Liverpool to begin Anfield expansion work

Anfield, the home stadium of Liverpool, is finally getting bigger.

 Liverpool confirmed on Thursday that work to expand the Main Stand at their Anfield home will begin next year and be completed during the 2016-17 season.

The club will add 8,500 seats to the stand at a reported cost of £100 million (S$100 million), taking its capacity to over 20,000 and raising the overall capacity of the stadium from 45,276 to around 54,000.

The five-time European champions will continue to play their matches at Anfield – the club’s home since 1892 – while the work is carried out.

Important milestone

“Today is an important milestone in the history of Liverpool Football Club,” chief executive officer Ian Ayre said in a statement.

“Since we embarked upon this journey we have always said that we need certainty; we now have that certainty and will progress with the expansion of the Main Stand.”

Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard, who has spent his entire career with the Reds, is thankful Anfield will remain his club’s home for the long-term.

“It’s very exciting news that we have finally got around to extending Anfield. For me, it was all about staying at Anfield.” - Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard


As much as I like new stadiums, I’m more traditional and I like the old stadiums like the Camp Nou and places like this, where all the history and all the memories happen.

“There have been so many unbelievable nights and memories here, it would have been a shame to leave it all and for this to have become houses or apartments.

“Now that they are going to extend the stadium, it’s going to become even bigger, better and noisier. Hopefully there are many more fantastic memories to come.”

Liverpool have also secured outline planning permission to add around 4,800 seats to the stadium’s Anfield Road Stand, but no timeframe has yet been established for that element of the ground’s redevelopment.

In its current state, Anfield is dwarfed by the stadiums of some of Liverpool’s main rivals, such as Manchester United’s Old Trafford (75,731 capacity) and Arsenal’s Emirates Stadium (60,338).

As a result, whereas United generated £127 million in match-day revenue during the 2012-13 season, Liverpool’s equivalent income was £52 million, according to financial analysts Deloitte. - AFP 

WATCH: Beachgoer-surgeon gives dead shark a C-section to save its three pups

An American family performs an impromptu C-section on a pregnant dead shark to save its pups.

Wow, talk about a fruitful vacation!

An American family found a dead shark on a beach in Cape Town, South Africa. But when they looked closer, they noticed that something seemed wrong.

While they couldn't put a finger on what exactly was strange, they guessed that the shark was probably pregnant.

The beach-goer then used a knife to slice open the shark with the intention of saving its pups.

The video, uploaded by YouTuber Beth Cordell, shows the 'surgeon' was uncertain whether there were babies inside after he sliced open Mama shark.

But when something starts to move, he digs in further - only to find three baby sharks.

Family Finds Dead, Pregnant Shark On The Beach And Gives Her A C-Section

He then performs an impromptu C-section to save them before throwing the pups into the ocean.

Family Finds Dead, Pregnant Shark On The Beach And Gives Her A C-Section

The "shark surgeon" even said in the video: "I'm not sure I really want to save a shark, to be honest. My father was attacked by a shark."

Well, we're glad he did.

Source: Mail Online

Gifs: Buzzfeed

Kedah cousins, 9 and 8, knocked down on way to mosque for prayers

Abdul Ghaffar died instantly after being knocked down by a vehicle.

It's the year-end school holidays and the two cou­sins were supposed to be enjoying their break.

On Wednesday night, Abdul Ghaffar Ibrahim, nine, and Azraie Mohamad Shariff, eight, were going to the mosque in Alor Setar, Kedah, to perform prayers on when they were knocked down by a vehicle.

Newspaper The Star reported that the impact caused them to be flung a distance away. They died instantly from multiple head and body injuries.

Abdul Ghaffar’s father, Ibrahim Ahmad, held back his tears at the mortuary. 

“I last saw my son at 7am before leaving for work,” he said.

Crossed road without seeing vehicle

Azraie’s father, Mohamad Shariff Ahmad, 39, said his son - the third of five siblings - was staying at his grandmother’s house for the holidays.

Kota Setar OCPD Asst Comm Adzaman Mohd Jan said investigations showed that the cousins suddenly crossed the road without seeing the vehicle.

“The 20-year-old woman driver has lodged a police report on the accident."

Source: The Star

Say it isn't so. The most-liked Instagram photos of 2014 have Kim Kardashian, Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus in it

Of the gazillion photos on Instagram, why did you guys have to like this one.



Granted it's pretty and all, and wedding always give us a warm and fuzzy feeling, but really, no.

Because now Kim Kardashian has the honour of having the most-liked Instagram photo of the year.

The reality TV star's wedding photo, which she put up in May, has garnered a whopping 2.4 million likes on the photo-sharing site.

As if the honour of breaking the Internet with her bare bum wasn't enough.



The second most-liked photo on Instagram isn't any better.

It's of Justin Bieber and his on/off girlfriend Selena Gomez.



The photo, which was uploaded by Bieber in August, has 1.9 million likes.

On the up side, this is the most positive news about the Biebs that we've heard in some time.

And rounding off the top three list is a photo of Ariana Grande kissing Miley Cyrus at the American MTV Video Music Awards.



A photo posted by Ariana Grande (@arianagrande) on


The photo, which Grande posted in August, has 1.84 million likes.

We aren't a fan of this either, but at least Cyrus is decently clothed in this one.

The only real good news is that #love was the most most popular Instagram hashtag of the year. Awww... ain't that sweet.

Sources: The Independent, Mail Online

United bandwagon rolls on

Good news over Rooney, as confidence surges among Red Devils

READY: Wayne Rooney (left, with Ashley Young) is fit to play against Southampton.
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Huka Falls set for RDA Cup

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Ninetysix Power


Alwin Tan.
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Two friends, same story

Serena beats her close pal as Slammers end home stand on a high

TOO STRONG: Serena Williams (above) has a 10-1 win record over Caroline Wozniacki.
TOO STRONG: Serena Williams has a 10-1 win record over Caroline Wozniacki (above).
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Grand start for IPTL, two new city-stops in 2015

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Go for Elfpower in Race 2

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