Alleged rapist claimed he was framed

He allegedly raped the woman on a bridge along Kallang Bahru Road, then robbed her and pushed her out of the car.

Alleged rapist Haliffie Mamat, 24, told the court on Friday (May 22) that the alleged victim had cried rape to get back at him for robbing her.

In his cross examination, Deputy Public Prosecutor S Sellakumaran asked him if the then-34-year-old woman went through invasive medical examinations, had her blood sample taken, and was questioned by police for hours just to get back at him.

The storeman replied: "Yes".

Haliffie is on trial for allegedly raping the woman on a bridge along Kallang Bahru Road between 6.30am and 6.45am on May 4, 2013.

He is also accused of robbing her of her Louis Vuitton handbag, two mobile phones, some $300 in cash and a bottle of Bvlgari perfume.

Read the full report in our print edition on May 23.

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Shoplifter's jersey leads to arrest

FILE PHOTO: A shoplifter was identified by the name on the back of his Manchester United jersey.

The adage about dressing for the occasion applies to many situations.

It could also could be applied to shoplifting.

Paul Robert Benson, 24, was apprehended swiftly after stealing from a Tesco supermarket in Northern Ireland.

He could have got away with the crime but for one key mistake. Wearing a football jersey with his name printed on it.

Belfast Live reported that Benson, dressed in a Manchester United jersey, took £104.54 (S$218) worth of goods from the store in September last year.

Spotted by the staff, thanks to the rather conspicuous "Benson 22" on his back, he left the goods in the car park and fled.

But this was no great escape.

He had been filmed on CCTV and since the Red Devils don't actually have a player called Benson, (Nick Powell is the United 22) arresting him became a simple task for the police.

Benson has pleaded guilty to the theft of the goods.

He was sentenced to 12 months probation.

The District Judge said that while wearing that shirt Benson may as well have had a neon sign.


Sources: Lurgan Mail, Belfast Live, Metro UK


He dies over $1.10 taxi fare

Man dies after he jumped onto expressway - to avoid paying the taxi fare.

He wanted to avoid paying the RM3 (S$1.10) taxi fare. But he ended up paying with his life.

The fare dodger, a Bangladeshi man known as Ashraful, had flagged down a cab in Kuala Lumpur yesterday (May 21).

The 29-year-old was with his friend and they wanted to go to the Sunway Giza mall nearby.

As the cab passed the expressway, Ashraful asked how much the fare would cost.

Petaling Jaya OCPD Asst Comm Azmi Abu Kassim said the driver told them the expected fare - about RM3 - but Ashraful said he would not pay.

To escape, he jumped onto the highway

The driver reportedly said he would not let them get off without payment - and claimed Ashraful’s friend started choking him.

That's when a scuffle broke out.

As the taxi came to a stop outside a condominium, the two jumped out with the taxi driver in pursuit.

Witnesses saw Ashraful climb over the railing and jump onto the highway below.

He hit the hard pavement and died of head injuries. His friend was seen running towards a petrol station a few kilometres from the bridge, ACP Azmi said.

Police are still tracking him down.

Source: Star Online

Chinese monk pays for shopping with over 200,000 coins

The monk was so pleased he could use over 220,000 coins to pay for 16 water heaters that he promised to come back for another round of shopping.

How do you say no when a monk wants to pay for his shopping?

And how do you say no when he pays with more than 200,000 coins?

An electronics goods shop owner at a Shanghai mall couldn't say no to the monk from Xingjue Temple (southwest Shanghai) - who walked into the store with an unusual request.

He asked to pay for 16 water heaters with 223,840 coins worth 10 fen each.

All the coins had been collected from donation boxes over the years.

The shop management had to ask a branch of the Agricultural Bank Of China to send their staff over to count the coins, which weighed 716kg - the combined weight of three oxen.

Other stores said no

Nine bank employees took a staggering 13 hours to complete the task.

It seems the coins were donated by visiting pilgrims and the temple had been accumulating them for many years.

The store manager said:

"The monk had asked if they could pay for water heaters with 1-jiao (0.1 yuan) coins that afternoon, saying if yes they’d buy 16 water heaters, but if no they’d only buy one."

Netizens are praising the appliance store for the kindness shown.

Chinese media reported that the monk had actually contacted many other electronics stores asking if they would accept his massive pile of coins and was turned down.

Now that the monk bought the heaters successfully, he's coming back for round two: To buy air-conditioners.

Sources: South China Morning Post, News.163 and Shanghaiist

Woman pleads guilty to hitting and burning maid in Woodlands flat

She punched the maid, hit her head with a metal pestle and scalded her left calf and bare back with a red-hot metal ladle.

A woman who repeatedly abused her maid over four months in her Woodlands Drive 16 flat pleaded guilty on Friday (May 22).

Jayaraman Suganthi, 33, admitted to voluntarily causing hurt to her maid, Ms Naw Mu Den Paw, 24, a Myanmar national, by hitting her head with a metal pestle, scalding her left calf and bare back with a red-hot metal ladle and punching her left eye.

Four other charges were taken into consideration for sentencing.

The abuse happened between July and October 2013.

For voluntarily causing hurt, she can be jailed up to three years and fined up to $7,500.

Read the full report in our print edition on May 23.

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