Shirley Yeung damages corneas from wearing contacts for more than 20 hours straight

Shirley Yeung (above) now knows the dangers of wearing contact lenses for too long a period of time.

When Shirley Yeung made a recent appearance at a promotional event wearing sunglasses and an eye-patch over her left eye, it sparked speculation that she had been physically abused.

But the Hong Kong actress set the record straight by telling Hong Kong media that she had damaged her corneas because she had been too caught up with her busy work schedule.

Jaynestars and Asian Pop News reported that she said that her eyes had dehydrated after she wore her contact lenses for more than 20 hours straight in one day.

Said Yeung, 36: "This has happened a few times but this is the most serious incident.

"It hurts so much, as if someone is piercing my eyeball with a knife.

"I didn’t have the time to immediately remove the lens when working and only had the chance to remove it when I got home.

"The lens felt like it was stuck to my eyeball and it took me nearly 15 minutes before I finally removed it. Something felt wrong and I couldn’t sleep, so I quickly went to the hospital.” 

The reason why she hasn't had corrective laser eye surgery thus far is because she's scared of the risks.

But she's now considering it as her mother has urged her to get the surgery since her recent eye scare.


Yeung said that her daughter was also extremely concerned about her after seeing that she could only see out of one eye.

"She did ask why I only had one eye left.

"As I often stopped her from rubbing her eyes, I took the opportunity to discourage her even further by telling her that my eye was injured due to excessive rubbing.

"She was quite worried as this was the first time I had problems with my vision (that lasted) for nearly two days," said the actress. 

Yeung said that the pain was so intense that she couldn't open both eyes.

Whenever she tried to open her right eye, her left eye would also hurt.

She added that she would be taking a break from work for two weeks as now there are two things that she won't be wearing during this period of healing — contact lenses and make-up.

Source: Jaynestars, Asian Pop News

Airbnb's latest staycation location is a Singaporean stunner

How would you fancy a staycation at one of Singapore's most prominent landmarks this National Day Weekend? 

As part of the nation's 50th birthday celebrations, SG50 has teamed up with Airbnb and Esplanade to give one person a truly Singaporean staycation of a lifetime on the eve of National Day.

The winner of SG50's Biggest Fan contest and three loved ones will get to spend a special night in their new 1960s Singapore-themed home on the Esplanade Theatre stage.

The staycation package includes a joget class  during which the winner and his loved ones will get to don traditional Peranakan costumes from the Main Wayang Company – an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour of the Esplanade, as well as a dining experience at the Esplanade's rooftop restaurant.

And to end off the staycation, the lucky four will get to join in the nation's 50th birthday celebrations at the National Day Parade.

For a chance at winning your dream staycation, film a short, creative video (no longer than 15 seconds) of yourself wishing Singapore a happy birthday and submit it here. The winning entry will be announced on SG50's Facebook Page on August 5.

When it hosts its first overnight guests this National Day weekend, the Esplanade will be added to the list of most unusual holiday homes offered by the site.

Here are five of the most exotic Airbnb locations in the world:

15th Century Castle, UK

Live like royalty in this 600-year-old medieval castle.

Local stone, limestone and oakstone were used to make the castle feel as traditional as possible so this is as close as it gets to the ones in fairytales.

Hobbit Hole, Thailand

Turns out Middle Earth is much closer to us than we think.

You can catch a bus to The Shire from the Thai capital of Bangkok and for just $76 per night, you'll be on your way to reliving your fondest The Lord of The Rings memories.

Converted Railway Carriage, UK

With a beautiful interior that seems to have been untouched by time, this railway carriage turned holiday home is the perfect photo spot.

No longer bound to a track, the carriage now lies next to sea and is quite possibly one of the most picturesque staycaiton destinations in the world.

Horse Ranch, US

Thinking of taking a trip to the wild west? Why not spend your holiday in a horse ranch?

Play traditional saloon games such as horse shoes and pool or spend a quiet night watching the stars in the barn's private room.


Treehouse, UK


This is arguably the best place to just sit back and take in the lush greenery around you.

The inside of the treehouse looks surprisingly cosy so that should put those who are afraid of living in the wild at ease.

But if that doesn't bother you, then by all mean go ahead and unleash your inner Tarzan.

Five, including couple in Uniqlo sex tape, nabbed

ARRESTED: Beijing police yesterday arrested five people linked to the production of a sex video that was allegedly made in a fitting room of fashion retailer Uniqlo in Beijing.
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Amy Schumer's racy Star Wars photoshoot upsets fans, studio

Comedian's series of risque photos in the GQ magazine deemed "inappropriate"

RACY: Comedian Amy Schumer's GQ spread has been labelled "inappropriate" by Disney.

A sexy shoot in the August issue of GQ magazine has got some Star Wars fans - and the studio - all hot and bothered.

US comedian Amy Schumer posed for a series of risque Star Wars-themed pictures, which included one of her suggestively sucking C-3PO's finger on the magazine cover, reported Entertainment Tonight.

Inside the magazine, a picture has her topless in bed with characters R2-D2 and C-3PO while another shows her dancing with stormtroopers. In another shot, the 34-year-old is seen with a lightsaber in her mouth.

The pictures were blasted as "inappropriate" by Lucasfilm and Disney.

A message on the official Star Wars Twitter feed insisted the spread was not "approved".

"Lucasfilm and Disney did not approve, participate or condone this inappropriate use of our characters," the studio repeatedly tweeted.

Some fans felt that Schumer, who GQ dubs the "funniest woman in the galaxy," had no right sexualising the beloved franchise's characters.

One fan, @RogueKnite, tweeted: "I love @AmySchumer & her comedy routine(s). But this GQ #StarWars spread is just in poor taste."

Schumer joked to Entertainment Tonight at the premiere of her new romantic comedy Trainwreck last week on the photoshoot that "we really did have sex". She added that she and other members of her family are "crazy about Star Wars."

Her pictures have found at least one supporter, actor Mark Hamill, who played Luke Skywalker in the original three films.

Hamill is also set to appear in Star Wars: The Force Awakens.


He tweeted his appreciation for the picture spread on Saturday, reported USA Today.

"Got excited when I saw @amyschumer @GQmagazine pics & thought she was just cast in Ep. 8!" he wrote.

"We should be so lucky."


Protests in Delhi after girl, 19, stabbed to death

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Cosby plied women with drugs

Court documents reveal that comedian gave alleged victims drugs before having sex with them

REVEALED: In court documents, US comedian Bill Cosby said he offered pills and payments to women he had sexual encounters with, and tried to hide it from his wife.

EVIDENCE: Attorney Gloria Allred (centre) with a copy of excerpts released from Mr Cosby's deposition. She is flanked by Beth Ferrier (left) and Rebecca Lynn Neal (right), two women who were "Jane Doe" witnesses in the 2005 lawsuit brought by Ms Constand.
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The winning hand

Arsenal have found one in Cech, the Red Devils must ensure De Gea stays

TWO OF THE BEST: David de Gea (above) has been a rock in the United defence, and Arsenal have found their own diamond in Petr Cech.
TWO OF THE BEST: David de Gea has been a rock in the United defence, and Arsenal have found their own diamond in Petr Cech (above).
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BigBang Back with a Bang Bang Bang

K-pop A-listers perform to sell-out crowd of 20,000 over weekend

IMPRESSIVE: Leader G-Dragon wowing fans with this stage presence.
IMPRESSIVE: A cheeky blonde Seungri entertaining fans with his fluent Mandarin.
BIG BOYS: (From left) Seungri, G-Dragon, Taeyang, Daesung and T.O.P, during their [MADE] concert at Singapore Indoor Stadium.

Korean superstars BigBang proved that they are the kings of K-pop once again.

And going by their standout two-night 2015 World Tour [MADE] In Singapore concert over the weekend, it looks like they will be hanging on to this title for a little while longer, thank you very much.

The talented five-member A-list boy band, consisting of T.O.P, G-Dragon, Taeyang, Seungri and Daesung (inset), who are all in their 20s, performed at the Singapore Indoor Stadium to a sell-out crowd of 10,000 fans each night on Saturday and Sunday.

The [MADE] World Tour, which will also take them to Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia and Taiwan, is in support of their album MADE, which will be officially launched in September.

From May until the launch, the group, who were last here for a full concert in 2012, are releasing two songs on the first day of every month.

BigBang's energetic two-and-a-half-hour sets came complete with addictive tunes, impressive vocals and sleek dance moves.

Here are the highlights from the first night:


The show literally started and ended with a bang as the quintet, dressed to impress in stylish red leather jackets, opened with one of their latest chart-topping hits Bang Bang Bang, released last month.

The dance track got the audience on their feet, singing and waving their yellow crown lightsticks in unison with the thumping beat.

They closed with the same song, ending the concert on a high.

Student Sandra Wong, 21, said: "This is my favourite song (out of) their new singles (from MADE). It is very catchy and gets me in the party mood instantly.

"I think it's even better than (their other big hit) Fantastic Baby.

"BigBang is just so good, especially when it comes to live performances."


BigBang may be famous for their catchy dance tracks, but it is the slow songs that really capture their fans' hearts.

The idols showed that they are more than just a bunch of good-lookers as they belted out touching acoustic renditions of their 2008 tracks Lies and Haru Haru, showing off their wide vocal ranges.

During the performance of emotional love song If You, which was released this month, fans illuminated the stadium with light from their mobile phones and sang the chorus in deafening unison with the members - a sound and sight to behold.

Civil servant Wendy Teo, 31, said: "It's very unlike Big Bang to come up with such a sad song, but it's amazing when they do.

"When they were singing it on stage, I felt goosebumps."


The guys also got to show off their individual talents too, as each took to the stage to perform his own hit.

During Seungri's party track, Let's Talk About Love, G-Dragon and Taeyang surprised everyone by joining in midway, causing the fans to scream.

But it was Taeyang's live rendition of his 2014 award-winning slow song Eyes, Nose, Lips, which stole the show, as fans sang along loudly, knowing every word by heart.

Leader G-Dragon's stage presence was overwhelming when he came on with Taeyang for their collaboration dance hit, Good Boy, rapping his verses with maximum swagger.


BigBang debuted in 2006 not knowing a word of English or Mandarin, but they are now able to impress local fans by speaking the languages fluently without the help of a translator.

Crowd-pleaser Seungri rattled off Chinese words non-stop, saying "Singaporean girls are the prettiest!" and "I love Singapore fans the most!"

Taeyang added in English: "Singapore is one of my favourite countries in the world, I miss you all a lot."

Ms Huang Wenting, 25, said: "Seungri was the funniest, he cannot stop talking.

"But we like him because of his bubbly personality... while Taeyang is always very sincere on stage. I like Big Bang because they are very real."

The HR executive added: "They are so cool on stage, yet they are very friendly and do not put on airs."

Students cut newborn's penis during delivery

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