Sierra Leone buries ‘hero’ Ebola medic

Dr Sheik Umar Khan is credited with saving the lives of more than 100 Ebola victims
Dr Umar Khan is credited with saving the lives of more than 100 Ebola victims.

Sierra Leone on Thursday buried a doctor it hailed as a “national hero” for saving the lives of more than 100 Ebola patients before succumbing himself to the disease.

Dr Umar Khan, 43, the west African nation’s sole virologist, was at the forefront of his country’s fight against the epidemic, which has seen more than 700 deaths in Sierra Leone and its west African neighbours.

He was laid to rest in the eastern town of Kenema, where he had spent much of his working life, in a Muslim ceremony attended by family, friends, local dignitaries, aid workers and health officials.

“He was committed and dedicated in the quest to save the lives of his compatriots,” Health Minister Miatta Kargbo told the mourners.

“For the short time we interacted, he constantly described Ebola as a war that all Sierra Leoneans should join to fight against or otherwise it would be devastating.”

Local media in Kenema described a “grief-laden” atmosphere weighing heavily on the town, with offices closed and markets empty.

National hero

President Ernest Koroma declared Khan a “national hero” following the medic’s death on Tuesday, and named a research centre in Kenema in his memory.

“The late doctor saved the lives of more than 100 patients before succumbing to the deadly ebola disease himself,” Mr Koroma said in a statement ahead of the funeral, which he did not attend.

Source: AFP


Blasts as experts finally reach MH17 crash site in Ukraine

Service men of the maritime security of the State Border Service of Ukraine prepare to patrol the Tahanroz'ka gulf of the sea of Azov, off the southern Ukrainian city of Mariupol, on Thursday.

Explosions rang out near the crash site of downed flight MH17 in eastern Ukraine on Thursday as international investigators arrived for the first time in nearly a week.

This comes after Kiev announced a surprise one-day halt to its offensive against rebels.

A small team of Dutch and Australian experts accompanied by international monitors reached the vast site of the doomed Malaysia Airlines jet after days of fierce fighting between government forces and rebels had stopped them reaching the area.

The Dutch justice ministry said the team was so far only a “reconnaissance” mission but would hopefully pave the way for more experts to visit soon.

But in a sign of the continuing insecurity, an AFP team following some minutes behind the convoy heard loud blasts just a few kilometres away from the site and saw black smoke rising from a village close to where some of the plane wreckage is lying.

Ukraine’s military had earlier announced a “day of quiet” across the entire east after a plea from UN chief Ban Ki Moon to halt fighting in the area of the crash.

Blocking probe

Kiev — which has continually blamed rebels controlling the site for blocking the probe — warned however that insurgents had continued shelling its troops positions around the region. 

Meanwhile, on a visit to the Netherlands, Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak appealed for an “immediate cessation in and around the crash site by both Ukraine and separatist forces”.

Source: AFP


Ex-Man United starlet charged with assaulting two women

West Ham United midfielder Ravel Morrison has been charged for allegedly assaulting two women in Manchester.
West Ham United midfielder Ravel Morrison has been charged for allegedly assaulting two women in Manchester.

West Ham United midfielder Ravel Morrison will be held in custody for allegedly assaulting two women in Manchester.

The 21-year-old appeared before the Manchester and Salford Magistrates' Court on Thursday where he was charged with punching and slapping ex-girlfriend Reah Mansoor, 19, and her mother Parveen Mansoor, 39.

The incident occurred early on Sunday morning.

Denied bail

Morrison was denied bail and is due to appear in court on Aug 7.

A Greater Manchester police spokesman said: "At about 3.20am on Sunday police were called to an address on Alexandra Road, Peel Green, Salford, following reports a 19-year-old woman and a 39-year-old woman had been assaulted.

"Officers attended and established the young woman had also been assaulted outside a bar in Manchester city centre earlier that evening and a 21-year-old man was subsequently arrested at a later date."

Troubled teen

A youth product of Manchester United's famed academy, Morrison was tipped to break into the Red Devils' senior team.

But former manager Sir Alex Ferguson lost patience with him because of his off-field troubles and sold him to West Ham for £650,000 ($1.37m) in 2012.

Sources: AFP, BBC

Gerrard: Suarez too good for Arsenal

Steven Gerrard and Luis Suarez shared the English Premier League March 2014 Player of the Month Award.
Steven Gerrard and Luis Suarez shared the English Premier League March 2014 Player of the Month Award.

Steven Gerrard has claimed that former teammate Luis Suarez was too good to join Arsenal last summer.

While Suarez has since left Anfield to join Barcelona, Gerrard advised the Uruguayan to shun interest from the Gunners, who triggered a release clause in his contract, last summer.

Several British newspapers reported the Liverpool skipper saying: "Last summer, when Luis was out in the cold, I told him, 'Don't go to Arsenal'. With all due respect to them, I told him he was too good for Arsenal.

"Luis' dream, from the first day he came to us, was to play for Real Madrid or Barcelona. I said, 'If you score 30 goals for us and win the PFA Player of the Year and FWA Footballer of the Year, they will come back for you.'

"You can't begrudge him his dream, leaving for Barca, but I'd have been disappointed if he had left for Arsenal."

Gerrard can now expect a particularly hostile reception at the Emirates when the Reds visit Arsenal on April 4.

Source: PA Sport

Would you pay $700 to give your butt a facial?

A Salon group has seen a 200 per cent rise in enquiries for "bacial treatments", a facial for one's bottom, over the last few months. In the $700 treatment, a patron's bottom gets a massage, cleansed, lasered and finally, a blueberry skin mask.

Yes, it has indeed been tried and tested...and they're calling it a "bacial."

A Mail Online reporter wrote about her experience of getting a £330 ($700) facial for her bum. 

According to Miss Kim Carillo, she "lay on a bed and tried to relax as (her) therapist massaged tea tree cleanser into (her) skin, before wiping toner across (her) cheeks".

Screen grab of the Mail Online reporter getting a "bacial"  

It might sound like the strangest treatment any one could come up with but it's apparently this season's hottest beauty therapy, according to a London salon group.

It said it has seen an astounding 200 per cent spike in enquiries for the treatment. 

Miss Carillo said celebs Cheryl Cole, Kelly Brook and Lady Gaga reportedly started the trend for "belfies", a self-portrait of one's posterior, and posted on social media.

According to the report, Esther Fieldgrass, CEO of EF Medispa, said: "Many of those undergoing the bum facials said they were motivated by seeing celebrities' perfect behinds on Twitter or Instagram". 

She added: "One of the most common complaints is a spotty bottom. While a lot of people are affected by this problem, it's terribly embarrassing for sufferers, especially now it's swimsuit season..."

So would you pay $700 for a bacial? 

Source: Mail Online


Cruz faces backlash after open letter on Gaza conflict

Leading Spanish film stars Penelope Cruz, Pedro Almodovar and Javier Bardem are the latest celebrities to go public with their views on the ongoing conflict in Gaza.

Spanish celebrities such as Penelope Cruz, Pedro Almodovar and Javier Bardem, along with other Spaniard directors and musicians, have gone public with their views on the ongoing conflict in Gaza.

They penned an open letter to Spanish media, Mail Online reported.

The letter "condemns Israel's bombing by land, sea and air against the Palestinian civilian population", which has now claimed about 1,300 lives, the reported stated.

Cruz's intent may have been good, but she is facing a backlash especially after she accused Israel of "state terrorism".

In a message on Thursday from her representative to USA Today, Cruz said she did not want to be "misunderstood on this important subject".

"I'm not an expert on the situation and I'm aware of the complexity of it. My only wish and intention in signing that group letter is the hope that there will be peace in both Israel and Gaza.

"I am hopeful all parties can agree to a ceasefire and there are no more innocent victims on either side of the border. I wish for unity, and peace... I believe in a civilization that can be capable of bringing the courage to have a world where humans can live side by side."

 Penelope Cruz and her husband Javier Bardem.

In the letter published by Spanish news service Europa Press, the celebrities said: "Palestinians' homes are being destroyed, they are being denied water, electricity, free movement to their hospitals, schools and fields while the international community does nothing."

The letter also spoke of the detrimental "physical, moral, psychological" effects that the situation is having on the people of Gaza, and also called for an end to the Israeli blockade.

Sources: USA Today, Mail Online

Photos: AFP and Twitter

Watch these chefs use lava to cook steak

British experimental chefs Bompas & Parr travelled to Syracuse University to cook steak over lava flow from an artificial volcano.
British experimental chefs Bompas & Parr travelled to Syracuse University to cook steak over lava flow from an artificial volcano.

Everyone loves a good steak.

But would you like one cooked by lava?

Sam Bompas and Harry Parr, a British chef duo who love experimenting with their food, wondered how that would pan out.

They travelled to Syracuse in the United States to link up with Syracuse University's Professor Robert Wysocki.

Using a special industrial bronze furnace which was transformed into an artificial volcano by Prof Wysocki, Bompas & Parr - as the duo are known - set about grilling ribeye steaks over an actual flowing river of lava.

Bompas later told the Mail Online that the result was "the best steak I've ever had in my life" and that he had "big plans"  to create a "lava banquet for 500 people".

Watch the video above to see the lava cooking process!

You can also read more about Bompas & Parr's experimental cooking methods, including using LIGHTNING to cook steak, on their website.

Sources: Mail Online, Bompas & Parr

Kiwi teen amazingly recreates celeb shoots

This Kiwi teen takes recreating shoots to a whole new level. Liam Martin reproduces scenes from movies and celebrity photo shoots complete with version of similar outfits, make-up, hair, props and sets.

This New Zealand teen has shot to stardom after pictures on his Instagram account show him posing as famed female celebrities including Kim Kardashian, Ariana Grande, Miley Cyrus and Beyonce.

Liam Martin, who goes by the Instagram username "waverider_", recreates movie scenes and celebrity photo shoots complete with outfits, make-up, hair, props and sets, Mail Online reported.

On his posts, he places his creatively reproduced version next to the original shot to show its respective similarities.

Martin's posts has since attracted six-figure digit likes and attracted celeb followers like Grande to be a part of his 1.5 million followers on the photo-sharing platform.

The publication reported Martin as saying that "Tyra Banks has reposted one (he) did of her", Australian singer-songwriter, Iggy Azalea "commented on a photo of (him) dressed up as her saying "You are next level", while "Cara Delevingne liked one of (his) photos of her".

But none of those three is his favourite.

"I love doing Miley Cyrus because she's so crazy and controversial on her own. When I do her everybody loves it. People love her because she is so crazy - the crazier, the better," he added. 

Why does he do it?  

Simple. Just because he wanted to "do something out of the 'norm'."  

He added: "Not many guys my age do that sort of thing, it's pushing the boundaries...People seem to love it so I keep doing it - it's crazy how much reaction I get."

Around this time last year, Martin's Instagram was followed by 116,000 people, reported Uproxx.

Check out some of his other recreations.






Kudos to coming up with those creative recreations!

That, most definitely, takes some talent.

Sources: Mail Online and Uproxx

Photos: Instagram

Florida man accused of suffocating dying dad

Steven Curtis has been accused of attempted murder after he reportedly tried to strangle his father, who was dying of cancer.
Steven Curtis has been accused of attempted murder after he reportedly tried to strangle his father, who was dying of cancer.
A screenshot showing The Oaks of Brecksville nursing home.
A screenshot showing The Oaks of Brecksville nursing home.

A Florida man has been charged with the attempted murder of his terminally ill father in Brecksville, Ohio.

Steven Curtis, 58, was allegedly drunk when he tried to suffocate his 86-year-old cancer-stricken father, Roy, in his room at The Oaks of Brecksville nursing home.

According to, staff saw the younger Curtis with his hands on his father's nose and mouth.

The accused was also charged for assault and menacing and disorderly conduct for throwing a telephone at a staff member who tried to intervene.

Curtis then barricaded himself in the room.

The elder Curtis died a few hours after the incident, but a nursing home statement read: "In speaking with the Cuyahoga County Medical Examiner, we were informed that the decedent experienced no signs of trauma leading to his passing."

Fox 8 reported that lawyers acting for Curtis said their client was only interested in minimising his father's suffering as he realised that he was dying.

Curtis was released on a US$50,000 ($62,345) bond.


Is this the worst song? Indian man becomes Internet hit

Meet Vennu Mallesh. The Indian man who made what seems like the world's worse song, It's My Life What Ever I Wanna Do, a smash hit.

Thanks to social media, Vennu Mallesh has made his song (which we think is terrible) a smash hit. 

The Indian singer became an Internet sensation after one of his videos (which was subtitled, just in case) went viral across social media sites for the sake of being ridiculed.

But that does not matter since it has now become "a hit".

Despite taking a longer time than your usual popstar's hit to garner views, this 29-year-old's awful and amateurish production has raked over four million views on YouTube since it was uploaded two years ago.

We have to admit, the tune is quite catchy and may provoke you to groove with it via hideous head shakes. 

Mr Mallesh's vocals were altered with the use of the auto-tune function, a famed Lil Wayne style especially in his single Lollipop. 

He describes his production as "a non-fictional, psychological and philosophical song written by me", Mail Online reported.

He also wrote in the video's description how the song came about when he said: "My Life inspired me to write the lyrics, lyrics inspired me to compose tune, lyrics and tune inspired me to Sing. That's what the actual happened to the 'Born of the Song'."

Mallesh's song, one of the few on his YouTube channel, Vennu Mallesh, was described by a writer from the India TV News as both "torturous" and "unmelodious," the UK publication added.

What is happening to the world? 

Sources: Mail Online and YouTube

Photos: YouTube