Phuket’s Tiger Kingdom closes enclosure after Australian tourist is mauled

File photo of a tiger. Phuket's Tiger Kingdom closed its Big Cat enclosure on Thursday in the wake of a mauling incident involving an Australian tourist.

Phuket's Tiger Kingdom closed its Big Cat enclosure on Thursday after a mauling incident.

A 15-month-old tiger attacked Australian tourist Paul Goudie, 49, on Tuesday, biting his both legs and stomach.

The man was dragged to safety by a park attendant and taken to hospital.

Bangkok Post reported that Mr Goudie has undergone surgery and has more operations scheduled.


The incident happened while Mr Goudie was walking around in an area where visitors are allowed to touch and take photos with the big cats.

Phuket Wan reported that the tiger was tasered as the tourist was being rescued. 

Tiger Kingdom, which opened on the island in August last year, gets hundreds of tourist every day, reported Bangkok Post.

The adult tigers are reportedly chained and drugged so that visitors can cuddle up to them and take photographs.

Not meant to be caged, cuddled

A local resident told UK daily The Telegraph “the news of the mauling is shocking but not surprising. These are wild animals, they’re not meant to be caged and cuddled."

"I feel sympathy for the man in question, but I don’t understand why tourists think it’s safe to pose for Facebook photos with wild animals in the first place."

Tiger Kingdom has closed Big Cat enclosure temporarily, though visitors can still visit cages containing smaller tigers, reported Phuket Wan.

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Christian Bale to play Steve Jobs in Sorkin biopic

"Dark Knight" star Christian Bale to play Steve Jobs in Aaron Sorkin's biopic

Renowned for his protagonist role in "The Dark Knight", actor Christian Bale will star as the late Apple CEO Steve Job's in Screenwriter Aaron Sorkin's latest biopic.

Bale did not even had to audition for the role.

Speaking to Bloomberg Television's Emily Chang, Sorkin said:  "We needed the best actor on the board in a certain age range and that’s Chris Bale.

"He didn’t have to audition. Well, there was a meeting."

According to The Verge, Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, Bradley Cooper, and Leonardo DiCaprio were among the actors in contention for the still-unnamed film. 

The film is an adaptation of Walter Isaacson's 2011 biography, "Steve Jobs", and will begin shooting in two months.

"He has more words to say in this movie than most people have in three movies combined," said Sorkin.

"There isn’t a scene or a frame that he’s not in. So it’s an extremely difficult part and he is gonna crush it."

Sorkin was also the screenwriter for the hit movie "The Social Network" which won an Academy Award.  

You can watch the full video of the interview above. 

Source: Bloomberg, The Verge, Youtube

Watch: Mark Zuckerberg speaks Mandarin for 30mins at Q&A session!

We all know Mark Zuckerberg is a talented man. After all, one doesn't build a billion-dollar company without having some smarts and skill.

But did you know the co-founder of Facebook speaks Mandarin?

Granted it is heavily-accented Mandarin and the pronunciation is a tad mangled, but Zuckerberg knows enough to hold an extended conversation. Now that's impressive.

You would think a guy that rich would just hire a translator. 

Zuckerberg showed off his impressive linguistic skills at Tsinghua University in Beijing on Wednesday during a public question and answer session.

The 30-year-old posted a video of the session on his Facebook page on Thursday.





The half-hour session with Chinese and international students kicked off with Zuckerberg greeting the audience in Mandarin.

His effort shocked the crowd, which cheered and applauded loudly.

The cheering intensified when Zuckerberg said his wife Priscilla, who is a Chinese American, was one of the reasons he picked up the language.

The Q&A session, which was peppered with jokes and laughs, saw Zuckerberg discuss a variety of topics including his philosophy on founding a company and his view of Chinese innovation.

'We’re already in China'

Zuckerberg's charm offensive in China may come as a surprise to some as the social network has been banned in China since 2009.

But the company has reportedly rented office space in Beijing in a bid to boost its business selling online ads to Chinese companies and local governments seeking to promote themselves abroad.

Earlier this week, he was named to the advisory board of Tsinghua’s School of Economics and Management, a further step towards strengthening the company’s China ties.

Asked about Facebook’s plans in the country, he maintained: "We’re already in China."

"We help Chinese companies increase their overseas customers; they use Facebook advertising to find more customers," he said. "So, we want to help different places in the world connect with China."

Sources: Facebook/Mark Zuckerberg, AFP

Sexy Fifty Shades-type fan story based on 1D's Harry Styles to be turned into movie

The Fifty Shades of Grey film hasn't even hit theatres yet and there's already news of a similar story getting a big screen adaptation. 

This new fan fiction sensation is called After, and it is based on UK boy band One Direction, in particular Harry Styles. 

It's been read one billion times online. Yes, billion. 

And that's why Paramount Pictures have just bought the screen rights to the book, reports E! Online. 

The Fifty Shades trilogy started off as fan fiction - fan-penned stories about their idols - for the Twilight stories, and will be released in cinemas on Valentine's Day next year. 


Like Fifty Shades, After revolves around a young couple.

"The male lead in the story just looks like Harry Styles, but he is in college not in a band," said author Anna Todd, 25.

In fact, "all of the 1D boys are in the story", said Todd, who also revealed she started writing the story out of boredom. 

Sex scenes

Does After, like Fifty Shades, have lots of uh, sexy scenes? 

Oh, yes. 

"There are definitely sex scenes. I mean, I was writing it for myself ... There are adult scenes in the story," said Todd, who is married.

There is, however, no S&M, which figures heavily in Fifty Shades. 

"They are regular sex scenes, but very detailed," added Todd. "It's the vanilla version of Fifty Shades of Grey!"

Source: E! Online

Hong Kong climbers hang protest banner off landmark cliff

A large pro-democracy banner being displayed on the Lion Rock Hill in Hong Kong on Thursday.
A large pro-democracy banner being displayed on the Lion Rock Hill in Hong Kong on Thursday.

A group of climbers unfurled a giant protest banner from a famous Hong Kong cliff on Thursday.

Climbers unveiled the 28m banner off Lion Rock, an imposing hill with a steep cliffside that rises above the densely-packed working class Kowloon area.

The yellow banner featured the slogan “I want genuine universal suffrage” and an umbrella, the symbol adopted by democracy protesters campaigning for full democracy.

In their video a climber dressed in a Spiderman outfit said: “The small circle electoral committee (who voted for Leung in 2012) and the Chief Executive only care about the rich on Tai Ping Shan and not the poor under Lion Rock.” 

Tai Ping Shan is the local name for Victoria Peak, the famous hill that dominates Hong Kong Island and boasts some of the world’s most expensive properties. 

In contrast, Lion Rock overlooks poorer neighbourhoods across the harbour that were historically the first port of call for impoverished immigrants from mainland China hoping to better themselves. 

The phrase “Lion Rock Spirit” has since become adopted by Cantonese speakers to encapsulate Hong Kong’s renown as a place where hard work and perseverance meant a brighter future.

Police on Thursday confirmed that 10 climbers were involved in unfurling the banner, adding that that officers were at the scene.

Source: AFP


Indonesia alerted to be on lookout for MH370 wreckage on its coastline

Survey ship M/V Fugro Equator is one of two ships mapping the sea floor in the search for missing flight Mh370. The search enters a new phase this week, with Australian officials "cautiously optimistic" the jet will be found almost seven months after it went missing.

Australia has alerted Indonesian authorities to be on the lookout for wreckage from missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 on its coastline. 

Floating debris from the aircraft may have drifted away from Australia's western coastline and may wash up on Indonesia's coastline, the Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) said on Wednesday (Oct 22). 

ATSB said they regularly receive reports from members of the public in Australia about possible MH370 debris washing up on the Australian coastline.

While the reports are "carefully" reviewed, the bureau said that it is more likely that the wreckage would have floated west, away from Australia, reports The Independent.

The search for the missing plane entered a new phase in October, focusing on a long, narrow arc in the southern Indian Ocean where MH370 made its last satellite communication. 

ATSB chief commissioner Martin Dolan said earlier this month they feel there is a "high probability" wreckage of the plane will be found in the new search area. 

Sources: Xinhua, The Independent

All but one S'pore tourist in Hokkaido bus crash discharged from hospital

Screen capture of an ANN news report on the accident.

All but one of the 33 Singaporean tourists involved in a road accident in Hokkaido earlier today (Oct 23) have been discharged from hospital, according to their travel agency.

The group was travelling around the Japanese island when their bus collided head-on with a truck.

The drivers of both vehicles were killed, while passengers of the bus mostly suffered minor injuries.

Hong Thai Travel spokesman Ms Stella Chow, said: "All but one of the passengers have been discharged from the hospital and are currently assisting the local police with their investigations into the crash."

"The last tourist was advised by the doctors to stay in the hospital another two days for observation," she said, adding that the agency would help the tourist "should he require any assistance". 

Ms Chow said the group would be continuing on their tour tomorrow (Oct 24).

"If there is enough time, they will try to complete what they missed out today," she said.

The group are on a seven-day tour of Hokkaido and are due back in Singapore on Sunday (Oct 26).

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Man jailed four years for pretending to be Chelsea footballer

Will the real Gael Kakuta please stand up. For your information, that's the one on the right.

Here is a man who took the phrase "fake it till you make it" to heart.

Sadly, not only did he not make it, he was also sentenced to jail for his efforts.

Mehdi Abalimba, 25, admitted to multiple counts of fraud and was sentenced to four years in jail for posing as Chelsea footballer Gael Kakuta.

The one-time promising footballer - Abalimba joined Derby County in 2009 for over £1 million (S$2 million) - masqueraded as Kakuta and went on shopping sprees in department store Selfridges.

He partied at a nightclub in Manchester and even hired a helicopter for a joyride, BBC reported.

Stole credit card details

The court was told he stole credit card details by photographing credit cards at a North London gym which he had broken into using a master key.

In July, this year, he ordered £20,000 worth of clothes from Selfridges in Manchester and to allay suspicions, displayed some of his football skills to the public.

According to Sgt Adam Cronshaw from the Greater Manchester Police, Abalimba was able to con people by being "charming and charismatic".

Tapping on his previous footballing experience helped further the con. Of course, bearing some resemblance to the real Gael Kakuta also came in useful.

Oh, in case you're wondering - Gael Kakuta is currently on loan to Spanish club Rayo Vallecano for the 2014-2015 season.

Sources: BBC, Xinhua. 

WATCH: 12,000 brave rain to watch Mariah Carey perform in KL

Some 12,000 people braved the rain to catch Mariah Carey's performance in Kuala Lumpur on Wednesday night.

The US singer, who is on the Asian leg of her The Elusive Chanteuse Show tour, took to the stage at around 9.15pm before a sea of poncho-clad fans.

She belted out fan favourites Fantasy, My All and Hero amid the pouring rain which started at around 6.30pm and continued well into the night.

And thankfully, she sounded much like her old self.

The diva has been under heavy criticism after failing to hit the right tones at a concert in Japan earlier this month.

Fans reportedly made comments like "It's a wrap for Mariah Carey's singing career", "You're a legend", "Time to retire", "She can't sing anymore at all", "What happened?" after her concert at Makuhari Messe Arena in Tokyo. 

Her singing has since improved by leaps and bounds.

This is what she sounded like on Wednesday:

The diva uploaded a short video on Instagram on Monday of herself warming up her vocals, proving she's still got it.


Cleaning and warming up my voice #TheElusiveChanteuseShow

A video posted by Mariah Carey (@mariahcarey) on

She will be performing in Singapore at the National Stadium on Friday.

Judging by how she sounds now, we've got to say, we can't wait!

Click here to find out more about the event.

Sources: The Star, Singapore Sports Hub

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Mario mischief: Shirt-swapping Balotelli to face action from Brendan Rodgers

Liverpool's Mario Balotelli walks off the pitch at half-time with Real Madrid's Pepe, before swapping shirts in the tunnel, during their Champions League Group B soccer match at Anfield in Liverpool.

As if being down by three goals against Real Madrid this morning (Oct 23) wasn't enough for Reds manager Brendan Rodgers, Mario Balotelli was seen swapping shirts with Real Madrid defender Pepe while heading into the tunnel.

Though the incident comes as no surprise to those who know Balotelli, it has left Rodgers livid. 

Speaking to Sky Sports, the Liverpool boss said: "That's the first I've heard about it and I wouldn't like it. 

"It's something that doesn't happen here, it shouldn't happen here."  

Brendan Rodgers

This is not the first such incident Rodgers has faced with his team.

Last season, Reds defender Mamadou Sakho was seen exchanging kits with Chelsea forward Samuel Eto'o during a defeat at Stamford Bridge.

"We had a case of a player doing that last season, which I dealt with, and if that's the case again then I'll deal with it again," said Rodgers.



Balotelli, who endured a dismal first-half performance was subbed off for Adam Lallana after the interval. The decision to take off Balotelli though, was purely tactical according to Rodgers, who was not aware of the shirt swapping incident at the time. 

"I needed more movement centrally to occupy their centre halves and I felt Raheem Sterling's speed would give us that. In the second half you could see every player pressing and working – for us that's the minimum. Lallana came on and did it very well," said Rodgers, according to a report from Daily Mail Online.

Balotelli's future bleak?

Rodgers was not the only one critical of Balotelli. Ex-Reds defender Jamie Carragher told Sky: "Do I think he's going to be here long-term? No, I'd be surprised to see him here next season if I'm being honest. Rafa Benitez was here a few years, bought Robbie Keane and sold him in January. It might not be that quick but I'd be surprised if Mario Balotelli is at the club next season."

Jamie Redknapp, a pundit at Sky Sports, shifted the spotlight of Balotelli's actions to the manager. According to The Guardian, he said:  “I don’t blame Mario Balotelli – I blame Brendan Rodgers for bringing him here. How he thought he could turn around a player that Mourinho, Mancini, Prandelli have all washed their hands of …

“There’s a reason when you go to the supermarket and things are half price. Why on earth they went for him, I’ll never know. They should have just left him alone. The fact he (Rodgers) went and got him, it just doesn’t make any sense to me.”

The defeat to Real Madrid leaves Liverpool languishing in third place on the table, with questions also being asked about the team's sloppy defending, beyond the shenanigans of the not so Super Mario.     

Here are five of Balotelli's maddest moments: 

Bad first impression

Just days after signing for Manchester City, Balotelli hit the headlines after crashing his Audi R8 en route to the club’s training ground. He was found to be carrying £5,000 (S$10,200) in cash at the time of the accident and when police asked why, he reportedly replied: “Because I am rich."

Dart shame

Balotelli once again showed his lack of maturity when it emerged he threw darts at City youth team players through a training ground window in March 2011. No one was hurt in the incident and he escaped punishment.

Fireworks off the pitch

Balotelli had a run-in with the emergency services in October 2011 after a firework was set off in the bathroom of his home, triggering a fire.

The next day, he scored in the Manchester derby and celebrated by revealing a T-shirt which read: “Why always me?”

Bizarre prison break

Mario and 17-year-old brother Enock were arrested strolling through the grounds of a women’s prison in Brescia, near Milan, in October 2011.

Balotelli is said to have told police that curiosity got the better of him and he “just fancied having a look”.

Banned after Parker stamp


Balotelli was charged with violent conduct by the Football Association, and subsequently handed a four-match ban, after appearing to stamp on the head of Tottenham’s Scott Parker during a Premier League match in January 2012.

Source: Skysports, Daily Mail Online, The Guardian, AFP