'No more tears to cry': Spanish club Rayo Vallecano saves elderly woman from being evicted

Carmen Martínez Ayudo crying after she was evicted from her home.

Upset at the state of the world? Don't.

This story may just revive your faith in humanity.

Spanish club Rayo Vallecano has come to the rescue of an elderly woman - and saved her from being evicted on the streets.

How? The club promised to pay the rent of 85-year-old Carmen Martinez Ayudo - after her son was unable to pay his $40,000 euros (S$65,000)  debt.

The son had used the woman's home as collateral, The Guardian newspaper reported.

Mrs Ayudo didn't know about the debt or her pending eviction until police came knocking at her door a month ago.

Mother's heartbreak

While a local anti-eviction committee managed to win her a month's reprieve, they were unable do anything when the police came knocking again last Friday (Nov 21).

She said:

“I’ve worked all my life, getting up at 6am to work like a slave and then,

all of a sudden they come to take everything away when all I want is to be left in peace."

Enter La Liga club Rayo Valecano.

Coach Paco Jemez said: 

“We’re not going to stand around and do nothing, we’re going to help this woman...Not just me but the technical team and the players.

We’ll give her a hand to find a place where she can live in dignity and not feel abandoned.”

When told of Rayo's deed, Ayudo replied: "I've no more tears to cry"

Sources: The Guardian, YouTube 

Dead rodent in diner's plate at Shanghai eatery

Picture taken by Mr Zhang shows the dead rodent.

A family got the shock of their lives when they spotted a dead mouse in one of their plates in a restaurant in Shanghai. 

Mr Zhang, who was with his family, said they stumbled upon the revolting discovery while they were eating a vegetable dish.

The restaurant staff were immediately informed.

According to Mr Zhang, a customer near his table vomited at the sight of the unwanted ingredient. 

He said that he took a picture of the rodent before the plate was taken away.

Police informed

Mr Zhang called police and the local authorities to report the incident despite the restaurant manager's pleas not to.

Authorities said they have launched an investigation.

"The restaurant admitted to the existence of the mouse in the dish and agreed it was a mistake," said a Changning Market Administration Bureau spokesman.

Changning is a district in Shanghai.

He added that the restaurant will be punished if found to have violated food safety regulations. 

Source: Shanghai Daily

Toddler, 3, shoots mother dead while she was changing daughter's diapers

Several guns were found inside the house where the accident took place.

A three-year-old boy shot his mother while she was changing her daughter's diapers in her home in Oklahoma on Monday (Nov 24).

Three-year-old toddler repeatedly said "Mummy shot" before police took him away for an interview. 

A gunshot wound to the head was discovered on Ms Christa Engles' head.   

According to Tulsa World, the toddler spotted a gun on a table close to the sofa and accidentally pulled the trigger.

The 26-year-old mother was found when the children's grandmother arrived at the house. 

Several guns found

A police spokesman said that several guns were found in the house.

"We are prepared to do what we have to do to keep the kids safe, but I think this is a horrible, horrible accident," he told NBC News.

The children's father learnt of the fatal accident when he returned home hours later.

Source: The Independent, Metro, Tulsa World


Here are 8 really strange things about that 'I hate Thailand' video: Will new tourism strategy work?

The Tourism Authority of Thailand has come up with a video entitled 'I hate Thailand' to encourage tourists to visit Thailand.

Hands up, those who think it's wise to declare 'I hate Thailand' in a tourism campaign video?

Well, that's exactly what happened with the Tourism Authority of Thailand's choice of a five-minute video, encouraging tourists to visit.

Thailand's tourism industry took a hit after the military coup in May and the resultant curfew. Then, there was the murder of a British couple on Koh Tao island, which did not help the country's image.

Enter this video, which shows a tourist venting after his bag was stolen. Uploaded last week, the clip has drawn criticism from Thais - especially for its unrealistic boy-meets-girl plot.

There's also the part where foreign boy meets a Thai girl and then suddenly starts to appreciate the country - by teaching English and speaking Thai. Really? 

Criticism aside, the clip has racked up almost 1.4 million views to date.

Here are 8 reasons why some people are calling this one of the strangest tourism campaign videos ever. (Although who can forget the epic 'Honey, look!' video by Singapore Tourism Board)


1) No one in their right mind would choose to begin a video for tourists by saying: "I hate Thailand".


2) The first 30 seconds of footage shows the topless tourist looking dishevelled and penniless - because someone stole his bag.

Basically what are they saying? Go to Thailand and risk being robbed?


3) I'm not sure why he hates Thailand.

He didn't get into any trouble for throwing a rock at this moving vehicle - behaviour that people in any country usually frown upon.


4) Erm, do guys really not care when they're naked in front of others?


5) You know who's the true star of the video? That 'mosquito terminator'.


6) In what world would this line fly?

Guy says to girl: "You're not beautiful... you're narak (Thai for cute)"


7) A monkey stole and kept the guy's bag for days. Then some Thai men found it.

Does this mean I can still hope for the safe return of my shades, which a monkey had snatched previously?


8) This is perhaps the most puzzling thing of the entire video: The guy, James, decides that he wants to stay in Thailand - for TWO YEARS.

And he starts working as a snorkelling instructor, and an English teacher.

Hello, does the government really want tourists to overstay their visas?

Sources: YouTube, Mail Online

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Watch out! Selfie sticks could land you in jail in South Korea

Photo taken on November 26, 2014 shows a couple using a 'selfie stick' to take a photo at a popular tourist spot in Seoul.

Look at that selfie stick in your hand. Is it a harmless memory-maker? Or a potentially dangerous electromagnetic radiation emitter?

In South Korea, it seems, the selfie stick is both.

Last week, the Science Ministry announced that anyone selling an unregistered version could face a US$27,000 (S$35,000) fine or up to three years in prison.

Given their numbers - and how South Koreans have embraced the technology with a passion - regulating the sale of these small, articulated monopods designed for cell phone-wielding photographers won’t be easy.

The ministerial crackdown is focusing on those models that come with bluetooth technology, allowing the user to release the smartphone shutter remotely rather than with a timer.

Likely disruption is a problem

The problem, the ministry says, is that such units are designated as communications equipment given their use of radio waves to provide a wireless link between separate devices.

As such, they have to be tested and certified to ensure they don’t pose a disruption to other devices using the same radio frequency.

Ministry officials admit the crackdown is basically motivated by a technicality, given that the weak short-range signals emitted by bluetooth devices are hardly likely to bring down a plane or interfere with police frequencies.

Here's what an official at the ministry’s Central Radio Management Office told AFP:

"It’s not going to affect anything in any meaningful way, but it is nonetheless a telecommunication device subject to regulation,

and that means we are obligated to crack down on uncertified ones."

Low-key police raids

Despite the harsh penalty on offer, the “crackdown” appears to have been relatively low-key.

There have been no mass police raids on unsuspecting selfie stick vendors.

"The announcement last Friday (Nov 21) was really just to let people know that they need to be careful about what they sell," said the official.

"We’ve had a lot of calls from vendors who think they might have been unknowingly selling uncertified products," he added.

Source: AFP


What's for dinner? Hot kway teow soup and oops, a scalded groin

Oh, can you imagine the pain a Malacca man suffered after a bowl of hot kway teow soup spills onto his groin?

All he wanted was a steaming bowl of kway teow soup.

But the Malacca factory manager, 29, ended up with more pain then he ever imagined.

He was dining with two business associates at a restaurant on Tuesday afternoon when their table suddenly collapsed and the noodles splattered onto his groin, newspaper The Star reported.

The man screamed in pain and shouted at a waiter, who apologised profusely and tried to calm him down.

Railing at the waiter, the man pointed to his private part, which he said was aching badly.

He called the restaurant manager and demanded compensation.

He 'flashed' his private part

The man and his friends then began kicking some unoccupied tables and chairs, according to National 1Malaysia Crime Prevention Association deputy chairman R.A Saravana Theerta, who was having his teh tarik there.

Police said that the factory manager lodged a report at the Malim station at about 7pm the same day.

About two hours later, the 30-year-old restaurant manager lodged a report at the same station.

He claimed that the CCTV footage at the restaurant showed the factory manager “flashing” his injured private part to a waiter.

Source: The Star

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Sports Hub: No decision has been made about the pitch

The $1.5 million lighting equipment being used to stimulate pitch growth.

Sports Hub has stated that an earlier report about them replacing the much-maligned pitch is "inaccurate."

This comes after TNP asked them to confirm a Today report, which cited unnamed sources confirming that the $800,000 field will be replaced with an artificial pitch.

In an e-mail reply, a Sports Hub spokesman said that they are still studying several options.

No decision has been made regarding a "longer term pitch solution."

" We are fully committed to finding a robust natural turf solution, including for the upcoming 28th SEA Games.

The costs incurred in providing a robust solution are fully borne by SHPL.

We will continue to look at all options that will allow us to host a wide range of events (that) we plan to stage at this multipurpose sports and entertainment venue." - Sports Hub

Online criticism came fast and furious when the pitch replacement report first came out - adding to negative stories surrounding the state of the 00 Desso GrassMaster pitch.

Juventus coach Massimo Allegri had told the media when Juventus was in Singapore for an August friendly that he decided to rest Argentinean Carlos Tevez because of the sandy pitch.

Brazil coach Dunga followed up with a similar complaint, saying he was afraid that his samba stars might succumb to injuries because of the sandy pitch

So the latest story seemed like another blow for the widely-slammed pitch, made of a combination of synthetic and natural grass.

But the pitch seems to have vastly improved for the ongoing AFF Suzuki Cup.

The Sports Hub management tweaked their events calendar and brought in a $1.5 million dollar lighting system, which acts as natural sunlight to aid grass growth through the night.  

Source: Straits Times

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WATCH: Police in Cleveland shoot boy, 12, carrying toy gun. Here's what they say

Tamir Rice was shot within seconds of police arrival after he was found holding a replica gun.

Another case of police shooting is making waves in the US.

And this time, a surveillance video has emerged - showing cops shooting dead a 12-year-old black boy carrying a toy gun.

The boy, Tamir Rice, died on Sunday after two police officers responding to a 911 emergency call, confronted him at a park in Cleveland, Ohio.

The footage, released yesterday (Nov 26) shows Rice walking on a sidewalk playing with the replica gun. At one point, he is seen aiming it at a passerby.

Then he sits down at the gazebo before the police car pulls up.

Officials claim that Rice disobeyed police orders

When the cops arrive, an officer emerges from the passenger side of the vehicle with his gun drawn and shoots the boy as he walks toward the car.

But Cleveland officials say the officers had given him orders to put up his hands - which Rice ignored.

Deputy police chief Edward Tomba said: "Three commands were given to put up his hands."

The youngster had reached for his waist before he was shot, officials added.

911 caller said gun was probably a toy

The man who placed the 911 call said that the person was probably a juvenile, who was holding a gun that he suspected was a toy.

"There's a guy with a pistol.
"It's probably fake but he's pointing it at everybody." - The 911 caller told police

However, the dispatcher did not tell the officers that the gun was possibly a toy nor that the suspect was a youth. 

Cleveland police identified the officer who killed Rice as 26-year-old Timothy Loehman, who joined the force in March.

“This is a tragic effort where a young member of community lost his life,” he said.

The incident sparked protests on Tuesday, with about 200 demonstrators blocking major roads during rush hour in Cleveland.

Cleveland’s chief of police Calvin Williams defended the conduct of the officer who killed Rice, saying on Monday “there is no time that a Cleveland police officer wants to go out and shoot a kid, period.”

Source: AFP

Related report: US police kill boy, 12, carrying toy gun

Champions League: Crucial win for Arsenal, so Wenger's job is safe... for now

Arsenal's French striker Yaya Sanogo (L) vies with Dortmund's German midfielder Ilkay Guendogan (R) during the UEFA Champions League Group D football match between Arsenal and Borussia Dortmund at the Emirates Stadium in north London.

A win for Arsenal and how crucial it may prove.

Not only did this 2-0 victory secure a place in the next round of the Champions League, but it shooed away the Jurgen Klopp-shaped wolf from the door.

The German manager has long been linked with the job at the Emirates Stadium, should Arsene Wenger leave, but his Borussia Dortmund side were made to look very ordinary in the North London mist. 

In truth, they had little for which to play. The German side have already qualified and, assuming that they don’t contrive to lose to Anderlecht in their final game, they will qualify in first place.

But had Wenger been bested by Klopp, it would have played into the hands of those who believe that the Dortmund coach is the future and that Wenger is the past.

If this was an audtion, Klopp was politely thanked for his time and ushered off the stage. 

Arsenal had a most unlikely hero to thank for their opening goal. Poor hapless Yaya Sanogo had never scored for the Gunners, despite being named as the lone striker in so many big games.

The sight of his name on the team sheet sent a chill through the supporters, but it took him only two minutes to open the scoring.

On the touchline, Wenger applauded jubilantly. His gamble had finally paid off.

Dortmund, and indeed the game itself, calmed down into a sedate ebb and flow with neither side looking likely to score until Alexis Sanchez slammed a second into the back of the net from range after the break.

Arsenal, quite against their present nature, closed the game out and sealed the victory. They will move to the last 16.

Wenger will breathe a sigh of relief. For now, his job his safe. 

Wada may appeal over secret Sun doping ban

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