Are Topshop UK's mannequins too skinny?

A photo tweeted by a shopper posing next to a mannequin in a Topshop in the UK has spurred discussion about whether the retailer's mannequins are promoting unhealthy body image.

We've heard about models criticised for being too skinny, but ... mannequins? 

That's the controversy that UK fashion brand Topshop is dealing with, after a shopper tweeted a photo of her friend next to a mannequin at one of their stores. 

University student Becky Hopper took a photo of her friend Georgia, who she says is between a UK size eight to ten, standing next to the mannequin at the Topshop store in Hull in the UK on Oct 28.

The photo shows how skinny the mannequin's legs are, compared to Hopper's friend. 

Hopper added the hashtags #poorbodyimage and #irresponsible to her tweet, which has since been retweeted almost 6,000 times. 




"I was shocked. I’d never seen one so skinny before," Hopper told The Independent. 

"First of all I think people deserve some kind of response. They should look at the mannequins because they are not the best portrayal of women's bodies.

"It is fine for us because we're relatively body confident but many teenage girls really struggle."

Topshop UK has not contacted the girls, or responded to requests for comment.


But not everyone has agreed with the girls.

Hopper said she and her friend have received abuse online for "skinny shaming", while her friend has been called "obese" by some netizens. 

Some have also come to Topshop's defence:






Sources: Twitter, The Independent

Apple CEO Tim Cook comes out as gay

Apple's chief executive Tim Cook publicly came out as gay in an article he wrote in Bloomberg Businessweek, published today (Oct 30). 

Cook, 53, joined Apple in March 1998 as senior vice president of worldwide operations.

Before he succeeded the late Steve Jobs as Apple's CEO in Aug 2011, Cook served as the tech giant's chief operating officer. 

"It’s been tough and uncomfortable at times, but it has given me the confidence to be myself, to follow my own path, and to rise above adversity and bigotry. It’s also given me the skin of a rhinoceros, which comes in handy when you’re the CEO of Apple."

Tim Cook

Cook has never previously acknowledged his sexual orientation.

“So let me be clear: I’m proud to be gay,” wrote Cook in the article.

Source: Reuters, Bloomberg Businessweek, Nike Investors

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Serial burglar targeting condo units in Bedok area arrested

The suspect was found in possession of a ski mask, a face mask, two screwdrivers, torchlight, a pair of gloves and caps
The suspect was found in possession of a ski mask, a face mask, two screwdrivers, torchlight, a pair of gloves and caps

Police have arrested a 43-year-old man who is believed to be involved in a series of break-ins at condominiums located along Bedok Reservoir Road.

Since March this year, multiple break-ins were reported at condominiums located along Bedok Reservoir Road.

In some cases, the suspect was believed to have gained access to the units by forcing open the sliding door and tampering with the kitchen windows, the police said in a press release.

In other cases, the suspect was believed to have taken advantage of unlocked doors and metal grill gates to gain entry.

Valuables such as cash, electronic gadgets, jewellery and branded handbags were stolen.

Following reports, officers from Bedok Police Division conducted extensive enquires and intensified patrols in the area.

Other items seized from him include electronic gadgets, branded bags and accessories.

Other items seized from him include electronic gadgets, branded bags and accessories. 

Their efforts paid off when they managed to establish the identity of the suspect and arrested him at vicinity of Bedok North Road on Wednesday (Oct 29).

The suspect was found in possession of a ski mask, a face mask, two screwdrivers, torchlight, a pair of gloves and caps.

Other items seized from him include electronic gadgets, branded bags and accessories. 

The suspect will be charged in court on Friday (Oct 31) for Housebreaking and Theft by Night under Section 457 of the Penal Code, Chapter 224.

The offence carries a jail term of between two to 14 years.

The police also seized electronic goods from the suspect

Police reminder to public
a) Ensure that all doors, windows and other openings are well secured with good quality grilles and close-shackled padlocks;
b) Secure all doors and windows before retiring to bed or when leaving your house unattended, even for a short while;
c) Install a burglar alarm, sensor light and/or close circuit surveillance camera to cover the access points into your premises. Ensure that they are tested periodically and in good working condition;
d) Keep large sums of cash in banks and expensive jewellery in a safe deposit box; and
e) If you are going on a vacation, you should also:
i. entrust family members or neighbours to conduct regular visits to your home while you are away;
ii. make arrangements to suspend your newspaper subscriptions as uncollected newspapers are tell-tale signs that a house is not occupied; and
iii. inform your Neighbourhood Police Centre of your absence.

Two robbers killed in Sabah shootout

Gunshots were heard near a hypermarket in Penampang Baru, Sabah.

Two armed robbers were shot dead while a woman was arrested in a shootout near a hypermarket in Penampang Baru, Sabah.

The two robbers were believed to be responsible for a spate of robberies around the state capital Kota Kinabalu and Penampang.

The incident occurred at about 4.10pm on Thursday (Oct 30), when police tried to stop the robbers from pulling off a robbery.

The Star reported that the police had tailed the men before stopping them in front of some shophouses.

Several witnesses claimed to have heard gunshots and said people were seen fleeing in all directions.

Police immediately cordoned off the area and told shophouse owners in the area to shut their premises.

Police arrived in 10 minutes

Mr Ah Choong, a witness, said: "I was in a coffee shop nearby at the time and we could hear motorcycles, some cars in the area before some police vehicles arrived within 10 minutes.

"But when a shop owner tried opening the premises he was told not to."

Police were seen telling photographers to delete photographs of the incident. 

Investigations are still ongoing. 

Source: New Straits Times Online, The Star



Billionaire couple's $12m gift to Yale stirs debate in China

SOHO China Chairman Pan Shiyi (in front) with his staff and guests at an inauguration ceremony to mark the opening of Wangjing SOHO, in Beijing, last month.
SOHO China Chairman Pan Shiyi (in front) with his staff and guests at an inauguration ceremony to mark the opening of Wangjing SOHO, in Beijing, last month.

A Chinese billionaire couple’s US$10 million (S$12 million) gift to Yale University sparked controversy among the country’s Internet users on Thursday (Oct 30).

Some have argued that the money would be better spent on schools in China.

The endowment marks the latest gift to a prestigious US university by Mr Pan Shiyi and Ms Zhang Xin, the husband-and-wife duo behind real estate giant SOHO China.

In July, the couple gave Harvard University US$15 million in the first stage of a US$100 million programme that Pan and Zhang say will fund disadvantaged Chinese students at top institutions across the globe.

The reaction online was largely negative, with some users criticising the couple for not giving the money to Chinese domestic institutions.

“They’re rushing to give money to foreigners, but what about all the poor children in China’s mountainous areas?” one user wrote on Sina Weibo, a Chinese version of Twitter.

'Entrance ticket'

“Isn’t Pan just buying an ‘entrance ticket’ for his son to attend an elite university abroad?” another user asked.

Others defended the couple.

“The same patriotic commentators who are yelling that this is ‘the people’s money’ are actually making no contribution of their own to society,” one Sina Weibo user wrote.

Mr Pan is not only one of China’s wealthiest people but also one of the country’s most-celebrated “Big V” bloggers, with more than 17 million followers on Sina Weibo, at times drawing attention from the authorities.

Source: AFP


Rio Ferdinand banned over derogatory tweet

Rio Ferdinand has over 5.9 million followers on Twitter.

Queens Park Rangers defender Rio Ferdinand has been suspended for three matches and fined £25,000 (S$51,000) for a comment he made on Twitter, the Football Association announced on Wednesday.

The 35-year-old former England captain was apparently punished for a tweet in which he referred to the mother of another Twitter user as a “sket” – a derogatory slang term for a promiscuous woman.

A Twitter user provoked the tweet that appeared to land Ferdinand in hot water by sending him a teasing message on transfer deadline day that said: “Maybe QPR will sign a good CB (centre-back) they need one.”

Ferdinand replied: “get ya mum in, plays the field well son! #sket.”

Ferdinand, who said last week that he would probably retire at the end of the season, has over 5.9 million followers on Twitter and is a prolific user of the social networking website.

Here are some of the reactions from the Twitterverse:






Source: AFP, Twitter




WATCH: Did you love Gone Girl? Here's the cat version

YouTube channel The Pet Collective has made an adorable cat-filled adaptation of dark thriller Gone Girl.

Gone Girl is a great movie. 

It was the top-grossing movie at the US box office two weeks in a row earlier this month.

Unfortunately for younger audiences, the sex, nudity and violence in the film made it unsuitable viewing for anyone below the age of 21. 

Well, good news - there's a cat version of the movie and it's "approved for adorable audiences". 

Titled Gone Purrl, this furry adaptation manages to get all the key plot points - and even that famous gummy bear scene in the movie - covered in just 2 mins 17 secs. 

Watch the video here:


Source: The Pet Collective, via The Hollywood Reporter

WATCH: 4 videos that show why we will miss Aleksandar Duric when he retires

Aleksandar Duric will finally hang up his boots at the ripe old age of 44 on Friday.
Aleksandar Duric will finally hang up his boots at the ripe old age of 44 on Friday.

The time that nobody ever thought would come is here - Aleksandar Duric's final match as a football player is upon us.

The towering evergreen striker has forged a legacy in Singapore football that few can hope to match with more than 300 S.League goals to his name.  

He will finally bring the curtain down on his glittering career when Tampines Rovers take on Brunei DPMM on Friday (Oct 31) night.

Duric's love for Singapore football was evident when he penned some of his final words as a player in a letter through ESPN FC's Kelvin Leong - and it's a love that has been reciprocated by Singapore football fans.

He will also have a fitting testimonial match in Castlewood Group Liverpool Masters - a friendly game at the Jalan Besar Stadium on Nov 15 between the Liverpool Masters and a Singapore Selection.
Duric will get to play with local legends Fandi Ahmad and V Sundramoorthy for the first time.  

While the 44-year-old has created many memories throughout his 15-year love story with Singapore, here are four videos that show why everyone loves Aleks.




Okay, so I'm cheating a little because it was scored during his pre-S.League days in Australia, but this goal is about as good as you'll get from Duric.

Whether it's a tap in, a header from a corner or a spectacular free-kick, the Yugoslav-born striker has scored goals wherever he has gone.

And which football fan on earth doesn't like a goal?




Duric's goal exploits weren't limited to just the S.League.

When he was called up to the Singapore national team as a spritely 37-year-old in 2009, Duric marked his debut with both goals against Tajikistan in a 2-0 win at the old National Stadium in Kallang.

His goals, including the above one against Causeway rivals Malaysia, and work ethic contributed to Singapore's record fourth Asean Championships title in 2012.




How many modern outfield footballers can you name that have played well into their 40s? Not many, I can imagine.

Even in his twilight years as a player, Duric still continues to play with a passion of someone half his age as he gives his all in every match.

The fans love him for that and chants like this only add to the legend.




Just watch Duric and his daughter Isabella and tell me that you don't feel warm and fuzzy inside.

Every day, we hear stories of footballers behaving badly or being outright douchebags.

Aleks? No such airs over here.

Aside from being a model pro, Duric is a down-to-earth chap who won't thumb his nose at you if you try to speak to him - and he isn't afraid to share his opinions or show his softer side either.

Top man.

J Lo says panic attack led to divorce from Marc Anthony

Actress and singer Jennifer Lopez at Variety's Power of Women luncheon in Los Angeles in Oct 2014. In a new tell-all, Lopez reveals the reason behind her divorce from singer Marc Anthony.

Her upcoming book may be called True Love, but in it, Jennifer Lopez delves deep into the pain of heartbreak. 

The 45-year-old singer-actress says it was a panic attack she had while preparing for a photoshoot that led her to the realisation that she needed to end her marriage to singer Marc Anthony, 46. 

The couple split in 2011. 

In an excerpt published on People, Lopez is quoted saying in the book: "As I sat there getting made up, my heart was beating out of my chest and I felt like I couldn't breathe... I became consumed with anxiety.

"In a blur of fear and panic, I looked at Benny (Lopez's manager) and my mother and blurted out the words, 'I don't think I can be with Marc anymore.' Then I burst into tears."

The couple married in 2004, and have two children, twins Max and Emme. 

"Anybody looking from the outside in would have thought my life was great. I had a husband and two beautiful children. I was on American Idol and my new single On The Floor had gone to number one all over the world. What people didn't know was that life really wasn't that good. My relationship was falling apart and I was terrified."

Jennifer Lopez 

The couple's divorce was finalised earlier this year. 

True Love is due out in November. 

Sources: Mail Online, People