Meet 'hottest alleged thief on the planet'

HOT? (Above) Beaudoin in a more dowdy attire.
HOT? (Above) Beaudoin in a bikini.
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From tour guide to multi-billionaire

Richest man in China says Forrest Gump is his inspiration

Success: (Above) Alibaba founder Jack Ma waiting for trading to open on the floor at the New York Stock Exchange on Friday.
Staff of the group celebrating as Alibaba stock goes live.
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Sg fan flies to Taipei with new iPhone6 as gift to her idol

GIFT: Ms Joyce Chai (left) giving the iPhone to singer Issac Dang.
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Chinese student rents out girlfriend to buy iPhone

But strictly no 'hanky-panky' according to his terms

SIGN OF THE TIMES: Mr Wei Chu holding a sign that says: “Sharing girlfriend to earn pocket money – 10 yuan (S$2) per hour, 50 yuan per day and 500 yuan per month.”
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No tricks, just treats this October

We have great prizes for readers next month. Here are three ways how you can win them

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Singapore netball shooting star almost gave up the sport

Charmaine Soh.

National netball goal shooter Charmaine Soh helped her team defend its Asian crown last Sunday.  

The 1.77m-tall 24-year-old was not always seen as the tall girl of the class. In fact at primary school, she was called shortie by her friends.  

Right now she is the darling of Singapore netball, but at onepoint she was willing to give up the sport completely.

The New Paper on Sunday catches up with the star shooter and lets her try her hand at modelling for an exclusive fashion shoot.  

Read the full report in our print edition on Sept 21.  

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Teaching English over the phone

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Their projects are changing the world

ALL IN: Miss Kathy Xu with a Lombok local.
Miss Kathy Xu.

They may not be advanced in age, but Miss Kathy Xu and Mr Pramodh Rai have big ambitions when it comes to making a positive impact on the world.

Both individuals traded in stable careers for a shot at entrepreneurship with a twist. Raking in profit isn't the main goal.

Instead, Miss Xu is working to preserve the existence of her favourite marine creature - the shark - and help exploited fishermen at the same time.

Mr Rai, who is passionate about education aims to help Indian students from lower-middle income families master the English language, so that they can have a shot at careers within international companies which set up shop in the country.

Read the full report in our print edition on Sept 21.

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Capturing life through an app

TNP reader Rex Teo (above).
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Big picture

NEIGH WAY: A police horse rears up as pro-union protesters clash with pro-independence rotesters during a demonstration in George Square in Glasgow, Scotland, on Friday.
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