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Win Star Wars: The Force Awakens movie premiums and IMAX tickets

The biggest movie event of the year is finally here!

Star Wars: The Force Awakens continues the space saga that ended in Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi.

Featuring newcomers such as Daisy Ridley and John Boyega, and co-starring the veterans like Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher, Star Wars: The Force Awakens kicks start a new era that will surely be a delight to all Star Wars fans.

We have five sets of Star Wars: The Force Awakens movie hampers (worth $260 each​) to give away, courtesy of Walt Disney Studios.

Each set includes a cap, a long sleeve polo shirt, a colour-changing mug, and a star projector.

In addition, we are giving away a pair of IMAX passes, courtesy of Shaw Theatres IMAX​.

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Win UNIQLO X Star Wars UTs

As part of UNIQLO’s MAGIC FOR ALL collaboration with Disney, UNIQLO has launched its exclusive Star Wars UT collection in stores and online (www.uniqlo.com/sg) for Men’s and Kids'.

Whether you stand with the Dark or Light side of the force, you will be spoilt for choice by the extensive range of 26 designs in the collection.

Complementing the UTs are accessories such as room slippers and umbrellas, as well as pullover hoodies that will keep you warm as you catch Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens in the cinemas. The collection also features matching T-shirt designs that straddle both categories, allowing fathers to dress up their young padawans.

UTs in the collection will retail at $14.90 for Kids' (available at selected stores) and $19.90 for Men's (available at all stores).

Pullover hoodies (available at selected stores and online) will retail at $39.90 each. 

We have five adult Star Wars UTs (size M) to give away, courtesy of UNIQLO.

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No let-up from Messi, even in training

Is there anything Lionel Messi can’t do?

When it comes to ball skills, the answer is an obvious "very little".

The Argentinian’s talents during matches are amazing enough, so you can only imagine what he does in the more relaxed environment of the training pitch.

The latest instalment of the Messi magic catalogue shows him casually striking the ball into a pint-sized goal from a full 50 metres.

An almost absent-minded lob and it still stikes the target.

And it's all to the sound of fans cheering and his teammates’ amazement.

Watch it below.

Source: Mirror Online

Lineker vows to appear on TV in his undies if Leicester win EPL

Fancy seeing Gary Lineker in his underwear, and on television to boot?

Well, women in the UK may get their wish, provided Leicester City carry out their end of the bargain by winning the English Premier League title.

The BBC Match of the Day (MOTD) presenter and former England and Tottenham striker made the announcement on Tweeter on Tuesday morning (Singapore time), soon after Leicester had beaten defending champions Chelsea 2-1.

Lineker promised that he will wear only his underpants while presenting  the MOTD season-opener next year should the Foxes win the league crown.



Underdogs Leicester are two points clear of Arsenal atop the league standings after notching their 10th win in 16 matches.

Lineker’s wife, Danielle Bux, was quick to join in the fun too, trolling him in a tweet that said she hopes “they’re clean”, in reference to what happened to the England striker at the 1990 World Cup.

Linker revealed in a 2010 interview that during a match during the 1990 World Cup in Italy, he suffered a dodgy stomach and ended up, well, let's just say he needed to change his shorts at halftime.

There are a number of videos that show him trying to deal with the situation. He hid it well, because aside from those on the pitch, nobody had a clue that such a thing had happened.

Source: The Sport Bible , 101 Great Goals


Stunning goal by Kluivert in charity match. A Holland call-up next?

Patrick Kluivert at a Unicef Charity Match at Old Trafford, Manchester Nov 14 2015

He’s already 39,  but the goal-scoring instinct has never left him.

Former Barcelona striker Patrick Kluivert showed just what magic he still packs in those boots during a charity game between Barca Legends and Uganda All Stars at the weekend, thumping in a stupendous goal from about 35 metres out.

Spotting the goalkeeper out of position, the ex-Holland international unleashed a powerful, dipping shot with the outside of his right boot to stun the crowd and players alike.

Kluivert, who hung up his boots about seven years ago, won league championships with Ajax Amsterdam, PSV Eindhoven and Barcelona during his career.

He was Holland’s all-time leading goal-scorer with 40 goals until Robin van Persie overtook him in 2013.

Source: Metro

Ride the train with C-3PO, Kylo Ren and the Stormtroopers

SMRT unveiled Singapore's Intergalatic Star Wars Concept trains and buses on Dec 15.

Your journey to a galaxy far, far away begins right here.

Singapore Mass Rapid Transit (SMRT) unveiled Singapore’s first Star Wars concept trains and buses on Tuesday (Dec 15).

It is a collaboration between SMRT, Disney and Lucasfilm to tie in with the new movie Star Wars: The Force Awakens, which opens here on Thursday Dec 17.

For the next two weeks, commuters can board two of such trains along the North-South and East-West lines as well as two buses operating route 190.

Kylo Ren on the MRT TNP


The carriages are decked out with decals of famous Star Wars characters such as C-3PO, R2-D2, BB-8, Kylo Ren and the Stormtroopers.

Commuters can also drop by the SMRT pop-up store, Pop In, at Raffles Xchange.

There they can buy for limited edition Star Wars merchandise which is only available until the end of December.


The merchandise available includes character lanyards exclusive to SMRT's retail network, including Kallang Wave Mall, iMOBShop.sg and Pop In.

The platform at Raffles Place MRT has been affected by the Dark and Light sides of the Force.


Mark Hamill: 'Star Wars was perfect for its time when we were all cynical'

Star Wars actor Mark Hamill reminisces about the movie that turned him into a global star

Actor Mark Hamill attends the World Premiere of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, in Hollywood, California, on December 14, 2015.

Mark Hamill's involvement in Star Wars: The Force Awakens has been shrouded in mystery.

Not only is his character Luke Skywalker — the lead in the original Star Wars trilogy — notably absent from all of the film's posters, Hamill has not participated in any of the press tours.

The 64-year-old actor finally surfaced at the recent premiere of Star Wars: The Force Awakens to much fanfare and delight of Star Wars fans.

Here, he talks about reprising the role that made him a global icon and how director J.J. Abrams has rejuvenated the space saga. 

Tell us about the table read and what the new generation brings.

I couldn’t really absorb it the way I wanted to, and yet I could envision all these characters. I met them at dinner a couple nights before and they all seemed very nice. 

Andy Serkis was the only one I really knew of the new cast. (other new faces include Daisy Ridley, John Boyega, Adam Driver and Oscar Isaac).

NEW LEADS: Daisy Ridley (L) and John Boyega headline Star Wars: The Force Awakens. PHOTO: WALT DISNEY STUDIO

But to see them bring these characters to life at the table read was a revelation. They’re all so right, and they’re all so new to me. I think they just couldn’t be better.

I should be asking them for advice because they are so much better than I could have imagined; each one in their own way.

REUNION: Harrison Ford and Mark Hamill played Han Solo and Luke Skywalker respectively in the original Star Wars trilogy.  PHOTO: REUTERS

Did J.J. Abrams talk to you about his vision?

We talked about our view of what we liked about the films because I always thought the original trilogy clearly reflects a love for movies. 

We talked about the snappy repartee and great humor. It seemed to combine so many elements of things that were instantly recognisable but put together in a new way. 

Everything old is new again. So, rather than sitting down and laying out his vision for the film, we started talking about, not just the Star Wars film, but movies in general.

I just hit it off with J.J. instantly. He’s easy to talk to, fun to be around.

Is J.J. Abrams the perfect choice to re-ignite this franchise?

Like any good Disney animated film, these films appeal to the child in anyone. It doesn't matter what your chronological age is, it appeals to the child in you, whatever age you are. 

And J.J. is the perfect example of someone who understands that and knows how to reinterpret it in the way he wants to.

We’re so lucky that they picked him. He’s a kid in so many ways. He’s not just a brilliant filmmaker and writer but also someone who can instantly relate to the material at hand.

I'm sure if you ask him, I would imagine that the original films were part of the reason he wanted to become a director and a writer.

Star Wars: Episode IV, A New Hope starring (from left) Mark Hamill as Luke Skywalker, Carrie Fisher as Princess Leia and Harrison Ford as Han Solo. PHOTO: LUCASFILM

Do you think that they’ve made the world modern in a relatable sense?

It’s such a recognisable world. It’s a seamless recreation of that world that George (Lucas) recreated, and yet with all new situations and characters. 

Many of these young people know so much more about these pictures than I do, because I have not seen them recently. I wasn’t one of those people who wanted to sit down and watch himself. 

They’re honouring what has existed before, but coming up with new characters and new obstacles. New conflicts. And, like I say, the emphasis is very much on relatable characters, and that’s what I think is so smart about all of this. Now that they can create anything they want visually, what lasts in the end are people and characters that you care about.

Many audiences will have never seen the original film. What do you want them to take away?

I always thought there was a great undercurrent of optimism in these films. There’s a lack of cynicism there.

They reinforce what all great fables and fairytales tell you. Perseverance and purity of heart will help you succeed.

I hope they’re uplifting. I hope they have the humour they had. I hope they don’t take themselves too seriously.

I’ve got my fingers crossed that for a six-year-old who’s never seen them, that it’ll be great fun; scary but not too scary.

I hope it gives them a sense of adventure and the feeling that if they work really hard and give it their all, they can succeed as well. That’s what it’s all about.

One of the things that I thought was spectacular about the first trilogy was that Luke was nobody special, just a farm boy. He was somebody who wanted to do well, found the right teacher, followed the teachings, and was able to save the galaxy. 

It’s exaggerated, and fanciful, but you felt it was an uplifting experience. It was perfect for its time when we were cynical people. It’s amazing that not much has changed in the real world. This is a chance to escape from all that and at the same time, learn a few life lessons.

Another cat killed in Yishun

Mr Louis Ng, Adviser to Nee Soon East grassroots organisations will be organising a media briefing on the measures taken regarding the recent cat death reports in Yishun.

On Dec 4, The New Paper reported on the spate of cat abuse in Yishun.

It had led some to believe that there was a suspected cat killer in the area.

Today (Dec 15, adviser to Nee Soon East grassroots organisations, Louis Ng, told a media briefing on Tuesday (Dec 15) another cat was killed recently.

He said this latest incident happened last Saturday (Dec 12) at Block 115B Yishun Ring Road.

The cat was found at the carpark with trauma to its head and it was bleeding extensively. 

This brings the total number of cat abuse cases to 17, from Sep 24 to Dec 12 this year. 

Of those, 16 of the cats have died and only one survived. 

Mr Ng said investigations in all the deaths have so far been inconclusive and no suspects have been identified yet due to insufficient evidence.

However, he said that additional high-resolution closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras have been installed in the Nee Soon GRC area. 

Read the full report in our print edition on Dec 16. 
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Some hoverboards are literally the hottest thing this holiday season

Hoverboards are hot items this holiday season. But why are some of them catching fire?

Justin Bieber has one. So does Manchester United's Memphis Depay.

Even football legend Ronaldinho is getting in on the act.

He came to Singapore on Dec 10 to launch his gold hoverboard.

Ronaldinho signed  a partnership with Tampines Rovers FC and International Football Group to launch his brand of hoverboard. TNP PHOTO: JEREMY LONG

So why are hoverboards so popular? It is the closest thing we currently have to Marty McFly's hoverboard in Back to the Future Part II.

Unfortunately, some of them have been in the news for "being too hot".

The London Fire Brigade issued a safety warning in October after two incidents in which hoverboards caught fire while being charged.

A family in Kent, England, suffered £25,000 (S$42,000) worth of damage to their house after their hoverboard exploded while being charged in the kitchen

First reported by Best Reviews, Amazon quietly took down the listings for all the hoverboards from their website.

They are asking manufactures to provide proof that their products meet safety standards, reported The Verge.

Later, Best Reviews once again revealed that some hoverboard models like the Swagway were back on Amazon's listing.

After the report, Mashable took apart a hoverboard sold by Swagway to show what it is inside.

The, writer Lance Ulanof was impressed by how well the hoverboard was made.

The batteries were from Samsung and they were very thorough in its construction.

Watch the YouTube video below to see the whole teardown.



But why are they catching fire?

Mr Jay Whitacre, a professor of materials science and engineering at Carnegie Mellon University, told Wired magazine that the hoverboards themselves weren't a problem.

The problem lies with the cheap lithium-ion batteries that power these devices.

“There are a lot of factories in China that now make lithium ion batteries. The reality is that the quality and consistency of these batteries is typically not as good as what is found in top tier producers such as LG or Samsung,” Wired quoted him as saying.

Agrees Profesessor  Rachid Yazami, from the Energy Research Institute at Nanyang Technological University.

Profesessor Yazami, one of the three people credited with inventing modern day lithium-ion battery, said that the risk of fire is higher in Hoverboards as they use of a large number of battery cells to power the board.

He said: "Usually, there are many signs that can be observed before a battery pack catches fire, for example excessive heating and smoke. This allows the user to escape on time."

He said that the hoverboards may have caught fire because:

• The battery pack had a product defect.

• There was a malfunction in the battery management system (BMS). The BMS controls the charging of the battery pack.

• Charging the pack below the freezing temperature of water

• Human error in assembling the battery pack

• Using the device in extreme conditions such as wet conditions or over an uneven path which causes high vibrations.

In Singapore, these scooters are becoming a hot ticket item.

Falcon PEV, a company selling electric scooters, have already sold more than 200 hoverboards since this September.

Online marketplace Lazada has already sold 30 hoverboards in just two months.

So what can consumers do?

Associate Professor Srinivasan Madhavi, from NTU's School of Materials Science & Engineering, said consumers should be wary of buying products that use lithium ion batteries which do not have proper safety certification.

"Consumers should exert care in terms of charging them in the proper recommended way and also avoid any accidental physical damages or overheating occurring in the product and/or the battery," she added.

Source: Wired, Twitter, Mirror, The Verge