Filipino mum gave sex services to pay off $5,600 debt to millionaire pimp

A young Filipino mother who needed money to support her daughter agreed to work as a performing artist in a pub in Singapore.

When she arrived in Singapore, she was told that she had to provide sexual services to pay off a debt of $5,600 to her boss before she could earn any money.

She could earn points to offset her debt by providing oral sex to customers in the pub or by going out with them to have sex.

The 28-year-old mother was one of 10 women involved in the proceeded charges against Singaporean Ang Boon Seng, who was convicted in August for vice activities.

Ang, 40, and his Filipino wife, Ylarde Anne Asuncion, 31, will be sentenced on Monday.

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About the case

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You're lucky victim recovered fully

Woman sentenced to four-year jail for stabbing ex-girlfriend. Judge rejects 'crime of passion' defence

VICTIM: Miss Ummul.
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'Someone is pulling the strings'

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K-pop boyband EXO member quits and sues

Second member to quit K-pop boyband EXO.

Yet another piece of bad news has hit top K-pop talent agency SM Entertainment.

Yesterday morning, Chinese media site Sina reported that member Luhan wants to leave popular K-pop supergroup EXO.

The 24-year-old idol has filed a lawsuit against SM Entertainment, and is seeking to nullify his contract with the agency.

Luhan, who debuted in 2011 with 12-member boyband EXO, is the second member to leave the group following Chinese-Canadian Kris' abrupt departure in May.

After the news broke, Luhan had posted messages on his Weibo and Instagram accounts, saying “I am home” and “I just want all of you to know that I love you all”, receiving over 200,000 likes and 120,000 comments.

Within minutes of Luhan's announcement, SM Entertainment's stocks plummeted to a new low, dropping by 9.41 per cent.

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Sexy photos too risque for Riverwalk

RELOCATION: Photos considered salacious by some, being moved from a public area to a club.

To many, the photographs on display at The Riverwalk in Upper Circular Road are pieces of art.

To others, the pictures of sexy women are too provocative to be on open display.

At the launch party of the On The Bowery exhibition by New York-based photography duo Stoltze and Stefanie yesterday evening, some pictures had to be moved to a less public location.

The exhibition is now on at entertainment venue Canvas Singapore, which is an art gallery by day and a club by night.

Canvas co-owner Roy Ng told The New Paper that the pictures had to be moved from the public area into his club following instructions from the building management.

- Shaffiq Alkhatib

Mendaki donation scam alert

Several individuals have been going around HDB estates claiming to raise funds for Malay self-help group Mendaki, the group warned in a media advisory yesterday.

It added that it has received several complaints about the scam.

In a recent incident, a man claiming to be a Mendaki employee went door-to-door to HDB units in Tampines, soliciting funds for Mendaki, the group said in its statement.

Mendaki said it does not organise charity drives in public areas and has lodged a complaint.

It added that charitable organisations that are licensed to solicit cash donations would have a "Collector's Certificate of Authority from the National Council of Social Service".

Fund-raisers of the organisation will have to carry a copy of this certificate or a copy of the police permit.

M'sia vetting S'pore film

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New social service office for AMK residents

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