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Hollywood actress-turned-singer Rose McGowan

Backstreet Boys' Nick Carter shows his sensitive side, Running Man's Gary impresses while Hollywood actress Rose McGowan goes creepy for her first single.



Is it just me, or is Backstreet Boys member Nick Carter getting hunkier by the day? Now 35, the US singer exudes maturity and sensitivity in the video for his new solo acoustic number I Will Wait.

Playing the part of a narrator, Carter sings and plucks his guitar as the touching story of an elderly couple unfolds. The pair share a joke, they laugh, they dance. At the end, the woman dies with her loving husband by her side. Time to bring out the tissues.



Korean TV personality Gary cuts such a hilarious figure on popular game show Running Man that most people forget how credible and talented a rapper he is.

One-half of hip-hop duo Leessang, Gary's latest solo offering is slick and cinematic, with scenes of Seoul's urban landscape shot in black and white. The plot is simple but relatable: A heartbroken man goes for a long drive to the countryside in an attempt to forget his ex. Cue the tears.



The Hollywood actress' MV for her first single is not for the faint-hearted. It is creepy, eerie and extremely weird.

That said, if you don't mind the shock factor, RM486 is a mind-blowing piece of art.

McGowan takes on several outlandish personas, including "Alien" (she appears hairless and white), "Needles" (she's armoured with spikes) and "Red Glitter Bomb" (her entire face is covered in shimmering red paint). She wanted to challenge the definition of beauty and she certainly has achieved that. 

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Standing up against crazy fans

It's high time K-pop idols get tough against 'sasaengs'

OUTSPOKEN: Beast's Yoseob recently urged sasaengs to ditch their penchant for stalking and take up other self-improvement activities.

Sasaeng fans, otherwise known as fans who are extremely overzealous in stalking K-pop celebrities, are a unique species.

And for some odd reason, they derive immense pleasure from the misery of their favourite idols.

Some of these documented stalking encounters are the stuff of nightmarish, horror tales.

And I'm not referring to fans camping outside their idols' houses or trailing them around in camper vans.

Those antics seem like child's play compared to jaw-dropping, straight-out gross "stunts" - such as 2PM's Taecyeon, who was sent a used sanitary pad and bloodstained letter.

EXO female fans have a history of going to crazy extremes too. A couple of years ago, some girls sported razor short crops to gain access to the male toilet just to catch a glimpse of the boy band.

As much as I try to figure out what drives or motivates sasaengs, I can never get into their heads.

Are they sadists who yearn for nothing more in life than to see their idols constantly cowering in fear?

I'm all for K-pop idols taking a no-nonsense, harsher stance against sasaengs.


Last weekend, Yoseob from boy band Beast posted a firm message on his Twitter account, condemning the behaviour of a sasaeng fan who hacked into his manager's mobile phone to access the private schedules of Beast members.

"This person has been selling (our schedules) and I've heard that people are paying big money to buy it," he wrote.

"If you use such shady ways to see us during our personal travels or private events, I will not be happy to see you, not happy at all.

"I like my fans, but not sasaengs. Fandom is something truly beautiful and honourable, but only if the (idolisation) is done properly."

Yoseob, the sextet's main vocalist, has always been outspoken about the uninvited intrusion of sasaeng fans.

Last month, during a radio interview, he urged sasaengs to ditch their penchant for stalking and take up other self-improvement activities.

"If I were to say something to sasaengs, I would tell them that their own privacy is important and suggest making their own lives more fabulous," said Yoseob.

Beast, one of Cube Entertainment's hottest acts, were in town last Thursday for a fan meet at Suntec Convention Centre.

Thankfully for them, there was no sight of maniacal sasaengs among the 2,000 screaming fans at the event.

Kudos to us Singaporeans for being a sane, rational bunch.

Lau gets beaten up for real in new movie

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One fm food fight

What makes ONE FM DJs go mmm? They slug it out with their favourite culinary discoveries of the week


Shaun Tupaz

ONE FM’s #1 Breakfast Show Weekdays 6am to 10am

“Fragrant pandan pancakes, topped with vanilla ice cream and drizzled with gula melaka sauce ($10.90). Brilliant and refreshing, it’s the perfect comfort food to battle the haze.”

Tolido’s Espresso Nook, 462, Crawford Lane

Elliott Danker

ONE FM's #1 Breakfast Show

Weekdays 6am to 10am

"Gather your friends and order classic dishes like stir-fried basil pork, fried chicken, spring rolls and kai lan. The food's great for sharing and it isn't too spicy. A meal of four or five dishes should cost about $40."

Bangkok JN Thaifood, 369, Tanjong Katong Road

Desiree Lai

9-5 No Repeat Workday

Weekdays 10am to 1pm

"Try the roasted Wagyu rump, potatoes, poached eggs, red onions, chilli bearnaise and brioche bun ($30) or this, the pumpkin and pine nut tortelli with local yabbies and minden pesto ($24). Beautiful food, beautiful locale."

Open Farm Community, 130E, Minden Road

Cheryl Miles

The Escape Plan with Shan and Cheryl

Weekdays 4pm to 8pm

​"With its recently launched Pamper Me Mondays, Mariko's is the place to score cheap and good steak. This Black Angus rib eye steak ($20) is juicy and done to perfection. With wine bottles going from $50, Monday blues are a thing of the past." 

Mariko's, 4, Jiak Chuan Road

Shan Wee

The Escape Plan with Shan and Cheryl

Weekdays 4pm to 8pm

"Cheese and gravy are my two best friends, but they rarely get to hang out together, which is why Poutine ($13) is man's greatest accomplishment. Well done Canada, this makes up for giving us Justin Bieber."

Nassim Hill Bakery & Bistro, #01-03, Tanglin Post Office

Andre Hoeden

ONE FM's #1 Breakfast Show

Weekdays 6am to 10am

"The Antipasto Toscano ($42) is a personal favourite. The cold cuts, cheese, pickles, dip and anchovies make a combo that even the Godfather would approve of."

Palio, Hotel Michael, Resorts World Sentosa

Melody Chen

9-5 No Repeat Workday

Weekdays 1pm to 4pm

"Totally in love with the hipster vibe of this place that serves Japanese-inspired dishes to share, such as this yuzu kosho cauliflower, smoked pork buns and this miso roasted pumpkin rice with sugar snap peas, crispy garlic and egg yolk ($30). Super delicious."

Neon Pigeon, 1, Keong Saik Road

Paloma Faith assures fans she’s not selling out

Indie singer Paloma Faith assures fans she's not selling out with her latest gig as a judge on The Voice UK
EDGY: British singer Paloma Faith will perform in Singapore for the first time next month.
EDGY: British singer Paloma Faith will perform in Singapore for the first time next month.

Paloma Faith doesn't come across as your typical ditzy pop star.

The first question she had about Singapore was about our political background.

Faith was speaking to M on the phone from her hometown, London, last week. She will perform here for the first time next month at a special showcase for the BNP Paribas WTA (Women's Tennis Association) Finals.

"I've never been to Singapore..." she said in her lilting Cockney accent, before temporarily catching us off guard with the question about our political status. We were expecting her to chat about Marina Bay Sands or chilli crab like most showbiz stars are wont to do.

On hearing we are an independent ex-British colony, Faith, 34,asked the question that could make her an honorary Singaporean: "What kind of food do you have?"

One would expect nothing less from the half-Spanish, half-English soul-jazz indie singer who has cooked with British celebrity chef Jamie Oliver and makes "really good paella (Spanish rice)".

Of course, she admits she isn't perfect in the kitchen. She once cooked a meal of lamb kebabs for fellow British singer Adele and talk show host Alan Carr - and gave them food poisoning.

"It was the bad supermarket meat I bought that made them ill," Faith explained. "Fortunately they weren't too sick, but they were slightly annoyed!"

Faith, whose stepfather is Chinese (her parents divorced when she was two), added that she is very used to Cantonese flavours and loves dimsum, though she's not adept at cooking Chinese cuisine.

But enough about food. We wanted to know more about Faith's music career, which has been on the rise since the release of her debut album, Do You Want The Truth Or Something Beautiful?, in 2009.

Born Paloma Faith Blomfield, she worked as a burlesque performer and singer before getting her big break with her first single, Stone Cold Sober.

In February, Faith won the Brit Award for Best British Female Solo Artist after being nominated three times previously. She also performed her biggest UK chart hit to date, Only Love Can Hurt Like This, at the awards ceremony.

Faith's soulful crooning, which has been likened to Amy Winehouse and Duffy, combined with her theatrical costumes and music videos, has always held a more niche appeal.

But there are signs of her going mainstream.

She was recently announced as a coach-judge on the upcoming fifth season of reality TV singing competition The Voice UK. She joins Boy George, and Kaiser Chiefs frontman Ricky Wilson on the panel, a move that surely cements her status as a mainstream pop artist.

But Faith is quick to dismiss that she's selling out.


"None of my friends watch commercial TV... They aren't even interested in The Voice. I know some of my fans are a bit worried that I'll stop being creative after being on the show. But I can still be my entertaining and creative self while working on The Voice. The two aren't mutually exclusive."

It's a sentiment echoed on her latest album A Perfect Contradiction, which was released last year.

"I thought the title described me perfectly. I don't like to be put in boxes, and I don't believe you can easily categorise people because they're complicated."

For example, while she does not believe in marriage (she divorced New Zealand chef Rian Haynes after four years of marriage in 2009), she also wants lots of children in her life.

"I'd like to have five kids, but I'm getting old. I guess I'd like to have as many as possible, nature permitting," said Faith, who isdating French-Algerian artist Leyman Lahcine.

And as a sartorialist known for her colourful personal style, Faith describes her look as "classic, old-fashioned and modern at the same time".

A perfect contradiction indeed.


What: Singapore Tennis Evening at Marina Bay Sands - The Show featuring Paloma Faith

Where: Grand Theatre, MasterCard Theatres at Marina Bay Sands

When: Oct 30, 8.30pm

Tickets: $89, $109 and $139 from Sistic ( or 6348-5555)

Not time yet, says Kobe

Kobe Bryant
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Movie Review: Pawn Sacrifice (PG13)

I'm not sure how many would be interested in this biopic of Bobby Fischer, an American chess prodigy who became famous for taking on Russian chess masters during the Cold War years.

Yet, you don't need to be a chess aficionado or even know how the game is played to be impressed by this gripping drama.

Tobey Maguire puts up an intense performance as Fischer, whose sole existence is to be the best chess player in the world.

Pawn Sacrifice may focus on the extraordinary 1972 match between Fischer and Russia's Boris Spassky (Liev Schreiber) for the world chess champion title, but Maguire makes us feel for his arrogant and erratic character as paranoia slowly takes over his brilliant mind.

Rating: 3/5

Never a lost cause

Rehashing the 'kids go missing' plot line is always lucrative for Hollywood

FATHER AND SON: Nicolas Cage and Jack Fulton in a scene from Pay The Ghost.

What's the one thing that could possibly be more devastating for parents than the death of their child?

Their child going missing.

They will struggle with panic, desperation, loss, despair, fear - emotions we can barely imagine.

Hollywood actor Nicolas Cage portrays a dad who goes through a roller-coaster of emotions in his new movie Pay The Ghost.

In the supernatural thriller, opening here on Oct 8, he plays literature professor Mike,whose young son Charlie (Jack Fulton) goes missing while they are out celebrating Halloween.

One year after Charlie's disappearance, Mike is haunted by eerie images and terrifying "pay the ghost" messages. Together with his estranged wife (Sarah Wayne Callies), they stop at nothing to unravel the mystery and find their boy.

Cage, 51, recently told Entertainment Weekly that one reason he responded to the film was the "emotional horror of every parent's worst nightmare".

"Losing your child - this is something that I think all parents are terrified about," said the father of two.

Indeed, the "child abduction" genre is one that Hollywood mines on a regular basis - almost as often as Cage has been rehashing his heroic dad roles in the past decade.

Simply revisit similar stuff like Stolen (kidnapped daughter), Rage (kidnapped daughter), The Wicker Man (kidnapped daughter), Trespass (kidnapped daughter held hostage) and Drive Angry (kidnapped granddaughter!), and you'll quickly get the picture.

Here are other movies that explore such terror - and the extreme measures parents take to rescue their little ones.


Hugh Jackman is not always a nice guy. This unsettling drama shows how terrifying he can be as a frantic father whose six-year-old girl has gone missing.

When the police release the suspected kidnapper (Paul Dano) because of a lack of evidence, Jackman takes matters into his own hands - kidnapping Dano and putting him through unimaginable torture.


Jodie Foster plays an aircraft designer who boards a plane with her daughter Julia. Mid-flight, her little girl mysteriously vanishes and a conspiracy reveals itself.

Lesson to be learnt here: Don't mess with a mum so furious she'll crash the plane to take down the bad guys.

MAN ON FIRE (2004)

In this movie, set in Mexico City, where the kidnapping of kids from wealthy families is rampant, Denzel Washington plays a bodyguard-cum-surrogate father to a girl (Dakota Fanning).

When she's taken during his watch, he goes on a vengeful rampage that features ultraviolent methods of information gathering.