Premature baby dies during flight

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'They grew up together'

Relatives baffled after US shooter targets cousins in Friday's high school shooting that kills one, injures four

GUNMAN? 14-year-old Jaylen Fryberg has been linked to Friday's shooting.
INJURED: Jaylen Fryberg's cousin, Andrew (above), and schoolmate Shaylee Chuckulnaskit were seriously injured in the shooting attack on Friday.
INJURED: Jaylen Fryberg's cousin, Andrew, and schoolmate Shaylee Chuckulnaskit (above) were seriously injured in the shooting attack on Friday.
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2 POSB ATMs in the east vandalised

Two POSB ATMs were splashed with paint over the weekend.

Two POSB automated teller machines (ATMs) were splashed with paint over the weekend. The vandalism is believed to be related to loanshark harassment.

Police are investigating and trying to determine if the two incidents, both in the eastern part of Singapore, are linked, The Straits Times reported.

On Saturday, the police were informed that an ATM in Tampines Street 44 had been splashed with paint.

On Sunday morning, they received a call that something similar had been done to another POSB ATM. This one was on New Upper Changi Road.

DBS Bank, which owns both ATMs, said it is working with the police on their investigation.

Minister abseils down block for new project

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HK protesters cancel vote on next steps

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Indonesia unveils new Cabinet

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Vietnam tycoon held in fraud probe

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$30m fund to help disabled

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Flirting with death? Woman perches on tiny stool five storeys high

PRECARIOUS: The woman balancing on the stool outside her fifth-storey flat.
AFTERMATH: The woman’s family seen fixing the window grilles after the incident.

She was perched precariously on the parapet - on a stool only slightly wider than a tissue paper box - outside her fifth-storey flat at Bukit Purmei Road.

The woman in her 30s was trying to clean the exterior of her bedroom windows, but found herself struggling to climb back into the flat.

It took three Singapore Civil Defence Force officers and some rescue lines to hoist her back safely into her flat on Tuesday afternoon.

Domestic helper Nani Sulastri, who saw what happened, was horrified by the incident.

She has read her fair share of news about other domestic helpers falling to death, and could not fathom why the woman would subject herself to such danger.

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