Match monkeys to win $17,000

WINNERS: Mr Chiew Hock Hai (left) and Mr Lim Kim Peng each won $6,000 from the jackpot in The New Paper Bonus Challenge in June last year. $17,000 cash to be won in upcoming The New Paper contest

He has been buying The New Paper (TNP) every day since it was launched in 1988.

Such loyalty has reaped rewards for Mr Chiew Hock Hai, 69: Not only has he been kept informed of the news, he has won $6,000 for doing so.

The retiree struck it big during TNP Bonus Challenge SEA Games Edition in June last year.

"I just couldn't believe I won. I was so shocked and happy," he said.

And for the next two weeks, he intends to find out if TNP and the Year of the Monkey will together bring him good fortune.

In our latest contest to entertain and reward readers, the TNP Fortune Monkey will be running from Feb 9 to 24.

Up to $17,000 in cash is to be won.

Readers stand to win $100 daily and jackpot cash prizes that start from $1,000.

If there are no jackpot cash winners, the money will snowball.

Mr Chiew said: "I'll definitely take part in TNP Fortune Monkey."

As each copy of TNP will come with different sets of three monkeys, Mr Chiew intends to buy 10 copies on the first day of the contest. (See graphic below.)

But he added: "Even if there's no contest, I'd still buy TNP daily for the news."

Another reader, Ms Joanne Lee, bagged $12,100 after winning the TNP Bonus Challenge Candy Crush Edition in October last year.

"My finances were very tight then and it really came at a good time. I was so ecstatic," said the 37-year-old homemaker.


As a TNP SuperKaki, she qualified for special privileges, including five additional TNP Bonus Challenge cards.

It was one of those cards that won her the cash.

Ms Lee said: "It didn't even cross my mind that I'd win. When I realised I'd won, I thought there would surely be many other winners and I'd have to share the money. But I didn't have to.

"I'll see if I have the luck again this Chinese New Year. Hopefully I'll win again."

In the same month, another TNP SuperKaki, civil servant Barry Ho, 35, won a pair of Makan Mania tickets in a lucky draw for TNP SuperKakis.

The tickets entitled him to dine at a restaurant for free.

Mr Ho said: "I'll keep a lookout for the upcoming challenge for sure."

TNP SuperKakis will receive an additional $50 on top of their cash prizes if they win.

For more information about TNP Fortune Monkey, visit

Even if there's no contest, I'd still buy TNP daily for the news.

- Mr Chiew Hock Hai, who previously won $6,000 in a TNP Bonus Challenge

Woman's leg slips into MRT platform gap

Woman's leg gets caught between MRT platform and train at Chinatown

MIND THE GAP: A woman was leaving an MRT train carriage with her wheelchair-bound mother when her right leg was caught between the train and platform. She suffered minor abrasions and bruising.
MIND THE GAP: A woman was leaving an MRT train carriage with her wheelchair-bound mother when her right leg was caught between the train and platform. She suffered minor abrasions and bruising.

She was walking out of the MRT train backwards and pulling her wheelchair-bound mother along when her right leg slipped into the gap between the platform and train.

The incident happened at about 2.05pm at Chinatown MRT station on Wednesday.

A witness, Miss Ouyang, 37, told Chinese evening daily Lianhe Wanbao that the incident caused panic among commuters, several of whom held their hands against the train doors to stop them from shutting.

"I quickly spoke to the train personnel through the passenger intercom to stop the train from moving," said Miss Ouyang, a public servant.

Several passengers also tried to free the woman using soap and moisturiser.

But they failed to get her leg out.

The passenger, identified only as Madam Wang, 45, later said: "It was painful and scary. I was worried that the people helping me would pull my leg with too much force and break it. I started to cry."

She was returning home from the doctor's with her 70-year-old mother.

The Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) said it was alerted to the incident at 2.05pm and dispatched a fire engine, a Red Rhino and an ambulance to the scene.

Officers used hydraulic rescue tools to free the woman, who suffered minor abrasions and bruising.

She refused to go to hospital for medical treatment, said SCDF.

The incident prompted one commuter to post photos of what happened on Sina Weibo, advising commuters to take alternative train routes. 
The commuter later also praised the SCDF personnel for their quick work.

Ms Tammy Tan, senior vice-president, corporate communications of SBS Transit, which runs the North-East Line (NEL) said the SCDF was called in after attempts by station staff to extricate Madam Wang failed.

Coupled with a train fault that happened after this incident, there was a combined delay of about 30 minutes on the NEL in all, she said.


Public announcements were made to inform commuters of the delay, she said.

Ms Tan added that free bus rides between Outram Park and Dhoby Ghaut stations were available during the disruption.

Madam Wang was quoted as saying after the incident that she was still in pain, though it was "tolerable".

"I just need to send my mother home now," she said.

Last December, a man in his 50s had his right leg wedged between the train and platform at Bugis MRT station. SMRT staff freed the man using soap, said a commuter.

Similarly in May last year, train service on the North-East Line was delayed for about half an hour after a woman's leg got stuck in the gap.

The woman had lost her balance after she was allegedly pushed while standing near the door of the train at Boon Keng station.

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TPP hailed by Singapore's businesses

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Upgrading for Woodlands interchange

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MOM to inspect over 500 worksites

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Made-in-SG satellites

TEAM: (From left) Associate Professor Low Kay Soon, director of NTU's Satellite Research Centre, and researchers, Dr Lee Guo Xiong and Ms Chin Shi Tong, with the VELOX-CI. Success for NTU's satellite programme

With six satellites orbiting the Earth, Nanyang Technological University (NTU) says it now has the ability to design, build and operate small satellite systems for commercial use.

In a statement yesterday, the university said its team is "ready to take on more commercial satellite payloads from companies and industry partners".

This comes barely five years after the launch of its first satellite.

Two months ago, the university successfully launched VELOX-CI - Singapore's first climate monitoring satellite - and VELOX-II, the world's first small satellite which carries "communication-on-demand" technology that can send data back to NTU anytime and anywhere from space.

The university said that experiments in space conducted by the two new satellites "have proven the commercial viability of several new made-in-Singapore satellite technologies".

It said that these new technologies include a space navigation system, precise and fast-locking GPS receivers and radiation resistant hardware.

NTU provost Freddy Boey said the continued success of NTU's satellite programme reinforces the university's reputation for having strong multi-disciplinary research capabilities and applied engineering expertise.

"...In just a few years, we have proven that NTU has what it takes to play a major role in supporting Singapore's leap into the space industry," said Prof Boey.


He said that NTU is among the "very few universities in the world" that have designed and successfully operated six satellites in space.

"With this track record, we can now offer our satellite building expertise to international and Singapore companies that are hoping to develop innovative space products for the global market."

Meet-up by pro-rape advocate would have broken Singapore laws

Controversial US pick-up artist cancels meet-ups worldwide, including one at Fort Canning Park

The meeting this Saturday at Fort Canning Park was supposed to be hush-hush.

Those attending were told to utter a secret phrase - "Do you know where the pet shop is?" - to identify themselves as a "like-minded tribe" member.

The instructions were precise: Meet underneath the big arch and only between 8pm and 8.20pm.

Similar meet-ups were supposed to take place at more than 150 meeting points in 43 countries.

But after much controversy in the media, organiser Roosh V, whose real name is Daryush Valizadeh, apologised to supporters for cancelling the worldwide meet-ups yesterday.

Mr Valizadeh, 36, said on his website: "I can no longer guarantee the safety or privacy of the men who want to attend on February 6, especially since most of the meet-ups can not be made private in time."

Part of the controversy stemmed from what Mr Valizadeh had written on his website in February last year.

To prevent rape, he had advocated making rape legal on private property, among other controversial statements.

Mr Valizadeh had also said then: "...Consent is now achieved when (a woman) passes underneath the room's door frame because she knows that (the) man can legally do anything he wants to her when it comes to sex."

Naturally, some in Singapore were concerned about the planned meeting of "like-minded" people who shared Mr Valizadeh's views on the opposite sex.

One of them, a dating coach from Modernman Dating Academy who wanted to be known only as Mr Gate, told The New Paper: "He shouldn't be allowed to enter Singapore if he encourages rape. It is wrong to treat women as sex objects and that's not what I teach my clients."

Similarly, Ms Lydia Gan, co-founder of dating agency Clique2click, said: "What he (Mr Valizadeh) is advocating is dangerous, not only to women but to young people who might buy into his ideas."

Under the Immigration Act, Mr Valizadeh can be considered an "undesirable immigrant" and not allowed entry into Singapore.

In November 2014, self-proclaimed pick-up artist Julien Blanc was not allowed into Singapore to hold seminars. His methods suggested the use of physical violence and emotional abuse against women to persuade them to have sex.

Minister for Social and Family Development Tan Chuan-Jin said that Singaporeans should affirm their values and make a stand against bigotry.

Mr Tan said on Facebook: "Never heard of the guy (Mr Valizadeh) but having read up on him, I think we'd just have to stand up to misogynists like him and others who will come in various forms. He is the more obvious kind and it's easy for us to respond with disgust."

The police said they were aware of Mr Valizadeh's online call to hold meetings in a number of cities.

They would like to remind the public that "organising or participating in a public assembly without a police permit in Singapore is illegal and constitutes an offence under the Public Order Act".

Two lawyers also told TNP that if Singaporeans were to attend the meet-up at Fort Canning Park, they would be violating local laws.

Said lawyer S. Balamurugan: "It is unlikely that a permit will be granted for a meeting of such nature as it is likely to be considered to be against public interest to allow the event to proceed."

TNP understands that nobody had applied for a permit.

Even discussing how to commit rape may be deemed unlawful, said Mr Balamurugan.

He added: "Persons who gather to discuss the possible perpetration of rape could be held liable for taking part in a criminal conspiracy to commit rape under the Penal Code."

Those found guilty can be jailed up to 20 years, fined or caned.

Lawyer Ramesh Tiwary said that most people have a moral compass and know when not to cross the line.

Mr Tiwary said: "It's a fact that men go to bars to pick up women. But most stop short of sexually taking advantage of women, especially if the women are comatose (from too much drinking).

"It's a worrying trend if people today think that rape is all right."

Although the public meet-ups have been cancelled, some may be tempted to hold private meetings in homes or start discussions online.

Mr Balamurugan, however, warned that the authorities can charge the creators and disseminators of any online discussion supporting the "pro-rape movement" as it breaches the Protection from Harassment Act.

Meanwhile, others believe that Mr Valizadeh's movement will fizzle out and not gain a foothold in Singapore society.

Aware's (Association of Women for Action and Research) programmes and communications senior manager Jolene Tan, 33, said: "There isn't much sign this abhorrent group has a real presence here. It's easy to put out a list of cities, (but) much harder to actually organise gatherings.

"Let's starve this attention-seeking troll of the oxygen of publicity." 

Never heard of the guy but having read up on him, I think we'd just have to stand up to misogynists like him and others who will come in various forms.

- Minister for Social and Family Development Tan Chuan-Jin


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