Movie Review: Creed (PG13)

Sylvester Stallone has found a worthy successor in Michael B Jordan.

There are many nostalgic moments that Rocky fans will appreciate, such as the training montages.

That said, Creed is not a Rocky sequel.

The Italian Stallion (Stallone) comes out of retirement to train rival-turned-best-friend Apollo Creed's illegitimate son, Adonis (Jordan), who has some anger and daddy issues from growing up in a juvenile home.

Much like a young Rocky, Adonis is given a rare chance to fight for a world title. And it is this underdog theme, corny as it may seem, that resonates.

Creed works because their relationship feels real and powerful. There are equal parts drama and action, and the right dose of humour, largely courtesy of Stallone.

While a little unsteady at first, Creed soars midway and the final act is a knockout. 

Ratings: 4/5

Court of Appeal: Alleged kelong king should be freed

Alleged kelong king, businessman Dan Tan Seet Eng, was ordered to be released from detention by the Court of Appeal on Wednesday (Nov 25, 2015).

Alleged kelong king, Tan Seet Eng, 51, also known as Dan Tan, was ordered to be released from detention by the Court of Appeal on Wednesday (Nov 25, 2015).

Since October 2013, the businessman had been detained under the Criminal Law (Temporary Provisions) Act, which allows for detention without trial.

In the court's judgment, Chief Justice (CJ) Sundaresh Menon said that Mr Tan's detention was unlawful.

He also said that the grounds given by the detention set out few connections with Singapore.

These are based on Mr Tan's running of the syndicate from Singapore and his recruitment of runners here, said CJ Menon.

He added: "While...these acts are reprehensible, and should not be condoned, there is nothing to suggest whether (or how) these activities could be thought to have a bearing on the public safety, peace and good order within Singapore."

Read the full report in our print edition on Nov 26.

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Local girls to compete in Indoor Skydiving competition in Dubai

Team Firefly putting on a spectacular performance with their impressive indoor skydiving skills before the 1st Inter-school So You Think You Can Fly: School Edition competition
Kyra Poh and Choo Yixuan of Team Firefly will be in Dubai Nov 26-28 to represent Singapore and compete in the Inflight Dubai Clash of Champions 2015 in the open dynamic two-way free-fly category.

They've been somersaulting and performing acrobatic stunts in a whirlwind vortex since they were only eight and nine.

Kyra Poh, 13, and Choo Yixuan, 14, are part of Team Firefly, the youngest national indoor skydiving team in Singapore since its formation five years ago.

Within a short span of four years, the girls have represented Singapore in international competitions, competing with participants from all over the world, some of whom were twice, or even thrice their age.

They've also won several Guinness World Records in indoor skydiving, including the most number of front flips in a minute.

Early this year, they competed at the Body Flight World Challenge 2015 in Bedford, UK and managed to clinch third place in three categories.

Over the years, the girls have grown fond of each other, often looking out for each other.

Kyra told TNP: "We get along really well and like to encourage each other. We really love flying with each other."

The duo recalled their first time going into the tunnel.

Yixuan described it as "really really scary".

"But as time goes by, you get used to it and you'll enjoy the fun of it."

However, Kyra has always enjoyed riding on roller coasters and really enjoyed it from the get go.

Kyra told TNP: "Frankly, now i can't imagine my life without flying. Especially since I come here once or twice a week. It has become a routine where I just come here (iFly) and have fun.

"You have to learn to balance your studies and sports," added Yixuan. " Indoor skydiving, to me, is a relaxing and a way to de-stress. When you're in the tunnel, you'll forget all your worries."

Team Firefly will be in Dubai from Thursday to Saturday (Nov 26-28) to represent Singapore and compete in the Inflight Dubai Clash of Champions 2015 in the open dynamic two-way free-fly category.

1st Inter-School Indoor Skydiving Competition

Not everyone can say that they had solved math equations while tumbling in a whirlwind vortex.

Last Thursday (Nov 18), iFly Singapore held its 1st Inter-School Indoor Skydiving Competition, "So You Think You Can Fly: School Edition".

The event saw 12 students from six local schools competing in four rounds of iCount, manoeuvering in the tunnel while coming up with a math equation to numbers which are given to them.

The participants first enter the tunnel and are shown a number on a screen.

Then they have to form an equation that will give the number given as the answer.





The shorter the time it takes to finish the equation, the more points they will earn.

Caitlin Braybrook of Tanglin Trust School took first place in the competition while Kuo Pei Yu of Nanyang Girls' High School was second, each winning more than $16,000 worth of flight scholarships with iFly.

The winning school also received $5,000 in cash prize for their Financial Assistance scheme.

Both were also crowned as the newest youth school ambassadors for iFly, the indoor skydiving facility on Sentosa.

iFly Singapore’s newest youth ambassadors and winners of the flight scholarships: Caitlin Braybrook, 14, Tanglin Trust School (L) and Kuo Pei Yu, 14, Nanyang Girls’ High School (R) together with iFly Singapore's founder and CEO Mr Lawrence Koh PHOTO: iFly SINGAPORE

Fellow iFly ambassador, local personality Hayley Woo, was present as one of the judges.

"The kids did a really good job. Completing the tasks at 13-16 seconds, their time was awesome!"

Team Firefly was excited at the news of the additions to the team.

"We can't wait to have more people on board the team. It'll definitely be fun and exciting to inspire and teach them and give them tips that we've learnt along the way."

Bite sized

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Give yourself a hearty treat

WHAT OverEasy Orchard WHERE #01-01, Liat Towers WHEN Daily 11am to 11pm CALL 6684-1453

The Mac & Cheek.
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Smart people ready for the polytrack

niCE WORKOUT: The Alwin Tan-trained Casing Royal (W320), Happy Saga (centre) and Real Hero galloping during trackwork at Kranji yesterday morning.
STiRLing: Covering the 600m track in 36.3 seconds yesterday.
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Bad video, this is

We sat through it and nope, there isn't a single lightsaber in EXO's new vid
WHAT, NO EWOKS TOO? EXO wax lyrical about lightsabers but we're not seeing any.
WHAT, NO EWOKS TOO? EXO wax lyrical about lightsabers but we're not seeing any.

Star Wars fans, do not watch the new music video Lightsaber by K-pop boy band EXO.

Not only is it disappointing in its lacklustre production values, the two-minute clip is unabashedly opportunistic and blatantly cashes in on the Star Wars hype.

Billed as "a collaboration film" with The Walt Disney Company (how an MV can even be called a 'film' begs another commentary altogether), Lightsaber was meant to be a promotional boost for the upcoming Star Wars: The Force Awakens, the seventh instalment of the iconic US sci-fi movie series that opens here on Dec 17.

But sadly, it doesn't serve the purpose at all.

For a track titled Lightsaber, there are no lightsabers in sight. Like, zilch.

EXO members Baekhyun, Sehun and Kai strut through a grocery store, a dingy pub and a hotel passageway respectively, holding some mysterious weapon-like object.

But just as they are about to go head-to-head into an epic battle, the video wraps up and no energy swords are drawn. How very perplexing and anticlimactic.

Musically and lyrically, the song falls flat too.

One would naturally expect direct references to Star Wars, like a rap verse that namechecks the franchise's beloved characters such as R2-D2, C-3PO and Chewbacca.

Alas, nope.

EXO have instead opted for generic lyrics that make no sense: "In the pitch black darkness I'll take your hand/ A life saver, Lightsaber." Totally bland, right?

Lightsaber's melody is reminiscent of typical K-pop electronic dance fare and save for Darth Vader's ominous breathing in the opening bars, I wouldn't have made the association with Star Wars if I had not known about the Disney tie-up.

To put it harshly, EXO simply jumped on the Star Wars bandwagon and turned in a cheap, haphazard effort.

Diehard supporters of the nine-man group will surely leap to their defence and point out that the last thing they want to see is their idols in cheesy Star Wars costumes.

I beg to differ. The Star Wars franchise, which began in 1977, is so appealing precisely because it sends the message that it's okay to be geeky and it's definitely cool to cosplay.

Personally, I think Lightsaber would have worked better if Kai played Han Solo, Sehun took on Luke Skywalker, and the rest of the boys were in Stormtrooper outfits.

Or at the very least, they could have just brandished their lightsabers.

Bowler Remy Ong to make international comeback in Middle East

Ong slowly getting 'feel' back ahead of international comeback

FAMILIAR GROUND: Remy Ong in action when he won the Qatar Bowling Open in 2009.

Coming out of retirement can be a tricky matter in any elite sport.

Martina Navratilova won 19 Wimbledon titles when she retired from singles competition in 1994, and did her reputation no harm when she returned in 2000, claiming two more Grand Slam titles in 2003.

On the flip side, Michael Schumacher retired from Formula 1 in 2006 as one of the greatest drivers the sport has ever seen, but his second coming in 2010 with Mercedes had been less than stellar, before his unfortunate skiiing accident three years later.

Singapore's former world champion bowler Remy Ong will be hoping that his comeback on the lanes will be more Martina than Michael, even if his first foray back into competitive bowling in three years - at the Singapore National Bowling Championships earlier this month - had shown that he needs to shake off the rust.

"Although I've been at the lanes almost everyday (as the national coach), it's different when you actually bowl yourself," said Ong, 36, who missed the cut for the 24-strong Men's Open Masters at the local event at Temasek Club.

"Manufacturers are making balls more powerful now than three years ago, and it affects how the lanes break down, so I have to get my 'feel' back."

The southpaw has been training almost daily at the Civil Service Club in Changi, while running the Sponzer Group, a digital marketing company he co-founded.

The company has already made a few deals, which include an event today at the Fullerton Hotel to commemorate 45 years of diplomatic relationship between Mongolia and Singapore.

Ong said: "I've been busy every day and everything is looking good and positive. My partner and staff are incredibly supportive and helpful about my bowling, and I couldn't have done it without them."


The triple-gold medallist at the 2002 Asian Games will be making his international comeback this weekend on familiar ground, at the Qatar Bowling Open.

He will follow that up with the Kingdom International Open, which starts in Saudi Arabia next Thursday.

Ong won the Qatar event in 2009, and the Saudi competition a year later.

"I definitely have expectations of myself at these competitions because I am still a very competitive person," said Ong, who is leaving for the Middle East on Saturday.

"I'd have to take it step by step, since I only recently came back after almost three years out of the scene.

"But I am slowly getting that 'feel' back, and what matters most is that I've still got the hunger to win."

I definitely have expectations of myself at these competitions because I am still a very competitive person.

— Bowler Remy Ong on his comeback