Horror story based on personal experience

TRUE STORY: A scene with Melissa Faith Yeo.
TRUE STORY: Director-producer Tony Kern.
Actress-model Melissa Faith Yeo
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DJ Mike Kasem makes feature film debut

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Petite actress is no pushover

Caren Utino: People look at me and think, ‘she’s a model, everything will come for free because she’s a pretty face’, but it’s not like that.

She might be petite but do not dismiss her as a pushover.

At just 1.65m and weighing 47kg, Brazillian-Japanese model-actress Caren Utinois considered a lightweight in the cutthroat industry.

But the Los Angeles-based beauty packs a mean punch - literally - and has no problems protecting herself from hooligans.

Twice, she was attacked by robbers in her hometown in Sao Paulo in Brazil but had managed to escape largely unharmed.

"The police usually tell me that people like them wouldn't think that a small Asian woman like me would fight back," said the 34-year-old, who stars in local production Afterimages, when she was in town yesterday.

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Caught sniffing neighbour's panties

Man's fetishism lands him in court

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Tycoon to regain control of Philippine Airlines

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Report: MH17 'broke up in the air'

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ISIS sex slaves are 'like war booty'

TAKING REFUGE: Displaced Iraqi Yazidi women at the Bajid Kandala camp near the Tigris River, in Kurdistan's western Dohuk province, where they took refuge after fleeing advances by Islamic State jihadists in Iraq last month.
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How can we reframe mindsets?

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