USS is Asia's top park

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9 missing after boat capsizes off M'sia

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Teacher nabbed for alleged child sex in Indonesia

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Ex-teacher jailed for underage sex

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Plunge in sales of new private homes

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Such infections uncommon

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Poly student has 7 ops in 14 days after mild fever

Her twin sister died in 2011. Now part-time student is in intensive care. Her mum says:

HOPING: Madam See Beng Hwa with her daughter, Miss Tan Sumiao, who has been unconscious for about two weeks.
Miss Tan Sumiao
SIBLINGS: Miss Tan Sumiao (left) and Miss Tan Suxuan when they were 10.

In the span of 14 days, student Tan Sumiao, 23, has gone through seven operations to save her life.

And it all started with a mild fever, which would not go away after half a month.

Ms Tan is now lying unconscious in the intensive care unit of the National University Hospital (NUH).

For her aged parents Mr Tan Sew Poh, 64, and Madam See Bey Hwa, 63, this is the second tragedy that has stuck the family.

Miss Tan's twin sister died of illness three years ago.

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S. Korean soldier's killing spree 'sparked off by SpongeBob teasing'

On the day of the shooting, Lim had been especially enraged by cartoons drawn on the back pages of the unit’s daily border patrol logs, depicting him as a series of goofy, immature cartoon characters, including SpongeBob SquarePants.

A soldier who went on a deadly rampage last month was humiliated by fellow soldiers who mocked him and drew cartoons depicting him as SpongeBob SquarePants.

The 22-year-old South Korean sergeant, whose surname is Lim, opened fire on members of his unit at a guard post near the border with North Korea on June 21, killing five and wounding seven.

He was caught two days after he shot himself in the chest in a failed suicide attempt. This was after a 24-hour standoff with thousands of troops.

South Korean soldiers taking position during a search and arrest operation as troops standoff with a conscript soldier who shot and killed five comrades in Goseong. 

Soldiers standing guard at a temporary checkpoint during the search for Lim on June 22.

Army personnel taking Lim, who is wrapped in a blanket, to hospital on June 23.

Announcing the result of a formal probe into the case, senior military investigator Seon Jong-Chul said Lim had been repeatedly mocked by both lower and higher-ranking members of his unit.

On the day of the shooting, he had been especially enraged by cartoons drawn on the back pages of the unit’s daily border patrol logs, depicting Lim as a series of goofy, immature cartoon characters, including 

“Other troops saw it as a small joke, but (Lim) said he had been greatly distressed by it,” Mr Seon said, adding that the cartoons had “triggered a flashback” to when Lim was bullied in high school.  

Although other soldiers in the unit were also caricatured in the log book, Lim took the cartoons depicting him as a personal attack.

Special attention

Lim was a conscript who joined the army in 2012. He was three months away from being discharged. 

He had difficulty adapting to the army and psychological evaluations had advised senior officials to pay special attention to him.

South Korean soldiers taking part in the search for Lim on June 23. 

Before shooting himself, Lim had written a brief note reflecting feelings of persecution and inadequacy.

"Anybody would have felt that life was more painful and difficult than death if they were in my shoes," he wrote.

"Like little children who kill insects without feeling guilty... they do not know how much pain they can give to someone."

Lim was arrested on multiple charges including murder, attempted murder, and stealing military equipment.

Grieving relatives at the group memorial altar of the five soldier killed by Lim.

Six surviving members of Lim’s unit who had took part in the bullying will face disciplinary punishment.

Last week, Lim himself filed a lawsuit against a senior officer in his unit for insulting behaviour.

Source: AFP

Beng in Brazil: Top 10 Moments

1. Getting there

I can only describe the 25-hour flight as sibeh chor (very expensive), sibeh hng (very far), and sibeh shag (very tiring).
But reach already no more complaints, because...

2. Goal! Goal! Goal! Ale! Ale! Ale!



I still cannot describe this without hokkien vulgarities, but #@$#@%$#, the first World Cup goal I saw live was the amazing Robin van Persie diving header.
Right in front of me, and I was seven rows from the field.
Daley Blind crossed, the Flying Dutchman run for 20 metres before that ki siao (insane) diving header that lobbed Iker Casillas.
Tim Cahill and James Rodriguez also scored super goals but they were footballers using their feet leh - it's expected. Somemore, their goals are compared to those others have scored before.
I don't think the world has ever seen a header quite like RVP's.
Take your pick, this World Cup also gave us 171 goals, equals the most of all time.

3. Gila Goalkeepers





I always feel bad for goalkeepers because sometimes when we play football, we always make the lousiest players play goalkeeper.
But even with a record number of goals, this World Cup showed us goalkeepers are actually also very important okay?
Algeria got Rais M'Bohli, America got Tim Howard. Mexico and Costa Rica also got their own Superman making flying saves in the form of Guillermo Ochoa and Keylor Navaz.
But Germany's Manuel Neuer, who really became a goalkeeper because nobody in the youth team he joined wanted to play goalie, was the best because he changed the way people think how a goalkeeper should play.



This fella is not only good at blocking shots, he even run out to tackle people and stop an attack before it becomes dangerous. Maybe it's because Germany defence too good and he was bored.
With all these great goalkeepers, I just consider myself sibeh heng (very lucky) to see many goals live at Spain 1 Holland 5, Germany 4 Portugal 0 and Uruguay 2 England 1.

4. Sua-cula

Talking about Uruguay, what a player they have in Luis Suarez.
Lionel Messi, Neymar and Cristiano Ronaldo. None of them also don't have more World Cup goals than Suarez's total of five.
But none of them have more bite than him or are as tao nao pai (brain damaged) as Suarez!
Giorgio Chiellini was his third bite victim of his career and his new Barcelona team-mates must be so looking forward to his arrival at Nou Camp.

5. Men's man Mascherano

I don't know of anything more manly than to tear your buttbutt for your country.
Javier Mascherano did that when he made a tackle to stop Holland's Arjen Robben in the semi-final.
Eh Suarez, you try to bite Mascherano like that and see what happens lah?

6. The Coward that knocked out Neymar

At least Suarez got admit and say sorry at the end, even if you know it's those bueh gam wan (reluctant) kind of sorry said with a kuku face.
But Juan Camilo Zuniga refused to admit his violent and cowardly back-breaking tackle from behing was to purposely put Neymar out of the game.
It worked. It fractured Neymar's spine, broke 200 million hearts, and killed Brazil's hopes of winning the World Cup.
And Zuniga never even get any suspension, not even one yellow card.
You try to tackle Mascherano like that and see what happens lah?
He still can say: "I feel the situation was normal in a game."
Wah, hear already also hot (angry) sia. 

7.  Chiobus

This one see already steam (excited), no need to say anything.

8. Brazilians best

Other than the babes, the Brazilians are just super nice people. Every country has their own bad eggs but generally Brazilians have a ready smile, they go out of their way to help you and they are just resilient people with a great sense of humour.
I'm just sad that the Brazil national team couldn't give them the joy their people deserved. =(

9. Andy the God of Fortune

But over in Singapore, our people from the National Council on Problem Gambling made a lot of people happy when their mascot Andy beat horses, camels, fishes, octopus, birds and hamsters to correctly picked the World Cup winners from the start.
And just like a problem gambler who doesn't know how to stop, they go on and make another ad to fight back, only to kena again.
Aiyah, should have asked Ah Beng and his tech pro friends Greg and Gary to help mah...

10. Sigh

Managing Italy might be a problem for Mario Balotelli...

I reach the last point already I also sad. Means this is the end.
My only consolation is some furious wrist action in my bedroom, getting some satisfaction while admiring portraits of an orgy of athletic men on the same page.
Black, brown, white, tall or short, handsome or ugly, it doesn't matter. 
Once every few minutes, I can't help but to let out something that sounded like: "Ooh... Aah... Yeah..."
Then the door opened. I froze as my mother and I made eye contact.
There was a disappointed look of disapproval on her aged face, like how an old-fashioned senior citizen parent would look when she catches her 30-year-old son surfing questionable material.
Except that I'm not.
I'm just trying to complete my 2014 Fifa World Cup Brasil sticker album.
It's the only thing I have left going in this amazing adventure I wish would never end.
Lian in Lussia 2018, anybody?