Exorcising the ghosts
 of 2014

Olympic gold shows Brazilian football is recovering after 
the World Cup trauma

ON THE ASCENDANCY: Neymar (above) doing a "Usain Bolt" after 
scoring the free-kick to give Brazil the lead.
Neymar (right), hugging Rafael after scoring the winning penalty, telling Tite, coach of the senior Brazil team, of his wish to relinquish captaincy.
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TNP New Face 2016: Annika Xue Sager

Annika Xue Sager, 16

Student at German European School Singapore

Annika was born here in Singapore, but has never lived in a country for longer than five years because her father relocates for work every few years.

She moved to Tokyo when she was six, then went to Dubai and she is now back in Singapore for two years.

The moves have made her grow very close to her 19-year-old brother Niklas. She said: "As we kept changing schools, we would be each other's only friend during the initial weeks of relocation."

Will you revisit any country you lived in?

I definitely want to visit Tokyo again to see my friends. I lived there for almost five years.

I wish to see how they are now and how much the city has changed.

What is the most exciting event that has happened to you in the past year?

That would be the trip to India with my classmates this March.

Each year, my school organises a trip for the 10th graders.

We spent two weeks in Kochi doing charity work. We helped build a house for 300 disabled women.The trip made us appreciate our lives and I learnt that I should never take things for granted. I saw how people struggled just to stay alive.

What is your biggest pet peeve?

Dishonesty. I do not lie because I think it is too stressful to keep it up for long.

What do you hope to gain out of New Face 2016?

More modelling experience.

I have never taken part in a modelling competition, so this is out of my comfort zone.

I learnt from the other finalists who are professional models and from observing the New Face team that helped us look good for the photo shoots.

What is your biggest obsession?

I love making healthy smoothies and cupcakes with my mother. My friends are also obsessed with them and always request for cupcakes whenever there's a party.

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She calls TNP about fire before being evacuated

Woman calls TNP about Tampines building blaze


It was the largest industrial fire this year, with 110 firefighters activated to battle it over more than 16 hours.

It started last Wednesday afternoon at the CK Building in Tampines and was put out only around 6am the next day.

A reader of The New Paper quickly realised it would be big news and contacted our hotline.

No one was injured in the blaze, apart from a firefighter who was taken to hospital for heat exhaustion.

An 59-year-old administrative clerk, who wanted to be known only as Madam Tan, was in the building next-door - 37A Tampines Street 92.

She was with a group of colleagues during lunchtime when one of them saw the smoke at around 1.30pm.

Immediately, she called the TNP hotline to alert us.

"I thought the fire would be serious because this is an industrial area," she said.

"At first, we just saw some smoke. Then, the flames spread like wildfire."

The building where she works was evacuated shortly after.

Madam Tan said: "The whole area was cordoned off, and I left when our HR (human resources department) told us we were not allowed to go back in."

Her office was closed last Thursday as safety checks had to be conducted.

She said: "I feel grateful because the whole operation was very well-coordinated. We were evacuated quickly and the fire engines came very fast.

"The firefighters braved the heat and the falling debris."

The report was published as TNP's cover story last Thursday.

Another hotline caller, who wanted to be known as Madam Yu, was in her husband's car when she spotted a topless woman in the middle of the road on Nicoll Highway last Monday.

The senior personal assistant did a Google search for TNP's hotline number and called us.

Madam Yu, 51, a TNP reader for more than 10 years, felt the situation was dangerous not only for the woman, but for all those on the road.

"I was just curious as to why these things happen," she said.

A report on the incident was published last Tuesday.

A reader also contacted TNP about what looked like smoke coming out of a train at Tanjong Pagar MRT station last Monday.

SMRT said it was freon gas which had leaked from the train's air-conditioning system.

That report was also published last Tuesday.

Another reader e-mailed TNP photos of a vehicle on fire at Ubi Avenue 1 last Tuesday.

A cleaner was in his automated road sweeper when it burst into flames.

He escaped unhurt.

A report on the incident was published last Wednesday.

For sharing these stories, each hotline caller will receive a $100 KFC voucher.

We value and appreciate your calls and e-mails, so keep them coming.

You can call us at 1800-733-4455, SMS or MMS 9477-8899 or e-mail us at tnp@sph.com.sg

"I feel grateful because the whole operation was very well coordinated. We were evacuated quickly and the fire engines came very fast."

- Madam Tan

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M'sian police: Young ISIS sympathisers, we're watching you

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Tourist dies after falling from tuk tuk

ON HOLIDAY: Miss Niamh Corrigan and her fiance Paul Fortuna.
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Bomb kills 50 at wedding in Turkey

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Health checks at home, daily

Pilot project for the elderly

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Pioneer Chua Kim Yeow dies

CANDIDATE: Mr Chua Kim Yeow and his wife, Madam Seah Sok Meng, going to cast their votes in the 1993 presidential election.
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