and Jenny. Please post any links, info, tips on this page so I can follow them all. #findjoeandjenny

Posted by Find Joe and Jenny on Thursday, 9 April 2015


Within eight hours of Ms Walsh's post going up, she had found the ring's owner.

Mr Langley's granddaughter contacted Ms Walsh about the ring and the possibility that it might belong to her grandfather.

It paid off, because only a few hours after setting up the page on Facebook, Walsh was messaged by a woman called Jade, who believed the ring belonged to her grandfather, Joe.

It turns out that the owner of the ring just lived three hours away from Ms Walsh in Queensland, Australia.

They met and the ring, which was a gift from Mr Langley's wife, was returned to him.

Ms Walsh said: "I had messages from all over the world and in my head, I was going to deliver it in Italy or America or somewhere a bit more exotic but turns out he was just up the road."

Last Sunday, Walsh reunited Joe with his ring, 9 months after he lost it swimming at the exact same beach in Bali.

Mr Langley is more than happy that his ring has been returned to him 

He said: "I'm lucky she found the ring and I'm more lucky because the person who found it was so honest and caring and wanted to get it back.

"It's much shinier now. Roxy had it polished up for me," he added. 

Sources: Buzzfeed, ABC News


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Poll: Which players should be in Sundram's Singapore Select XI?

Who do you think should play in V. Sundramoorthy's selection to in the upcoming Barclay's Asia Trophy in July?

Singapore football legend V Sundramoorthy will be leading a Singapore Select XI during the upcoming Barclays Asia Trophy tournament to be held in July.

During the tournament, the Singapore Select XI will take on the likes of Arsenal, Everton and Stoke City at the 55,000-seater National Stadium at the Singapore Sports Hub.

Sundram, the current coach of S.League side Tampines Rovers, has not commented on who he'll be picking for the team.

But TNP's Sazali Abdul Aziz says the squad will probably be similar to the selection which faced Atletico Madrid in May 2013 and Italian champion Juventus in August 2014.

What do you think? Who should be in the Singapore Select XI?

Tell us below!



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Everybody hates Cheryl: The real reasons why that maths question is so irritating

The math question that went viral has had many people tearing their hair out - including me.

It is the question of the week.

The one that raised a number of issues. What do we expect of our students? Is the curriculum too tough? And just who is Cheryl and why does she have such a hold over young men?

By now, many of us would have seen that maths question that has gone globally viral.

Two boys, Albert and Bernard, ask Cheryl for the date of her birthday. A nice enough gesture. Maybe they want to buy her a card or a cake.

But Cheryl plays Moriarty to the boys' Sherlock and Watson and sets them a baffling conundrum.

The question, thought to have been given to a Primary 5 student, has been revealed to be a Sec 3 question from Singapore and Asean Schools Math Olympiad

Frankly, it does not matter which school year it is. To most of us, this is an Einstein level problem.

And honestly, it's just making people angry.



And these people aren't the only ones  I am mad too.

So here are some reasons as to why this mathematics question (and by extension Cheryl) is so irritating. 

1. Why did the test setters decide on this annoying scenario? Faced with someone as awkward as Cheryl, the natural reaction would be "Get your own cake, then".

ugh animated GIF

If they want to present math as a worthwhile subject, why not make the problem something that we would gladly rack our brains for? 

For example, I would be far more interested in solving a math question if the stakes were higher. 

Say if Cheryl was a criminal mastermind teasing Albert and Bernard over the code to defuse a ticking bomb. 

Something with excitement and intrigue. Not pandering to sociopaths.  


2. In the 21st century, the term "just became friends" means that they are also Facebook friends.

Albert and Bernard should know that Facebook actually notifies you when it's a "friend's" birthday. Save your brains, chaps. 

frustrated animated GIF

3. And why are Albert and Bernard so insistent on finding out Cheryl's birthday?

Everyone knows that if you have only just become friends, a simple "Happy Birthday" will do.

Go too big too soon and it can look a bit creepy.  Keep the presents for subsequent years. 

really animated GIF

4. Just how hot is Cheryl?

There's a certain level of hotness that can turn men puppy-like and controllable. These guys are willing to melt their brains just to find out her birthday, so she must be as hot as Cheryl Cole* at the very least. 

happy animated GIF

*Or Cheryl Fernandez-Versini, as she is known now. And it's highly doubtful that this is the Cheryl from the question.


5. Everybody hates Cheryl. She is so ungrateful.

Here are two men caring enough to find out her birthday – probably to buy her a present or a card – and Cheryl is making them work for it. It's almost vindictive. If you don't want to say when your birthday is, just say no. Geez. What a *****.

Below is a picture of Cheryl's soul.

angry animated GIF

6. It's also annoying that Albert and Bernard are happy to go through this mental anguish and be totally unaware that they are being Friendzoned.

And not even Inner Friendzone, near the area of possibility. We're talking beyond the outer Friendzone, as shown in the infographic below.

Imagine what you'd have to go th​rough to get Cheryl's number. 

Hacking Origins animated GIF


7. Why is no one asking me when my birthday is?

reaction animated GIF