He insists on working on first day of CNY

BUSY: Mr Tan Soy Kiang hard at work at the Esso petrol station at Toa Payoh Lorong 2 yesterday.

Remember that big-hearted uncle whom two elderly women took advantage of?

Well, Mr Tan Soy Kiang, 70, was back to his old giving self again.

This time, he insisted on working on the first day of Chinese New Year (CNY) at the Esso petrol station at Toa Payoh Lorong 2.

In fact, he would have skipped his reunion dinner on Wednesday because of work had he had not fallen sick.

Mr Tan's niece, Ms Pamela Lim, 39, said his colleague called her, saying he had vomited at work. She rushed over to take him home.

"At least he got to have reunion dinner at home with his family on Wednesday night," she said.


But why work on the first day of CNY?

"He just feels it's his responsibility to work during this period," said Ms Lim. "He is such a big-hearted person."

On Feb 8, The New Paper on Sunday reported that Mr Tan was the victim of a scam which lasted for 15 years. Two Singaporean women had allegedly convinced him that he owed the Government money, when in reality he did not.

It is believed that over the years, Mr Tan was conned into giving them thousands .

TNP visited him yesterday at the petrol station and saw him rushing about his duties as a pump attendant. He was hard at work filling up petrol and giving the cars a quick buff.

His colleagues were also protective of him, refusing to allow the media to interview him on the premises.

After the story broke, Mr Dan Chen, 28, who works at an international school, started a crowdfunding effort on Indiegogo.

It has surpassed its initial goal of raising US$5,000 (S$6,800) and now, over US$40,000 has been raised.

'Work together for SG50'

PM Lee's Facebook message for Year of the Goat:

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Fewer jobs secured before release

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Job crucial in ensuring ex-inmate does not reoffend

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By the numbers

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In and out of jail for 16 years, now this dad wants to behave for his little girl.

HAPPY FAMILY: Desmond got to spend Chinese New Year with his wife and daughter.
HAPPY FAMILY: Desmond got to spend Chinese New Year with his wife and daughter.

This year, ex-offender Desmond is spending Chinese New Year with his family.

He was an inmate at Changi Prison from 2010 to 2014 for assisting in illegal moneylending activities.

While in prison, he saw his daughter just once, then only a few days old.

His daughter, now five, changed his life.

It is the simple things that chewed him up.

Like holding his daughter's hands. Or catching her as she fell while learning to take her first step.

He missed out on them because while she was growing up, he was behind bars.

This year, Desmond spent his Chinese New Year with his family and "hope, excitement and happiness"

Desmond said a good job is now helping him stay on the right path.

And he is now contributing to the inmate community by sharing his experiences with former offenders.

He volunteers with the Industrial & Services Co-operative Society, which provides support to ex-offenders and their families.

He said: "I'm not doing this to make myself look good. To me, it's about accountability.

"I want to be constantly reminded of my past so that I will never go back to my old ways."


Read the full report in our print edition on Feb 20.

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And Singapore's first Goat baby for 2015 is ...

A bouncing baby boy called Nicodemus Baey. 

Little Nicodemus was delivered at Raffles Hospital at 1.47am this morning (Feb 19). He weighs 2.98kg. 

His parents, Mr Dean Baey Chwee Seng and Mdm Ng Ling Siew, both 34, have two other sons. 

Raffles Hospital gifted the couple with a hamper for both them and the baby.

They also received a special package from RISIS, which included $888 cash, a brooch for Mdm Ng and a handcrafted gold-plated wealth goat sculpture. 


Endangered 100kg turtle caught in M'sia may end up in pot

It took a fisherman almost an hour to reel in this 100kg soft-shell turtle..

Many fear that an endangered 100kg soft-shell turtle caught by a fisherman in Daro, Sarawak, may end up in the cooking pot for a mere RM2,000 (S$750).

The fisherman who caught the turtle, which is believed to be 50 years old, has said that he plans to sell it at the market at Sibu.

The going price is said to be about RM20 a kilo.

“The man plans to sell it but he has not said when he will bring it to Sibu,” local resident Jelmai Beedih told The Star.

He said that if it happened, the turtle would end up in the cooking pot if there was no intervention by the relevant authorities to stop the sale.

He said the turtle was caught using a fishing hook on Tuesday in Daro, which is about three hours from Sibu.

“It took the fishermen almost an hour to reel it in as the turtle put up a struggle.

“In their effort to put the turtle onboard the sampan, several villagers stomped on the belly of the turtle.” 

'We hope he will surrender the turtle'

Sarawak Forestry Corporation Sdn Bhd deputy general manager Oswald Braken Tisen said he was alerted by people in Daro that the fisherman wanted to sell the turtle in Sibu for its meat.

“We have sent our men to Sibu to stop him from selling the turtle.

“We also hope the fisherman will surrender it to us," he said.

Braken also called on the public to stop the illegal sale of endangered animals by informing his company if they came across anyone selling such turtles or other protected species.

As of yesterday evening, the turtle was still alive and with by the fisherman.

Source: The Star

Got an emergency? Here are the 24-hour clinics open during Chinese New Year

In case someone is unwell: During the festivities, know at your fingertips which doctor to take your loved ones to should they fall ill.

Be prepared for any unexpected emergencies that may happen during Chinese New Year.

The Ministry Of Health (MOH) has handily provided a list of clinics that people can head to immediately should a friend or family member fall ill during this festive season.

Members of the public who feel unwell during the festivities are encouraged to visit their General Practitioner (GP) or 24-hour clinic for conditions that are not life-threatening or serious emergencies. 

More than 1,100 clinics will be operating at various times over the Lunar New Year long weekend.

MOH also advised the public to seek medical treatment at hospitals’ Accident & Emergency (A&E) departments only for serious emergencies, such as chest pain, breathlessness, and uncontrollable bleeding.

Please call the GP clinics before going down to ensure that they are open.

Name of clinic Address Contact no
CENTRAL 24-HR CLINIC (BEDOK) 219 Bedok Central #01-124 S 460219 62476122
CENTRAL 24-HR CLINIC (CLEMENTI) 450 Clementi Ave 3 #01-291 S 120450 67732925
CENTRAL 24-HR CLINIC (HOUGANG) 681 Hougang Ave 8 #01-831 S 530681 63876965
CENTRAL 24-HR CLINIC (PASIR RIS) 446 Pasir Ris Drive 6 #01-122 S 510446 65822640
CENTRAL 24-HR CLINIC (WOODLANDS) 768 Woodlands Ave 6 #02-06A S 730768 63654895
CENTRAL 24-HR CLINIC (YISHUN) 701A Yishun Ave 5 #01-04 S 761701 67597985
CENTRAL 24-HR CLINIC (JURONG WEST) 492 Jurong West St 41 #01-54 S 640492 65657484
LIFELINK  24HRS CLINIC & SURGERY 153 Serangoon North Ave 1 #01-534 S 550153 62813977
MEDI HEALTH BISHAN 24 HOURS CLINIC & SURGERY 121 Bishan St 12 #01-95 S 570121 62583212
PROHEALTH 24-HOUR MEDICAL CLINIC 259 Bukit Panjang Ring Rd #01-18 S 671259  67652115
RAFFLES MEDICAL 24-HOUR EMERGENCY Changi Airport Terminal 3 #B2-01 S 819663 65412223
RAFFLES MEDICAL Changi Airport Terminal 1 (inside transit area)  65411113
TAMPINES 24-HR FAMILY CLINIC 201D Tampines St 21 #01-1151 S 524201 67867228

Sources: Ministry of Health, Raffles Medical

All for charity, a man is listening to 168 hours of Nickelback

Can you listen to 168 hours of Nickelback? A man is doing it in the hops of raising money for charity

A man from the US is putting himself through a 168 hour "ultimate test of human endurance".

His aim? To raise money to build a well in a third world country.

Jesse Carrey is listening to Nickelback's entire catalogue of songs - on repeat - for one whole week.

He wanted to raise US$10,000 (S$13,500) to build a well in a developing nation, reported TIME.

That's a lot of nickels (and way too much Nickelback). 

Partnering with an organisation called Charity with Water, Carrey's campaign has surpassed his target by raising US$20,657.






There are still three days left in the challenge lets all hope he stands strong and pulls through.

Source: Time, Twitter, YouTube