M'sian artist paints portraits of World Cup stars with football

Malaysian artist Red Hong Yi's latest creation has become a hit with netizens.

Malaysian artist Red Hong Yi has marked the World Cup kick-off by painting the portraits of three stars of this year’s competition with a soccer ball.

“I think my painting skills are okay, but my soccer skills are questionable as you can see from the video,” the 28-year-old wrote on her Facebook page of her latest masterpiece.

It depicts Portugal’s Cristiano Ronaldo, Brazil’s Neymar and Argentina’s Lionel Messi.

The current video of her creation, like the artist’s earlier ones, has drawn praise from netizens, Malaysian daily The Star reported.

The Sabah-born artist is known for YouTube videos of her creating art pieces using everyday materials such as basketball, socks, bamboo sticks, chopsticks and food items.

Among her works are a portrait of Malaysian badminton player Lee Chong Wei which was made out of shuttlecocks, and a portrait of Myanmar’s opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi made from 2,000 dyed carnations.

Jackie Chan portrait

Most recently, she made a portrait of actor and martial arts master Jackie Chan from bamboo chopsticks.

Her breakthrough project was in Jan 2012 when she used a basketball dipped in red paint to create a portrait of former Chinese NBA star Yao Ming.

Source: The Star

Strippers strip rich men of their money after drugging them

Samantha Barbash, the alleged leader of the strippers, was arrested for reportedly stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars from wealthy male clients in New York City.
Barbash has denied charges that she and other strippers had drugged their clients.

A group of New York City strippers allegedly scammed rich clients of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The clients include a banker, lawyers and a doctor.

The unidentified victims had their drinks spiked in the strip clubs before the women allegedly racked up huge amounts on their credit cards, reported Mail Online

NY Daily News reported that authorities arrested four women earlier this week, for charges including grand larceny, assault and forgery.

They were arrested after an eight-month joint investigation by the Drug Enforcement Administration and the New York Police Department 

The accused are: Samantha Barbash, 40, Roselyn Keo, 29, Marsi Rosen, 28, and Karina Pascucci, 26.

The dancers allegedly drugged the men at two strip clubs, one in Manhattan and another in Queens, reported the Daily News. 

According to court papers, Barbash was the ring-leader along with Keo.

But Barbash’s lawyer, Stephen Murphy, said his client had denied the charges.

Sources: Mail Online and NY Daily News

Ben Affleck kicked out of yet another casino

Affleck has reportedly been kicked out of yet another casino.

As Kenny Rogers so clearly put it in his 1978 single, "You've got to know when to hold 'em, know when to fold 'em, know when to walk away, know when to run."

Maybe Ben Affleck could use some of those tips.

The 41-year-old Hollywood star was allegedly asked by security at the Caesar Windsor Hotel and Casino in Ontario to leave the gambling tables after playing for just 20 minutes, Mail Online reported.

Radar Online revealed that an insider, who was at the casino when the incident happened late last month, told Star Magazine that "Ben walked in and went straight to the card games. His hair was a disaster, and he looked like a mess!"

The source continued: "He sat down and played for roughly 20 minutes before security heard he was there. They made the dealers stop what they were doing and asked him to leave. Ben seemed pretty mad."

The actor was reportedly spotted playing US$5,000 (S$6,240) hands at the high rollers table.

This is not the first time that Affleck allegedly had problems in casinos. In April, security at the Hard Rock Casino in Las Vegas allegedly asked him to leave.

Sources: Mail Online, Radar Online




Teen asks fake stranger on Facebook to kill family

Marissa Williams, 19, invited home people she met online and even offered to have sex with them.

She wanted to teach her niece about inappropriate Facebook usage.

The aunt created a fictitious account on the social media website and befriended Marissa Williams, 19.

The Alabama girl, who has been living with the aunt since April this year, then asked the fictional man to kill the entire family and the dog, New York Daily News reported.

The relationship between the aunt and niece soured after the aunt objected to the girl inviting home people she had met online.

When she asked Williams to stop inviting men home and did not allow her to go to parties with strangers, she blocked her aunt on Facebook, al.com reported.

That’s when the aunt started the fictitious account, the report said.

Phone number

Last month, when the aunt interacted with her as “Tre ‘Topdog’ Ellis” for the first time, Williams gave the phone number and address and invited Ellis to her home.

Soon, she began telling “Ellis” how much she hated her family.

She told “him” how to get into her aunt’s bedroom so he could kill her and her fiance first. She then asked him to shoot her cousin and the family dog on the way out.

When the aunt saw what Williams had posted, she called the police for help.

Williams was arrested.

Source: New York Daily News, al.com

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Adam Levine apologises to exes ahead of nuptials

Adam Levine reaching out to his exes to apologise "for how he treated them" before his July nuptials to fiancee Behati Prinsloo.
Apparently, these ex's "couldn't care less (that) he wants to make it right". Adam Levine (right) and his fiancee Behati Prinsloo (left) are set to wed in Mexico this July.

He's set to tie the knot in Mexico next month to Victoria's Secret babe, Behati Prinsloo.

Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine is reportedly reaching out to some of his ex-girlfriends to make amends, a source told Us Weekly

The 35-year-old has previously been linked to a string of gorgeous models including famed catwalkers like Anne Vyalitsyna and Nina Agdal, according to the weekly US publication.

"He apologised for how he treated them," the insider was quoted as saying.

The She Will Be Loved singer had some bad publicity after news surfaced in July last year that he apparently dumped Danish model, Agdal, by ignoring her calls.

He then broke the news of his engagement to Prinsloo through text message to Agdal (below).

According to Mail Online, another source revealed that these beauties who Levine calls his exes "couldn't care less (that) he wants to make it right".

Sources: Us Weekly and Mail Online




37 bags of dead dogs found at canine 'rescue organisation'

One owner who left her dog, Max, in Hulbig's care said his weight dropped from 40kg to 24.9kg since February. This picture was taken before Max was sent to the accused's home.
Mail Online reported that one owner left her dog, Max, in Hulbig's care said he dropped from 40 kilos to 24.9 kilos since February. This picture was taken after its stint at the accused's home.

Thirty-seven bags of dead dogs were found at the home of a woman who claimed to run "a non-profit organisation" that rescued dogs.

She claimed that she trained them as service animals for disabled children and soldiers, USA Today reported.  

Apart from the 37 bags, which were said to contain four dead puppies along with an unidentified number of decomposed dogs, 39 badly malnourished and barely alive canines were found in Nicole Hulbig's barn near Clarksville, Tennessee.

Mail Online reported that the malnourished dogs were found covered in their own filth and locked in cages that were too small.

There were also deprived of food and water.

The 29-year-old accused has been arrested on 12 counts of animal cruelty.

Owners outraged

Outraged dog owners are demanding she face even tougher penalties. 

"The remains of the dogs in the bags were so decomposed that they could not be sent to a lab for testing," said Sergeant​ Sean Ryan of the Sumner County Sheriff's Office Animal Control Division.

Officers could not even tell how many dogs there were in all, reported The Tennessean

NY Daily News reported that Hulbig has been charged by Montgomery County Animal Control with four counts of aggravated cruelty to animals, while Sumner County charged her with eight counts of animal cruelty.

Sources: NY Daily News, Mail Online, USA Today and The Tennessean





Singapore beng and Brazil bengs unite over football

Singapore beng become member with Brazil bengs, Vitor (in yellow), Maurice (second from right in green).
Singapore beng become member with Brazil bengs, Vitor (in yellow), Maurice (second from right in green).

When one ah beng meets another ah beng, there can be some tension.

But when one ah beng face off with one whole gang on their home ground, when it's close to dark, it can be bye bye.

"Oi! Japones?"

No ah beng likes to be shouted at. Not in a foreign language.

But my brain and mouth just cannot react fast enough to work out a Portuguese translation.

So I ended up looking like I was staring back at him.

It is around 630pm. As if on cue, ambulances and police cars drove past us, breaking the awkward silence with their sirens. But they did not stop.

We are in Salvador, Bahia, on the Praia de Amaralina beach that overlooks the Atlantic Ocean. I wondered if there are sharks in there.

Brazilian kids playing beach football next to Atlantic Ocean

Brazilian kids playing beach football next to Atlantic Ocean

Sounding more pek cek (exasperated), Vitor asked again: "Japones?"

Five more of his same pattern stopped playing beach football and walked towards me.

Ai zai (steadily), I replied: "No, Singapore."

"Singapore? Japones?!" 

Fighting a losing battle, I settled for the closest description - Chinese - which is not really bluffing him because my father was from China.

Then Vitor asked some more: "China jogar futebol (China play football)?"

I also don't know whether it was for China or Singapore, but I know bueh sai lao kui (cannot lose face).

So I took the football and showed him a one times left leg and one times right leg combo.

Just like that, Singaporean beng become member with Brazilian bengs.

And one by one, Maurice, Diego, and I cannot remember the other names, came and messed up my hair (the sea breeze was already very strong) like some crazy initiation.

Through limited Singlish and Portuguese, we talked about ah lians (Victoria's Secret model Adriana Lima is from Salvador), the World Cup (Brazil will win) and who are the best players (Neymar and another Salvador product Dante).

During the build-up to this World Cup's kick-off, there have been so much news about how dangerous it could be for tourists.

Even my hotel receptionist warned me not to walk on the beach alone and not to wear any expensive necklaces or watches.

But the people here have been so friendly and nice. Smile and they will smile back.  Say obrigado (thank you) and they will say de nada (you're welcome). Ask for directions and they will even take you all the way.

Maybe positive vibes go both way. Maybe I just heng heng (luckily) avoided crime.

Oh wait, I did get molested by this touchy-feely Brazilian aunty ...

Ah beng know ah beng very hot, until Brazilian aunty also want to molest me ...

Ah beng know ah beng very hot, until Brazilian aunty also want to molest me ...

Follow David Lee's Brazil adventures on tnp.sg/benginbrazil and on his Twitter account @davidLeeTNP and send him messages with the hashtag #benginBrazil

Two arrested over legless body case

Two men have been arrested over an unnatural death case related to a legless body found in a suitcase along Syed Alwi Road.
Two men have been arrested over an unnatural death case related to a legless body found in a suitcase along Syed Alwi Road.

Two suspects have been arrested in relation to the legless body stuffed in a suitcase found along Syed Alwi Road on Wednesday.

The two men, both Pakistan nationals aged 25 and 43, were picked up around 3pm on Thursday in the vicinity of Rowell Road after an operation involving more than 100 police officers, a police statement said.

The police believe that the dead man is a Pakistani aged 59.

The case has been re-classified as murder with investigations still ongoing.

The suspects will be produced in court on Saturday.

Deputy Commissioner of Police and Director of the Criminal Investigation Department Hoong Wee Teck said: "This is a serious crime which the police had devoted extensive resources and efforts to have it solved expeditiously. Police are committed to solve crimes and we will spare no effort to track down criminals and ensure that they are brought to justice and face the full brunt of the law."

The body was discovered near the junction of Syed Alwi Road and King George's Avenue in the Jalan Besar area.

Police received a call at 6.04pm on Wednesday and officers arrived on the scene to find a bloody suitcase containing a male body without legs.

World Cup 2014: 7 potential fashion stars

Having graced the cover of Vogue Brazil with Gisele Bundchen, Neymar is set to appear on a lot more magazine covers and billboards after the World Cup.
Having graced the cover of Vogue Brazil with Gisele Bundchen, Neymar is set to appear on a lot more magazine covers and billboards after the World Cup.

More often that not, the World Cup is more than just the soccer.

Fashion labels and sports brands are looking for their next big face and the tournament is the perfect stage.

These stars have to have that lethal combination of good looks, charm, star power and of course, they have to play well.

So these are our top 7 picks of people who might be gracing billboards and magazine covers long after the tournament is over.

1. Neymar (Brazil)

Neymar is arguably the world's most marketable football player at the moment. He has already graced the cover of Brazil's Vogue with supermodel Gisele Bundchen and has a couple of endorsement deals under his belt.

But top notch fashion brands will definitely be after him once his star power explodes at the World Cup.

It's a bonus that he's an extremely skilled football player whose team is likely to go far in the game.


2. Oscar (Brazil)

Oscar is already taking the Beckham route by baring almost all for Calvin Klein. Maybe more fashion labels might offer to dress... more of him.​

Screengrab from Mail Online

3. Keisuke Honda (Japan)

He's already had a head start of sorts in the fashion world as he plays for Milan, a fashion capital. And man, he looks extremely dapper in a suit.

4. Fernando Gago (Argentina)

Argentina is another team that's expected to go far in the tournament. And surely, all eyes will be on Messi to propel the team to great heights. But come on, just look at this photo. Maybe he can be the next face of strollers and carriers.

5. James Rodriguez (Colombia)

Already a well-known name in his home country, he is poised to be one of the key breakout stars in the tournament just based on his skills alone. And it doesn't hurt that he looks mighty fine. And that's a killer combination for post-Cup fashion endorsement deals.

6. Son Heung Min (South Korea)

If Korea proceeds past the knockout stages, Son Heung Min, easily the nation's most prolific football player right now, will be a hero. And well, Korea rewards its heroes by plastering their faces on every available billboard in South Korea. He could even be a star in Asia. 

7. Axel Witsel (Belgium)

Belgium's squad led by Vincent Kompany and Eden Hazard are tipped to be the tournament's dark horse. They are also (in this writer's humble opinion) the most good-looking team. And Axel Witsel is a fine example especially with those gorgeous eyes. Let's just say I wouldn't mind if Calvin Klein takes an interest in him...


Sources: Mail Online, Bleacher Report, Telegraph

Photos: Reuters, Mail Online, Instagram, New York Times




Meet 6 sexiest World Cup Wags

Are your surprised that Cristiano Ronaldo's girlfriend, Irina Shayk, is part of this hottest wags list? For more of the stunning wags, check out our list below.

1. Pilar Rubio, 36

She's not only a drop-dead gorgeous Spanish reporter and TV presenter, she also has a key Real Madrid and Spain team member as her partner.

Looks like lucky man, Sergio Ramos, 28, is doing well on and off the pitch.  

2. Jourdan Dunn, 23

She's a British fashion model who is no stranger to the runway. Considered one of the world's hottest supermodels, Jourdan Dunn is doing just fine off the catwalk too. 

She's dating 24-year-old Liverpool and England striker Daniel Sturridge. 

3. Shakira, 37

Now, who isn't familiar with this Columbian singer-songwriter? If her name doesn't ring a bell, all you need to know about her is that she's an award-winning recording artist.

She is currently in a relationship with the Spanish and Barcelona defender Gerard Pique, 27.  

The couple have a one-year-old son.

4. Irina Shayk, 28

​She's the lucky girl who has Cristiano Ronaldo as her boyfriend.

This Russian model, who has almost become a permanent fixture in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issues for the last seven years, has been dating the 29-year-old Portuguese captain since May 2010. 

5. Sara Carbonero​, 30

Here's another TV presenter who has a top footballer as her partner. Iker Casillas, 33, has been Spain No. 1 goalkeeper for many years, and he will be leading the defending World champions this time as well.

Casillas​ and Carbonero have been dating since 2009 and had their first son in January this year. 

6.  Yolanthe Cabau van Kasbergen, 29

This Spanish-Dutch actress and television host is married to Dutch footballer, Wesley Sneijder, 30, since 2010 after just one year of dating. 

Following her marriage, she changed her surname from Cabau van Kasbergen to Sneijder-Cabau. 


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