Chelsea sign Ghanaian defender Rahman

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Mourinho tries to mask Chelsea's mess by whining

Chelsea boss' dull whining can't mask mess on and off the pitch

If you want to tell people the truth, make them laugh. Otherwise they’ll kill you.

Oscar Wilde said that, but Jose Mourinho long ago adapted the sentiment, writes Neil Humphreys.

The Chelsea manager preferred the big lie. If you want to lie to people, make them laugh. Otherwise, they’ll sack you.

And he got away with it. With the twinkling eyes and impudent grin, the handsome, erudite man dropped quirky quotes to slavish scribblers.

The barefaced lies were backed up with one-liners. The ranting was usually watered down with a little wit. A sense of humour so often saved Mourinho.

At times, he got away with murder.

Now, he’s boring. His tantrums are tedious and his audience is less forgiving. If he continues to sound like a broken record, his commitment to Chelsea will be questioned.

After Sunday’s humiliating 3-0 loss at Manchester City, he taunted his opposite number by calling it a “fake result”. But Manuel Pellegrini had the last laugh.

In defeat, Mourinho lost his dignity once more. His silly lies and rewriting of recent history can no longer be swallowed when the truth is so unpalatable.

Mourinho’s Blues are in a bit of a mess. On the pitch and in the press conference, common sense is proving hard to come by. 

Their manager can shout and stomp his feet like a petulant child demanding a lollipop, but he can’t silence his critics. The manner of this loss rankles.

Read the full report in our print edition on Aug 18. 

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Witness on bomb carnage: It was like a meat market

Singaporeans among injured in Bangkok blast

AFTERMATH: (Above) Rescue workers help the wounded after a bomb exploded. The Erawan Shrine near where the bomb went off.
AFTERMATH: (Above) Rescue workers help the wounded after a bomb exploded. The Erawan Shrine near where the bomb went off.
AFTERMATH: Rescue workers help the wounded after a bomb exploded. (Above) The Erawan Shrine near where the bomb went off.
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Bangkok shrine hit by bomb blast is popular spot with S'poreans

Experts investigate at the Erawan shrine, the site of a deadly blast in central Bangkok August 17, 2015.

A photo of the aftermath of the blast at Erawan Shrine that a friend sent via WhatsApp made me shudder.

It was a half-blown body in front of a table that I am so familiar with.

The very spot where the body lay is where I would stand inside the Shrine once a year, to make payment for a thanksgiving performance by Thai dancers.

Next to the table is a spot where I would kneel, as the troupe of performers sing in Thai, calling out the names of my family members, and dance as I offer prayers to the Four-Faced Buddha.

It is not just a tourist spot for me. There are times when I visit more than once a year.

That is how significant the shrine is to me, and hundreds of Singaporeans.

I dare say, it is probably the one place you would find more Singaporeans at any one time than others.

There have been many occasions when I have bumped into familiar faces - friends, and even local celebrities there.

The shrine is on a busy corner near top hotels, shopping centres and offices. Many ordinary Thais also worship there.

As the news began to filter out, friends started sharing messages of disbelief.

Shocked, worried and upset.

Ms Candy Soh, 34, a real estate agent, said: "The first thought that crossed my mind was - was the shrine damaged? And were there any casualties?"

She offers prayers there twice a year.

"Erawan Shrine shows me the light when I'm down, and gives me hope when I'm asking for directions," she said.

Singaporean Gilaxs Goh, 51, who runs a travel agency here and another in Bangkok, said: "The first call I got was from a Thai police officer contact (of mine) who was worried that I was in Bangkok."

Five Singaporeans, who had booked a trip through his agency, had just arrived in Bangkok.

"I contacted them and advised that they remain in the hotel area for now," said the owner of Value Tour, who is in Singapore.

He added: "Things had started to settle down in the past year and now this. Of course I am very upset."

The shrine, he said, is one of the must-go to places for Singaporeans.

Mr Goh hopes the blast will not deter Singaporeans from travelling to the Thai capital.

"I pray that peace will return soon," he said.

M'sia hopes to curb Internet content over rumours

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Ex-DPM Muhyiddin: I'm not trying to topple government

DENIAL: Malaysian politicians Muhyiddin Yassin (above) and Razaleigh Hamzah have denied that they want to overthrow the government.
DENIAL: Malaysian politicians Muhyiddin Yassin and Razaleigh Hamzah (above)have denied that they want to overthrow the government.
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You know nothing about Sultan, PM

Johor prince chides Umno supreme council member:

SNUBBED? Malaysia Prime Minister Najib Razak (in red and white shirt) and his wife Rosmah Mansor (in pink) are seen walking past Johor Sultan Ibrahim Sultan Iskandar (seated, in grey shirt) and his son Tunku Ismail Sultan Ibrahim (seated, in blue shirt) on National Day here.
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Polys, ITE score on skills

22 local competitors fielded at international vocational skills competition

TEAM SINGAPORE: Education Minister Heng Swee Keat meets the team that represented Singapore at the WorldSkills contest held in Sao Paulo, Brazil.
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Oscar-winner's relative killed in 'exorcism'

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