Watch out, Anfield

Real may be without Bale, but still pack a punch

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Pool bank on Anfield advantage

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Reds cannot afford to lose against star-studded Real Madrid

POOL PROBLEMS: Steven Gerrard (centre) looks past his best, while Mario Balotelli (left) has failed to deliver the goals.

There is no room for manoeuvre now. Excuses will be no defence against the storm.

Liverpool’s season so far has been characterised by inconsistent and incoherent performances.

They have to get their act together now. Another display as poor as the one at Loftus Road on Sunday and Real Madrid will annihilate them at Anfield tomorrow morning (Singapore time).

The last time Real Madrid visited Anfield, it was very much the other way round. Rafa Benitez’s men ran riot, putting four past the Spanish giants to seal a 5-0 win.

But that was in 2009, during an extraordinary run-in that very nearly ended with a title win.

The similarities to what followed then and what has followed Liverpool’s most recent title challenge are eerie. Then, as now, Liverpool lost games freely at home and abroad from the early stages of the season.

In 2009, they crashed out of the Champions League and ended up finishing seventh. How Rodgers must hope this campaign does not go the same way.

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From hell: How Brad Pitt and co were put through the wringer on new WWII film, Fury

PREMIERE: The stars of Fury, (from left) Jon Bernthal, Logan Lerman, Brad Pitt, Shia LaBeouf and Michael Pena, celebrate the European premiere of the film at the BFI London Film Festival.
BONDED: (Above) Fury director David Ayer and star Brad Pitt.
BONDED: Michael Pena, Shia LaBeouf, David Ayer, Jon Bernthal and Logan Lerman.

Fury may involve soldiers, tanks and warfare, but director David Ayer will tell you his World War II drama isn't a war movie.

It's about family. And to make his actors - including Brad Pitt, Shia LaBeouf, Logan Lerman - bond like a family, he put them through boot camp, making them argue, taunt and fight each other.

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More videos

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Reactions to proposed bill

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More protection for victims needed

Human rights groups on 
Prevention of Human Trafficking Bill:

Mr Jolovan Wham, executive director of Humanitarian Organization for Migration Economics.
HELP: Ms Tam Peck Hoon, campaign manager for StopTraffickingSG, who also runs a women’s shelter for Humanitarian Organization for Migration Economics.
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Maritime RobotX Challenge

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Bringing 'useless' items to life

Cardboard, scrap metal turned into sculptures

CARDBOARD-SAURUS: (Above) Mr Bartholomew Ting and his 3m-tall cardboard sculpture T-rex at the Science Centre.
CARDBOARD-SAURUS: (Above) Filipino scrap metal artist Ram Mallari in his gallery in the Philippines.
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