Prisoners in India throw chilli powder in guards’ eyes in a bid to escape

File photo of chilli powder.

Thirteen prisoners managed to escape their guards by hurling chilli powder at their eyes, authorities in India said.

The prisoners staged the get-away outside a prison in Chaibasa, Jharkhand, one of India’s poorest states, on Tuesday.

Police opened fire to try to stop the men running away.

Jharkhand police spokesman Anurag Gupta told AFP: "Two prisoners facing trial who tried to escape were killed and 13 others managed to flee."

Fifty-four prisoners were being transported from court back to jail when fifteen of them made a bid for freedom.

Said police superintendent N.K. Singh: "They were being brought back to the jail when some prisoners threw chilli powder (at their guards) to escape."

Police said the state’s borders have been sealed and a massive manhunt has been launched for the escaped prisoners.

Source: AFP

Thais counting on Chanathip to break Azkals

Thailand coach Kiatisuk Senamuang is hoping Chanathip Songkrasin can inspire his side to the Suzuki Cup finals.
Thailand coach Kiatisuk Senamuang is hoping Chanathip Songkrasin can inspire his side to the Suzuki Cup finals.

He hasn't lit up the Suzuki Cup like he was tipped to do, but Chanathip Songkrasin could be handed a major role for Thailand in their semi-final second leg match against the Philippines.

With the tie finely poised following a goalless first leg in Manilla, head coach Kiatisuk Senamuang has been deploying the attacking midfielder - dubbed "Messi Jay" by Thai fans and media for his mesmerising dribbling skills - as a forward in training and is considering fielding him there for the return leg at the Rajamangala Stadium in Bangkok on Wednesday.

The War Elephants are without star striker Adisak Kraisorn following his red card at the Rizal Memorial Stadium and while he has a more conventional option in Sompong Soleb, Kiatisuk is giving talented youngster Chanathip the nod on their home ground.

Not decided

Kiatisuk said: "I used Chanathip as a striker in training but I have not yet decided whether to use him for the position against the Philippines.

“We will stick to our tactics with fast attack.

"The condition of the pitch here (in Bangkok) is more to our liking than that in Manila."

While the three-time champions will be looking to reach the final and have a shot at equalling Singapore's record of four wins, the Philippines are hoping to pull off a famous upset to give their countrymen a boost after the nation was hit by Typhoon Hagupit.


Azkals midfielder Jerry Lucena said: "(The guys are giving) a lot of thought to the people back home in the Philippines and we hope we can get a good result here and give them some cheer.

"I am looking forward to the game. It is what football is all about playing in front of a lot of people and representing your country."

While the Thais are the clear favourites to advance, Philippines head coach Thomas Dooley is hoping the pressure will get to the hosts as his side try sneak in a crucial away goal.

Azkals happy

The former United States captain said: "We were happy with the way we played in the first leg even though we did not win.

"If we can hold Thailand for the opening 15-20 minutes on Wednesday, I think we have a good chance (of going through).

"The 0-0 draw in Manila was the perfect result for us but obviously, we are still the underdogs here in front of 50,000 or 60,000 spectators.

"It will be very, very difficult but on the other hand we know they have to be careful - if we score a goal it will be very difficult for them."

Source: AFF Suzuki Cup official website

(Thailand banking on young maestro Chanathip, Azkals aim to cheer typhoon-hit countrymen)

What were the most talked-about topics on Facebook in 2014?

Facebook released its list of most talked-about topics by users around the globe on Tuesday.

What topped the list? The World Cup.

Here's the top 10 global topics of the year.

  1. World Cup
  2. Ebola virus outbreak
  3. Elections in Brazil
  4. Robin Williams
  5. Ice Bucket Challenge
  6. Conflict in Gaza
  7. Malaysia Airlines
  8. Super Bowl
  9. Michael Brown/Ferguson
  10. Sochi Winter Olympics

Facebook also released its list of top games of the year. (And, of course, no list would be complete without Kim Kardashian.)

  1. Cookie Jam
  2. Bubble Witch 2 Saga
  3. Candy Crush Soda Saga
  4. Klondike
  5. Kim Kardashian: Hollywood
  6. Old Vegas Slots
  7. League of Angels
  8. Hero Defense
  9. SuperCity
  10. Sparta: War of Empires

Facebook games partnership chief Dan Morris said: "Games are hugely important to Facebook."

"There are hundreds of millions of people playing a game on the Facebook platform or playing a mobile game through the Facebook app. We continue to invest on both sides of that equation."

Facebook and the developers get revenue largely from in-app game purchases, and to a lesser degree from advertising.

The social networking giant also released a list of the Top 10 most talked-about places in Singapore.

  1. Universal Studios Singapore
  2. Marina Bay Sands
  3. Gardens by the Bay
  4. Sentosa Island
  5. Singapore Zoo
  6. Resorts World at Sentosa
  7. S.E.A. Aquarium, Marine Life Park
  8. Merlion Park
  9. Singapore Flyer
  10. Trick Eye Museum Singapore

Sources: Facebook, AFP

Korean Air CEO’s daughter resigns in row over nuts

A Korean Air plane sits on the tarmac at Gimpo airport in Seoul on Tuesday.
A Korean Air plane sits on the tarmac at Gimpo airport in Seoul on Tuesday.

The daughter of Korean Air’s CEO resigned on Tuesday (Dec 9) after being widely criticised for having the chief purser kicked off a plane because of the way she had been served some nuts.

Ms Cho Hyun Ah, a top executive in Korean Air’s in-flight service, forced the New York-Seoul flight to return to its gate last Friday to remove the most senior member of the crew, causing the plane to be delayed.

Her behaviour attracted heavy criticism in South Korea, where she was accused of being petty and arrogant.

It also prompted a state probe over a possible breach of aviation safety laws, AFP reported. 

“I feel so sorry for our customers and South Koreans for causing such trouble... and seek forgiveness from the people who might have been hurt by me,” Ms Cho, 40, said in a statement released by Korean Air. 

“I will resign from all my posts at Korean Air to take responsibility for the incident,” she was quoted as saying.

Accepts resignation

Korean Air CEO Cho Yang Ho immediately accepted her resignation, according to the statement.

Korean Air’s spokesman told AFP that Ms Cho would retain the title of vice-president even though she no longer had any official role in the company.

The spokesman added that it was not clear whether she would hold any responsibilities in the future.

The Seoul flight had just left its gate at New York’s JFK airport on Friday when the incident occurred.

Ms Cho, sitting in first class, took exception to the arrival of some macadamia nuts she had not asked for, and to the fact that they were served in a packet rather than a bowl.

She summoned the chief purser who, according to an earlier Korean Air statement, replied with “lies and excuses” when challenged over his crew’s knowledge of in-flight service procedures.

Media backlash

The media backlash against Ms Cho has been extensive.

“This ugly behaviour by the Korean Air boss’s daughter puts the entire nation to shame,” Seoul’s top business daily, the Maeil Business Newspaper, said in an editorial.

“This is a global embarrassment for South Korea... Korean Air should punish Ms Cho, and she should apologise to the public for disregarding passengers’ safety,” it said.

The Dong-A Ilbo newspaper said Ms Cho’s action had exposed the “sense of entitlement and supercilious attitude” prevalent among the rich. 

“Apparently some members of owner families like Ms Cho see their companies like their own kingdom,” it added.

Source: AFP

Uber driver accused of rape was out on bail when he committed the crime

Indian police escorting Uber taxi driver and accused rapist Shiv Kumar Yadav (centre) following his court appearance in New Delhi on Dec 8.

The Uber driver accused of raping a passenger in New Delhi was already facing charges for assault, robbery and rape when he allegedly committed the crime, Indian police said Tuesday.

Shiv Kumar Yadav, 32, was arrested and remanded in custody after the passenger, who is in her mid-20s, accused him of raping her after she fell asleep in his cab on Friday night.

The driver was out on bail when he allegedly raped the woman.

Yadav was charged with molestation in 2003, with possessing a weapon without a licence in 2006, and with robbery and rape last year, deputy commissioner for north Delhi police Madhur Verma said.

"We checked with the police in Uttar Pradesh and can now confirm that he has three more criminal cases against him," said Mr Verma, referring to Yadav’s native state in northern India.

"He was out on bail from Uttar Pradesh courts."

Background checks on drivers

The revelation is a major blow to the US-based taxi app service, which is already under fire for failing to carry out adequate background checks on its drivers.

Uber, which lets customers hail and pay for taxis or private vehicles via a smartphone app​, has been banned from operating in the Indian capital and accused of failing to follow local regulations.

Delhi police said earlier that the police certificate provided by the driver was a fake.

The certificate records any criminal charges or convictions against a driver, or the lack of them.

The incident has once again raised the issue of women’s safety in India, days before the second anniversary of a fatal gang-rape of a Delhi student that unleashed widespread outrage.

The victim dozed off in the taxi as she was returning home from dinner. She told police she woke to find the taxi parked in a secluded place where the driver assaulted and raped her, before dumping her near her home in north Delhi.

Source: AFP

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Elderly M’sian men flocking to strip clubs in Thai border

Screen grab from a YouTube video

Some Malaysian men in their '70s have been flocking to strip clubs in Betong, Thailand, to watch raunchy dances even as early as 3pm, reported Metro Ahad.

Betong is a town in southern Thailand, near the Malaysian border.

Such centres, which have been dubbed “naughty grandfather clubs”, are different from strip clubs in Hatyai or Bangkok as they allow customers to watch at close range and even touch the performers.

Most of such clubs, which offer striptease and pole dancing shows, were found to have up to 30 women performing at the same time.

A 71-year-old, known as Mat, said he went to Betong with his three friends at least twice a month.

Said Mr Mat from Perak: “There is no cover charge. You can just pay 100 Baht (S$4) for a glass of Coke and you can watch the show to your heart’s content.”

Source: The Star, Metro Ahad


Viewers complain after man not 'eaten alive' by anaconda on TV, as promised by Discovery

When naturalist Paul Rosolie wanted to focus attention on the destruction of the Amazon rainforest, he decided he needed a stunt guaranteed to get people looking.

“Everybody on Earth knows that the rainforests are disappearing and most people can tell you how important they are, but still, not enough people are paying attention, not enough people realize this is such a problem.”

The American activist said he was proud to take on the adventure, even though the prospect of dying was hard to swallow.

So the staunch environmentalist offered himself as dinner to an anaconda – and was prepared to be swallowed alive, filming every moment.

But in the end, Rosolie wasn’t exactly ingested by the snake, disappointing viewers who expected a journey into the belly of the deadly beast.

Instead he let the anaconda coil around him before calling the mission off, fearing he might get seriously injured.

Anacondas, the largest snakes in the world, typically suffocate their prey before ingesting it, making Rosolie’s attempt all the more dangerous.

To avoid suffocating, experts crafted Rosolie a specially designed carbon fiber suit, equipped with a breathing system – as well as with cameras and a system to communicate.

“We didn’t know if this was going to work, if I was going to be eaten, but we made sure that if I did make it inside the snake, I wouldn’t suffocate,” Rosolie explained after the ordeal.

The next challenge was trying to find a snake in the Peruvian Amazon jungle.

“We spent 60 days out in the jungle, camping, hiking, looking through swamps every night,” Rosolie said.

Photos: Twitter

Eventually, they found a female snake, which at, six meters long, fit the bill.

“When I went up to the snake, it didn’t try to eat me right away,” Rosolie recounted.

“It tried to escape. And when I provoked it a little bit, and acted a little more like a predator, that’s when it turned around and defended itself.”

As the snake wrapped around a suited-up Rosolie – at one point opening its wide jaws on his helmet – the daredevil said she was squeezing his arm tight, which he feared might break.

“I felt her jaw on my helmet and I could hear a gurgling and wheezing,” he said, after surviving the standoff with the snake.

He told his team he was feeling light-headed and as the anaconda squeezed tight around him, he called for help.

“Guys you need to get in here... I’m calling it I need help!” he said from inside the suit, prompting the support crew to rescue an exhausted Rosolie from the anaconda’s powerful grip.

“Her crush force was fully on my exposed arm so I just started to feel the blood drain out of my hand and I felt the bone start to flex and when that got to a point when I felt like it was about to snap, I had to tap out,” he said.

Viewers on social media were swift in criticizing the show’s misleading title after it aired Sunday.




"I can relate to this #EatenAlive guy. I’ve been wrapped up in my comforter a little too tight and had trouble breathing. Not impressed.”

“Eaten Alive? More like Briefly Drooled On By A Snake While Alive.”

“Super disappointed in this Eaten Alive show.. I just sat here for two hours to see a snake lick the top of this dudes head,” tweeted another.

“@Discovery I’ve never watched your show Naked and Afraid but after watching #EatenAlive I assume everyone is clothed and calm.”

“Calling it #EatenAlive is like having a show on the Food Network about cooking a turkey and all they do after 2 hours is preheat the oven.”

Sources: AFP, Twitter, YouTube

EPL Hits and Misses: The one that's later than usual

City turn the screw on Chelsea while Andy Carroll features with his brace that (temporarily) sent West Ham into an unthinkable third place. Of course, Man United took that spot from them despite a dire showing. Read on, people...

Andy Carroll celebrates after scoring for West Ham United.
Andy Carroll celebrates after scoring for West Ham United.


Andy Carroll
Tops the list with two very typical Andy Carroll goals, his first since March, to propel West Ham into their highest league position in 15 years, albeit temporarily. It's been one heck of a comeback from injury for the former Newcastle and Liverpool striker, who has often been derided for his fragility in contrast with his physical style of play.

Manchester City
Quietly chugging along and closing the chasm following the fading and subsequent destruction of Chelsea's aura of invincibility. After a few recent stumbles of their own, City have pulled together at the Premier League's team in form by lodging five wins and a draw in their last six matches to close the gap on Jose Mourinho's side to three points. The title race is alive once again, folks! Happy days.

Manchester United
Stumbling into third place and five points behind their neighbours despite an anemic performance at St Mary's. Louis van Gaal admitted that they were lucky to win and rightfully so. Even though the Dutchman can take heart in Robin van Persie's renaissance, he has yet another selection headache in defence after Chris Smalling pulled up early to join the club's lengthy injury list. Also worrying for the Red Devils was the shoddy performances of several of key players. Van Gaal will certainly demand more from his men when they take on Liverpool on Sunday.

Papiss Cisse
The Senegalese has rediscovered the lethal form from his early days in the English Premier League as an impact substitute. The Blues must have felt a sense of deja vu watching Cisse notch a brace against them as he did in spectacular fashion in 2012.

Stoke City
The Potters' form has been nothing short of a roller coaster this season. So after three consecutive Premier League defeats, you had to feel that Mark Hughes' side was due a win. And beat Arsenal they did, heaping more pressure on Arsene Wenger in the process. However, a defeat has followed each of Stoke's four prior victories, meaning Sparky has much to do if the club are to get their first back-to-back wins of the season at Crystal Palace this weekend.

Queens Park Rangers
While Chelsea have been hogging first place, the relegation dogfight this season has been truly fascinating to watch with teams at the bottom of the table taking turns to get their heads above water. This week, it's QPR's turn to have a breather outside of the drop zone after keeping a clean sheet against fellow strugglers Burnley. The down side, though, is that top scorer Charlie Austin will miss their upcoming match against Everton because of his red card.

Paul Lambert
Probably the most relieved manager in the Premier League this week after ending Aston Villa's wretched nine-game winless streak in midweek against Crystal Palace before quickly following it up with another victory over hapless Leicester City over the weekend. Such is the closeness of the bottom half of the table that the Villans suddenly find themselves in 11th place - just two points off Liverpool and Spurs directly above them.


Does Arsene Wenger still believes his side can catch Chelsea and challenge for the title? While the Blues did their part to open the title race with their first lost of the season, the Frenchman and his Gunners failed to deliver on their end of the bargain. The unrest among the usually loyal Arsenal part worsened, with supporters going as far as to barrack their team at the train station following the defeat. The north Londoners are now 13 points behind Chelsea and while Wenger is unlikely to wave the white flag, he must surely be aware that his reputation at the club is being dragged through the mud.

Liverpool and Tottenham
Lumped together for their inability to even eke out a goal in their respective matches where they were expected to win. Goalless. Draw. Boo.

At least no one's going to ask the same old question about the Blues becoming the new Invincibles etc, etc anymore. While Diego Costa enjoyed a stunning start to his life at Chelsea, the Brazilian-born Spanish goal machine has been sputtering of late. With City playing the part of the Terminator and rapidly closing in on them, Mourinho must now find a solution to get his Blues unstuck before their advantage is completely wiped out.

If the Saints' fall from grace in the past few weeks has proven anything, it's that Ronald Koeman doesn't have enough quality in his squad to nudge aside the EPL big boys. Southampton were clearly the superior side against United, but they simply could not convert their dominance into a match-winner.While Koeman has invested well to get the Saints where they are after everyone predicted doom and gloom at St Mary's this season, it looks like more is needed in January if Southampton wish to be more than mere pretenders.

Hull City
They might not have lost, but Steve Bruce's side have slid into the bottom three with their goalless boring draw against West Brom.

Leicester City
Their position at the foot of the table mirrors their status as the most out-of-form team in the Premier League.

9 dead after bomb explosion on bus near university in Philippines

Google Earth view of Maramag town in Bukidnon, Philippines.

At least nine people were killed after a bus exploded in Maramag town in Bukidnon, Philippines, on Tuesday (Nov 9). Another 17 were injured.

The bus was travelling from Lanao del Sur to Cagayan de Oro City when an improvised explosive device blew up, said Major Christian Uy, a military spokesman.

At the time of the explosion, the bus was nearing Central Mindanao University.

The injured have been sent to hospital.

Source: Rappler