Umno leader: 24-hour eateries cause social problems

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Man punches car window in attempted robbery

Bikers flee after failing to snatch car passenger's handbag

BROKEN: The left window of Mr Darren Tan's car was shattered in the incident at Johor Baru on Tuesday.

A couple were on their way to a Johor Baru mall for their weekly shopping trip when three men tried to rob them.

Mr Darren Tan, 39, and his wife had just passed the Woodlands Checkpoint into Malaysia at around 6.30pm on Tuesday and were at a traffic junction when they were attacked.

Mr Tan said that three men on two motorcycles flanked his Honda Odyssey.The motorcyclist on the right side tried to open the door, but it was locked.

He then heard a loud crash and saw shards of glass falling on his wife, who was in the front passenger seat.

A man on the left side of the car had punched the window, said Mr Tan, a fleet executive in an oil company.

The man put his hand through the broken window and tried to snatch Mrs Tan's handbag, which was slung over her shoulder.


Frightened, she started screaming loudly and held on tightly to her bag.

The tug-of-war between Mrs Tan and the biker lasted for about a minute. The biker eventually gave up and fled.

Mrs Tan's legs were injured by the broken glass.

Mr Tan said: "I was so shocked when I heard the window crash. I did not know what to do."

Mr Tan, a Malaysian and a Singapore permanent resident, said his wife, a Singaporean, is still traumatised by the incident.

He said that in a bid to escape, the motorcyclists tried to squeeze through a small gap between his car and the car in front. So he inched forward, hoping to block their path.

Mr Tan said: "I wanted to hit their bikes so that I could catch them."

But he was too late and rammed the car in front. No one was hurt.

Mr Tan apologised profusely to the driver of that car. He then went to file a police report, but decided against it in the end.

This is Mr Tan's first such encounter in his 20 years of driving up north.

He related the incident in a Facebook post, to warn other motorists.

For Singaporeans heading to Malaysia, he has this piece of advice: Stay alert and keep the car doors locked at all times.

Mr Tan said he will now go to Johor Baru only to visit his parents and relatives.


"I was so shocked when I heard the window crash. I did not know what to do."

- Mr Darren Tan (above)

Sold, but nobody's home

Units at completed condo projects all snapped up, but owners don't move in, travel overseas frequently

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Illustrated book to help children 'see' S'pore's past

Father of three writes illustrated book to help his children 'see' his growing up years

FOR SINGAPORE: Mr James Suresh (left) and Mr Syed Ismail with their book, Singapore In The 60s.
ENGAGING: One of the many cartoon illustrations in the book.

When Mr James Suresh, 59, tried to tell his three kids about his growing up years during the 1960s, they had trouble visualising his words.

So he and his long-time friend, illustrator Syed Ismail, 48, wrote an illustrated book about life in Singapore 50 years ago.

"Growing up in a modern age, it is hard for (my kids, now 19, 21 and 26) to imagine a Singapore where cows and chickens used to graze around my flat at Margaret Drive.

"Or that I had to share a bed with my three siblings, or board buses with no air-conditioner," he said.

The book, titled Singapore In The 60s, was sponsored by the SG50 Celebration Fund, which supports projects celebrating Singapore's 50th birthday.

The book, which contains a collection of anecdotes and drawings, was launched yesterday at Queenstown Primary School, Mr Suresh's alma mater.

Most of the 5,000 copies printed will be stocked at school libraries.

Read the full report in our print edition on June 26.

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Judge slams woman's maid abuse as 'cruel' and 'inhumane'

JAILED: Suganthi Jayaraman was sentenced to 15 months' jail and also ordered to compensate domestic helper Naw Mu Den Paw $4,900.

Her actions were "cruel and inhumane", said the judge.

Particularly so when she used a pestle and a heated ladle to abuse her domestic helper at her Woodlands Drive flat.

Suganthi Jayaraman, 34, had earlier pleaded guilty to three charges of voluntarily causing hurt. The incidents happened in September 2013.

Yesterday, District Judge Christopher Goh sentenced her a total of 15 months' jail, on top of making her pay $4,900 as compensation to her Myanmar national helper, Ms Naw Mu Den Paw, 24, who had been unemployed for 12 months

Judge Goh said her actions were "deliberate, malicious and also showed a profound lack of basic respect for the domestic maid's welfare and dignity".

He added: "In my view, you seem to treat the victim as a chattel rather than a fellow human being."

The court heard that Ms Naw, who was hired in April 2013, was punished for the smallest of infractions.

Unsatisfied with her frying of an Indian snack called vadai, Suganthi hit the back of her helper's head and right eyebrow with a metal pestle on Sept 20, 2013.

On Sept 28, Suganthi, unhappy with the curry Ms Naw helped to cook, used a heated ladle to burn Ms Naw's back and calf.

Two days later, Suganthi punched Ms Naw's left eye when she failed to wake up at 6.30am to take her daughter to school.

Ms Naw was denied medication even when she bled heavily. Instead, Suganthi told her to wear long pants to cover her wounds.

Unable to bear the abuse, Ms Naw ran away on Oct 3.


In mitigation last month, Suganthi's lawyer, Mr Louis Joseph, said his client was remorseful and regretted her actions.

Both Suganthi and her mother, who sat at the back of the courtroom, started crying as the sentence was read out.

The elderly woman began wailing and hitting her chest with her hands. She was later escorted out by police.

Pix of M’sian celebs’ kids turn up on porn site

M'sian comedian puzzled on how his children's photos ended up on porn site

FAMILY: (Above) Malaysian comedian Harith Iskander with his wife Dr Jezamine Lim, son Zander Xayne and daughter Alessandrea Jayne.
ANGRY: (Above) Harith’s Instagram post about the incident. His Facebook post had been shared about 6,000 times at press time.

Malaysian comedian Harith Iskander was shocked and upset to find photographs of his then-newborn son featured alongside lewd images of naked women on a pornographic website on Wednesday.

Photos of the children of other popular Malaysian celebrities, including actress-singer Erra Fazira and singer Tomok, also appeared on the site, which is believed to be US-based.

He told The New Paper on Thursday: "I was shocked, angry and confused as to why the hell anyone would put my son's photos on such a site. As a father, my first priority is to protect my children and that is why I got into action immediately and tried to find out as much information as I could."

Harith's wife, Dr Jezamine Lim, 31, said that she was rendered speechless and felt "so disgusted I vomited after that".

He posted on Facebook on Thursday evening that the photos have since been removed by the site.

Read the full report in our print edition on June 26.

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Experts: Be mindful when posting online

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Public's views sought on Tobacco Act

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