'I thought they would jump'

Mother and son stand on window ledge as fire rages in their flat as father lies unconscious in toilet. He later dies in hospital

DESTROYED: What is left of the flat after the blaze.
MEMORIES: A family photograph retrieved from the flat.
DESTROYED: The unit on fire.
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Your questions answered

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'Tok-kong'* app launches at #1

*Superb in Hokkien. The New Paper app gets a big fat tick

We can't say we were appsolutely surprised, but on the very first day of its launch, The New Paper app quickly became the most downloaded free news app of the day in Singapore.

And it's getting a big, positive tick from readers too.

Many enjoyed the app's vibrant yet simple interface, and of course, the freebies, especially the two-week free access to premium content, starting yesterday.

Readers also said they enjoy the app's points system, which rewards each comment or tip-off with points that can be used to redeem Manhattan Fish Market, NTUC FairPrice and Burger King vouchers.

But it's not all news and serious stuff - there's fun and games too, like the selfie option which lets readers put their mug shots into pre-designed page templates, including The New Paper page one cover!

With so much to offer, including videos that accompany our exclusive stories, it's no wonder The New Paper app was among the top most downloaded apps of the day.

4.4 OUT OF 5

It was rated at 4.4 stars out of 5 on the Google Play Store. Comments on the app include one from reader Shawn Foo saying: "Finally, it's here TNP, waited for it the longest time, wanted to find an app which has the news, and is free, love ya guys."

Delighted with the app's success, The New Paper's Deputy Editor S. Murali said: "It's great to see us get to No 1 position for free news applications so quickly after our official launch.

"We are getting some good feedback on the app and we hope that users like the interactive elements we have built into it. Already, I can see people using, sharing and commenting on stories, earning points that they can use to redeem rewards. And we hope to keep these digital citizens coming back with our vibrant content."

Here's what readers say they like about our app:

Freebies, like NTUC and Manhattan Fish Market vouchers, plus two weeks full stories and extra premium content

"As a student, free stuff goes a long way for all of us. The app gives a reasonable amount of content. If the content is top-notch, I'll definitely be willing to even pay for the app."

- Julian Marcus Loh, 18

"The vouchers really help attract people to read more news."

- Ian Ng, 20

Neat inferface, 
easy to read

"The app is just tok-kong (superb in Hokkien) la! The font is easy to read and it's neat. The colours are vibrant and eye-catching."

- Hooi Tug Kin, 18

"It's extremely clean and simple, yet puts the news out in more fun ways."

- Kaevinn, 18

User friendly

"I like the organisation of the tabs at the sidebar. It makes everything neater. If, for example, I want to just look at sports news, I can zoom in to that easily."

- Ubaidah

"Everything is categorised so I don't have to sieve through to get the news that attracts me. If not, it would be very inconvenient."

- Nur Shafinah Natasha, 17

"Trendy, convenient and easy news on the go!"

- Koh Siew Yi, 19


"The selfie function is pretty cool because I like to take pictures with my friends."

- Ubaidah

"It's great 'cause teenagers are always on their phones and it makes news a whole lot more interesting for us. It's never boring."

- Munirah Rasid, 17

Video stories

"It's important for stories to have videos accompanying the text so we can understand the story better. As for me, I'm a more visual person, so the app is quite appealing."

- Sofia Samadi, 17


"The app is pretty efficient. The content seems up-to-date with what's been happening in the past day."

- Ng Yong Kang, 18

"I can easily access the archives of news from the past few days if I've missed it."

- Junias Foong, 18

Sports and World Cup news

"I love that the app tells me the latest news of my favourite footballers and how they are preparing for the World Cup this week!"

- Marvin Ng, 20

Suggestions for NS accepted

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Car crashes into another before landing in drain

CRASH: The 26-year-old driver of the Honda was arrested.
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Hospital fires blogger

TTSH acts after issuing warning on misconduct

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BY THE numbers

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About the case

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'My wife and her lover almost killed me'

Man, 59, viciously attacked by wife and her young lover

SCARRED: Mr Loh Ngee Khoon's body is covered in deep scars from the attack.
I was very shocked. He suddenly came in and slammed into me. He pushed me in. After that, he took a knife from the kitchen and stabbed me.
VICIOUS: Patricia Anne Yong was jailed for four years for working with her lover to attack her husband.

He was brutally attacked by his wife's lover - a man young enough to be their grandson.

Cleaner Loh Ngee Khoon, 59, said that his wife Patricia Anne Yong, 60, also a cleaner, just looked during the assault on Aug 9 last year.

The lover, cleaner Ahmad Haji Shahul Hammed, 21, was jailed for four years and ordered to be given six strokes of the cane on Monday.

Yong was jailed for four years last year.

Read the full report in our print edition on June 11. Or subscribe to our interactive paper: To download for iPhone, go to http://bit.ly/tnpapp1, For Android, http://bit.ly/tnpand.

S'pore charges shipping firm

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